Salvation through Faith Alone? What about Hope and Charity, as St. Paul Mentioned?

Think:  A tree is known by its fruits.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a
bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  Let's have our memory banks adjourn to the
"Bible Belt."  Here are the fruits of the Bible Belt:

1} Lynch mobs, 2}chattel slavery, 3} inbreeding, 4} lead infested moonshine,
5} the lowest wages in the U.S., 6} the Tobacco Industry and its unconscionable
practices, 7} segregation,  8} the lowest of academic test scores, 9} the good ole
boy network, 10} the slow, lethargic, sloth-ridden pace, 11} the unconscionable
Coca-Cola Corporation and --its $137 million channel-stuffing lawsuit, --its $192
million racial discrimination lawsuit, --its having 36 times the European level of
pesticide content in its products sold to India, --its $68 million unfair trade prac-
tice fine in Mexico, etc.,  12} the Beast of Bentonville Arkansas and its foreign
sweatshop labor profiteering .... in order words, Walmart. 13} its very long-term





There is a type of isolationist who violates all of the laws of charity, while self-
proclaiming himself "saved."  This person calls himself/herself a Christian, even
though his/her religion has nothing to do with original Christianity.  This person
is perceived by modern society as the representative of the very Christianity that
he/she dishonors, thereby causing those in society to utterly hate Christianity.
But, they're not hating Christianity.  They're hating backwoods Protestantism.
Protestantism is not original Christianity in any capacity.  The Orthodox churces
do have a link to the original apostles and each of the 22 rites in the Catholic
Church are directly linked to the apostles, as well.  In fact, the Orthodox churches
are linked to Catholicism, historical.

The rural, backwoods "Born-Again" Protestant.  He/she has done more damage
to the image and presence of Christ than all Satanic high priests combined.  The
religion to which he/she is attached had one of its "preachers" claim that Mother
Theresa was on the way to Hell, because she didn't perform that backwoods ritual
of going to a church railing,  and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is that person's Lord
and "personal" savior, in the anti-social mindset of the isolationist South.

In stating the word, "personal," such a person exclaims his/her hatred for others,
as if Christ will cater to that one person only, and damn all others, as if Christ is
the ornery anti-social type that the "personal savior" type is.  Such a person is
NOT a Christian.  Such a person's religion is hatred and sloth.

Concerning Catholicism and the religion of the backwoods ana-baptist Protestant
who changed his/her name to dispensationalist to born-again Christian to Funda-
mentalist to Christian, thereby stealing a title from its true owners, you can only
have one or the other, because they contradict each other.  In fact, the doctrines
of backwoods Protestantism:

1} is contrary to those of original Christianity,

2} was condemned with "anathema"after "anathema" at the Council of Trent,

3} and which is only as old as the Anabaptist sects of the Anglo-Saxon world which
later morphed into sects of believers in a 19th Century invention composed by John
Nelson Darby, called the Great Rapture.  No one is Christian history believed in
that until 1,800 years after the first Apostles went about preaching, curing the ill,
and exorcising demons, as well as undergoing death at the hands of tyrants.

This means that the "Born-Again" doctrine does NOT trace back to the original
apostles and was not taught for the first 1,500 years of Christianity.  This means
that the doctrine is a total fraud ... an impostor to true Christianity.

Ironically, during this age of ecumenism, I remember being told that the Born-
Again, Tent Rival, TV Evangelist form of Protestantism had NO dialogue with
the Catholic Church.   It's a religion which teaches that you can live an evil life
and still go to Heaven, claiming that the sins of your future are already forgiven,
if you do one of those silly rituals at a church kneeling rail and mention the phrase,
"personal savior,"  thereby rejecting the notion of community and the command
to "love one another" as Christ has loved you, as well as loving your neighbor as
yourself, ultimately thrusting yourself into a selfish realm of illusion, where your
fellow man is seen as the "unsaved" enemy.

The Born-againers profess that Jesus came so that you can keep on sinning.  That's called blasphemy.

If you accept the Born-Again / "I'm saved / "See-you-at-the-next-cross-burning" /
"Praise the Lord" / form of Protestantism, then you're saying that Christ is a liar
who didn't send the  Holy Spirit guide and teach the Church until the start of the
16th Century, when a chronically constipated German named Luther emerged and
wrote that the German governments should evict Jews from their homes and take
away all of the money they had in their possession.

Needless to say, an entire generation of the German people ended up following
Martin Luther's advice, via the Nazi Party, thereby killing approximately 6 mil-
lion Jews, numerous gypsies, and those re- garded as the less-than-desirable, in-
cluding the disabled.

