The unknown light in the sky prophesied at Fatima and other timeline coincidences involving WWII

WWII was prophesied at Fatima as something which would occur if the bishops
declined to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Men such as
the ones seen here had to endure a lot of terror en route to the combat zones,
all because of bishops too arrogant ... too high & mighty ... for Our Lady.
After this introduction is a timeline list of WWII events that coincided with signifi-
cant dates on the Roman Catholic calendar.  The events, being attached to the fury
of military combat, could not have been planned by a conspiratorial secret society.
Nor could they have transpired via subliminal suggestion.

Keep in mind that WWII was a pivotal prophecy of the Fatima revelations.  After
all, war is a punishment from God for humanity's sins.  Concerning this, Our Lady
said at Fatima, " When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know 
that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the 
world for its crimes, by means of war,  famine, and persecution.

This illumination was seen on January 25, 1938.  Forty-six days later, after a time
span equal to a lenten season, and done after Hitler applied intimidation tactics up-
Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigy, Germany annexed Austria.  This act was re-
garded by Fatima's Sister Lucia to have been the start of WWII.  The light was seen 
throughout Europe, Bermuda, and part of Australia.  On that night, even radios in 
Maine USA were disrupted. See:

Peasants Kneel in Terror before Aurora over Europe
Some cry, "Is it war?"  Others Summon Fire Fighters as Northern Lights Flame,2135913&dq=peasants+europe+aurora+lights&hl=en

Europe Afraid of Northern Lights
Peasants Pray as Borealis Dances in Sky,2312812&dq=peasants+europe+aurora+lights&hl=en 

The timeline of WWII coincidences has nothing to do with numerology, being that 
numbers are for record-keeping purposes and measurement  . . .  not fortune telling.
Nor does the following have anything to do with soothsaying or anything done in a 
fortune teller's den.  

However, there is an irony here, in that these coincidences transpired during an era 
when people were still into 19th Century occultism, seances, and astrology.  It were 
as if God's serpents of destiny were eating the 20th Century's serpents of superstition.
(For those raised in the American public school system, the imagery refers to Moses'
staff turning into a serpent which devoured the serpents of the pharaoh's magicians.)

Keep in mind that soothsaying is the way that the world of sin glances into the fu-
ture.  Prophecy is God's gift, in navigating mankind to its intended destiny.  Where-
as soothsaying is a sin, derived from the laziness of not wanting to pray, fast, and
observe a discipline which gains clear communication avenues to God, prophesy-
ing is not.  In as much, the only thing in focus here is the unintended coincidences 
of major WWII events that occurred on pivotal feast days of the Catholic Church:
The bombing results of a Nazi V1 rocket in Pas de Calais France, shortly
before the Liberation of Parish which transpired on the feast day of a
canonized king of France, ever so coincidentally.
- August 25, 1944 was the day when Paris was Liberated.  August 25th was ever so
  coincidentally the feast day of King Louis IX.  The logical conclusion is that Paris
  was liberated at the intercession of the canonized king of the House of Capet.  Or
  else it was God making a statement about Divine Providence.

- The United States' Pacific involvement in WWII began on the day commemorating
   the beginning of the Virgin Mary's life and it ended on the day commemorating the
   end of Mary's life on earth.  The U.S. was first attacked on eve of the Solemnity of
   the Immaculate Conception . . . December 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy.

   The U.S. then formally declared war on Japan on the actual Feast of the Immaculate
   Conception.  The Immaculate Conception was and is the official patron saint of the
   United States.  Thus, America entered the Pacific war on the feast day of its patron,
   done through a largely Protestant congress whose members NEITHER believed in
   the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception NOR in the Catholic Church.  In as much,
   there was no subliminal suggestivity here.  Therefore, the anti-theist scientivists of
   this world need to come up with more a convincing reason as to how this could have
   been nothing more than a mere coincidence ... Concerning the most horrendous war
   ever, ever so coincidentally prophesied at Fatima.

   The same war which was conditionally prophesied at Fatima formally ended on the
   14th of August, 1945, in as far as concerned combat hostilities and the exchanging
   of fire between Pacific enemies.  The 14th of August was the eve of the Feast of the
   Assumption; the day commemorating Mary being taken into Heaven glorified body
   and soul.

    Ironically, August 14 was also the anniversary of the death of Maximillian Kolbe,
    the Polish Franciscan who was a missionary in Japan and who was later killed in a
    Nazi concentration camp, by means of lethal ejection (carbolic acid, aka phenol.)
    St. Maximillian's Japanese mission was located in Nagasaki ... the second Japanese
    city to be bombed by nuclear fire power.

