The Divine Hint or Uncanny Coincidence in
the Timing of the Fatima Consecration Request


On June 13, 1929, the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary,
    appeared to Sister LĂșcia Santos at the Dorothean convent in Tuy Spain, where
    she said:
                  "The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father  
                    to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the 
                    consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promis-
                    ing to save it by this means.  So numerous are the souls
                   that Divine Justice condemns for sins committed against 
                   me that I have come to ask you for reparation.  Sacrifice
                   yourself for this intention and pray." --- June 13, 1929.

The original apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary (at Fatima) occurred on the 13th
of each month, from May to October 1917.   So, why did it take twelve years for the
Virgin Mary to announce Heaven's official request for the collegial consecration?  Why
did God wait for June 13, 1929 to be the date when it would be announced that "now"
is the time?   There had to have been a recently transpired event that necessitated the
the formal request date.   What could it have been?

ANS:  Six days prior, on June 7, each of the three treaties comprising the Lateran Pact
were signed by Benito Mussolini and Pitero Cardinal Gasparri.   This included recogni-
tion that the Vatican would now operate as a sovereign nation.   Within six days of the
signing of the pact, Heaven made known the request for all bishops of the church to
consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Now, the thirteenth day of the
month was the Virgin Mary's habitual visitation day, concerning Fatima.  That was
Heaven's reporting day to the remaining Fatima seer.   So, Heaven waited until that
day in June to make its formal request.  May 13th, incidentally, was the memorial
(Feast Day) of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

At the very least, the June 1929 vision was God's way of notifying the church that the
Lateran Pact wasn't the answer for the church, even if the pact, in itself, wasn't intrin-
sically evil.  That is to say, the three treaties weren't going to solve any of the church's
problems.   As history showed, the pact made things worse, in as far as concerned
ethics, morality, and even church liability, as well as its severely damaged reputation.
The pact was used to harbor those who were accessories to crimes.

It's very simple.   The consecration is designed to undo evil.   Thus, something evil had
to have happened around June 13th, 1929.   In light of this, consider how often the Vat-
ican has been recently applying its Lateran Treaty's sovereign immunity unjustly, in terms
of sex abuse lawsuits and Vatican Bank scandals.   Consider how easy it is to corrupt
a city state so tiny.  Thus, it was logical for those few people who read the third secret
state that the secret had to do with the Great Apostasy of the church starting at the top.

The City State Smaller than Disney's Epcot Center

What must logically be ruled out is the assertion that God asked for the consecration
as soon as the papacy had its own sovereign state.  Firstly, the bishop could have con-
gregated at the Vatican at any time before the Lateran Pact was signed.  Secondly, it
was not necessary for the collegial consecration to be performed by all the bishops in
the same one place.  Each bishop's consecration only needed to be done in union with
the Vicar of Christ, even if done on the other side of Planet Earth.

In addition, the farcical nature about the Vatican being regarded as a sovereign nation
consists in the fact that it's approximately 1/3 the size of Disney's Epcot Center.   The
Vatican is only 109 acres in size.  Epcot Center is about 300.

The bottom line is that there was something about the Lateran Pact which triggered the
need for the consecration at that moment in time.   The conclusion is that, in June 1929,
something occurred which was guaranteed to result in evil, thereby necessitating a need
for a countermeasure, namely the Collegial Consecration.  The consecration would have
prevented untold outlays of tragedy which transpired in World War II, Korea, Algeria,
Vietnam, China, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Zaire, South Africa, Nigeria, Chile,
Spain, Romania, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere throughout warring Planet Earth.

The fact that Benito Mussolini signed the pact was enough of a sign that it was not a
thing of God, being that Mussolini proved himself to not have been a man of God in
any capacity.  In fact, Blessed Elena Aiello asserted that the Virgin Mary appeared to
her and told her to notify Mussolini that he was not to make an alliance with Adolph
Hitler.  It was either the Virgin Mary through Elena Aiello or Elena Aiello on her own
accord who was correct in this admonition.   If Sister Elena were lying or psychotic,
she wouldn't have come up with the correct advice.

