The Real Spanish Inquisition, Part 4

A nation of mindless animals can't construct things like this, because it required diligence, intellectual capacity, and discipline.  These types of structures are throughout Spain.  Thus, the Montanus Tale of Spaniards being beastly Satanic terrorists was the Montanus Farce.  The year after it's publication, the 80 Years War began.  Propaganda does start wars.  However, Calvinist fanatics were infiltrating the Netherlands in disguise, in 1567.  Thus, it was actually the 81 Years War.

The great outrage in anti-Catholic propagandists harping on the anonymous & uncorroborated 1567 horror story for the past 450 years ... without first consulting the vast Inquisition archives ... and without acknowledging the entire absence of physical evidence ... is that those people are condemning the existence of the Catholic Church today, by pushing a 450 year old war propaganda that was proven to be a hideous exaggeration, in the first place.   They are basically saying, "You have to shut down ... or shun ... or destroy ... the Catholic Church of today, for something that was said to have happened 450 years ago, without evidence to prove that it happened."  Even today, Protestant preachers outright claim ... or insinuate  ... that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon ... and that the pope is the Antichrist.  

For the record, the Herod Dynasty was the Whore of Babylon of the Apocalypse, and ancient Rome was the Beast of the Apocalypse.  And of course, Herod mocked Jesus, while waiting for him to perform magic tricks.  Rome then executed him.

This endless promotion of the Montanus Tale is especially a defamatory outrageous, in light of the fact that Henry VIII's England was the true nightmare, as was the German Peasant Rebellion opponents who saw to the killing of 100,000 of the 300,000 participating peasants.  Oliver Cromwell's massacre of the Irish in Drogheda was just as true a nightmare as the German Peasant Massacres, and Elizabeth II calling for an all-out persecution of the Catholic Church in the 1580s is a continuation of the same nightmare.   Yet, Protestant propagandists shown themselves to have no sense of compassion or empathy.

Now, even the British government posthumously condemned Cromwell as a criminal.  Yet, the Protestant preachers of today never acknowledge the murderous acts of Cromwell.  They simply insert, upon occasion,  mention of the Montanus horror story version of the Spanish Inquisition.  It was easily proven to be a hoax, through the employment of non-lazy historians who have no trouble over the idea of scouring through ... sifting through ... the 130,000 case files in the Spanish Inquisition archives. 

Once again, the 1994 BBC documentary titled, THE MYTH OF THE SPANISH INQUISITION, is linked directly below, for your convenience.


In having stolen all Roman Catholic Church property in England, and after having killed Roman Catholics by the cartload, Tudor England needed to develop an exaggerated and therefore false excuse for the murders and thefts.  They had to demonize Roman Catholics, even though England was Roman Catholic for the prior consecutive centuries.  So, they officials declared the only church which traces back to the original apostles the Whore of Babylon.    

Thus, British Protestants were out to defame their own ancestors.  Or at the least, they would find a way to make their ancestors look like the repressed victims of that evil evil Catholic Church known for minstrels, fairs, knights, castles, religious charity organizations, monks making hand-written copies of the Bible, religious pilgrimages, cathedrals, and Saint Francis of Assisi, as well as Clare of Assisi; not to mention Thomas a Becket, and the Thomas More who was executed directed through Henry VIII.

Being that there was a rebellion in the Netherlands against the Hapsburg Dynasty who happened to also rule Spain, war propagandists needed to make the Spanish look so horrifying that the Dutch would want all links to Spain severed. 

Central Europe's Lutherans and Calvinists needed to do the same, being that the King of Spain was also the Holy Roman Emperor.  Thus came the hyper-exaggerated horror story of the Spanish Inquisition, published in Heidelberg in 1567.  However, more people were executed in the Netherlands for heresy than in Spain, between 1557 and 1562.  So, where are all the horror stories about the Dutch Inquisition?  Well, the horror story about the Dutch would come to be that they would rise as the literal masters of the Atlantic Slave Trade, adversely affecting the lives of 500,000 black (sub-Saharan) Africans.

                Now see historian & researcher Henry Kamen, fellow of the Royal Historical Society:


              Below:  The Toledo branch of the Spanish Inquisition, slightly south of Madrid.   