-  As was previously mentioned, the great light in the night sky mentioned by Mary at
   Fatima occurred on the memorial of the Conversion of St Paulthe 25th of January.
  That day commemorates the time when a flash of light blinded Saul of Taurus, throw-
   ing him off his horse and preventing him from executing any more Christians.

   In 1938, a great light was seen throughout the European night sky so much so that
   people were calling fire departments, in order to report a huge fire.  It would tech-
   nically be regarded as a low altitude red aurora, and it would be described in the
   presses as Europe first aurora since 1709, the year when the Great Northern War
   began its twenty-one year tour of combat, ironically enough. 

   Then, on September 20, 1941, yet another aurora visited the skyline of Bermuda.
   September 1941 ever so coincidentally began America's involvement in the Euro-
   pean war, via the Lend/Lease Agreement which was signed into law by FDR in
   March of 1941.  It consisted in sending tons of materiel and logistical equipment
   to England.  This resulted several US merchant and cargo ships being sunk off the
   Carolina coastline by Nazi U-Boats.  In September of 1941, the war came to Amer-
   ica, as much as did the second Fatima aurora come to Bermuda, an American island
   ruled by the British whom the Americans were supplying.  The U-boat combat was
   known as the Battle of the Atlantic.

   In as much, for Hitler to have won the war, he needed to have attacked America in
   far greater numbers than he did, in September of 1941.  After Dunkirk, Hitler could
   have let England alone, and saved its conquest for last.  He made a fatal strategic
   error in bombing London as obsessively as he did.  He made an even more fatal
   error in attacking Russia before securing England

   Hitler, if he were a competent world-conquest dictator, should have occupied the
   Azores and then taken over Bermuda, with the rest of the Caribbean to follow suit.
   Europe could have rested.  Well, Hitler was going to attack Gibraltar.  But, Franco
   made it known that he was going to keep Spain neutral throughout the war.  Hitler
   had to cancel the attack on Gibraltar which might have been followed by the occu-
   pation of the Azores and then the Caribbean.  The lesson is that you must first at-
   tack the supplier nations in a war.  This neglect of Hitler lost for him the war he
   personally started.  Of course, in the presence of sin, there is no wisdom, such as
   the wisdom to quickly win and end a war, as well as avoiding war.

- October 4, 1940 was the feast day of Italian saint, Francis of Assisi.  October 4 was
   also the day when Mussolini and Hitler met as the Brenner pass, to make an alliance
   for further warfare.  The irony is that St. Francis is one of the church's patron saints
   of peace.  In fact, the day prior was when the Jews were ordered to move into the
   Warsaw ghetto.

- The Nazis succeeded in occupying Rome on September 15, 1943.  It was the Mem-
   orial of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It was a sorrowful day.

-  Italy surrendered to the allies on the eve of the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.
   The same Italy later declared war on Nazi Germany on the anniversary of the Fatima
   Miracle of the Sun.  The idea of Italy declaring war on Germany, at the beginning of
   the war, was as unexpected as the sun's conduct on October 13, 1917.

-  The U.S. 8th Army Air Force was designed with the philosophy that destroying the
    Nazi German military infrastructure behind enemy lines would quickly end the war.
    It was activated on the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the official philosopher
    of the Catholic Church who wrote on the Just War Theory and measured the moral
    implications of collateral damage in warfare.  It were as if he were the patron saint
    of the American air wings who quickly made use of the more reliable Norden Bomb
    Site, when targeting the Nazi military infrastructure from the sky.

    The collateral damage resulting from American daylight bombing raids, which some-
    times was massive and at other times was not, was due to technological limitations,
    except for the bombing of Hamm, shortly after Operation Market Garden failed.
    Even the bombing of Berlin concentrated on the administrative offices there.

   The three day attack on Hamm ended in one air raid that no longer targeted Hamm's
    marshaling yards.  Hamm, itself, became the target, being that it was largely a mili-
    tary staging town.  The whole town was almost a military base, in itself.

    None the less, the British air force was the one who bombed civilian targets, doing
    so at night.  It was an air force without a conscience, much like the Nazi's Luftwaffe.

   The following short segment is a timeline and mapline of connected coincidences:

-  D-Day occurred on the feast day of St Norbert of Xanten; the bishop of Magdeburg;
   a Rhineland bishop.  The coincidence is that the Nazi's last stance west of the Rhine
   was in Xanthan.  Then, the allies finally crossed the Rhine, doing so on the feast of
   Saint Gabriel the Archangel.  Remember that the pre-Vatican II church calendar was
   in effect during the war.  Saint Gabriel's feast day was March 24 at the time.