A Destiny Similar to Nero, Louis XVI, and Mussolini

Concerning the leadership of Italy, the Italians let Mussolini know that he wasn't the
man for the job.   Therefore, don't be surprised to soon find Italy, in this age of Dom-
ino Revolutions, notifying the present and thoroughly corrupt regime at the Vatican in
a fashion similar to the storming of the Bastille.  In fact,don't be surprised to find some-
thing likened the mob of ancient Italians who refused to endure Nero any longer.

To think, the one man attributed to the power of the Antichrist, namely the 666, was
no match for a crowd of outraged Roman citizens.   People throughout history have
given entirely too much credit to those in power.   The mighty fall with the frequency
of Autumn leaves, one after the other.  You recently learned this via Tunisia, Egypt,
Iraq, Libya, etc.  Current history will be a wave that will eventually come your way.

Something similar to the destiny of Louis XVI is in a prophesy of St. John Bosco, an
alleged vision of Saint Pius X, and an alleged vision of Jacinta Martos, the most heat-
touching of the Fatima seers.   Concerning this, know that, in Catholic Church teach-
ing, it's a sin to provoke a sin.   The young Jacinta Martos saw an outraged crowd in
one of her solo visions.   In sequence, St. John Bosco's major prophesy is that a pope
will take flight and die in hiding.  Then, news of the fleeing popes' death and the elec-
tion of his successor will come simultaneously.   So, there exists the prophesy of a very
clandestine papal conclave.

The prophesy came years before the Fatima apparitions ever took place, coming in the
form of a dream.   However, John Bosco had intense instructional dreams about spirit-
ual life which resulted in him waking up more exhausted than before he went to sleep.
Thus, he was in a mindset of familiarity when that dream occurred.

The life of a true saint such as John Bosco, his religious order's patron, St. Francis de
Sales, and his student, Dominic Savio, involves elements and time spans of suffering.
The opposite of a saint causes others to suffer, as in willful negligence and cover-ups.
This includes ratifying retaliations and defaming clergy abuse victims who step forth,
to warn the church of a predatory wolf.  All of the aforementioned suffering happened
at the hands of the most famous clergy members of the modern church, including the
ultimate molester of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado.

The Days of the Criminal Vatican Should Soon Be Coming to a Close

After this Vatican administration blows away like toxic dust in the wind, expect it's
history to be referred to as the Days of the Criminal Vatican.   However, it is will
 leave a bitter and acrid scent behind.   After all, a reputed mafioso boss got to be
buried in the crypt of St. Apollinaire, as if he were a saint, bishop, or royalty.  In ad-
dition, a banker associated with the Vatican  Bank was found hanging under Black-
friar's Bridge.  The fifteen year old daughter of a Vatican employee was suddenly
missing, and a cover-up artist from Boston got to be the head of a basilica built in
honor of an August miracle attributed by the Virgin Mary. 

He Told Falsehoods about Maciel.   He Told Falsehoods about Fatima.

A tree is known by its fruits.   A bad tree cannot bear good fruits.   If a person sets
forth a decisive public lie once, expect him to toss out other gigantic public lies.  De-
spite the overwhelming testimony against the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and
despite the fact that the investigation of him was ongoing, Angelo Sodano claimed that
the investigation of the Mexican predator Maciel had ended.   In fact, Jason Berry re-
ported that Sodano pressured Ratzinger into halting the canonical prosecution of the
same Maciel, for a six year period.

The Vatican claimed in the Year 2000 that the collegial consecration was already done
in 1984, even though proof that all the bishops performed the consecration was never
presented.   It has been 28 years since the consecration of the world by John Paul II,
and no era of world peace has yet ensued.   The fact that there hasn't been world peace
shows that no collegial consecration was yet done as Heaven  requires it to be done.

The worldwide absence of peace will eventually reach the Vatican's 109 acre plot of
land, according to the mystic experiences of St. John Bosco, St. Pius X, and young
Jacinta Martos   Perhaps the Vatican officials have an excuse for not getting the con-
secration done in the past 82 years.  Perhaps their dog ate it, teacher.   Or perhaps
they have the same excuse that the king of France had, in failing to consecrate France
to the Sacred Heart, some time before he was introduced to the guillotine with his name
on it.