That overly theatrical & anonymously written 1567 text resulted in the 80 Years War, one year later.  It would result in the NORTHERN Dutch leaving the Roman Catholic Church and then becoming the literal masters of the Atlantic slave trade, until 1814.  

The Dutch trafficked in approximately 500,000 African lives, thereby causing tremendously more harm on humanity than any European inquisition ever could.  The Netherlands would also be a nation of legalized piracy, in hijacking hundreds of Portuguese & Spanish ships, while claiming to be "predestined" to Heaven, according to the Calvinist Protestant doctrine.   

Moreover, on two historic occasions, popes shut down the slave trade, even 16 years before Columbus was even born; [1] Canary Islands, January 13, 1435, Pope Eugene IV. [2] Philippines, April 18, 1591, Pope Gregory XIV.

In a third instance, in 1537, the reigning pope at the time officially banned slavery in the Americas.

All in all, the demonizing of the Roman Catholic Church was done, in order to justify the stealing of Catholic Church real estate, via edict & decree in the following European places:

[1] England, by secular edict, [2] Scotland, by secular edict, [3] Denmark, by secular edict,  [4] Norway, by secular edict, but not until two years after Henry VIII robbed the Church in England,  [5] Sweden, by secular edict that was "abrogated" for a short while and which was later placed back into force,  [6] Finland, by secular edict,  [7] Saxony, by outright disobedience to imperial orders,  [8] Brandenburg, by "elector's discretion," concerning a 1526 law, until the law was "reversed" in 1529,  [9] Zurich Switzerland, Geneva Switzerland, and other German and Swiss territories.

Furthermore, the 1567 horror story coincidentally was published when the Catholic government of the Netherlands counter-attacked the rebels who were literally rioting and smashing Catholic church statues without paying for the damages caused.  Statue Smashing is called Iconoclasm.  In as much, the statue smashers could now use the very defamatory 1567 horror story to claim that the Catholics of the Netherlands were evil and must be defeated.  However, the irony to this consists in the fact that European law always used to require TWO corroborating witnesses, in order to effect a conviction.  The Montanus Horror Story did NOT have a corroborating witness account.   

Shock Troops like Ninjas & the Trojan Horse

In 1568 Calvinist "shock troops" came into the Netherlands dressed like beggars, in a tactic much like the Trojan Horse event.  They were called the Geuzen, and they came to kill.  Thus, the 1567 horror story published in Heidelberg was deliberate war propaganda for the Protestant-Catholic (or Catholic-Protestant) wars.

And remember:  The King of Spain also was the King of the Netherlands, and he also was the Holy Roman Emperor.  Thus, the propagandist who fabricated the "Montanus Tale" painted the picture of a common Spaniard so vile that the Dutch would want to have nothing to do with the king of those Spaniards.  That same king who happened was also the king of the Dutch.  In this way, the lying propagandist(s), "Montanus" was trying to recruit soldiers for the Catholic-Protestant wars.  And of course, Winston Churchill once stated that, "The first casualty of war is the truth."  Before evil people attack, they first lie about the enemy.   They demonize their targeted victims.

The 16th Century Version of Tokyo Rose

You need to read about the Hapsburg Dynasty.  In as much, the Protestant Revolt was not against Catholicism alone.  It was also against the Hapsburg Dynasty.  Thus, the 1567 horror story about the Spanish Inquisition which has ZERO EVIDENCE to support its claims was nothing more than war propaganda.  Whoever wrote it was the 16th Century version of "Tokyo Rose."  (which see)

Also remember that, at its beginning, Protestantism was literally forced upon Northern Europeans, via governmental decrees, aka kings' edicts.  It was shoved down Northern European Roman Catholic throats, under penalty of law.  Protestantism was too new to have been the popular religion of the People.  And of course, by the death penalties given by the "Protestant Reformers,"  the number 2 casualty in the "Protestant Reformation" was "freedom of thought."  The Number 1 casualty was Truth & Kindness. (Biblical phrase from Isaiah.)

The Protestant movement was the act of secularizing Christianity.  It was the act of taking a cult founded by a seizure disordered German and turning it into a national religion throughout Northern European jurisdictions.  The act of shoving 16th Century Protestantism down Europeans' throats was no different than Lenin, Mao, and Madalyn Murray O'Hair shoving atheism down 20th Century people's throats. 

