The Christmas Message for all Generations

Whereas Jesus was born in the poverty of Bethlehem, he is born into the poverty of your heart.  And he doesn't mind.  

Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heav-en.  Okay.  But, what does it mean to be poor?  ANS: To be poor means to be constantly dependent upon God.

Mary is not a clueless airhead who stands there, saying, 'Duuuuh, do whatever he tells you.'  An inanimate road sign can perform the same mindless task.   Rather, Mary spiritually takes Jesus out of the manger and places him into your arms.  And remember, your spirit is more real than is the material realm which rusts and corrodes.

The Eternally Begotten Son of God infinitely honors his own mom.  After all, honoring your mother is a pivotal part of a commandment that Moses chiseled on to stone.  So, if you do not honor what Jesus does, then you are a complete stranger to him,  and he knows you not.   He who avoids devotion to Mary avoids Christ, himself.
As a quick lesson, Christ is defined a the "only begotten" Son of God, even though his divinity, his consciousness, and his ability to act upon his consciousness never had a beginning.  So, what does it mean to be the "eternally begotten of the Father" ???

ANS:  It means that the second person of the Trinity was always INTERACTING with the first person of the same Trinity, while the first person simultaneously accepted the second person as his own.  That is to say, the First Person of the Trinity recognized the Second Person as being in accordance with the first person's own will, own mindset, and own view about existence.  They were always on the same page, and they could always finish each other's sentences.  Therefore ...

   "having always INTERACTED with God the Father"  =  "Eternally Begotten Son of God."

So, what about the Holy Spirit?   ANS:  The Holy Spirit is the Interaction, itself.  More specifically, the Holy Spirit is the love being eternally exchanged between the Father and Son.  Within this love is the love of all virtue.  Thus, the Holy Spirit is the composite of All Virtue.  

          Now comes the definition of God the Holy Trinity 

   {1}  the infinite perfection of every virtue in existence simultaneously occurring all at once,

       {2}  and equally interacting between three distinct & identifiable persons 

           {3}  who equally share in the exact same essence of being with each other.


The Divine Hint or Uncanny Coincidence in
the Timing of the Fatima Consecration Request


On June 13, 1929, the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary,
    appeared to Sister Lúcia Santos at the Dorothean convent in Tuy Spain, where
    she said:
                  "The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father  
                    to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the 
                    consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promis-
                    ing to save it by this means.  So numerous are the souls
                   that Divine Justice condemns for sins committed against 
                   me that I have come to ask you for reparation.  Sacrifice
                   yourself for this intention and pray." --- June 13, 1929.

The original apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary (at Fatima) occurred on the 13th
of each month, from May to October 1917.   So, why did it take twelve years for the
Virgin Mary to announce Heaven's official request for the collegial consecration?  Why
did God wait for June 13, 1929 to be the date when it would be announced that "now"
is the time?   There had to have been a recently transpired event that necessitated the
the formal request date.   What could it have been?

ANS:  Six days prior, on June 7, each of the three treaties comprising the Lateran Pact
were signed by Benito Mussolini and Pitero Cardinal Gasparri.   This included recogni-
tion that the Vatican would now operate as a sovereign nation.   Within six days of the
signing of the pact, Heaven made known the request for all bishops of the church to
consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Now, the thirteenth day of the
month was the Virgin Mary's habitual visitation day, concerning Fatima.  That was
Heaven's reporting day to the remaining Fatima seer.   So, Heaven waited until that
day in June to make its formal request.  May 13th, incidentally, was the memorial
(Feast Day) of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

At the very least, the June 1929 vision was God's way of notifying the church that the
Lateran Pact wasn't the answer for the church, even if the pact, in itself, wasn't intrin-
sically evil.  That is to say, the three treaties weren't going to solve any of the church's
problems.   As history showed, the pact made things worse, in as far as concerned
ethics, morality, and even church liability, as well as its severely damaged reputation.
The pact was used to harbor those who were accessories to crimes.

It's very simple.   The consecration is designed to undo evil.   Thus, something evil had
to have happened around June 13th, 1929.   In light of this, consider how often the Vat-
ican has been recently applying its Lateran Treaty's sovereign immunity unjustly, in terms
of sex abuse lawsuits and Vatican Bank scandals.   Consider how easy it is to corrupt
a city state so tiny.  Thus, it was logical for those few people who read the third secret
state that the secret had to do with the Great Apostasy of the church starting at the top.

The City State Smaller than Disney's Epcot Center

What must logically be ruled out is the assertion that God asked for the consecration
as soon as the papacy had its own sovereign state.  Firstly, the bishop could have con-
gregated at the Vatican at any time before the Lateran Pact was signed.  Secondly, it
was not necessary for the collegial consecration to be performed by all the bishops in
the same one place.  Each bishop's consecration only needed to be done in union with
the Vicar of Christ, even if done on the other side of Planet Earth.

In addition, the farcical nature about the Vatican being regarded as a sovereign nation
consists in the fact that it's approximately 1/3 the size of Disney's Epcot Center.   The
Vatican is only 109 acres in size.  Epcot Center is about 300.

The bottom line is that there was something about the Lateran Pact which triggered the
need for the consecration at that moment in time.   The conclusion is that, in June 1929,
something occurred which was guaranteed to result in evil, thereby necessitating a need
for a countermeasure, namely the Collegial Consecration.  The consecration would have
prevented untold outlays of tragedy which transpired in World War II, Korea, Algeria,
Vietnam, China, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Zaire, South Africa, Nigeria, Chile,
Spain, Romania, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere throughout warring Planet Earth.

The fact that Benito Mussolini signed the pact was enough of a sign that it was not a
thing of God, being that Mussolini proved himself to not have been a man of God in
any capacity.  In fact, Blessed Elena Aiello asserted that the Virgin Mary appeared to
her and told her to notify Mussolini that he was not to make an alliance with Adolph
Hitler.  It was either the Virgin Mary through Elena Aiello or Elena Aiello on her own
accord who was correct in this admonition.   If Sister Elena were lying or psychotic,
she wouldn't have come up with the correct advice.

A Destiny Similar to Nero, Louis XVI, and Mussolini

Concerning the leadership of Italy, the Italians let Mussolini know that he wasn't the
man for the job.   Therefore, don't be surprised to soon find Italy, in this age of Dom-
ino Revolutions, notifying the present and thoroughly corrupt regime at the Vatican in
a fashion similar to the storming of the Bastille.  In fact,don't be surprised to find some-
thing likened the mob of ancient Italians who refused to endure Nero any longer.

To think, the one man attributed to the power of the Antichrist, namely the 666, was
no match for a crowd of outraged Roman citizens.   People throughout history have
given entirely too much credit to those in power.   The mighty fall with the frequency
of Autumn leaves, one after the other.  You recently learned this via Tunisia, Egypt,
Iraq, Libya, etc.  Current history will be a wave that will eventually come your way.

Something similar to the destiny of Louis XVI is in a prophesy of St. John Bosco, an
alleged vision of Saint Pius X, and an alleged vision of Jacinta Martos, the most heat-
touching of the Fatima seers.   Concerning this, know that, in Catholic Church teach-
ing, it's a sin to provoke a sin.   The young Jacinta Martos saw an outraged crowd in
one of her solo visions.   In sequence, St. John Bosco's major prophesy is that a pope
will take flight and die in hiding.  Then, news of the fleeing popes' death and the elec-
tion of his successor will come simultaneously.   So, there exists the prophesy of a very
clandestine papal conclave.

The prophesy came years before the Fatima apparitions ever took place, coming in the
form of a dream.   However, John Bosco had intense instructional dreams about spirit-
ual life which resulted in him waking up more exhausted than before he went to sleep.
Thus, he was in a mindset of familiarity when that dream occurred.

