The Sin of Cooperation: We all go to Hell, together

Hell is filled with people who never thought they'd go there.

Rhetorical Question:  How many people in Nazi Germany thought themselves to have
been good, wholesome, and upstanding citizens contributing to the good of the Father-
land, when the fact was that they were being nothing more than criminal accomplices,
bringing the wrath of the allies upon them so badly that Germany would be turned in-
to a facsimile of the heavily cratered moon? 

As of New Year's 2014, the Obama administration remained vehement in getting Cath-
olic employers to violate Humanae Vitae, and supply for their employees that which is
taught in the Catholic faith as a sin of murder.  Now, people see that Oprah was wrong 
when she said that Obama was "the one."  People also see that he's not the Antichrist.                         None the less,  Obama's vice president picked up the baton of death and had his ad-                           ministration run with it.  Running with that baton is like running with a lit stick of                            dynamite.  Their political party has been the party of death for decades.

Concerning this, the Republican TEA party economy makes it difficult to raise a child.
Thus, the people who act all-so-self-righteous do more to tempt people into abortion
and artificial contraception than anyone else in America.  The hypocrisy is deafening.

Despite its platform that supports sins against justice, the Republican Party is the par-
ty of choice for American Catholics, simply because of the Democratic abortion plat-
form.  Today's American Catholics of financial influence are too cowardly and lazy
to start a much needed new political party.  Both major parties in America support
mortal sins that we are expected to support with our cooperation.  So, Catholics in
American get to go to Hell with the political hypocrites who are nothing more than
leeches vying for campaign re-election money which will make them cow-tow to
their funders' whims.  Thus, one will support abortion and the other will support
anti-immigration legislation, medical pricing gouging, sweatshop profiteering,
sins against ecology, military bankruptcy spending, and anti-disability legisla-
tion, as well as anything that antagonizes the moral theology of Distributive
Justice, as well as Economic Justice.

The first thing that must stop is the sin of defraudment of  laborers of their wages,
in the form of sweatshop imports, due to the enormous Trade Balance Deficit that
it caused, resulting in 5 million lost jobs and 60,000 lost manufacturing operations
in the United States.  This issue is as current as the riots in Cambodia, where ex-
tremely underpaid garment workers rioted and where police shot at them, killing
a few in the process.

Also, American income disparity among Americans must end.  Some workers in
the U.S. are so underpaid that the federal government must provide food stamps,
in order for them to go to work to make a few extremely wealthy.

Providing artificial contraceptives doesn't procure any kind of justice.  It merely
encourages sins against the 6th Commandment.
The Nine Ways in Which One Can Be an Accessory to the Sins of Others

     1. By counsel.               2. By command.              3. By consent.
     4. By provocation.        5. By praise or flattery.    6. By concealment.
     7. By partaking.            8. By silence.                  9. By defense of the ill done.

      The Sin of Cooperation is synonymous with the Sin of Accessory.  It's equally
       synonymous with being an accomplice to the sins of another.  There are many
       accomplices in Hell.  These were the ones who empowered dictators, pillage-
       minded war lords, price gougers, good ole boy networks, sweatshop profiteers,
       robber barons, and those who sought to legalize sins as deadly as intentional
       abortion.  These were the Yes Men of Evil, empowering the manipulators who
       would have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished without the cooperation of

       Of course, many of the many were accomplices, because they were cowards,
       if not in love with the evils that the manipulators sought to have legalized, in-
       stitutionalize, and accommodated.  Even those who did the manipulating were
       cowards, in that they had to leech off of the acts of others, in order to prevail
       in evil. 

       Most accomplices are cowards who succumbed to peer pressure.  You don't
       have to be one of them.  In fact, if you happen to claim that your sins are far
       too great to be forgiven, the fact that you're not dead and Hell is evidence that
       you're presently being carried by the Mercy of God.  Thus, your sins aren't too
       great to be forgiven, per se.  God is enduring them as you read.  Only you have
       the power to turn your sins into the unforgivable state, simply by pushing away
       the Holy Spirit, the forgiver of Sins.

       All in all, you would already be in Hell if your sins were unforgivable.  You are
       still able to take advantage of this mercy and then to start having mercy on God.
       A person has mercy on God by ceasing his/her mortal sins, and even by making
       reparation for the sins of others.  This includes the Sin of Cooperation.

