Anti-Catholicism Today: That which exists in the American Government

May 7th, 1844.  Anti-Catholicism is very traditional in America.  Some things never change.
I previously mentioned that the Catholic Church was utterly hated in White Anglo-Saxon Protestant America from the start of Anglo-America.  The hatred resulted in a riot during a Christmas Midnight Mass, in 1806.  In fact, in 1785, Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Parish was forbidden to build its parish church within the New York city limits.  

The hatred then transferred itself into the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s which was originally called the Native American Party and then the American Party.  When the middle 1860s came, the KKK took the baton and went full anti-Catholic.  

In as much, if you happen to be as seethingly anti-Catholic as is Kamala "the Mass Murdering Baby Killer" Harris who is obsessed with forcing Roman Catholics to pay for abortions, then you are one with the KKK.  If this is the case, then you are also sick.  In fact, if you are one with Kamala and the KKK, you need to remember this one phrase;  Nuremberg American Style.   Factory Line Mass Murder never goes unpunished.

When it is not a matter of saving the physical life of the mother, abortion is the coldest blooded form of murder, inflicted upon the most helpless of humanity.  This means that it's performed by and through the most gutless of cowards and by the most psychopathic of bullies who pick-on the tiniest people in the room

Next came the 20th Century.  In America, there were "Born-again," "I'm-saved," Baptists who believed that all Roman Catholics were literally possessed by the Devil.  Therefore, the most asinine & out-of-touch-with-reality thing that came from the FBI was the "Traditional Catholic" memo which came out of the Richmond Office.  This is because the right-winged praise-the-Lord Baptist extremists have a seething hatred for all that is Catholic, especially Traditional Catholicism where the church services are spoken in Latin.

Traditional Catholics and the Praise-the-Lorders are diametrically opposed to each other.  Perhaps you've heard of something called "the Catholic & Protestant Wars."  In as much, traditional Catholics and the right-wing "Praise the Lord" group will NEVER team up with each other.  In fact, if you ever want to "ward off" a Born-again, Evangelical, praise-the-Lorder, start speaking Latin.  The Born-againer will flee.  In fact, wear the t-shirt of any saint whose feast day was not turned into a joke, as was the case with St. Patrick.

Finally, there is significance that the FBI Anti-Catholic memo came out of the Richmond office.  Richmond was the Capital of the Johnny Reb Confederacy, and the Johnny Rebs seethingly hated Catholicism in the 1860s, as much as Kamala Harris hates Catholics today, in her blatant disrespect for people who respect life.  Anti-Catholicism is a very traditional American practice and some things never change.

Concerning the Biden Administration TARGETING as the enemy of mankind the Catholic Church and Donald Trump, a question arises.  Question:  What do Donald Trump and the Catholic Church have in common?  ANS:  They are both pro-life.  The Biden People simply hate life, and want to extinguish it as much as they can.  So, they go after Catholicism, the pro-life religion, and Donald Trump, the pro-life candidate of 2024.

And of course, there is an asininity to regarding & categorizing Traditional Catholics as being on the fringe.  This is because that which these Traditional Catholics do is that which the entire Roman Catholic Church was doing since the time of Charles Martel and even Charlemagne ... and even during the time of the Merovingian Dynasty.  And of course, from the Year 480 or so until 1967 or so, the rites of the Catholic Church were done in the traditional way.  Moreover, for consecutive centuries, the Roman Catholic Church was the center of mainstream life, existing right out in the open.  There was nothing fringe about it.

Were any of the Richmond FBI agents and assessors ever fired or demoted or disciplined or ordered to go to psychiatrists?  After all, you have to be crazy to come up with the conclusions that they did.  You've got to be totally nuts.  

At the very least, you have to have been very limited in your history studies.  That's a sign of laziness and a very dull personality.  That's also the sign of someone easily deceived, in him not being the least bit concerned as to how we got here, to the state of affairs where we find ourselves.  And of course, if you want to know how we arrived at our present political state, simply follow history.  It's equivalent to following the Yellow Brick Road.

Now, observe how much hatred has been generated by the Biden Administration People:

Below:  Josh Hawley speaks of the FBI raid performed with long guns upon a Catholic family comprising 5 children, two of whom were too small to be deadly.  Perhaps the heavily armed FBI agents thought that the children were going to throw Teddy Bears at them,. thereby severely endagering their lives with too much fluffiness.

Below:  Garrett overruling the FBI field agents, concerning the ridiculously over-the-top raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Largo estate.  This is reflective of the raid on the above-mentioned simple Catholic family.  Donald, himself, is Episcopalian.  That is the American version of the Church of England.

Below:  Director Christopher Wray, FBI Director, being called to accountability by Senator Josh Hawley.  Now, Josh is Protestant.  HOWEVER, he attended a Jesuit school.  Thus, he knows more about Catholicism than the average anti-Catholic FBI agent.

Below:  The Wall Street Journal chimed in on the FBI targeting "traditional" Catholics.


Below:  Anti-Catholic Bigotry Today; the last acceptable form of public bigotry

Below:  A black woman who converted to Catholicism speaks of MODERN Anti-Catholicism.  To this particular black woman, ALL LIVES MATTER.