The life of a true saint such as John Bosco, his religious order's patron, St. Francis de
Sales, and his student, Dominic Savio, involves elements and time spans of suffering.
The opposite of a saint causes others to suffer, as in willful negligence and cover-ups.
This includes ratifying retaliations and defaming clergy abuse victims who step forth,
to warn the church of a predatory wolf.  All of the aforementioned suffering happened
at the hands of the most famous clergy members of the modern church, including the
ultimate molester of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado.

The Days of the Criminal Vatican Should Soon Be Coming to a Close

After this Vatican administration blows away like toxic dust in the wind, expect it's
history to be referred to as the Days of the Criminal Vatican.   However, it is will
 leave a bitter and acrid scent behind.   After all, a reputed mafioso boss got to be
buried in the crypt of St. Apollinaire, as if he were a saint, bishop, or royalty.  In ad-
dition, a banker associated with the Vatican  Bank was found hanging under Black-
friar's Bridge.  The fifteen year old daughter of a Vatican employee was suddenly
missing, and a cover-up artist from Boston got to be the head of a basilica built in
honor of an August miracle attributed by the Virgin Mary. 

He Told Falsehoods about Maciel.   He Told Falsehoods about Fatima.

A tree is known by its fruits.   A bad tree cannot bear good fruits.   If a person sets
forth a decisive public lie once, expect him to toss out other gigantic public lies.  De-
spite the overwhelming testimony against the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and
despite the fact that the investigation of him was ongoing, Angelo Sodano claimed that
the investigation of the Mexican predator Maciel had ended.   In fact, Jason Berry re-
ported that Sodano pressured Ratzinger into halting the canonical prosecution of the
same Maciel, for a six year period.

The Vatican claimed in the Year 2000 that the collegial consecration was already done
in 1984, even though proof that all the bishops performed the consecration was never
presented.   It has been 28 years since the consecration of the world by John Paul II,
and no era of world peace has yet ensued.   The fact that there hasn't been world peace
shows that no collegial consecration was yet done as Heaven  requires it to be done.

The worldwide absence of peace will eventually reach the Vatican's 109 acre plot of
land, according to the mystic experiences of St. John Bosco, St. Pius X, and young
Jacinta Martos   Perhaps the Vatican officials have an excuse for not getting the con-
secration done in the past 82 years.  Perhaps their dog ate it, teacher.   Or perhaps
they have the same excuse that the king of France had, in failing to consecrate France
to the Sacred Heart, some time before he was introduced to the guillotine with his name
on it.


The Third Secret of Fatima was meant to be opened and revealed by a Portuguese bishop and NOT the Vatican

In 1960, when the Vatican hired an agency
to send forth a press release on the Third
Secret of Fatima, the statement admitted
that "words spoken by Our Lady" to the
three Fatima visionaries existed as a part
of the Third Secret.  Therefore, Cardinals
Sodano, Bertone, and Ratzinger were the
unconscionable deceivers in the June 2000
press release on the subject.

Moreover, there were individuals who did
read the Third Secret and who gave general
comments about its contents.  One is that it
has nothing to do with nuclear disaster, as
was thought during the height of the Cold
War in 1960.

Also keep in mind that Pope Benedict XVI expressly said that no one is bound to
believe in the June 2000 interpretation of the Third Secret.  He also said that we
would be deluding ourselves to think that the message of Fatima is behind us.

Now for the Third Secret

The Third Secret of Fatima is a complete indictiment against the Vatican, warning
the Faithful that wolves in shepherd's clothing would take control of it.  Our Lady
was warning the flock of the evil which was destined to exude from the Vatican,
if her requests were ignored.  This evil has been evidenced repeatedly in the late
20th and early 21st Century.

Examples of Vatican corruption are 1} the Maciel cover-up.  He was the most no-
torious molester of all-time and was highly respected by a John Paul II who did
know about the sex abuse scandal in the present tense.   2} the recent catering to
the clerics proven to be corrupt as in:

3} the Vatican Bank scandal which resulted in the Vatican being ordered to pay
$224 nillion to creditors and which also resulted in the arrest of Monsignor Nun-
zio Scarano for alescing from the bank the equivalent of $600,000, and which ad-
ditionally resulted in the arrest of Monsignor Silverio Sica, for smuggling to Italy
Euros dollars (unaccounted currency) from Switzerland.  4} the Vatileaks saga
where it was conjectured that certain clergyman used butler Paolo Gabrielle as
the fall guy, in seeking to let the public know that the Ratzinger Papacy was a
tenure of corruption,  5} The Sexual Abuse Scandal,

The corruption which was guaranteed to unfold from the Vatican why the reason
why Our Lady expressly ordered Sister Lucia to state that the sealed secret was
not to be opened until the arrival of 1960, and that it would be opened by either
the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon or the bishop of Leiria.  Fatima, incidentally, is
under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Leiria.
You can prioritize the Eternal God or Mammon, but not both.
When mammon is the priority, the church gets distorted.
Now, the Third Secret is preceded by the phrase, "In Portugal, the doctrine of
the Faith will always be perserved."  Thus, the Third Secret was to be opened
by the standard bearers ... by the keepers of the gate ... by those guaranteed to
keep the doctrine of the Apostles in tact.  One of the two previously mentioned
bishops were the ones who should have read the secret in 1960.

The Vatican refrained from revealing the verbal part of the Third Secret, be-
cause it is so damning to the Vatican.  After all, when you wear the shoes of
the Galilean fisherman, you do not have to live in wall to wall luxury.

In 1960, when Pope John XXIII,  said that the Third Secret was not for his
papacy, he implied that the Queen of Heaven was an imcompetent moron
who didn't know what she was saying when she expressly ordered that the
Third Secret be opened in 1960.  He claimed to know more than she did.

Of course, Vatican II was in its beginning stage at the time, and it was
guaranteed to corrupt the Faith and cause a great number of people to
stop going to Sunday Mass and following standard moral precepts.

1960 was the beginning of upheaval.  It was quite a coincidence that
the Third Secret was to be opened at that time.  But, there is no such
thing as coincidences.  Our Lady knew what was right.  John XXIII
did not.  If he simply would have done the consecration, he could
have spared millions.  Many wars would have been avoided.  Thus,
the obese John XXIII caused a lot of havoc by his disrepect.
Vatican II reforms were as abstract as modern act.

Now, the late Malachi Martin was a periti (assistant) at the second Vatican
Council, for Cardinal Augustin Bea.  Under an oath of confidentiality, he
read the secret.  Years later, he said the following:

- Russia and the Ukraine are mentioned in the Third Secret, but NOT the
  United States.

- It deals with the Great Apostasy mentioned in Paul's second letter to the
  Thessolonians, and it will stat at the top of the church's hierarchy.  In as
  much, 1/3 of the hierarchy will apostasize.

-The Third Secret prophesied "several" chastisements, and no one on Earth
  will be immune, geographically speaking.

In fact, during a radio show, a person read what was purported to be a line
from the Third Secret, confided to someone by a Jesuit priest.  It dealt with
Satan being in control of one of the popes.  After having heard the sentence,
Malachi said that the person who wrote that line either read the secret or was
told the secret.  Thus, the Third Secret involves a Satanic Puppet Pope and
apostasy, as well as Russia and the Ukraine.

All in all, the purpose for the prophesied chastisements is to cleanse mankind
of its modernized habit of evil.  It will be a devastating cleansing process.

The valid consecration of Russia can prevent it.  Consecrating the world ne-
gates the point of consecration.  To consecrate is to set aside part of a whole,
for the sake of the whole.  Russia has to be consecrated by name by all of the
available bishops.  The result promised is the conversion of Russia from sin
and a period of World Peace.  What do today's bishops have against World


October 13, 1917 Miracle of the Sun: The, instantaneous drying of a soaked land and the multitude upon it.

The avowed skeptic claims the following, about the October 13, 1917 Fatima Mir-
acle of the Sun:  That it was a mass hallucination, simultaneously imagined by tens
of thousands of people who were under a mass hysteric trance.  Stop There.  The
invalidating feature of this claim goes as follows:

As soon as the sun stopped its descent toward Earth and returned to its proper place
in the sky, all of the rain-drenched terrain and soaked people were instantaneously
dry.  That was NO hallucination.  Case Closed.  The Fatima nay-sayers are either
avowed liars or too lazy to learn of the entire account of October 13, 1917.