A Catholic never needs to apologize for his 2,000 year old faith to any fanatical
in-your-face Protestant whose doctrine came 1,500 years after the original Pente-
cost and which was declared anathema in dozens of infallible statements issued
at the Council of Trent.  We were here first.  We are the original Christianity.
We are the vast majority of 1.2 billion people who, at the least, were baptized
into the Catholic Church.  This outnumbers any individual Protestant sect that
ever was or which will ever come to  be.  Put them on the defensive for a change.

We are dealing with the Scripture-only people who deny blatant scriptural passages
such as, "A man who puts away his wife and takes on another commits adultery."
This means that they only regard scriptural passages that can be twisted enough
to rationalize a mindset which is overridden by sloth and sheer cowardice.  The
sloth is manifest in the hatred of the idea of needing to do good works, in order
for one's faith to be alive and in order for one to have life everlasting.  The co-
wardice comes from the fear of doing penance, making sacrifice, and suffering
for one's faith.  So, in its total hypocrisy, Protestantism openly welcomes the
divorce-and-remarriage that Christ specifically called the mortal sin of adultery.
And of course, they would rather were a necklace of nuclear waste around their
necks than repeat the scriptural sentence, "Faith without good works is dead

There are numerous instances of Protestants violating Biblical precepts.  More im-
portantly, single sentences in a scriptural text here and there have been extracted,
while the surrounding sentences were ignored, resulting a new doctrine which
was never mentioned anywhere in the Bible.   Examples appear below.

Did you ever hear someone say, "I used to be Catholic, but now I'm saved."  Well,
you need to come to terms with the fact that they are on the road to Hell, because
their motive is laziness and sheer gutless cowardice in refusing to join Christ on
the Cross in any one of a number of way in which you can do so.  Ironically, those
who hate the idea of joining Christ on the Cross are the ones who crucify others,
over and over again.

Quick note on history:  "They" originally called themselves "anabaptist," being that
they rejected the notion of infant baptism and believed you could only be baptized
after the age of reason.  Next came Baptist, as well as Dispensationalist.  After a
century or so, they identified themselves as Born-Again Christians, while the out-
side world called them Fundamentalists.  Now, they call themselves Christians,
claiming that they are the true form of Christianity, even though their form did
NOT emerge until the 16th Century.  In fact, their staunch belief in an upcoming
Great Rapture only appeared in the 1830s and only due to one man named Darby.

That particular religion does not trace itself back to the original apostles, as does
Catholicism and the Orthodox religions.  It rejects the doctrines of original Chris-
tianity by the dozen, and it is founded on three Biblical passages taken entirely out
of context.  1}  "Ye must be born again."  However, they failed to add the phrase,
"by water," meaning that it was referring to being baptized.  2} "You are saved by
Faith and not by Works," However, this was only referring to the teaching that the
Faith of Abraham was what merited from God the promise that the Messiah would
be sent ... to be born as a descendant of Abraham ... and that no good work of any
ancient man resulted in God being so moved that he promised to send his son.
3} "I no longer live by the Law," and this referred to St. Paul no longer follow-
ing the ritualistic Law of Moses, as opposed natural moral law.

A blatant answer in the Bible,
concerning a Protestant doctrinal assertion on the degrees of sinfulness.

Now, there is venial and mortal sin.  There are sins greater than others, unlike
what the rural, backward, Southern isolationist Protestant world claims.  That
world claims that God sees all sin equally and is equally offended by some-
thing as petty as stealing a nickle from a billionaire to proliferating the Nazi
concentration camp executions.  Proof that differing degrees of sin is a part
of true Christian doctrine and is expressly in the Bible that the Protestants
worship as if it were God in itself goes as follows:

When Jesus was in front of Pontius Pilate, he said, "Those who handed me over 
to you are guilty of the greater sin."  Thus, Jesus said that there are  greater sins
than other ones.  Case closed.  In as much, it's a sin equivalent to murder for one
to steal a loaf of bread from a starving man, but a venial sin to steal a fleet of
bread trucks from a billionaire.

The reason why you don't go around stealing large sums from the wildly rich is
because you still have to make restitution for your theft, and how many people
can raise $100,000 to repay the billionaire?  The moral rule of superabundance
turning into common property is a different story, but you have to be in the state
of extreme necessity for the rule to apply.

The Bible states that NOT everything is in the Bible

For  the record,  the Bible expressly states, in the Gospel of John, that NOT
everything is in the Bible.  And remember, Protestantism is not the worship
of God, but rather, it's the worship of the Bible.  They depend on the Bible
and NOT God.  God is merely a formula locked into their interpretation of
the Bible.

Let us continue:

It's not that Protestants interpret the Bible differently than original Christianity.
It's that they distort the actual Biblical passages themselves.  As an example:

The Protestants quote Paul saying, "I no longer follow the Law."  They then say
that the phrase means that you don't have to follow any moral law, and yet you
will still be something they call "saved."  Well, Paul was referring to the ritual-
istic law of Moses, in speaking of the Law.  The same St. Paul said that neither
murderers nor fornicators nor sorcerers nor the effeminate (males) etc will enter
the Kingdom of God.  Thus, he affirmed the need of morality as a requirement
for salvation.