       The ceasing of mortal sin is a grace from God.  You're always welcomed to ask
       such a grace ... no matter what you have done .... and you may always pray to
       Jesus.  In fact, in the Law of Grace, the greater be the sinner, the greatest is that
       person's right to mercy.  Christ paid dearly for your dose of mercy, ahead of time.

    I} Part 3, Section 1, Chapter 1, Article 8 of the Official Catholic Catechism states. 
        But no one is deemed to be ignorant of the principles of the moral law which
        are written in the conscience of every man. 

   II} Jesus was quoted in the Gospels as having said, "Those who deny me before
         men I will deny before my Father."  One can deny Christ by denying his

  III} As was mentioned in the Book of the Apocalypse, every damnation is a matter
         of being deceived by the Devil.  St. John exactly described the eternally damned
         as those who were deceived as such.  This deception consists in fanatics stripping
         away natural instinct from people, in an politically activist Orwellian way.

 IV} As was mentioned in the Book of James (4:17), one who knows the right thing
         to do, yet neglects to do it, sins.  Such as a thing is known as a Sin of Omission.
         It's also known as a Sin of Negligence.  In addition, Pius XII's edition of moral
         theology mentioned the existence of the Sin of Inconsiderateness. 

   V} As was stated in the Gospel of Luke (12:48), much will be required of the per-
         son entrusted with much.  Yet more will be demanded of the person entrusted
         with more.  Therefore, bishops are judged far more severely than the laity.

  VI} Vatican II expressly stated that the nature of the church on earth is militancy.
          In fact, the Baltimore Catechism and other catechisms identify the church on
         earth as the Church Militant.  This involves what St Paul referred to as fighting
         the good fight ... as is striving to have good prevail over evil.  To neglect this
         duty is to be immersed in sins of negligence, aka sins of omission.  To neglect
         this duty is to eventually be immersed in Hell, a place where one is disjointed
         for all eternity, while living the paradox of being one step behind eternity, in
         having no rhythm to his/her existence.

 VII} Pope Paul VI stated that, if you want peace you must work for justice.  This in-
         sight actually came from the Book of Isaiah, where Kindness begets Truth and
         fairness (justice) begets peace.  If you remain silent to injustice, cooperating with
         it all the while, you will have the same destiny as those who instigated and prolif-
         erated the injustices.  Such as were the cases with the citizens of Nazi Germany,
         Imperial Japan, and the racist Confederate South of the United States. 


     The Children of Fatima saw a vision of Hell and were instantaneously terrified at it's
     sight.  St. Teresa of Avila saw a vision of Hell too, yet she said that it was her great-
     est gift, being that it served the function of a life-changing wake-up call.  Both Saint
     Teresa and the children of Fatima saw humans souls falling into Hell with the velocity
     of snowflakes.
                                               The Roll Call of Hell

There are numerous souls in Hell who found out too late that their fellow humans aren't
toys to abuse.  They simultaneously found out that God isn't a make-believe fairy tale.
The same souls found out that complying with the impulses of human conscience, as is
universally written in the human heart by the Eternal God, is not something optional.

The same eternally damned people learned far too late that morality is not a mere matter
of opinion, either.  To top off the Roll Call of the Eternally Damned are those who could
neither control their senses nor place their temperaments in check.

Fatima seer Jacinta Martos stated before her death, "Souls go to Hell for sins of the 
flesh more than any other reason."  In as much, according to St Benedict of Nursia,
the Father of Western Monasticism, the #1 goal in the True Catholic Way (and not the
impostor way) is that of conquering your cravings.  In as much, a person who occasion-
ally fasts on either water, herbal teas, vegetable broths, bread, or bland foods is a per-
son far more adaptable and far more giving than other people.  This is also a person
far more perceptive, wielding fortitude and self-control with much more prowess than
others.  Those who don't occasionally fast are numb in their perceptions and are easily

       Mercy is only Bestowed upon those who Bestowed Mercy on Others

Shortly before WWII, Christ said to Blessed Faustina Kolwaska that a person must
perform one type of mercy or another in this life, in order to receive mercy from Christ
in the next one.  Thus, the merciless always go to Hell.

      The Sin of Presumption is so Prevalent that it Screeches throughout Hell

Within the Roll Call of Hell are also those who lived the lie that their future sins were al-
ready forgiven and that God was "going to let them slide", because preachers told them
that they were "saved."  This belief is known as the sin of presumption, as in presuming
that God's mercy already resulted in the remission of sin.  In fact, presumption is nothing
more than laziness.  The fact is the Christ came to save his people from their sins.  If you
continue to engage in habitual mortal sin, then you've been saved from nothing. 