The major technique in claiming Fatima to be a fraud was to claim that Lucia didn't
write her secrets until after WWII began.   This is why the disclosure of the spoken
words of Mary attached to the Third Secret of Fatima are essential, so as to show
what events beyond the Year 1945 were prophesied.  None the less, the following
points show that the skeptics either never read Fatima or are deliberately lying, ev-
en if the Vatican hides the 14 line text of the Third Secret of Fatima until the day it
comes true:

    Thousands upon thousands of people show up at Fatima in October 1917.
      Ever so coincidentally, 25 days later Lenin ignited the Bolshevik Revolution.
      That was less than a month of time.   The time line coincidence is compelling.

     Jacinta kept mentioning that Our Lady would soon take her to Heaven.   In fact,
     Francesco said that going to school was pointless, being that he was going to die
      soon.  Both children died shortly thereafter, during the influenza pandemic that
      wasn't in existence during the Fatima apparitions of 1917.   It was known as the
      1918 Influenza Pandemic ... not the 1917 one.  No one knew that a pandemic
      was about to come upon Europe.

The three aforementioned points illustrate the validity of the Fatima apparition and
should be able to make any skeptic look like a prejudiced manipulator with an ulte-
rior motive.  You can debate the Third Secret of Fatima, but you can't debate the
valid existence of the Fatima apparitions without distorting reason.

Then there is the matter of the January 25, 1938 event.   Lucia stated that, at Fatima,
Mary said, "When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that it is
a sign that the world will soon be punished by means of war."  The unknown light
occurred on January 25, 1938.  It ever so coincidentally was the memorial of St Paul's
Conversion, commemorating the time when, on the road to Damascus, he was strick-
en by a blinding light which tossed him from his horse.   The coincidence is deafen-
ing.  Shortly thereafter, Germany annexed Austria.  Such a thing constitutes hostile
takeover.   In light of this, to deny the validity of the Fatima apparitions is to be a
deliberate liar who simply wants Fatima to have not occurred.

Equally false to claiming that Fatima never existed is to claim that Fatima is a thing
of the dark past.  Firstly,  Benedict XVI stated that humanity would be sadly mistak-
en to think that Fatima is said and done.  Secondly, humanity remains in a darkness
of mind which results in incendiary streets and town.  The Year 2011 was the start
of revolution ... of the dead strewn on the streets ... of the killing of Christians in
Iraq .... of the continued persecution of the true church in China ... of the nuclear
disaster in Japan, as well as artificially skyrocketed gasoline prices ... of radio talk
show bully pulpiteers becoming even more mean spirited in their Gospel of Greed
and Military Spending ... lots of propaganda and bullying, eleven years later.


The Angel of Peace's Involvement in the Fatima Apparitions

In the Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace
appeared to Portuguese shepherd children
a few times.  He began in the usual way, by
saying, "Fear not."  The same angel then
said, "Pray with me."  Catholic Church tra-
dition had long since identified St Michael
the Archangel as the Angel of  Peace.

The Fatima children were most affected by
the angel's crystalline beauty and majestic
countenance.   In fact,  he looked no older
than a teenager,  even though he was time-
less.  The following year, the three children
would be visited  by a lady made of light.
     Of cours, Angelo Sodano, Joseph Ratzinger (the Cronyism pope), and Tar-
     cisio Bertone lied to humanity in June of 2000, with their Third Secret press
     release.  Firstly, it was publicly announced in 1960 that the Third Secret also
     comprised words from Our Lady, spoken to the children of Fatima, and no
     verbal message from Mary was ever released by the present-era Vatican.

     In addition, the visual part of the Third Secret comprised multiple soldiers
     killing a man in white who appeared to be the pope, and doing so in a city
     half in ruins, while others were simultaneously being killed.  Yet, Sodano
     claimed that the Third Secret was of the failed assassination attempt of a
     pope would live 25 additions years, even to the point of revisiting ski slopes.

     Well, an 1884 vision of Pope Leo XIII included the rescue of humanity be-
     ginning with the intervention of Saint Michael the Archangel.  Fatima be-
     gan a year before May 13, 1917, with a visit from the Angel of Peace.  In
     Catholic devotion, Saint Michael was given the title, Angel of Peace.

     The most notable message from the Angel of Peace was,  "What are you
     doing?  You must pray.  Pray a great deal, for the Hearts of Jesus and
     Mary have designs of great mercy for you."

     While prostrate, he prayed the following, and then instructed the children of
      Fatima children to pray that way, stating that Jesus and Mary were ready to 
      listen to them:

      My God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I hope in Thee and I love Thee. 
      I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in Thee, do not adore Thee, 
     do not hope in Thee and do not love Thee.

3} The same angel, in one apparition identified himself as the guardian angel of
     Portugal.  In fact, in one apparition, a chalice and a consecrated host stood
     suspended in midair, upon which the angel gave the children their first holy
     communion, after having prayed the following: 

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I adore you profoundly.  I offer you the most
     precious body, blood, soul, and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present
    in all the tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, 
    sacrileges, and indifference by which he himself is offended.  I offer to you 
    the infinite merits of his most sacred Heart, and those of the Immaculate 
    Heart of Mary, for the conversion of poor sinners.

    Years later, a theologian objected to Sister Lucia, the only surviving Fatima
     seer, being that two of them died during the Great Influenza outbreak of 1918.
     He said that an angel can't give someone holy communion.  Lucia's response
     was, "Maybe the angel didn't know his theology."  For those not well versed
     in English or who are using a translation machine, this was a sarcastic state-
     ment, meant to be a joke.
4} Our Lady finally appeared on May 13, 1917, the Feast of Our Lady of the
     Blessed Sacrament.  It was a friendly and introductory apparition with a
     number of things spoken.  She did mention that each of the children would
     one day be in Heaven, the two youngest very soon.  The ages of the Fatima
     children were 10, 7, and 6.

     Lucia was ten at the time and Our Lady told her that Our Lord wanted Lucia
     to stay on earth longer than the other two children, to be a vehicle for making
     the forgotten Virgin Mary and ignored Holy Trinity once again known and
     loved.  Our Lady expressly said that she wanted Lucia to learn to read and

     The logical surmise is that Our Lady wanted Lucia to be able to write books
     or articles, as well to go on a lecture circuit of some sort.  Yet, in the decades
     to follow, Lucia was hidden away.  Of course, this was during the years of in-
     tense Vatican corruption, as was evidenced by the mere fact that a butler saw
     it to be a matter of conscience to make Vatileaks an open reality.  This was
     also evidenced by the Maciel Scandal, the bank scandals, and  the molester
     priest cover-ups, Lucia was a light illuminated by the Virgin Mary.  Corrupt
     clergy members, such a Bertone, put Lucia in a leaden box, for no one to
     hear, read, or see.

     Now, Lucia saw, heard, and talked to Mary.  Jacinta saw and heard Mary.
     Francesco only saw Our Lady.  Lucia and Jacinta had to tell him what she
     said, after each apparition.

    Our Lady's arrival would be briefly preceded by what looked to be sheet
    lightning flashing through the clouds and/or sky.  It was Mary's brilliance,
    after entering the realm of time & space, from the realm of timelessness.

    The difference between the angel and the Virgin Mary was that the children
     felt a sense of annihilation in the presence of the angel, despite his majestic
     countenance.  In the presence of Mary, the children felt agile and fully alive.

     An interesting thing was revealed during the first apparition of Fatima.  Lucia
     asked about the spiritual whereabouts of a young lady who died at 18 years of
     age.  Mary said that she will be in Purgatory until the end of the world.  Well,
     a few persons born in the 1930s and 1940s expressed how shocked they were
     that a young "innocent" girl could be immersed in Purgatory.  That erroneous
     conclusion was that God is an overly demanding God, for him to sentence
     someone so young to such an intense spiritual cleansing.  Time out here.