By the way, when the word, salvation, appears in the Bible, it's referring to the
idea of salving one of the woundedness of sin.   The Born-Againers make it
sound like being on base during it-taggers.  Christ came to save humans from
their sins.  Thus, if you're still mortally sinning, then you're not saved.  Period.

"You are saved by Faith" was twisted by the rural American Protestants, too

The premier motto of the rural American Born-Agains, next to the phrase in the third
chapter of the Gospel of John, is "You are saved by Faith  and not by works."  That
was taken entirely out of context and presented in a false light, because one sentence
was isolated from the other ones in the same Biblical passage which gave it an entire-
ly different meaning than when it is read in the context with an entire paragraph of
Scriptures.  It is easy to blow out of the water, when it comes to responding to the
Protestant insistance that you never have to do a single work of mercy, in order to
have salvation.  Observe:

Paul was explaining what motivated God the Father into sending God the Son to
become man and dwell among us.  He stated that there was no great work done
by any ancient man that inspired God the Father into sending his Son to mankind.
Rather, it was the Faith of Abraham that touched God so much that God the Father
resolved that the Messiah to come would come through Abraham's lineage.   That
is all that the one Biblical phrase mean, aside of one more truth.

In that scriptural passage, Paul was alluding to the fact that you can never do a good
work without the grace of God, in the first place.  He was implying that the grace of
God comes first and then the good works.  The Protestants took that passage out of
context, because they were too lazy to do good works and penance.  It's the religion
of the lazy.

I was in the Bible Belt for years.  I saw the hypocrisy up close and personally.  There
is nothing saved about those people, and there is nothing Christian about them, either.
Their history proves this to be true.    Think:  Chattel slavery, Cross burning, incest,
starting a war that cost massive human life and property, moonshining, segregation,
gerrymandering, the good ole boy network, etc.  In fact, the sexual revolution which
was the debauchery of entire generations was started in the Bible Belt South, in the
person of a man Southerner practically regarded as divine and who died a disgrace-
ful death after living a life of drug abuse.

Keep in mind that, at Fatima, Jacinta
said that "mortifications" please Our
Lord very much.  This is because,
penance clears the mind and one's
perception, while conquering the
person's cravings.

People who hate the Fatima message are
simply too  lazy and cowardly to do any
penance as was asked of us at Fatima.

Anti-Fatima people are lazy and gutless
cowards who won't even try to  do what
Our Lady requested.  It's that simple.
You can offer modern workouts as mortifications in supplication for a prayer
petition or in penance for your sins ... or for the conversion of sinners living
in the state of mortal sin.  Some of those gym workouts &; weight lifting
routines tax you and tear into you.  And as David Letterman often joking-
ly said, "But, it's a good tired."

Working out is a humbling experience, after every workout, when you start.
So, "offer it up."  Try it.  Of course, don't hurt your body.  Start easily.  The
greatest trick that the very invisible demons play pn us to get us to think that
God requires you to do insurmountable things.  Just remember what the Little
Flower said about fluttering her little wings.  She was declared the greatest
saint of modern times, as well as a doctor of the church.  You don't have to
be Superman when you do a mortification.

Then, after prolonged discipline in working-out, there comes the tearing and
spraining of muscles which makes you sensitive to the pain of others.  Have
you ever noticed that the fat and lazy are the ones who are insensitive to the
pain of others, in their self-seeking self-indulgence?  Rush Limbaugh, in his
excessively weighted years, was the primest of examples.  He was nothing
but a fat, obnoxious pig who was uneducated in economics, all the while
pretending to be an expert in it.

Plus,  FOX CEO Roger Ailes isn't a thin aesthetic type in any capacity, let us
politely say.  He blames the victims of Reaganomics for the economic imbal-
ances that the Gingrich model and George Bush II model of Reaganomics
caused to America.  He won't admit that the economic injustices of applied
Reaganomics caused a lot of human suffering.

All in all, start doing mortification, and you'll stop being a gutless coward.  You
will then start defending the Faith, instead of you uttering out Reaganomic dia-
tribes which are contrary to the moral theological teachings of the Church and
contradictory to the mathematics of economics.  It's amazing how the drug store
cowboy Catholics, between their fantasy football obsessions, think that Reagan
is the patron saint of America.  No, the Immaculate Conception is.  Reaganom-
ics is to be condemned as immoral.

You're the only voice, hands, and feet that God has here on Earth, in order for
him to have his Will be done.  So, strengthen these hands, feet, and voices, be-
coming a man of valor.