Now think! Volumes of evidence exist for the Nazi Holocaust.  None exist for the Darth Vader version of the Spanish Inquisition.  You don't have to be the useful idiot of the anti-Catholic megachurch & backwoods preachers out there.

For those who missed it, the Spanish Inquisition is entirely on record, in archives

Concerning the true horror story of the 16th Century, between 1557 and 1562, more executions transpired in the Netherlands than in Spain.  Yet, the Castile Crown's population was 7 million and Aragon was an additional million, while the Netherlands' population was 2.4 million.  This means that Spain should have had at least three times more executions.

Here's something the brainwashed will refuse to believe:  Spain did NOT execute women for witchcraft.  In the Spanish Inquisition data that I personally saw, I saw a grand total of ONE woman in Spain who was executed for witchcraft.   Now, let's follow a trail of facts:

A Matter of Identity

There is the matter of the identity of the author(s) of the 1567 Heidleberg publication that detailed the overly theatrical accusations against Roman Catholic Spain, where within the Spanish were called "animals."  Great racism there, Montanus.  The writer identified himself as "Reginaldus Gonsalvius Montanus."  Needless to say, there is no such case file in the Spanish Inquisition archives.  So, the pro-protestant people who make the conjectures ... as well as the disingenuous propaganda, claim that Montanus was Casiodoro of Reina.  

Well, years after the modern Protestant conclusion as to the identity of Montanus, TWO authentic letters of the time span were found by a certain historical society.  Casiodoro de Reina was definitely mentioned in one ... but only one ... and only in the footnotes. 

That letter mentioned that 17 Spanish monks had gone awol (absent without leave) and apparently traveled north, to Protestant country.  De Reina was mentioned as one of the 17 monks.   Mention was made that the run-away monks would be sought, in northern Europe.

This means that Casiodoro de Reina was reported as being at-large ... and NOT in a Spanish Inquisition torture chamber.   And then, Casiodor was "heard from again."  He was in GENEVA SWITZERLAND, saying that Geneva was the new Rome.

The one blatant piece of evidence which proves 100,000% that either Casiodoro was deliberately lying in the Montanus Tale or else he never wrote the Montanus Tale in the first place:

An official letter which served the purposes of a dispatch reported that Casiodoro and 16 other Spanish clergymen renounced their Catholic Faith and made it into Northern Europe.  The same dispatch stated that any available soldiers under his Highness, Ferdinand I, would search for those 17 ex-clergymen.  Got it so far?   

Okay now, IF Casiodoro had been found by any of the king's soldiers, he would have been sent to none other than THE NETHERLANDS, and NOT to the Spanish Inquisition.  This is because the King of Spain and the King of the Netherlands was the same one Hapsburg family member.  Moreover, you are sent to the jurisdiction of your crime.  Conspiracy to harm Northern European Catholics ... or to steal Catholic Church real estate ... or to damage Catholic Church property is such a crime.  And a lot of that type of activity was occurring in Northern Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Being sent to an inquisition meant that you were going to "go in for questioning," and the jurisdiction where a crime was committed was important.  Now, there is no crime in walking away from your monastery in Spain.  The question was what were Spanish ex-clergymen doing in a geographic area where ex-clergyman promoted the attacking of Roman Catholics and the acquisition of Roman Catholic Church property without paying for it.  So, what was the intent of the Spanish clerics who denounced their faith and went to the Catholic-Protestant war zone? 

A decisive question to Casiodoro would have been what was he doing in Northern European, when he was known to have no business there, and when he was a Spanish monk either lived off of the donations of the people or lived off of the selling of monks' bread or other food source?  These men did take vows of poverty, after all.

As a quick note:  There is a difference between a monk and a friar.  A friar is usually the member of a mendicant order.  A Mendicant Order is one were the order lives off of the donations of the people.  Monks create a product to sale.  In the Trappist monastery where I was a long-term guest, the Trappists made jam and sold it at the grocery stores.

The fact that Montanus claimed to have been a witness to the transpiration of the Inquisition in Spain, amongst "vile Spanish animals," instead of IN THE NETHERLANDS, shows us that Casiodoro de Reina either did NOT write the Montanus Tale or that he wrote it with the full intent to tell defamatory falsehoods in his writings.  If he did write the tale which had zero evidence to support it and zero corroborating witnesses to support it, he wasn't making a honest mistake.  He was engaged in severe malice.