     Do you know what teenagers have been doing in the back of automobiles?  Do
     you know what they have been doing at rave's, proms, frat parties, and similar
     venues?  Do you know what drugs circulated through their systems? Add to the
     venue the hay lofts of rural towns in the early 1900s.  Next, add to the repertoire
     lying and stealing, as well as the drugs which were far more prevalent at the time
     than assumed.  Plus, there was the matter of occult practices and divination.  Ev-
     en in Lincoln's White House, there were seances.  So, think.  If people were vir-
     tuous in 1917, Our Lady wouldn't needed to have visited Fatima.  So too was this
     the case with Paris in 1830, La Salette in 1847, Pontmain in 1871, Pellevoisin in
     1876, Knock Ireland in 1879, Beauraing in 1932, and Banneux in 1933.

     Why was there shock over Our Lady stating that a deceased teenager was to be
     in Purgatory for an intense duration?  Those persons should have felt a sense of
     relief that the young lady wasn't burning in Hell for all eternity.

     Heaven had two purposes for Fatima:

     1} To prevent people from falling into Hell.

     2} So that the power of angels can bridge into the lives of men.

         Achieving goal #2 will result in goal #1.


The Eve of Bastille Day and the Vision of Hell, 1917

The French Republic's national holiday commemorates July 14, 1789

Bastille Day is the anniversary of God abandoning the French monarchy.  It com-
memorates the phase of history when the Divine Guillotine of an exasperated God
fell upon an unresponsive House of Bourbon.  Jump backward 100 years before
the French Revolution ignited.  The paragraph-long background goes as follows: 

Christ had previously appeared more than once to a French nun of the Visitation
Order, in Burgundy, between 1673 and 1675.  Her name is Margaret Mary Ala-
coque, a canonized saint.  If you are real, as opposed to a hypocrite, the words
which Christ spoke to her will change your life.  None the less, it was June 1689
when Christ appeared again to the same Margaret Mary.  This time, he instructed
her to relay a decisive message to the reigning king of France. It happened to be
Louis XIV at the time, and it isn't even known if he was handed the message.

Part of what Christ told Margaret Mary on June 17, 1689, goes as follows:

  The eternal Father, wishing to repair the bitterness and agony that the Heart 
  of Jesus endured in the palaces of earthly princes, wishes to make use of the 
  reigning monarch of France to proclaim public devotion of reparation to 
  that Sacred Heart.

In brief summary, Christ wanted the King of France to consecrate himself and his
kingdom to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The result for doing so, Christ promised,
was that the House of Bourbon would be granted victory over the enemies of the
church who were more than willing to dismantle the French monarchy as much as
the Catholic Church.  The reigning monarch at the time was the one whom history
nicknamed the Sun King.  Needless to say, Louis XIV established no type of devo-
tion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at court.  Nor did he perform any consecration
of France to the same Sacred Heart.

Louis XV performed no such consecration, either.  Nor did he establish any devo-
tion to the Heart of Christ in the palaces of France.  Neither did King Louis XVI,
the grandson of the Sun King.  As a result, one hundred years (and twenty-seven
days) after the apparition which conditionally promised victory to the Bourbon
kings if and only if one of them would honor Christ's request, the door closed on
the French monarchy.  It was July 14, 1789.

                 A Brief Background of the July 13, 1917 Fatima Apparition
                        (If you're familiar with it, jump to the next section.)

On the Eve of Bastille Day, 1917, the Virgin Mary returned to three Portuguese
shepherd children and showed them a vision of Hell.  It was fitting for the sea-
son.  During her July visit, the Virgin Mary extended her hands downward, as
if to be opening a window.   This happened the prior month, but in June, the
 three children found themselves immersed in the presence & majesty of God.
When July 13 came, the children saw Hell. 

Sr. Lucia stated that she saw the souls of humans falling into Hell at the rate of
falling snow.  She said that she was also able to distinguish the damned humans
from the demons.  The fallen angels (aka demons) looked more animalistic: like
distorted beasts.

Also on July 13 came Mary's mention that she would later ask for the collegial
consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart ... on the eve of the day which
commemorates the devastation which comes from refusing to comply with a re-
quest for a sacred act of consecration.  This is timing and synchronization at its

Mary stated that the consecration needed to be done by the Vicar of Christ, in
union with all of the available bishops of the earth.  Furthermore, Mary confid-
ed the Third Secret of Fatima to the children on July 13.  The third secret was
told after Mary mentioned a list of the evils which would befall humanity if the
Vicar of Christ would fail to perform the consecration ... and if people failed to
perform the communion of reparation to her Immaculate Heart.

The reigning pope at the time neglected to have the consecration performed.
Meanwhile, the laity of the church apparently neglected to perform the acts of
reparation, in restitution for the blasphemies being committed against the truths
about Mary, such as her immaculate conception, when she was created free of
the state of original sin.

The Next Section

Now, why did Mary ask the pope and world's bishops to consecrate Russia? 
ANS:  Part One of the answer is that an atheistic Russia wasn't going to do it
on its own.

Let's go a step further.  Why was the inclusion of the Catholic Church's bish-
ops necessary to convert a nation that was soon to fall into atheism, injustice,
and even genocide?  ANS:  For the Gift of Discernment to blanket Russians.
This gift comes through the sacramental channels of the priesthood that has
remained in union with the Chair of Peter, as opposed to a separatist priest-
hood that doesn't acknowledge the primacy of Peter.

Discernment is the gift that prevents a person or an entire nation from being
deceived by the Devil.  Discernment occurs when one does what the church
calls "obedience" ... of obedience to an ordained church authority not locked
in heresy.  In fact, the Gift of Discernment is the entire point for the existence
of the Chair of Peter.  Christ established the office of the Prince of the Apostles,
otherwise known , aka the papacy, so that the church would not fall into error,
concerning its doctrine.
                                              The Insulation Effect

Next question:  Why did the Virgin Mary in 1917 and 1929, as well as Christ
in 1931, state or infer (depending on the occasion) that all the bishops of the
world needed to perform the consecration?  ANS:  It is because Russia was
poised to spread its emerging errors throughout the entire world.  Thus, each
available bishop was to fend off the coming errors that were to spread every-
where.  View this in the following way:

When one installs batts of insulation, he/she must apply a layer on the entire
wall, in order for the insulation to work.  If one panel of the wall is without
a batt of insulation, the coldness of the outside will makes its way through the
wall. The bishops are supposed to be the sheets of insulation that can shield
Russia and world from the proverbial coldness of the Satanic world.

              What is wrong with the picture painted in June of 2000?

Angelo Sodano was the criminal accomplice of serial molester Marcial Maciel
Degollado.  He was the Vatican secretary of state in the Year 2000.   In keeping
with his deceitfulness, Sodano claimed that John Paul's 1984 solo consecration
of the world was the one that Heaven accepted as the collegial consecration of
Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Time out.  What is wrong with this

ANS:  The pope performed a consecration of the whole world.  Why did not
the other nations of the world convert as a result of it, if Russia did?


The unknown light in the sky prophesied at Fatima and other timeline coincidences involving WWII

WWII was prophesied at Fatima as something which would occur if the bishops
declined to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Men such as
the ones seen here had to endure a lot of terror en route to the combat zones,
all because of bishops too arrogant ... too high & mighty ... for Our Lady.
After this introduction is a timeline list of WWII events that coincided with signifi-
cant dates on the Roman Catholic calendar.  The events, being attached to the fury
of military combat, could not have been planned by a conspiratorial secret society.
Nor could they have transpired via subliminal suggestion.

Keep in mind that WWII was a pivotal prophecy of the Fatima revelations.  After
all, war is a punishment from God for humanity's sins.  Concerning this, Our Lady
said at Fatima, " When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know 
that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the 
world for its crimes, by means of war,  famine, and persecution.