               Complying with Peer Pressure:  Another Sure Way to Hell

As was previously stated, also in endless torment are those who succumbed to peer
pressure and became guilty of the sin of cowardice.  In their cowardice, they became
merciless to someone whom they could have helped in life, but refused to assist, due to
their succumbing to peer pressure   These people usually say, "I was only following 
orders."   We proceed

Mortal Sin:  It's Spiritual Suicide.  A Sinner:  It's a person who loves evil and then
transforms into the evil loved.  Those deepest in Hell are those most successful at hav-
ing gotten other people to cooperate with their sins.  Such a thing is always an element
of tyranny.  Tyranny is always lawlessness.

The sin of cooperation involves the phenomenon of Social Scandal, otherwise known as
Corporate Sin.  Now, corporate sin does not limit itself to cooperating with the sins of
corporate executives.  Corporate means body, and a corporate sin is any sin that ends
up being permeated throughout all of a body politic.  It's one that is legalized, institution-
alized, and accommodated in society.  The Chattel Slavery of the American Confederate
South is an example of a social sin, as is the mass murder of  Gypsies, Jews, the mentally
impaired, the physically disabled, and dissident journalists under Nazi German rule.

Other examples include Oliver Cromwell's persecution of Irish Catholics, the apartheid
of South Africa, Japan's rape of Nanking, Mao's persecution of the Tibetan culture, and
of course, the labor camp system of modern China that resulted in workers committing
suicide, threatening suicide, etc.  Add to this the legalized form of adultery known as di-
vorce and remarriage, other forms of sexual anarchy, elective abortion, the desecration
of Sunday in heavily christened populations, other forms of sins against ecology, and the
various types of price gouging.

To cooperate with a corporate sin is to accommodate and institutionalize a sin as if it
were a civil right.  To cooperate with social scandal is to act as if accommodating it is
a duty to God.  Such cooperation occurs in the workplace, as one's job description. 

The Sin of Cooperation, as it Applies to the Message of Fatima

The Sin of Cooperation was the essence of the Fatima message, in as far as concerned
a statement Sr. Lucia was once quoted as having allegedly said.  This quote came years
before Bertone and Sodano took seats of power at the Vatican and decided to revise
the entire Fatima message to their convenience.  Therefore, the pre-Sodano quote has
an element of reliability and credibility attached to it.  Sr. Lucia Martos was once quot-
ed as having said, "We'll either be damned together or we'll be saved together."
In as much, being damned together consists in being an accomplice to each other's sins.

The Sin of Cowardice

In order to understand how the sin of cooperation operates in the human mind, consider
the following rhetorical question:  How many citizens of the Nazi regime regarded them-
selves as good, wholesome, and upstanding citizens faithfully upholding the Fatherland,
when in reality, they were provoking the destruction that was soon to be hurled upon the
sum total of Germany, by the allied forces and the underground saboteurs?

As was previously mentioned, you need to understand that all occasions of damnation
consist in being deceived by the Devil.  In the Book of the Apocalypse, St. John refers
to the Eternally Damned in this way.  In as much, consider how many violent practices
occurred under the guise of being the new enlightenment ... a new dawning ... the new
Springtime.  For example, Christians died as a result of the Arabian Spring of 2011.  In
Nazi Germany, Crystal Night was a collective crime.  Yet, it was seen as the cleansing
of Germany.  It was the opposite thereof.

The same Book of Revelations (the Apocalypse) mentions that cowardice is a sin,
at its 21st Chapter:  Now, as for cowards, the unfaithful, the depraved, murder-
ers, the unchaste, sorcerers, idol-worshipers, and deceivers of every sort, their
lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur, which is the second death. (verse 8
Incidentally, being frightened to death doesn't make you a coward.  Running away
when you are needed does.  In fact, as is seen in certain pampered political opera-
tives, cowards can be bullies ... until they are put to the test.  Hell is for bullies,
none the less. 

Letting Evil Flourish is a Sin of Cooperation

It was stated in a recent century that the only reason why evils flourish is because
the good do nothing to stop them from spreading.  However, the moment when
you refuse to help stop an evil, it immediately turns you from good to evil.  Such
a thing is a sin of negligence.  Such a thing is a sin of omission.  This is cowardice.