Now, if any of you out there insist on pushing the defamatory version and the Montanus Tale, while declaring Casiodoro the poor poor victim of the Spanish Inquisition, when he showed up in Geneva in one piece, then we can continue this conversation before an United States federal magistrate, in a multi-million dollar class action (AND DIVERSITY ACTION) lawsuit.  And of course, from my personal experience, Catholic Bashers have a severe mental & emotional illness where they will not rest until the see every Catholic on Planet Earth is dead.  They are obsessed to a deadly degree . . . from my very unfortunate personal experience.  Also from my recent personal experience, lawyers are very expensive today, if you're not related to one.

More about the Casiodoro de Reina who would have been taken to the Netherlands Inquisition and NOT to the Spanish one, if any law enforcement official of the king would have caught up with him.

He is the one who translated the Bible into Spanish.  HOWEVER, there were previous translations of some of the Bible into Spanish.  None the less, the motive of modern Protestant propagandists in presenting him as the sure author of the UNSUBSTANTIATED & UNCORROBORATED Montanus Tale is to enable the propagandists to present Casiodor as this holy and heroic martyr going up against the evil evil Bible suppressing & Bible hiding Catholic Church.  The great lie of this is that, if not for the Roman Catholic Church, there would be no Bible:

[1] The Roman Catholic Church preserved and made copies of the Bible from the first day the Council of Rome declared the specific books of the Bible to be THE BIBLE.  [2] The Catholic Church several times each day in official church liturgy.  This include EIGHT time daily in the Divine Office, aka the Book of Hours, and three times per mass, each mass, on Sundays, as well as TWO times per each weekday Mass.  [3] And there are Bible class throughout Catholic academia in Church history. used th all the way until the 1054 Schism with Greek Christians. [4] Roman Catholic Church stained-glass windows often are illustrations of Bible passages.  Such was the act of beginning the Gospel to the Poor.

It has been a deliberate lie of the Protestants to state that Catholic never use the Bible.  As an example, go through this one website and count the Bible quotes in the most recent 5 posts.  Catholic writers use a lot of Biblical citations-references.  None the less, Casiodoro was used in the modern Protestant story of the Montanus Horror Story, to make him look like he was being tortured for making the Bible available to the People, behind the Catholic Church's back.  The truth is that the Catholic Church has been the care-taker of the Bible who even made Bible Picture Stories out of stained-glass for everyone to see.  

Protestants defame the Catholic Church so hideously, because there is a lot of tax-free collection basket money in conning Catholics to leave the True Church for their very fake church.  That fake church is comprised of hundreds of splinter churches.  Those splinters are known as denominations.  Protestants don't even agree with each other.

And of course, anti-Catholic propagandists of today make it sound as if Johannes Gutenberg began the Protestant "Reformation" by printing a copy of the Bible and by separating himself from the Catholic Church as much as possible.  The truth is that the  Roman Catholic archbishop of Mainz (Archbishop Adolph von Nassau) declared Gutenberg "a hofmann" (a gentleman of the Court)  This means that Gutenberg had a financial stipend, as well as free grain and wine, along with a court outfit each year.  Moreover, Gutenberg died a Roman Catholic.

Incidentally, the Gutenberg Bible was only 42 lines in length.  After that was the Mainz Psalter.  It was commissioned by the archbishop of Mainz, in 1457.  Thus, Gutenberg was NOT printing against the Catholic Church.  He was printing while being commissioned to do so, by the Catholic Church.

Protestant Propagandists are deliberate liars.  After all, John Wycliffe was often said by these Protestants to have been burned at the stake by Roman Catholics.  That was another big Protestant lie.  John Wycliffe died on New Year's Eve 1384, from a stroke that he had three days prior.  After 500 years, we vividly have learned that all that you are going to get from Protestant propagandists is lies, lies, and more lies. 