This illumination was seen on January 25, 1938.  Forty-six days later, after a time
span equal to a lenten season, and done after Hitler applied intimidation tactics up-
Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigy, Germany annexed Austria.  This act was re-
garded by Fatima's Sister Lucia to have been the start of WWII.  The light was seen 
throughout Europe, Bermuda, and part of Australia.  On that night, even radios in 
Maine USA were disrupted. See:

Peasants Kneel in Terror before Aurora over Europe
Some cry, "Is it war?"  Others Summon Fire Fighters as Northern Lights Flame,2135913&dq=peasants+europe+aurora+lights&hl=en

Europe Afraid of Northern Lights
Peasants Pray as Borealis Dances in Sky,2312812&dq=peasants+europe+aurora+lights&hl=en 

The timeline of WWII coincidences has nothing to do with numerology, being that 
numbers are for record-keeping purposes and measurement  . . .  not fortune telling.
Nor does the following have anything to do with soothsaying or anything done in a 
fortune teller's den.  

However, there is an irony here, in that these coincidences transpired during an era 
when people were still into 19th Century occultism, seances, and astrology.  It were 
as if God's serpents of destiny were eating the 20th Century's serpents of superstition.
(For those raised in the American public school system, the imagery refers to Moses'
staff turning into a serpent which devoured the serpents of the pharaoh's magicians.)

Keep in mind that soothsaying is the way that the world of sin glances into the fu-
ture.  Prophecy is God's gift, in navigating mankind to its intended destiny.  Where-
as soothsaying is a sin, derived from the laziness of not wanting to pray, fast, and
observe a discipline which gains clear communication avenues to God, prophesy-
ing is not.  In as much, the only thing in focus here is the unintended coincidences 
of major WWII events that occurred on pivotal feast days of the Catholic Church:
The bombing results of a Nazi V1 rocket in Pas de Calais France, shortly
before the Liberation of Parish which transpired on the feast day of a
canonized king of France, ever so coincidentally.
- August 25, 1944 was the day when Paris was Liberated.  August 25th was ever so
  coincidentally the feast day of King Louis IX.  The logical conclusion is that Paris
  was liberated at the intercession of the canonized king of the House of Capet.  Or
  else it was God making a statement about Divine Providence.

- The United States' Pacific involvement in WWII began on the day commemorating
   the beginning of the Virgin Mary's life and it ended on the day commemorating the
   end of Mary's life on earth.  The U.S. was first attacked on eve of the Solemnity of
   the Immaculate Conception . . . December 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy.

   The U.S. then formally declared war on Japan on the actual Feast of the Immaculate
   Conception.  The Immaculate Conception was and is the official patron saint of the
   United States.  Thus, America entered the Pacific war on the feast day of its patron,
   done through a largely Protestant congress whose members NEITHER believed in
   the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception NOR in the Catholic Church.  In as much,
   there was no subliminal suggestivity here.  Therefore, the anti-theist scientivists of
   this world need to come up with more a convincing reason as to how this could have
   been nothing more than a mere coincidence ... Concerning the most horrendous war
   ever, ever so coincidentally prophesied at Fatima.

   The same war which was conditionally prophesied at Fatima formally ended on the
   14th of August, 1945, in as far as concerned combat hostilities and the exchanging
   of fire between Pacific enemies.  The 14th of August was the eve of the Feast of the
   Assumption; the day commemorating Mary being taken into Heaven glorified body
   and soul.

    Ironically, August 14 was also the anniversary of the death of Maximillian Kolbe,
    the Polish Franciscan who was a missionary in Japan and who was later killed in a
    Nazi concentration camp, by means of lethal ejection (carbolic acid, aka phenol.)
    St. Maximillian's Japanese mission was located in Nagasaki ... the second Japanese
    city to be bombed by nuclear fire power.

-  As was previously mentioned, the great light in the night sky mentioned by Mary at
   Fatima occurred on the memorial of the Conversion of St Paulthe 25th of January.
  That day commemorates the time when a flash of light blinded Saul of Taurus, throw-
   ing him off his horse and preventing him from executing any more Christians.

   In 1938, a great light was seen throughout the European night sky so much so that
   people were calling fire departments, in order to report a huge fire.  It would tech-
   nically be regarded as a low altitude red aurora, and it would be described in the
   presses as Europe first aurora since 1709, the year when the Great Northern War
   began its twenty-one year tour of combat, ironically enough. 

   Then, on September 20, 1941, yet another aurora visited the skyline of Bermuda.
   September 1941 ever so coincidentally began America's involvement in the Euro-
   pean war, via the Lend/Lease Agreement which was signed into law by FDR in
   March of 1941.  It consisted in sending tons of materiel and logistical equipment
   to England.  This resulted several US merchant and cargo ships being sunk off the
   Carolina coastline by Nazi U-Boats.  In September of 1941, the war came to Amer-
   ica, as much as did the second Fatima aurora come to Bermuda, an American island
   ruled by the British whom the Americans were supplying.  The U-boat combat was
   known as the Battle of the Atlantic.

   In as much, for Hitler to have won the war, he needed to have attacked America in
   far greater numbers than he did, in September of 1941.  After Dunkirk, Hitler could
   have let England alone, and saved its conquest for last.  He made a fatal strategic
   error in bombing London as obsessively as he did.  He made an even more fatal
   error in attacking Russia before securing England

   Hitler, if he were a competent world-conquest dictator, should have occupied the
   Azores and then taken over Bermuda, with the rest of the Caribbean to follow suit.
   Europe could have rested.  Well, Hitler was going to attack Gibraltar.  But, Franco
   made it known that he was going to keep Spain neutral throughout the war.  Hitler
   had to cancel the attack on Gibraltar which might have been followed by the occu-
   pation of the Azores and then the Caribbean.  The lesson is that you must first at-
   tack the supplier nations in a war.  This neglect of Hitler lost for him the war he
   personally started.  Of course, in the presence of sin, there is no wisdom, such as
   the wisdom to quickly win and end a war, as well as avoiding war.

- October 4, 1940 was the feast day of Italian saint, Francis of Assisi.  October 4 was
   also the day when Mussolini and Hitler met as the Brenner pass, to make an alliance
   for further warfare.  The irony is that St. Francis is one of the church's patron saints
   of peace.  In fact, the day prior was when the Jews were ordered to move into the
   Warsaw ghetto.

- The Nazis succeeded in occupying Rome on September 15, 1943.  It was the Mem-
   orial of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It was a sorrowful day.

-  Italy surrendered to the allies on the eve of the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.
   The same Italy later declared war on Nazi Germany on the anniversary of the Fatima
   Miracle of the Sun.  The idea of Italy declaring war on Germany, at the beginning of
   the war, was as unexpected as the sun's conduct on October 13, 1917.

-  The U.S. 8th Army Air Force was designed with the philosophy that destroying the
    Nazi German military infrastructure behind enemy lines would quickly end the war.
    It was activated on the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the official philosopher
    of the Catholic Church who wrote on the Just War Theory and measured the moral
    implications of collateral damage in warfare.  It were as if he were the patron saint
    of the American air wings who quickly made use of the more reliable Norden Bomb
    Site, when targeting the Nazi military infrastructure from the sky.

    The collateral damage resulting from American daylight bombing raids, which some-
    times was massive and at other times was not, was due to technological limitations,
    except for the bombing of Hamm, shortly after Operation Market Garden failed.
    Even the bombing of Berlin concentrated on the administrative offices there.

   The three day attack on Hamm ended in one air raid that no longer targeted Hamm's
    marshaling yards.  Hamm, itself, became the target, being that it was largely a mili-
    tary staging town.  The whole town was almost a military base, in itself.

    None the less, the British air force was the one who bombed civilian targets, doing
    so at night.  It was an air force without a conscience, much like the Nazi's Luftwaffe.