Pontius Pilate's sin was a basically a sin of cowardice.  He cowardly succumbed
to envious religious leaders in Jerusalem who held a jeering mob on puppet strings,
despite the fact that, days earlier, the same people of Jerusalem were welcoming
Jesus in triumph, laying out a trail of palm branches for him.

Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer are not worth anyone's eternal damnation.  So,
why be their puppets, in their obsession with elective abortion?  Marcial Maciel
Degollado and his principle accomplice, Angelo Sodano, weren't worth eternal
damnation, either. So, why would Ratzinger have succumbed in being an accom-
plice to those two priests' sins?  Neither was Adolph Hitler worth damnation, as
if an entire nation should have followed him ... directly into Hell.  In fact, lazy
priests of recent decades who wanted all the commercial outlets to be opened
on Sunday (in regions where such a thing was unheard-of) aren't worth the
damnation, either.  So too is this the case with those who profit from foreign
sweatshop labor.  Why go to Hell for people locked in clinch-fist greed and
who have no intention to share their immorally acquired wealth with you?
Why cooperate with something that will send you to Hell forever? 

Delineating the Cooperation of Evil

There is Formal Cooperation and then there is Material Cooperation.  It's the
Formal Cooperation that incurs sin.  In this era of lax and pampered priests, it
is expected to find the majority of them giving an excuse for every form of co-
operation, including the Sin of Apostasy of Ancient Rome, when a Christian
was excommunicated for tossing incense into a pincer, in worship of the em-
peror, lest he be martyred for refusing to do so.  However, the Gospel  gives
a decisive example of cooperating with evil:  Pontius Pilate.  To him Jesus
said,  "The one who handed me over to you is the one with the greater sin."
Therefore, Christ didn't excuse Pilate.  He stated that Pilate was in the pro-
cess of committing a sin.

In reality, the Scribes and Pharisees were committing the greater sin in push-
ing Pilate to do their evil for them.  Pilate let himself be a puppet on the strings
of envious Scribes & Pharisees who wanted Jesus dead for ousting the
money-changers from the temple Herod had gotten people to rebuild.

Incidentally, the previous Gospel passage shows that the Protestant claim that
God sees all sin as the same is a complete lie.  Protestant after protestant stat-
ed that God sees no difference between murder and stealing a dollar from a
billionaire.  Well, there are varying degrees of sin, according to the Gospels.
In sequence, there are varying degrees of eternal damnation.  Likewise, there
are varying degrees of glory in Heaven.  However, the Protestant view of
Heaven is the Marxist Communist view, where everyone is the same pre-
dictable man in the gray flannel suit ... with the exception perhaps being
the stereotypical TV evangelist wearing a bad pompadour hairdo toupee. 

Concerning the sin of Cooperation

The one who initiates the sin is the "principle agent."  He is the one guilty of
the greater sin, but his formal cooperators are guilty of sin none the less.  Furth-
ermore, if the sin could not materially be committed without the cooperation of
you, and if you are an "immediate agent," you are in formal cooperation.  You
have sinned.  You're damnation will be as immediate if you have no intention
on changing things.

Sin begins in the heart, and not in the senses.  A person's intent can make the sin
of cooperation an act of formal cooperation.  After all, a sinner is a person who
loves evil.  Thus, if you love what is transpiring, no matter what your degree of
cooperation might be, then you are formally cooperating with the sin transpiring.

Official moral theology differentiates cooperators as those who are immediate
and those who are mediate.  Mediate cooperators are those situated somewhere
down the assembly line of the sin transpiring.  They are not front & center,
conducting a chorus of evil.

Consideration of the Sin of Cooperation is an exceptionally important matter.
This is the essence of the Fatima message, and it applies to one of the five
blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The fifth blasphemy is
the act of dissuading children from embracing devotion to Mary and in seek-
ing to have people hold public contempt for her.  Such a blasphemer is act-
ively attempting to get children to be accomplices to his/her hatred of Mary.
Thus, he/she is the principle agent in this sin.

Incidentally, the Born-again 700 Club world held the most infernal hatred for
the Virgin Mary I have ever witnessed in my life, and it was the "church ladies"
who held the most seething contempt for her.  They were obviously envious of
Mary, as if they were the wicked step sisters and she were Cinderella.  Well, the
Virgin Mary is not a fairy tale.