The Other Proof that Shoots Down the Casiodoro Conjecture

Concerning the Protestant claim that Casiodoro de Reina was Montanus, there is one flaming piece of blatant evidence which proves that claim to be either [1] a total falsehood as to it having been written by Casiodoro or [2] a deliberately written lie, by Casiodoro:

There were 16 other renegade Spanish clergymen who left the St. Isidore Monastery the same time Casiodoro did.  This means that several other runaway Spanish monks in Casiodoro's group would have also been witnesses to horrific acts in Spain.  Thus, they would have written their own damning eye-witness accusations against the Spanish Inquisition.  Needless to say, none of the other 16 associates of Casiodoro wrote any such damning testimony.  

The great problem was that they were posing as Roman Catholics while being Lutherans.   And of course, Lutherans already stole immense amounts of Roman Catholic real estate in Northern Europe, though the edicts of kings & electors.

The obvious conclusion is that the horrific Montanus Tale is an account that had ZERO CORROBORATING WITNESSES to it, and therefore, it was no more than a political HIT PIECE that served the function of war propaganda in the Protestant side of the Catholic-Protestant wars.  Such uncorroborated writings are usually deliberate lies.

In Retrospect

 Iron maiden type devices don't show up in history, until the early 19th Century ... in places such as PENNSYLVANIA.  Let's review:  A torture device that an easily deceived person would expect to find at a Spanish Inquisition office was found in PENNSYLVANIA ...  after the Napoleonic Era. (It was found during an investigation of governmental abuse ... a prison warden thing.)

Concerning the Pear of Agony, no mention of such a device shows up, until the 1700s, except for one mention made by a member of the House of Bourbon in the 1600s.  But no mention is made in the 1500s or at any time before the Heidelberg publication of the Montanus book.  Bourbons were NOT know for torturing people.  They were known for warfare and land acquisition, as well as luxurious living.  

I can assure you that the aristocrats of France preferred going to the theater far more than torturing people's non-sunlit anatomical sections.  In fact, the French literally used to take to theater productions persons diagnosed as mentally ill.  So, the French didn't have the Martin Luther mindset, as when Luther told a certain prince to drown a certain mentally ill child in a nearby river.

That piece of Luther's advice is a matter of written record.  Many things about Luther were heavily documented, because they were turning Luther into the Elvis Presley of his day --- into the "beloved Fuhrer" of his day --- the Hollywood star of his time.  Something like that.  And of course, this is what cults do.

For the record, during the 18th Century, the French called the mentally ill "the alienated."  And they did take them to theater productions, as an act of kindness.

Moreover, the French had an aversion to any type of torture, evidenced by the use of the painless guillotine.  And remember, Joan of Arc was given a torturous death in England ... not France.  Very painful and repulsively gore-ridden forms of execution were practiced in England and Scotland long before Henry VIII commandeered every acre of Roman Catholic Church property there.

The Baptismal Certificates of the time are evidence . . . for proving the tale to be a lie.

Oh, and concerning the claim that mass quantities of people were being forced to become Catholic in Spain, okay then, do this:   Show me all of the baptismal certificates of all of the tortured people who gave-in and became Catholic.  When you become Catholic, you go on record, and your record is filed in a parish church.   Ask ancestry experts.

Catholic parishes have registries, you know.  Even the day you received the Sacrament of Confirmation is recorded, along with that of your wedding and funeral -- and perhaps that of priestly ordination which is only done by a bishop.  So, where is evidence of suddenly elevated numbers of memberships of parishes near the torture chambers?  In fact, where are these Spanish torture chambers, anyway?

You would think that, after 456 years of horror stories, at least one blood-stain torture chamber would have been found . . . or at least one Iron Maiden . . . or at least one pear of agony . . . or least one hundred "missing persons reports" filed by wives or adult children or by siblings.  Apparently, people were not being arrested in the middle of the night and taken to torture chambers which didn't exist in the first place.

One more pivotal fact:  You have to go through the Rite of Christian Initiation, before you get baptized.  So, where is evidence of blood-soaked religion textbooks or manuals or handbooks?  Where are the blood-stained classrooms?  Catholicism is NOT the Pentecostal religion, where a guy walks to the front of the congregation, does the "Lord & personal savior" incantation, raise his arms, and then shouts, "Parrrrraise the Lord!  I've bin saved!"  