   The following short segment is a timeline and mapline of connected coincidences:

-  D-Day occurred on the feast day of St Norbert of Xanten; the bishop of Magdeburg;
   a Rhineland bishop.  The coincidence is that the Nazi's last stance west of the Rhine
   was in Xanthan.  Then, the allies finally crossed the Rhine, doing so on the feast of
   Saint Gabriel the Archangel.  Remember that the pre-Vatican II church calendar was
   in effect during the war.  Saint Gabriel's feast day was March 24 at the time.

   In review,  the allies invaded continental Europe on the feast day of St. Norbert of
   Xanten, and then secured the Rhine by going through St. Norbert home town, and
   then succeeded in crossing the Rhine on the feast day of St. Gabriel the Archangel.
   None the less, I don't know what the connection between St. Norbert and St. Gabriel
   would be.

- The first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, thereby instantaneously transfiguring
   the terrain of Hiroshima, was dropped on the Feast of the Transfiguration, the 6th
   of August.

  The first time in history when an atomic bomb was detonated, in New Mexico, was
  on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16, 1944.

- 48,498 Polish allied troops of the 2nd Polish Corps defeated the Nazi Germans in
   the Battle of Monte Cassino on the 24th birthday of former Solvay Chemical Com-
   pany employee, Karol Wojtyla.  At the time of the battle, he was a clandestine sem-
   inarian living at the residence of Kraków archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha.  He
   would become the Successor of Saint Peter in 1978.  The day of victory was the
   18th of May, 1944.

- May 8, 1945 was Victory in Europe Day.  Well, May 8 is the anniversary of Saint
  Michael the Archangel's apparition at Monte Gargano.  It's also the anniversary of
  the victory ofthe  Christian Lombards over the still-pagan Neapolitans, in 663.

  Keep in mind that the Roman Empire fell two centuries prior.  Yet, Naples remained
  an adherent to a belief in gods thought to have been seated at Mount Vesuvius.  If not
  for that volcano, my Neapolitan ancestry would have become Christian much sooner
  than it did.   In as much, it should be somewhat striking that the same May 8th date
  marks the victory over the most horrendous terror that Western Europe has ever seen.

Concerning the January 25, 1938 Phenomenon

There are other coinciding events in history related to this, whatever it might mean.
For example, December 14, 1862, an Aurora Borealis was seen at Fredericksburg's
blood-soaked battlefield, exactly one night before a five day battle there ceased.
In reality, the battle ended the day prior.  The final two days were withdrawal days,
being that casualties mounted to 18,000 of the 184,000 troops who fought there.

Before 1938, Continental Europe hadn't seen an aurora since 1709, the year when
the 21 year-long Great Northern War started.  That war's cast of characters includ-
ed the Ottoman Empire, for a temporary duration.  America saw one much more
recently, in the most coincidental setting of warfare (1862).

For the record, solar storms were seen on Continental Europe between 1709 and 
1938, but not throughout the entire western sector thereof.  An example is the solar 
storm viewed in France and Switzerland, in 1903, on All Saints Day, of all things.

Concerning 1903, that was the year when Benito Mussolini ever so coincidentally
was expelled from Switzerland for suggesting a general labor strike there.  He was 
only 20 years at the time.  If Mussolini weren't expelled from Switzerland, he would 
never have become Italian head of state, bringing tragedy to the Italian people.  

As far as concerned France, 1903 was the preliminary year of the Morocco Crisis.
This high octane crisis would continue into the start of World War I.  In fact, it was
recognized as one of the 'long-term' causes of the Great War.

Again, we have at least another coincidence, concerning the light in the sky phe-
nomenon, as if it were God's Braille for a blind humanity.  At the same time, there 
were several other incidents of auroras which were not followed by any history-
changing event.  

In a similar fashion, not every aurora that appeared where is normally was followed
by any unique event..  So, what is to made of this?  What is to be said of the fact that 
the Virgin Mary spoke of a sign to humanity, appearing throughout one night sky?  
The general answer is that the God of Creation is still in control of creation. Some-
one needs to take it from there.  Of course, the ultimate concern of life is to fulfill
one's duty to conscience in daily life, in matter concerning natural law, etc.

There are no such things as coincidences when they come in multiplicity.  Divine Pro-
vidence can speak in the course of human events, proving that no man has the power
that he might think he possesses, no matter how strong be his political base, no matter
how broad be his crony network, and no matter how well-armed be his military.  Man's
true power is in prayer and sacrifice.  Everything is a result of prayer and sacrifice or
the absence thereof.

Human history has shown that political entities fall from power with the frequency of
autumn leaves.  This truth was witnessed very recently, beginning with present-day
Carthage, aka modern Tunisia.  It illustrates that everyone will eventually see the
light of God in one of two forms.  One form is that of an infatuating illumination,
and the other form is that of incendiary wrath.  After all, it's written, "I the Lord 
your God am a jealous God."

How does a naysayer, an atheist, and an anti-theist explain the multiple timeline of
coincidences attached to specific Catholic feast days and specific historic events
attached to WWII?  As was previously mentioned, it were as if they were messages
handwritten upon a Babylonian wall.  The coincidences can catch one's curiosity.

A V-1 Rocket site bombed by the 8th Army Air Force.


The Effects of the Rosary

The Rosary is extremely personal.  It's neither
robotic nor a matter of rattling beads.   In fact,
you never have to use beads.  This is because
there is a radar to use when praying the Rosary.

Yet, a set of Rosary beads can be an effective
sacramental.  Concerning this, the only reason
why a priest blesses anything is to remove the
effects of original sin from the object blessed,
be it a set of Rosary beads or a school bus.

The Rosary is a very personable devotion.  This is because Our Lady appropriates
her presence to the person praying the Rosary, provided that the person is engaged
in the heart of the Rosary prayer.  The heart of the Rosary is that of meditating on
the life, death, and glory of Christ which happens to involve the Virgin Mary.  Af-
ter all, she was there at his conception, at his birth, when he was found with the
doctors of temple, at his crucifixion, at his ascension into Heaven, and during the
Pentecost, as well as when he was being consecrated as an infant at the Temple.

These are simply events in the life of Jesus and/or Mary.  They are the milestones
in the mystery of salvation, done in time and space, on this earth.  In as much, the
Rosary consists in remembering, in pondering ... in realizing ... in believing ... in
contemplating on those events,   Rosary devotion creates close distance friendship
between Mary and the devotee.

 The Rosary is the act of doing two types of prayer simultaneously.  One type is
Vocal Prayer.  The other type is Meditative ... or Contemplative prayer.  Contem-
plative Prayer is when you hitch a rid on God's wings and soar in your spiritual
faculties.  This is why some people hate the Rosary.  They are too lazy to try to
do both types of prayer simultaneously.  Now, due to the effects of original sin,
dual prayer simultaneously takes some effort at the beginning.

The Rosary, at the beginning can be a workout.  However, due to the fact that Our
Lady, and not some non-existent cosmic force, is actively involved, a beginning
will usually get graces of illumination when initially praying the Rosary.  Howev-
er, eventually will come what is called the "Dry Period."  That is simply the time
span when God lets you create space for added grace within your soul.  This phrase
is equivalent to preparing a house for moving into it.  It's during that time when you
are a space capsule trying to connect to the lunar module, in order to get back home.

Sometimes the dry period has been very long for certain people, such as St. Theresa
of Avila.  The guaranteed trick to quickly ending the dry period is what is called
physical mortification.  In today's world, such mortifications are called workouts.
Yes, if you want to quickly end the spiritual dry spell go do one of the following:

1} lift weights, 2} run faster than a snail's pace, 3} do callisthenics, including those
grass drills we did in pre-football-camp training, 4} engage in vigorous ice skating,
5} gymnastic training.  Do the workouts where the phrase, "No Pain, No Gain" is
applicable.  You would be surprised  how sensitive with rapid cognisance you be-
come when combining physical exertion training with the Rosary or any Rosary-
like devotion.  The blood circulates well, and the body's contour chisels-out to
a measure of attractability which sometimes can lead to trouble, if you're not in
control of your senses and someone else is not in control of hers/his.

The mysteries of the Rosary are differentiated into Joyous, Sorrowful, Illumina-
tive, and Glorious. 
A person begins meditating on a mystery of salvation by praying an Our Father,
followed by Angelic Salutations, otherwise known as Hail Marys.  At the end
of each mystery meditation, one prays the following:

My Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us from the Fires of Hell.  Lead all souls
to Heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy.

If you are praying the vocal prayers of the Rosary at speed where your attention
are on the vocals, yet are not meditating on any mystery of the Rosary, you are
still praying, but you are not delving into the realm of Mary and the holy angels,
assimilating their characteristics, their cognition of things, and their attributes.

The Rosary shows that religion is the response to actual events which changed
lives.  It is NOT a societal concensus that evolved through the years.  The Re-
surrection of Christ is what made Catholicism, and not a ritualistic adaptation
to Roman culture.  This is especially the case in light of the fact that Catholi-
cism began in the Middle East ... not in Rom\e.  The papacy was in Antioch.
In fact, Saint Ignatius of Antioch first called the church of Christ the Catholic
Church in the Year 100.  He would be martyred in Rome in 117 AD.  Martyrs
were slowly conquering Rome.  Rome was not conquering the church.

There are twenty designated mysteries of the Rosary in all.  Before John Paul II,
there were fifteen.  He added the Illuminative Mysteries and they make for valid
meditations.  All in all, there are the Joyous Mysteries, the Illuminative ones, the
Sorrowful Mysteries, and the Glorious ones.

John Paul referred to the Rosary as the Gospels in Miniature, being that the Rosary
meditations involve the events read in the Gospels.  It commemorates the Gospels.

The Experience of the Rosary

When the presence of Mary descends toward your presence, you can sense caring
on her part.  In tormenting times, you can feel a sense of rescue.  All in all, her pre-
sence is allegorically likened to a heavily embodied stratosphere that comes to you,
and in the process, you fit into this stratosphere as if you were a lost jigsaw puzzle
piece, being fitted into a picture.

The effects of the Rosary includes the instantaneous ability to differentiate illusions
from reality ... the demonic from the angelic .. and mean-spiritedness from strength.
The Rosary quickly teaches how easy it is to be deceived when you don't have a
prayer life.

Friendliness is an essential aspect of Mary's presence.  Thus, it is a mistake to think
of Mary as an intimidating Wizard of Oz who says, "Who dares to approach me?"
Mary is exactly the opposite.  In fact, being in her presence gives one the feeling of
being with a long lost friend who returned to you.  In conclusion, Mary's presence is
the opposite of an 18th Century princess riding a carriage amongst the trappings of
pompous pageantry.  Mary doesn't need pageantry.  Her jewels are the graces of the
Holy Spirit that she mystically dispenses to her fellow humans.  She is the master
link in the final command that Christ will have ever given humanity:  that of loving
one another as he has loved us.  Mary is the master link in fulfilling the command-
ment to love-one-another.

You learn axioms through the Rosary, because praying it realigns your senses into the
correct perspective.  This lets you realize things instinctively.  For example, you learn
through the Rosary that strength comes through endurance, as opposed to huffing and
puffing oneself into a muscle-flexing hype.  You learn that strength consists in being
able to get things done gently, lest you end up being a destructive bull in a china shop.
Even in construction, there are stages where you have to be gentle with a structure,
lest it go tumbling down.  Through the Rosary, you learn that gentleness is power
and not weakness.

It helps you to perceive presences

This pertains to the spiritual presences of the persons commemorated in your Rosary
meditations.  This includes, the Angel Gabriel, Saint Elizabeth, John the Baptist, the
shepherds of Christmas, the angels on the shepherd's field, Simeon, the prophetess
Anna, Saint Peter, Saint John the Evangelist, Mary Magdalene, the Roman soldier
who pierced the side of Christ, St Thomas, the two disciples whom Christ encoun-
tered on the Road to Emmaus, all of the disciples present at the disciples present at
Christ's Ascension, all of those present in the Cenacle one Pentecost Sunday, God
the Father individually, God the Son individually, God the Holy Spirit individually,
and the Holy Trinity as as inseparable unity.

The Rosary enables Mary to the untie the knots in your life and within you

Long ago, Mary stated to Alan of La Roche, "One day, through the Scapular and the
Rosary, I will save the world."  You can include this to mean Rosary-like devotions, as
well.  Such devotions include the Seven Sorrows and Joys of Saint Joseph, and devotion
to the Seven Sorrows of Mary.  This consists in meditating on the events which made the
spiritual world never the same again . . . and in reliving the experience of the Archangel
Gabriel, when he said, "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you."

Included in Rosary-like devotions is the reliving the experience of Mary's aged cousin,
Elizabeth, saying in a state of surpise, "Blessed are you among all women and blessed 
is the fruit of your womb."  It consists in going through all of the phases in the mystery
of salvation, to the point of its fruition ... the joyous, illuminative, sorrowful, & glorious.
In the process, you become a Man of all Seasons ... a Woman of all Seasons ... a Young
Man of All Seasons ... a Young Lady of All Seasons ... whichever one applies to you.
The operative aspect of devotion to the Rosary devotion is universality.

The world is in dire need of people praying the Rosary and thereby bringing peace to
where peace is absent, especially peace in the hearts of those whose lies and injustices
cause so much suffering to others.

You possess the key to unlock Mary's ability to save the world.  The Rosary is Key #1.
Meanwhile, the Carmelite Scapular is Key #2.  The brown scapular is a devotional ex-
tension of the Cloak of Elijah.  Elijah is the one attributed with founding the Carmelite
Way, and even Carmelite religious order.

Elijah is the one who recognized the majesty of God in a gentle breeze, resulting in Elijah
hiding his face in his famous cloak.  Centuries later, Carmelite Therese of Lisieux would
state that sanctity comes in little things, as little as a gentle breeze.  In as much, when the
Catholic faithful recognizes the gentle breeze that was on Mount Carmel, in Israel, the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will have occurred.


The Greatest Saint of Modern Times

St. Therese had an infatuation with snow.   It reminded her of purity.   It reminded her of herself.
She didn't have a media propaganda machine contriving loudly chanted logans that nev-
er came from the heart.   Instead, she was a devoteé of the Sacred Heart, interacting with
the most intimate mysteries of  Divine Mercy.   She was never published in the pages of
any literary anthology during her lifetime.   Yet, she wrote poetry that will bring tears to
the eyes of anyone not as lifeless as stone.   In fact, this young woman's autobiography
was published two years after her death, and her writings are now part of the legacy left
behind by the greatest saints thus far produced by the same church which recently pro-
duced some of  humanity's greatest devils.

She was born in Normandy France, in 1873.  She next entered religious life in 1888.
She then entered eternity on September 30, 1897.   Her name was Thérèse Martin.
In religious life she was Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.   Devoted
intelligentsia know her as Thérèse of Lisieux.

She was a Carmelite nun who died from tuberculosis at
the age of 24.  This translates into a compacted volume
of wisdom left behind, in written form.   She left behind
deeply anchored insights which carried within themselves
paradoxical weightlessness.   Now, the maturity level of
her texts, coupled with the poetic timbre within the same,
provides evidence that she was a saint of the most stellar
magnitude.   However, she was down to earth, knowing
that the stars for which poets and dreamers reach are
arrayed throughout the universe within each one of us.

She belongs in the Hall of the Lionhearted, as does Saint Bernadette Soubirous, due
to the sufferings that she endured through tuberculosis, as well as through the suffer-
ings rendered when she learned of her father's illness.   Yet, she identified herself as
a little flower inconspicuously placed in the garden of Our Lady.   However, she has
been more like the mystical hummingbird who intensifies the color of the flowers that
she has been visiting since her death.   The other flowers, incidentally, are defined as
other members of humanity who sometimes learned of her without searching for her. 

