The 1567 Spanish Inquisition Horror Tale (Published in Heidelberg)

Where are the bloodstained torture chambers & mass graves?  Where are the blood-stained roads leading from the 20 Inquisition courts to the 20 mass graves that were never found, in the first place?  356 years of case files give an account much different than the 1567 horror story published in Heidelberg.  Approximately 130,000 Inquisition case files have been preserved.  Only one damning account was published, and it's easy to prove false.  It was pre-war propaganda that triggered the traumatic Eighty Years War.  Propaganda kills.  It's a Jeannie that does not go back into its bottle.


This subject is extremely pertinent at present, due to [1] the recent 300+ acts of vandalism upon Catholic Church infrastructure in America alone, [2] the FBI targeting as inevitable terrorists those people who prefer the Latin Mass, [3] the endless defamation against the Catholic Church of centuries past which infer that today's Catholic Church is the evil evil Whore of Babylon which must be wiped off the face of the Earth,   [4] the sabotage of Catholic churches throughout France,  [5] people cheering the burning of Catholic churches in Canada, in 2021,  [6] the recent murder of priests, nuns, and laymen in Africa, by Boko Haram ... and the murder of Catholics elsewhere --- just for being Catholic --- such as in Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan) ... and Syria.

You would have to be an airhead or an avowed liar to deny that Catholicism is once again under attack, as it was in centuries prior, during the persecutions orchestrated by:  [1] Nero Caesar,  [2] Aurelius,  [3] Decius,  [4] Gallus,  [5] Valerian,  [6] Diocletian,  [7] Visigoth King Athanaric,  [8] Persia's Shapur II,  [9] the Huns --- and other power-wielding entities, including *Henry VIII, **the two British Cromwells, *Otto von Bismark (during the 1872-78 "Kulturalkampf,")  *the American "Know-Nothing" Party of the mid-1800s,  *the Orthodox Russians of the late 1800s,  *the 20th Century Soviet Union,  *the Boxers of Tientsin China during the 1900 Yihetuan Movement,  *Killer Extraordinaire Mao Tse Tung,  *the Chinese Communist Party,  and *Muslim terror groups such as the previously mentioned Boko Haram.  

Added to the list is the buffoonish, yet deadly, *Adolph Hitler* who let 2,579 Roman Catholic priests die with the Jews at Dachau, proving that Hitler did NOT see the Roman Catholic Church as his bosom buddy.

Plus, exculpatory Inquisition findings reported by the BBC 29 years ago goes ignored in America.  So, we can thank the American public school system and American TV evangelists for that wide gap of missing knowledge which stretches throughout the minds of Americans everywhere.  All in all, it took much longer for me to have researched and then to have written this 4-part discourse than it will ever take for you to read it ... if you're a native English speaker ... and if you are not a product of the farcical American public school system.

The BBC began the reality check

As far back as 1994, the world renown British Broadcasting Corporation produced a documentary which surmised that the Spanish Inquisition Horror Story of the anonymous writer(s), Reginaldus Gonslavius Montanus, was summarily bull crap. 

Before all else, directly below is the link to the 1994 BBC documentary titled, The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition.   Each case brought before the 356 year-long inquisition had a case file attached to it, and the case files were preserved in the Spanish Inquisition archives.  The fact that the case files were meticulously done and reserved as well as museum antiques indicates a disciplined people.  That immediately negates the claim that the 16th Century Spanish were vile, psychopathic, depraved,  terroristic, gore-ridden, & out-of-control people.   These were the People of a maritime empire.  There were very much in control ... in control of themselves and in control of many tracts of European land, as well as being in control of the Americas and the Philippines.

In fact, a historian could easily write-off the one (and only one) hyper-exaggerated Inquisition horror story, because Spain --- both Castile & Aragon, as well as Catalonia --- had vibrant & influential knightly orders in existence.  That translates into a culture of civility, bearing a code of honor.



Concerning present-day America and its recent vandalism of 300+ Catholic church buildings ... as well as the FBI's recent memo targeting Latin-Mass Catholics the same way in which the cold-blooded killers of Soviet Russia did ... there has been a super-failure to convey reality to people whose knowledge is limited to the fifteen-second sound bytes of commercial TV newscasts.  Concerning the present American inability to communicate ... as well as the suppression of factual information throughout Digital America ... remember this:  

A person who speaks three languages is tri-lingual.  A person who speaks two languages is bilingual.  And a person who speaks only one language is an American.  How ironic it is that those who know Latin in America get officially targeted by the American FBI, as if knowing more than one language is criminal conduct.   

American paranoia is alive and thriving.  It did not end with McCarthyism.  In fact, today's woke don't realize how much they emulate & imitate   [1] Thomas Cromwell,   [2] Oliver Cromwell,   [3] the Know-Nothing Party's Bill "the butcher' Poole,   [4] the KKK,   [5] Hitler's Brown Shirts,   [6] Mussolini's Henchmen, and [7] the CCP.  There is nothing enlightening about the Woke Movement.  It's the same ole same ole; namely, a faction of dime-a-dozen thugs (in both lying word & in violent deed)  pretending to be the martyrs, making all other people the real martyrs in the process.  Thus, the de-evolution of mankind is superseding the theory of evolution.  Mankind is going backwards.  Mankind is devolving.

In the mindset of today's American government officials, knowledge is a dangerous thing that must be suppressed.  Thus, we have the Era of the American Moron which replaced the previous Era of the American Muscle Car & the American Motor Head.  Motor heads of the 1960s & 1970s were not stupid people.  Let us proceed, unless of course, you believe that knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Shall we? =======>

Qualifying Statement intended to shut Anti-Catholics up, until they can fabricate new lies to tell about the Catholic Church

The matter of 15th & 16th Century Spanish-America is a discourse of its own.  None the less, even when there were reports of criminal conduct in the American colonies, it was Christopher Columbus who ended up indicted in 1500 (during his third voyage), prosecuted & convicted.  He appealed.  He then got to take a fourth voyage in 1502.  He died in 1506.  

The bottom line is that he was not given a carte blanch, enabling him to do whatever he wanted.  However, in Spanish law there was a matter of gathering physical evidence, in order to convict you.  There were neither cameras nor internet access in those days ... nor fax machines.   So, do the math here as to why Columbus didn't hang from the highest tree branch.  None the less, after a rocky start, Central and South America eventually became a new nation of intermingling cultures, as opposed to a vast land of segregation.  

In 1537, a pope issued a papal bull (bulletin) which banned slavery in Latin America & in French America.  However, when the cat is away the mice will play ... as in Haiti.  Then, Anglo America turned slavery into a divine right.  And of course, Protestant Anglo America which rationalized slavery despised the Roman Catholicism which banned slavery. 

One more thing that enrages haters of Catholicism:  A number of the Conquistadors were ====> Jewish, and NOT converted Jews.  BTW, the author of this discourse has Jewish ancestry.  So, cut it out with the alternate version of "Witch!  Witch!"  The alternate version is "Antisemite!  Antisemite!"  The author here IS a Semite with Italian & Greek ancestry ... and French & Irish ancestry ... as well as Spanish & Peruvian ancestry, as well as other ancestries, including  Gujarati Indian, according to his DNA test results.   So, you can take your fake & pompous self-righteousness and ... and ...  you can ... Well, you know the drill.

False Light Defamation against Catholicism

In fact, the Bishop of Mexico City wrote to the Spanish crown around 1530, reporting on the abusive events that needed halted.  That bishop did NOT look the other way.   And yes, I am well aware that the Encyclopedia Britannica people dispute the time line.  Well, the bottom line is that Mexico City houses a miraculous image on a common tilma that has no scientific explanation to it.  It caused a rapid spread of a Middle Eastern religion throughout much of the Americas.   See:  Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The papal act of banning slavery in newly found America, while it was inhabited by Spanish and/or Portuguese and/or French, is found in Sublimis Deus, June 2, 1537: Pope Paul III.  So, you must erase all of your online defamation which very falsely claims that the Catholic Church started slavery.  Or else we can discuss this matter which at least one federal magistrate.  and know that attorneys are outrageously expensive, these days.  It's your call.

Three different popes, at the different times, in three different geographic regions banned slavery.  Plus, the Catholic Church had established two religious orders dedicated to paying ransoms to Muslim captors, for pirated European kidnap-victims who were turned into sex-slaves, inter alia.  AND, the Dutch Calvinists were the masters of the Atlantic slave trade, at its outset.  No slave docks were in Rome, and no pope was selling slaves.  The true Church teaches that slavery is Defraudment of Laborors of their Wages, and such a thing is One of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance.

BTW, when you read the words, papal bull, think "papal BULLETIN."

To Claim that slavery was started by the Catholic Church which forbade it three times is defamation

A pope ordered the end of slavery in the Philippines, on April 18, 1591, as well.  A number of subsequent popes condemned slavery, even while the very Anti-Catholic Confederate South lived off of chattel slavery.  But of course, the Protestant South declared all popes to be the Antichrist, even though the Sacred Script prophesies that only one Antichrist was left to come ... in the future.  There were over 260 popes since that prophecy.  

So, which pope was the Antichrist?  ANS:  None of them.   Protestants market Fear of Catholicism, in order to fill up their Protestant church pews and fill their tax-free collection baskets.  After all, American political candidates are known for defaming their opponents.  The anti-Catholicism of Protestant America has always been nothing more than political mudslinging.

Protestant Motive for Defaming Catholic Church:  Tax-free collection basket income

Incidentally, Protestant fanatics are liars obsessed with defaming the Catholic Church, so that Catholics will start going to a Protestant fanatic's "house of worship" and put lots of tax-free collection basket money into the fanatic preacher's baskets.  Now, back to the regularly scheduled discourse:

A  pope also intervened 16 years before Columbus was even born, concerning slavery in the Canary Islands.   Pope Eugene IV was the one who ordered it to be halted.  See:  Sicut Dudem, January 1435; Against the Enslaving of Black Natives in the Canary Islands.  

Note:  The ANTI-CATHOLIC propagandists claim that the aforementioned papal bulletin only freed Catholic slaves.  No.  That is yet another lie of those inciting violence against Roman Catholics.  The fact was that Roman Catholics were ordered to free all slaves. 

By the way, the anti-Catholic propaganda machine claims that all of slavery began with a pope's bulletin, in 1452.  Uhhhhm, it was a declaration of war against the Saracens who spent centuries invading Christian Europe, kidnapping European women for sex slavery, kidnapping children for other types of slavery, and inhabiting European lands as their conquering rulers.  This included Sicily, Bari Italy and surrounding terrain.  This included the "Saracens'" failed attempts to takeover certain lands they invaded, such as Sardinia.   

The papal order was to stop the marauding Saracens, and to then make them into prisoners of war, so that they will stop raping Catholic women.  After all, how would you like it if a bunch of Saracens marauded into your childhood neighborhood and raped your mama?  Yes, that's right ... Your Mama.

The Two Previously Mention Ransom Payed to Muslim Captors/Kidnappers

Throughout the Medieval & Renaissance Era, the two religious orders dedicated to freeing the captives of Muslim marauders, by paying ransom to the marauding Muslims, were the Trinitarians and Order of Our Lady of Mercy, also known as the Knights of Saint Eulaia.  Today, it's members are known as the Mercedarians.  That order was founded in 1218 by Peter Nolasco.  Now, the irony about the Trinitarians is that Muslims regarded as the worse trash ob Earth those who believed in the Holy Trinity.  Yet, the Muslim captors were not too good for the money shelled-out by the Trinitarians for the freedom of European kidnap victims.

Falsely accusing Catholics as being the founders of Atlantic Slavery is ultra-insulting to Irish Catholics, being that the Irish were made slaves in their own land, while watching their forests get decimated.  For those in the American public school system, know that there used to be "a saying" which reminded Europe that "the British navy was built from Irish oak."  The British literally stole the forests of the Irish, doing so while Britain was a Protestant country.

 Missionaries of the Sword ... to the Christian Neck   

Muslims attacked and occupied Christian lands for hundreds of consecutive years --- long before the first crusade.   BTW, the first Crusade came about, because Greek-powers-that-be asked for help from the Roman Catholics, to divert the path of the Muslims from Greece.  At the time, the Muslims had a free route into Greece.  So, the original crusade was done to prevent Greece from becoming overrun by a religion whose main practice was that of invading lands and killing inhabitants who would not submit to the invaders' religion.

The Muslim Moors invaded Spanish land in 711, when Roman Catholics were minding their own business.  They were asked to invade Spain by the Basques who, historically, are not the most charitable people on Earth.  That was 385 YEARS before the first Crusade.  

The same Muslims invaded French territory, while Roman Catholics there were minding their own businesses there, also.  This invasion resulted in the famous Battle of Tours, in 732 A.D. (C.E.).  That was 364 YEARS before the first Crusade.  In fact, Muslims attacked Jerusalem and its Catholic king, in 638 A.D. (C.E.) --- 458 YEARS before the first Crusade .  So, Muslims were invading Christian lands -- and taking Christian slaves --- hundreds of years before the first Crusade (in 1095) ever happened.  

Thus, it is defamatory to claim that, in 1095, the Muslims were minding their own business ... polishing their halos ... when, all of a sudden, the evil evil white European Christians came a coming.  At the time, the Muslims were slowly approaching Constantinople, and the Muslims already had a track record of invading Northern African, Anatolia, Persia, and Southern European lands, starting in 632 C.E.  Incidentally,  Anatolia is Turkey and Persia is Iran. .  

The Muslims eventually conquered Constantinople and named it Istanbul ... in 1453.  Then came the First Siege of Vienna, in 1529 ... the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 ... and the Second Siege of Vienna, in 1638.  Muslims attacked and attacked and attacked Europe, over and over and over again, since the 711, (actually 661) under the Umayyad rulers.  The terrorism of the 20th & 21st Century was in keeping with Muslim tradition ... literally.  In fact, September 11, 2001 was a Muslim invasion upon New York and D.C.  The message was, "Submit or die."

Ground Zero after the collapse of the towers
New York, September 2001.  The Muslim Way.

In review, the Christians were already in Jerusalem when Muslims invaded it and started a siege upon its inhabitants, thereby ending Christian freedom-of-religion there.  You need to understand that Islam means "to submit," and the doctrinal goal of Muslims is to have the entire Earth "submit" to . . . you know whom.

For hundreds of years, Muslims invaded Christian lands, as well as having pirated ships occupied by Christian women who ended up being kidnap-victims and sex slaves.  This practice even endured into the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, necessitating him to act.  In as much, the very first military operation ever done by the United States Marine Corps was to free the victim-slaves of the marauding Muslims of Northern Africa.  This is why the Marine anthem mentions "the shores of Tripoli."  Moreover, in that exact same geographic region ... called Libya ... slavery still exists today.  

File:Pan Am Flight 103. Crashed Lockerbie, Scotland, 21 December 1988.jpg
Pan Am Flight 103 wreckage.  Unarmed civilians murdered.  Also the Muslim Way.

News Flash:  Catholics were slaves in history

Protestant Idolatry

Take note that Protestantism identified itself with the names of mere 16th Century mortals, as if they were all the new messiahs.  The names included Luther, Calvin, Bezanson Hugues (the Huguenots), Menno Simons (the Mennonites), etc.  This adds to the Protestant hypocrisy of calling Catholic idolaters.  Even in 20th Century America, Southern Baptists often had a poster of the idol of their age on a wall.  His name was Elvis Presley.  

Take note that the Baptists of the Deep South damned Catholics for having paintings of the Virgin Mary in their homes.  But it was super-fine to prominently display a picture of Elvis Presley.  Needless to say, Roman Catholics do NOT believe that the Mother of Christ created the universe.  Likewise, no Southern Baptist believes that Elvis created the universe.
Tragic end.

As a preview to a possible future discourse on early Spanish America: [1] a number of the conquistadors where Jewish ... not converted Jews.  [2] The Aztec Empire was still practicing human sacrifice, and that ongoing crime needed to be ended. [3] The Incan Empire practiced human sacrifice, also.  [4] Conquistadors were being payed a disappointingly lower-than-expected wage for their efforts, and this created animosity. [5] A miraculous event in 1531 changed Spanish/Native relations to the point of resulting in a new nation - new culture - even new race --- a mixed race.  [6] Even at that, people need to remember the axiom, "When the cat is away, the mice will play."  Spain's king and queen were far away.  [7] The great killer of 16th Century America was small pox ... not musket fire and/or swords.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Racism in Print

The 1567 Inquisition horror tale was extremely RACIST, in its generalizations of the Spanish People per se.  It was an ad hominid character assassination of an entire nation of people (two kingdoms and Catalonia) who are not the whitest people in existence.  By the way, that sole 1567 Spanish Inquisition horror story was pre-war propaganda for the Netherlands conflict which would turn into the 80 Years War.  At the time, the Netherlands was under Spanish Rule.

In fact, Calvinist fanatics were sneaking into the Netherlands (Walloon & Flanders & Holland) dressed as peasants.  They then committed acts of violence and sabotage during the same year when the Montanus Tale of the Spanish Inquisition was published.  That's very hypocritical, being that the Calvinists were were performing violence without warning.

In keeping with hypocrisy is the modern propagandists pointing out that, in 1565, Spanish Royal Army troops "massacred"  French Huguenots, at Matanzas Inlet, Florida ... without also mentioning that, in 1555, French Hugueonots executed 40 Roman Catholic clergy members in Brazil.   The Spanish acted directly under the orders of King Philip I, husband of British Queen Mary I.  The Spanish were defending its American clergy ... and were fighting against the invasion of the French government, in an invasion directly prohibited by a papal bulletin.  Then, after that military operation, Jean Ribault ... the French navy commander of the area ... ordered an assault upon the Spanish of Florida.  His French fleet was lost in a storm ... aka hurricane.  Jean Ribault was a Huguenot blown away by the wind.

Spanish Inquisition Timeline    

The Spanish Inquisition existed from 1478 to 1834.  It was established five years before Martin Luther was even born.  It was founded 43 years BEFORE Martin Luther was excommunicated for his unrepentant insistence on adhering to 41 doctrinal heresies, inter alia.   Thus, the Spanish Inquisition was NOT created to execute Lutherans.

(NOTE for those of you in the American public school system: This does NOT refer to the civil rights activist of the 1960s, named Martin Luther KING.  This discourse refers to the very white, antisemitic, overweight, admittedly flatulent & constipated ale drinker who had a documented "seizure disorder" in the 16th Century.  Therefore, when the Spanish Inquisition was founded, Lutherans didn't even exist.)

This was mentioned, because, when I was speaking of the very white 16th Century Martin Luther once, a product of the American public school system thought that I was referring to the civil rights activist who was shot to death on April 4, 1968.  That graduate was only 451 years off the mark.  In fact, that person had no idea that there existed a very white 16th Century German man named Martin Luther, in the first place.  Way to go, American Public School System.  Dumbing them down the American Way.

Inquisition Archives

Now, decades ago, the Spanish government opened the archives to the public the same way in which public library contents are made available to none other than . . . the Public.  The BBC took up the Spanish government on its open invitation, and payed credentialed historians to report on their findings, after they scoured --- sifted through --- the Inquisition archives.  

Now, there were 20 tribunals ... which were the same as 20 "district courts."  Thus, there were 20 archives to research.   Once again ... for the sake of convenience, the 1994 BBC documentary is once again linked directly below, for your convenience:



Added Note:  Except for a couple of quick quotes, that which is mentioned in the BBC documentary is NOT addressed in this discourse, and that which is mentioned in this discourse is NOT addressed in the 1994 BBC documentary.

Simply remember that the BBC producers only had fifty-some commercial-free minutes to present their case.  So, there was still a lot to convey on the Spanish Inquisition, all of which shows that the 1567 horror story of Reginaldus Montaus was total bull crap & the defamation of an entire nation.