The Sin of Cooperation is also paramount in the Nuremberg Trials.  Defendants
there continually pleaded that they were "just following orders."  This defense
was adjudged as no excuse for cooperating with the crimes of Nazi Germany.

The Sin of Cooperation was the end of Sodom.  It involved complete compliance
with one habitual sin.  All of the town, excecp for Lot's family, was contributory
to this sin.  This made it impossible for there to be ten just men in the city, so as
to assure that God would spare it, as he mentioned to Abraham in whatever type
of mystical dialogue the two entities communicated.

For those unfamiliar, the Old Testament states that God answered a series of ques-
tions that Abraham asked, with the final answer being that God would spare a city
from destruction if only ten just men lived in it.  With the Prophet Jeremiah, it was
merely one just man, when it came to Jerusalem.

When you are cooperating with a Corporate Sin, you are denying Christ before
men.  Now, God the Father only recognizes in a human the qualities that he re-
cognizes in his own son.  In as much, going to Hell consists in God and Christ
saying, "I don't know you."  Thus, all going to Hell consists in being deceived
by the Devil and becoming an entirely unrecognizable foreign entity to God
and the angels. 

The Alleged Vatican II Con Game

At the guest cottage of a Trappist Monastery, a monsignor who co-authored Unit-
ed States bishop statements told me that the Vatican policy at the time was this:

What the laity doesn't know won't hurt it.  Therefore, according to my Vatican-re-
lated source (during a Trappist Monastery conversation), John Paul II elected to
not speak out against certain Social Sins, because, if he did, the laity would be
bound by conscience to disassociate themselves with the social sins.  This would
logically mean that, as long as the laity would be kept in the dark about sins to
which they were cooperating, they would not guilty of the sins ... according to
the Vatican's mind set during the John Paul regime/tenure/administration/papacy.

Now, at the time, it was hard to believe that the Vatican would honor a policy that
perpetuated evil and kept the laity ignorant.  However, in the case of Maciel, Vati-
can bank scandals, and the widespread clergy abuse scandal, it was a plausible al-
legation, coming from a very articulate and relatively young monsignor.  This
particular monsignor was classy and not pretentious about it.

Now, John Paul II vaguely hinted on two known occasions about the sin of co-
operation.  But, he didn't have the laity take action to end such sin, in specificity.
The visiting monsignor made mention of material cooperation as if it were a loop-
hole that would spare the laity of eternal damnation.   The response to this is ob-
vious, even if the monsignor did not tell me the truth about the implied Vatican

The most famous scriptural passage concerning this is found at Hosea, at C. 4, V 6:
My people perish for want of knowledge!   Since you have rejected  knowledge, 
I will reject you from my priesthood.   Since you have ignored the law of your 
God, I will also ignore your sons.  One and all, they sin against me, exchang-
ing their glory for shame"

Plus, in a locution (a supernatural vision of words only) Christ spoke to Bless-
ed Alan of La Roche during a Mass, saying, "How can you crucify me again
so soon?  You  crucified me once before by your sins and I would willingly be
crucified again rather than have my Father offended by the sins you used to
commit.  You are crucifying me anew, because you have all of the learning
and understanding that you need to preach my mother's Rosary, yet you are
not doing so.  If you only did this, you could teach many souls that right path
and lead them away from sin  -  but you are not doing it and so,  you yourself
are guilty of the sins  that they commit."

The essence of the sin of cooperation is:  "You're guilty of the sins they commit."

Concerning the unconscionable entities in the present church, they will chirp out
that they are only in material cooperation with present evils, and therefore, are
justified in their cooperation with said evils.  Well, the first moment when you
know that an evil is transpiring, your conscience becomes placed on notice.
Unconscionable priests fail to realize that, at the very least, they are guilty of
cowardice and negligence, in declining to oppose the corporate sins in their
societies; those such as slave labor merchandise importation.

Plus, the material wrath of God will materially visit them, when the wrath is
launched.  Even those in material cooperation during the Nazi regime had the
bombs from British Lancasters hurl down upon them night after night after
night afer night.  In fact, it was not only those in formal cooperation with Im-
perial Japan's sins who found themselves immersed in the firestorm of Tokyo.
Those only in the state of material cooperation burned to death , too.