Moreover, for a Catholic baptism, you need "a baptismal sponsor."  So, where is the paperwork showing all the extra baptismal sponsors of 16th Century Spain?  Plus, plus, plus, baptismal "candidates" are presented to a parish ... or at a cathedral ... at a Palm Sunday Mass.  Where's the evidence of a church-load of torture victims being presented throughout Spain on Palm Sunday?   Even furthermore, it requires approval from a high ranking bishop to have the ordinary baptismal process waived.  Okay then, show me the signed and sealed pages showing the waivers.  Even at that, the names of baptized Catholics still go on record somewhere.  Well, let's see the records.

If the Spanish Inquisition were the horror that "Montanus" claimed it to have been, there would be a lot of documentation of excess Catholic parish membership occurring in the parishes near the torture chambers.  Where is it?

And where are all the skeletal remains and the mass graves?  What happened to the massive population of execution victims Montanus claimed to have existed in 16th Century Spain?  There should be evidence similar to the Jewish Holocaust.  It's NOWHERE to be found in Spain.  

So, this leaves us with a question:  Why are people ... especially in Germany and America ... so easily deceived?   The burden of proof is on all of the anti-Catholic propagandists.   Where's their evidence?   If you don't have any evidence, then you have to make retractions.  It's called "making restitution" for lying to the public on a massive scale.  But of course, Germans have repeatedly been deceived on a mass scale, including during the lifetime of Adolph Hitler ... the Austrian Jew-hater.

Evidence is everywhere for the existence of the Jewish Holocaust.  Evidence is nowhere for the hyper-exaggerated horror story version of the Spanish Inquisition.  Americans need to start using their brain cells, for a change.  There is no law which says that Americans have to remain the useful idiots of lying propagandists.

Okay then, we review:

There's widespread evidence of the existence of the Nazi Holocaust.  There's undeniable evidence that Planet Earth is spherical.  There is no evidence for the "horror-story-version" of the Spanish Inquisition.  In fact, from 1557 to 1562, Spain had less executions than did the much smaller Netherlands.  Even at that . . . 

... Do you really think that people back then were so stupid that they couldn't detect a mechanical dummy ten to fifteen feet away?  And don't you think that there would have been puddles of blood all around, to warn the next guy who walked into that hallway?   The inquisition did NOT set-up Iron Maidens in their courts.  And iron maidens do NOT look like real women.  All in all, the Montanus Inquisition Tale is so ridiculously absurd that no sane person could take it seriously.  Monty Python's cast surely didn't.


One of the Montanus tales was that prisoners would walk up to sharp-bladed mechanical dummy dressed like a seductive woman, only to violently die when they put their arms around it.  Uhhhm, don't you think that each guy would have first said, "Hello," while waiting to hear, "Hello" spoken back to him?  Don't you think that an attempt at a conversation would have started, followed by the Spaniard immediately realizing that he was talking to a mechanical dummy?

Men can tell the difference between a really hot chick and a mechanical device.  Plus, the blood stains would have been everywhere.   All in all, it's very simple to conclude.  The people who believe in the horror-story version of the Spanish Inquisition never read it. It's super blatant bull crap to the sophisticated, 21st Century, high-tech mind reader.  Come out of the Protestant Dark-Minded Ages, people.  Come out of the Protestant Paranoia, before you hurt someone.

Protestants brought no freedom of thought, evidenced by the executions of their opposition.

Let us not forget that Luther was the first German to advocate in writing the expulsion of the Jews from German boundaries.  Luther furthermore directed that it only be done at the hands of government officials in Germany, and not by the common folk.  Well, centuries later, a certain German government complied with Luther's suggestion and turned it into a graphic reality.  

Here are the fruits of Martin Luther's "reformation" and writings.

                    “Hitler's Kampf und Luther's Lehr Des deutschen Volkes gute Wehr."                           "Hitler’s struggle and Luther’s teaching are the German people’s sure defense."

Luther's Literature:  The Undoing of Christ's Work

Do not be deceived.  Stealing Catholic Church real estate, by the acre, does NOT constitute a Reformation.   There was NO Protestant Reformation.  There was only war after war, even into 1712.   In fact, the 1555 Peace of Augsburg was merely a temporary truce between Catholics and the newly formed Lutherans.  All other religions were left out of the equation.  