   In review,  the allies invaded continental Europe on the feast day of St. Norbert of
   Xanten, and then secured the Rhine by going through St. Norbert home town, and
   then succeeded in crossing the Rhine on the feast day of St. Gabriel the Archangel.
   None the less, I don't know what the connection between St. Norbert and St. Gabriel
   would be.

- The first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, thereby instantaneously transfiguring
   the terrain of Hiroshima, was dropped on the Feast of the Transfiguration, the 6th
   of August.

  The first time in history when an atomic bomb was detonated, in New Mexico, was
  on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16, 1944.

- 48,498 Polish allied troops of the 2nd Polish Corps defeated the Nazi Germans in
   the Battle of Monte Cassino on the 24th birthday of former Solvay Chemical Com-
   pany employee, Karol Wojtyla.  At the time of the battle, he was a clandestine sem-
   inarian living at the residence of Krak√≥w archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha.  He
   would become the Successor of Saint Peter in 1978.  The day of victory was the
   18th of May, 1944.

- May 8, 1945 was Victory in Europe Day.  Well, May 8 is the anniversary of Saint
  Michael the Archangel's apparition at Monte Gargano.  It's also the anniversary of
  the victory ofthe  Christian Lombards over the still-pagan Neapolitans, in 663.

  Keep in mind that the Roman Empire fell two centuries prior.  Yet, Naples remained
  an adherent to a belief in gods thought to have been seated at Mount Vesuvius.  If not
  for that volcano, my Neapolitan ancestry would have become Christian much sooner
  than it did.   In as much, it should be somewhat striking that the same May 8th date
  marks the victory over the most horrendous terror that Western Europe has ever seen.

Concerning the January 25, 1938 Phenomenon

There are other coinciding events in history related to this, whatever it might mean.
For example, December 14, 1862, an Aurora Borealis was seen at Fredericksburg's
blood-soaked battlefield, exactly one night before a five day battle there ceased.
In reality, the battle ended the day prior.  The final two days were withdrawal days,
being that casualties mounted to 18,000 of the 184,000 troops who fought there.

Before 1938, Continental Europe hadn't seen an aurora since 1709, the year when
the 21 year-long Great Northern War started.  That war's cast of characters includ-
ed the Ottoman Empire, for a temporary duration.  America saw one much more
recently, in the most coincidental setting of warfare (1862).

For the record, solar storms were seen on Continental Europe between 1709 and 
1938, but not throughout the entire western sector thereof.  An example is the solar 
storm viewed in France and Switzerland, in 1903, on All Saints Day, of all things.

Concerning 1903, that was the year when Benito Mussolini ever so coincidentally
was expelled from Switzerland for suggesting a general labor strike there.  He was 
only 20 years at the time.  If Mussolini weren't expelled from Switzerland, he would 
never have become Italian head of state, bringing tragedy to the Italian people.  

As far as concerned France, 1903 was the preliminary year of the Morocco Crisis.
This high octane crisis would continue into the start of World War I.  In fact, it was
recognized as one of the 'long-term' causes of the Great War.

Again, we have at least another coincidence, concerning the light in the sky phe-
nomenon, as if it were God's Braille for a blind humanity.  At the same time, there 
were several other incidents of auroras which were not followed by any history-
changing event.  

In a similar fashion, not every aurora that appeared where is normally was followed
by any unique event..  So, what is to made of this?  What is to be said of the fact that 
the Virgin Mary spoke of a sign to humanity, appearing throughout one night sky?  
The general answer is that the God of Creation is still in control of creation. Some-
one needs to take it from there.  Of course, the ultimate concern of life is to fulfill
one's duty to conscience in daily life, in matter concerning natural law, etc.

There are no such things as coincidences when they come in multiplicity.  Divine Pro-
vidence can speak in the course of human events, proving that no man has the power
that he might think he possesses, no matter how strong be his political base, no matter
how broad be his crony network, and no matter how well-armed be his military.  Man's
true power is in prayer and sacrifice.  Everything is a result of prayer and sacrifice or
the absence thereof.

Human history has shown that political entities fall from power with the frequency of
autumn leaves.  This truth was witnessed very recently, beginning with present-day
Carthage, aka modern Tunisia.  It illustrates that everyone will eventually see the
light of God in one of two forms.  One form is that of an infatuating illumination,
and the other form is that of incendiary wrath.  After all, it's written, "I the Lord 
your God am a jealous God."

How does a naysayer, an atheist, and an anti-theist explain the multiple timeline of
coincidences attached to specific Catholic feast days and specific historic events
attached to WWII?  As was previously mentioned, it were as if they were messages
handwritten upon a Babylonian wall.  The coincidences can catch one's curiosity.

A V-1 Rocket site bombed by the 8th Army Air Force.