2 - The Way of Littleness Easily Fits through the Gates of Heaven

She proceeded through life on the premise that doing little things with great love results
in great sanctity.   She once wrote that the saints can soar to the lofts of contemplation,
as if to be eagles, but that she would go about fluttering her little wings.   Her way is
much like the way of the 18th century Franciscan saint, Francis Pontillo, originator of
the way of littleness.   This is not unusual, being that history has shown cosmic alliances
between the ancient Carmelite order and the Franciscan order prophesied by Francis
of Assisi to be one destined to endure until the end of the world.

Even though she is the saint of the little way, the greatest secret in her estimation is that
the greatest saints, upon death, don't go through a judgment procedure, but rather en-
ter into an abyss of Divine Mercy.  Embracing the Mercy of God comprised the way
of Thérèse.   Of course, mercy never comes to the merciless, so Thérèse knew that
she had to transform into mercy itself, so that mercy could be her endless possession.

Thérèse lived the reality that the mystery of love is that of transforming into the object
of your love.   Thérèse's love was mercy, and her transforming acts of mercy consist-
ed in praying for others, offering her pains for the eternal destinies of others, heroically
enduring her pains, and enduring the faults of others equally as heroically.   The life of
Saint Thérèse makes for a good compass when you get lost in life, forgetting how to
conduct yourself in controversial and stressful situations. 

3 - Popularity Without Any Madison Avenue Fanfare

The fact that the Little Flower rose to prominence without media propaganda in her
lifetime is the evidence needed to show that nothing about her is fake.   In fact, there
are things about Thérèse that the vain, pompous, and pampered can neither feel nor
comprehend.   She suffered intensely, and she made suffering sacramental.   In fact,
the fruits of her sufferings manifested themselves after her death, in miracles and even
visions given to certain nuns.   Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus is a testimony to the
Gospel truth that the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  

A certain newspaper columnist who can be identified as a member of the non-cosmic
and heavily pampered Vatican II church called Thérèse God's cheerleader, as if this
Carmelite saint were nothing more than a frivolous air head.   This columnist called the
proven miracle worker a mere cheerleader as if the pampered columnist were the in-
tensely cosmic one who heroically fought the battle between Heaven and Hell.   Such
profane writing is, of course, a legacy of the Vatican II church ---  a church marked
by the repeated desecration of the altar, the ensuing desecration of the altar boy, the
compromise of cowards, and the emergent doctrine of kissy-pooism.   The more that
a pampered member of the modern church writes on the Little Flower the more the
pampered writer ends up blaspheming the eternally mystical God.

4 - The Prophetic Thérèse

Thérèse served in the Carmel of Lisieux with two of her sisters.   One was the prior-
ess of the community.  On her death bed, Thérèse told her sister, Celine, to publish
her autobiography "immediately, or else the Devil will make sport of it."   When
asked if it will bring benefit, the Little Flower said, "It will benefit everyone, except
those with exotic tastes."   She was prophetically correct.

Thérèse once wrote that she had to win the palm branch of Saint Agnes, and if she
couldn't win it with her blood, then she would win it with her love.   Now, the palm
branch of Saint Agnes is symbolic of martyrdom, and a number of holy cards depic-
ting virgin martyrs have them holding a palm branch.   When Thérèse was exhumed,
her palm branch was uncorrupted.  Therefore, in 1910, when the body was first ex-
humed, Heaven spoke through a miracle.   The 19th Century palm branch that was
buried with Thérèse went uncorrupted for 13 years under the ground.   In 1910, it
was as freshly green as it was in 1897.  In fact, it was as freshly green going into the
21st Century.   See:

The Little Flower once spoke to a fellow Carmelite nun on the importance of praying
for priests, mentioning it with a notable intonation of urgency.   Thérèse stressed the
importance of praying for priests, and we see what happened to the priesthood dur-
ing the decades of the 20th Century, when the majority of western humanity stopped
including prayer in their daily and nightly lives.   The result of not praying for priests
was a devastation that exceeded the destructive capacity of a nuclear arsenal.   The
words of the Little Flower turned out to be prophetic. 
 The Cause for Her Canonization

The greatest champion in the cause of the
Little Flower's canonization was Scottish
priest, Fr. Thomas Nimmo Taylor.   At the
least, he was the one most moved by her
writings.   While visiting the convent where
Thérèse was stationed, the prioress said to
him,  "You might as well canonize every 
nun here."   Thérèse was an unknown even
among her own, despite a death which result-
ed in the instantaneous healing of one of the
nuns present.   In fact, when she was dying
(and the Carmelites were gathered around
her),  the sister in charge of convent public
relations asked what she was to write about
young Thérèse, in the notice of her death. 

During her death, she stated, "I had no idea that a person could suffer so much."
She also stated things such as, "Yes, be patient."   "Why would I want to suffer
any less?"   At the end, she was heard saying, "Oh, I how I love him."   She then
sunk into death, as if it were her end.   Then suddenly, she sat up quickly, with a look
of exhilarated surprise, as she looked upward at the statue of the Virgin Mary associ-
ated with her childhood healing.   She then died.   Just as instantly did a nun present
become immediately cured of a serious illness.   Going by memory, it was a statue of
Our Lady of Victory present at the Little Flower's death.

The writings of the Little Flower revealed a lot.   The miracles attributed to her and
the visions of her revealed even more.   The writings of  Thérèse of Lisieux were not
destined to be consigned to dust-ridden shelves.   Rather, a following of humanity in
love with her way ensued.   In fact, it was two years before her canonization when
the Society of the Little Flower was established.   It's mission is to make Thérèse of
Lisieux known and loved far beyond the confines of her native France.   It's mission
is to also help in the training of Carmelite seminarians, among other things.   In fact,  
the Circle of Roses Giving Program helps the Carmelite order in general.

It's important to point out that the Carmelite order is amongst the oldest in the church,
with a roll call of doctors of the church.   Thus, it's a time-tested order that can easily
undo the evils found to have been done by certain religious orders that were founded
in the 20th Century.   When in doubt, go Carmelite and save the church.

On May 3rd, 1944, Pope Piux XII named the Little Flower co-patroness of France.
Thirty-four days after she was commissioned France's patroness, the successful allied
invasion of France transpired.   Seventy-nine days later came the Liberation of Paris.
This saint has been known to work quickly.   The only problem is when people don't
petition her for her intercession.   If you don't ask her to pray for you, and if you don't
ask to unite your praying to hers, she can do nothing.

Being that it's mission is to ultimately inspire others to be like Saint Thérèse, the mis-
sion of the Little Flower Society is to actually make the world a better place, as well
as making Heaven more populated.  Being that the church has been overrun by those
void of a conscience, the mission has become more demanding.   Now, there are ap-
proximately 500,000 active members, at present.   However,  Faith, Hope, and Love
have been laid waste throughout a scandal-ridden and sodomized church.   Therefore,
humanity needs the Little Flower more now than ever before, and the Society  of the
Little Flower needs to work overtime.   So, feel free to become a hero and join, or
else join and then become a hero.   Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, as she is known
in America, will help you through your training wheels stage, if you are a beginner.

Through the Little Flower's Society, you can enlist yourself and others in Mass enroll-
ments, for stipends (donations) as little as $5.00.  In fact, you can enroll electronically,
becoming a beneficiary of Carmelite Masses, prayers, and good works.   Having the
showering droplets of the Little Flower's protection is then what you need to reflect
on, after becoming an enrolled member of the society.   If you remember that you're
under the umbrella of her protection, it will keep you from doing something regretful
during stressful times.   Let the Little Flower into your world, so that she can either
save it or save the worlds of those near you.   For starters, you can learn about the
Society of the Little Flower by going to:

Whenever writing about the Little Flower, it's always wise to finish by stating, "to be 
continued."   This is because the Little Flower will continue the conversation in one
way of another.  Become the beneficiary of what she is willing to give you --- herself. 

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