Despite the 1555 truce, Protestant-Catholic warfare continued in France, until 1598.  The events, politics, and scorecard on that time span was super complicated, especially the deadly & vengeful dominoes effect of 1572.  It was even cloak & dagger in the unfolding of events thereafter.  That time span would be for its own discourse ... chapter ... article ... webpage.  It can't be reduced to one paragraph.  So we move onward.

St. Francis of Assisi Was the Most Epic & Effective Church Reformer in human history

All in all, Martin Luther's century ... and the century to follow ... were the centuries of War.  In as much, it was St. Francis of Assisi who brought peace to his geographic setting, in the 13th Century.  It was St. Dominic who brought peace to Southern France, during the lifetime of St. Francis.  Luther brought mass amounts of death, even centuries later, at the hands of Adolph Hitler who literally used Luther as a Nazi Party Poster Boy.  St. Dominic literally brought mass conversions to the Catholic Faith, mostly through advocating devotion to the Rosary.

As a review ... in the need to review, review, review:  the hatred of the Jews is a part of Luther's literature, as in the Jews and Their Lies.  Hitler ran with it ... with Luther's hatred of the Jews.   Luther literally advocated running all Jews out of Germany.  HOWEVER, he stated that only the government should do so ... not the common German citizen.  Well, a German government got the common German citizen to exterminate as many Jews as could be captured.

Theft the size of a continent

Luther heavily advocated stealing Roman Catholic Church property, as well.  But of course, he didn't regard it as theft.  He regarded it as driving the wolves from the sheep fields and then having good and holy stewards manage the stolen property.  This would be followed by the stealing of Jewish property, centuries later.  He who started the divisive Protestant religions was also the poster-boy at the start of the Nazi Religion.  Luther was originally Hitler's pope, dating back to 1933.  Very simply, evil is attracted to evil.  

In addition, it was a complete lie to have asserted that Luther "had a premonition of his own death" and that he confessed his sins shortly before dying.  Firstly, he predicted that he would die in Wittenberg.  Luther died in Eisleben (in Saxony-Anhalt.)  Plus, he was aging and simply talked about aging and what was the point in being alive in the first place.  When you get older, death comes to mind.  Therefore, bitterly complaining about life, while drinking pints of beer and/or ale, is NOT the act of confessing your sins, especially when your writings and advice resulted in the deaths of literally over 100,000 people, in the 1520s, alone.

Hitler's Birthday Gift to Luther

Ever-so-ironically, the ruthless Krystallnacht of November 9 & 10 (1938), took place on the 455th birthday of Martin Luther, and it was triggered by a young Polish Jew in France who assassinated a German diplomat, on Nov 7 of that year.  Herschel Feibel Grynszpan killed Ernst vom Rath, triggering tens of thousands of Jews being immediately sent to concentration camps which were actually ready for business in 1933.  

In less than one year after Grynszpan's act of hot-blooded rage, Poland was invaded.  WWII began.  More importantly, in less than one week, Jewish property was vandalized at the point of torches and bricks.  A youth would end up causing another world war.

Incidentally, the first class of people to receive Nazi concentration camp hospitality were the disabled.  Then the gypsies were soundly exterminated.  In fact, 2,579 Catholic priests were sent to Dachau, to die, proving that Hitler and Pius XII were NOT conspiratorial pro-Nazi buddies.  There were not that many priests in Central Europe, to begin with.  Priests are naturally a minority everywhere, due to the nature of their work.  Yet, Hitler gave priests the big x-out ... the big black-out ... the big Nazi farewell.

All in all, the tragic occurrences of  WWI and WWII were both triggered by asinine youths with guns, causing millions of deaths after their acts of murder.  So, if you are wondering how WWIII is going to start . . .

Protestants didn't merely separate themselves from the Catholic Church.  They separated themselves from each other, in forming sect after sect after sect.  After all, Martin Luther and his sidekick, Phillip Melanchthon, condemned the Anabaptists, expressly stating that every member of that sect deserved the death penalty.  In Switzerland, Anabaptist leaders got the death penalty Luther suggested.   Zwingli was soundly condemned by Luther also, as well as was Thomas Muntzer, in his adopted project.  That adopted project was the supporting of the German Peasant Rebellion of 1524-25. 