In discerning if a corporate sin involves the laity's formal cooperation of it, an-
swer the following:

1} Is the evil institutionalized to the point of being an habitual part of society,
     whereas it is accommodated and regarded as a civil right?  2} Is it possible
     to end the evil with societies' boycott of it?  3} Does the society know that
     it's occurring?

Society must make the effort to end any known corporate sin, or its people be-
come guilty of at least the sin of omission.  In their silence, the present bishops
have been engaged in sins of cooperation that will send the wrath of God rock-
eting throughout the societies where the corporate sins flourished.  The wrath
will consume the criminally negligent bishops who profiteered from sins to
which they remained silent.  They benefitted through tax-free collection bask-
et proceeds and through corporate donations.

People who make money through corporate sin sometimes toss a few dollars or
a check into an occasional collection basket.  For a priest to accept such money
is for him to accept blood money, especially when the money came from corpor-
ate entities who habitually suck the blood of severely underpaid sweatshop em-
ployees.  The vengeance of God will eventually be at each negligent priest's rec-
tory door step.

In the 1970's, the typical Gort Smith Arkansas seamstress made $14 an hour, ac-
cording to a payroll clerk who once worked there.  Recently, Latin American
women sewed various NFL jerseys for pennies per jersey.

You can attend church all you want.  But, if you go to a job that requires you to
be an accomplice to at least one mortal sin, you are living a lie.  You are the ser-
vant of mortal sin.  Sin therefore defines your income and Hell will be your final
paycheck.  In as much, there were specific reasons for the Virgin Mary's interven-
tion at Quito, La Salette, Fatima, and Akita.  Life isn't a joke.  There are serious
consequences in the end.

Do you really think that God will bless any home gotten through money made by
cooperating with a sin?  God gave no such blessing to the homes of Nazi Germany.
Instead, that nation was turned into a land of bomb craters and massive wreckage.

In similar fashion, God gave no such blessing to an Imperial Japan that was utterly
decimated by the Americans.  This included decimated homes purchased through
employee income that contributed to Imperial Japan's crimes.

Do not be deceived.  God is not mocked.  Neither mocked are those who were vic-
timized by the corporate sins to which you cooperated.  If you want peace, you
must first establish justice (fairness.)  The lack of justice yields the destiny of
damnation.  If you go to Hell, it means that you were a living Hell to others in
this life.  Not helping those who were victimized by your own sins of coopera-
tion made you a living Hell to those you refused to help.  As St. James wrote,
those who see good to be done and do not do it sin.  You can read all the kissy-
poo Vatican II devotional books you want.  If you don't cease your sin of co-
operation, all will be for naught.

There's an interesting thing about those who don't want to hear about Hell.  Hell
is an extremely loud place a person there hears forever.  Ironically, those who do
n't want to hear about Hell will hear it forever.  In fact, there is the type of person
who figures that his/her actions are not sins, simply because God didn't immediate-
ly hurl lightning bolts upon that person after the person committed sinful actions.
Such a person follows nothing more than animal instinct.

The lingering presence of elective abortion proves that all church leaders of recent
years were complete failures who refused to do what was necessary to end a sin that
cries to Heaven for vengeance.  Being that they are poor leaders, they should be re-
moved from office and replaced with people who won't be dead weights in the aisles
of the church.

Included in the list of corporate sin and social scandal is the commercial retail
desecration of Sunday in populations that were christened.  The sin of Sabbath
Desecration is a sin against ecology.  The sin of Sabbath Desecration is the main
issue in the message of La Salette  . . .  in the apparition which prophesied the
agricultural disasters of 19th Century Europe, as in the potato famine, the wheat
crop failures, and the grape crop failures.  The La Salette message applies to the
modern world as much as it applied to mid-Ninteenth Century Europe, because
God is changeless.  The God of the 19th
Century is the same God of today.

If you don't want to remain on modern society's death march to Hell, stop march-
ing in that direction.  After all, it's embarrassing to go to Hell on account of suc-
cumbing to peer pressure.  Nerd boys do that.  The La Salette article linked below
will help a bit.  However, if you're a innate coward, as in the type mentioned in St
John's Apocalypse, then nothing will help you at all, until you surgically remove
the propensity to cowardice.

A tip on doing so goes as follows We all get scared in similar situations.  Cowards
run, while the heroes go about their tasks, despite feeling intense dread.  Heroes have
an element of inspiration absent in cowards, and they don't have self-centered tunnel
vision.  Cowards only think of themselves.