In addition, the Swiss Protestant Ulrich Zwingli most certainly was in the possession of deadly armaments  when he died in the Second Battle of Kappel, in 1531.  He regularly carried a sword AND a halberd which is carried by the Vatican's Swiss Guard to this day.   It's just that the armies of the five Catholic cantons performed a surprise attack, when a lot of the Swiss Protestant soldiers had their pants down ... sometimes literally.  Zwingli was in the "second line," and he still was caught off-guard.  Thus, he was NOT a mild, unarmed chaplain, as lying propagandists made him out to be.  Even today's Protestants lie and lie and lie some more, to make their founders look good.

Zwingli had his share of personal armaments which easily could take a human life or two or more.  He was as willing to kill as much as he was willing to "live in sin."  Meanwhile, Protestant propagandists are willing to lie in their writings, probably for the sake of getting added tax-free collection basket donations and book sales.  Don't be deceived.  Zwingli was no saint.  

In addition, there were certain Catholic commanders during the Protestant-Catholic wars who were no saints, either.  Add the Spanish Catholic commanders who oversaw the sacking of Catholic Rome.

At this point remember that the geographic region which gave humanity Martin Luther also gave humanity Adolph Hitler.  There were massacres centuries prior to Hitler's reign, dating back to the Black Death of 1348 - 1350, and also during other times --- in the same Germanic region.  Yes, Jews were blamed for the Black Death.  None the less, always remember:  Martin Luther was the undoing of Christ.  Hitler was the confirmation thereof.

In the modern era, Protestant sects even have sub-subsects, as is the case with Pentecostalism which has 32 sub-subsects divided between two subsects.   In fact, there's even a Bapticostal Movement.  Protestantism is a tossed salad.   It's a grab bag used as a party favor.  It's an abstract art painting on a museum wall which compels a viewer to say, "What the Hell is that?"

To divide and conquer has been the game Satan has been playing all along, in splintering the Church of Christ as if it were a board of thinned-out wood.  And remember, Satan is envious of mankind, because God willed to become Man, instead of angel.  Thus, Satan wants mankind annihilated.   After all, it is written, "However, through the envy of the Devil, death came into the world." Wisdom 2:24.

Disunity is the definition of Protestantism, in its divergent sects and in its dissimilar doctrines between the sects.  And of course, division is the Way of  Satan, as in "My name is Legion, for we are many." (Luke 8:30 & Mark 5:9)  

Protestantism discards Mary, as if she were the most worthless being in existence.  The fact that God the Father called Mary, "highly favored daughter," (through the Archangel Gabriel) means nothing to the Protestant world.  The fact that Christ's closest apostle, John, took in Mary and made her a member of his household for life, equally means nothing to these people.  The fact that the Early Church Fathers regarded Mary as the Ark of the Covenant is even more meaningless to these people.   

Even though the Tilma of Guadalupe shows all the science markers of a miraculous image, it means nothing to the Protestant world.  Lourdes Water is ignored by these apathetic people, too.  Their indifference also applies to miraculous hosts, miraculously produced oils, and stigmatic saints, as well as authentically incorruptible saints such as Louis of Montfort, Bl Margaret of Savoy,  St. Savina Petrilli, and Ubald of Gubbio.   Yet, they all claim that God talks to them, in "a word of knowledge."  

They talk about being baptized in the Spirit and performing long-distance miracles, as well as performing a version of exorcism.  So, they do not deny supernatural phenomenon.  They only deny the existence of miracles when Catholics perform the miracles.

TV evangelists, since the beginning of broadcasting, claimed numerous miracles with zero investigators confirming the claims.  That is to say, they have no Lourdes Bureau to investigate anything.  They will say that someone far away here and someone far away there were miraculously cured of this and miraculously cured of that.  Yet, never mentioned the who and the where.  Their followers apparently don't believe that people on TV are capable of lying ... or of even being criminally indicted for fraud in a 4th Circuit district court, on 24 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy ... or for racketeering & grand theft in Florida ... or embezzlement ... etc.  (All the aforementioned things actually occurred.)

A certain low-level church employee who was caught stealing from his employer on a long-term basis once said that adhering to a Protestant sect "is just another way to go to Heaven."  No, it isn't.  It's just another way to go to Hell.   At its inception, it was a way of bringing Hell to the people of Planet Earth.  Those were brutal times.


For further learning, there is "Defense against Catholic Bashers.  Part 1 is found through here: