April 25, 2022

The U.S. Constitution's Establishment Clause and the actual dynamics between Church & State

If there were absolute separation of Church and State in America, 
there would have never been chapels on United States military bases.
 In light of this, consider the following commonly encountered scenarios:

1]  The police officer hired by the State directs traffic solely for the benefit of
      parishioners leaving a Sunday church service.  If there were the absolute
      separation of Church and State, there would be no police officers directing
      church traffic anywhere in America, and there would be chaos on State roads
      on Sundays.

2]  The detective hired by the state investigates the allegations of clergy abuse com-
     mitted upon parishioners.  If there were absolute separation of Church and State
     in America, the molestation of altar boys would have gone unchecked and have
     become a pandemic.

3]  In 1844, Philadelphia-area Protestants, in their paranoiac hatred of a pope they
     never met, torched a Catholic Church.  In fact, they literally fired a canon at it.
     In response, soldiers employed by State rallied to the protection the Catholics
     who, at the time, were hated with seething ferocity by certain Protestant sects.
     If there were the absolute separation of Church and State, there would have
     been either a massacre in Philadelphia or the start of a literal civil war there.

     The Conclusion is that the First Amendment Establishment Clause requires the
     State to make sure that its citizens are able to freely practice religion. 

     In the alternate:

1] Catholic, Quaker, and Episcopalian schools fulfilled the job of the State in edu-
    cating students in non-religion subjects such as mathematics, science, history,
    art, and literature.  This means that there are religious institutions functioning
    as the State five days a week.  After all, the State enacted mandatory school laws
    and religious institutions fulfilled said laws by educating many youth above and
    beyond the topic of religion.
                                                      Added note:

               When a private entity acts as the government, in being the surrogate
               of said government, it's known as "acting under the color of law."
               You can sue the federal government for a civil rights violations com-
               mitted by a private institution acting under the color of law.

2] Catholic and Protestant charities of varying sort fulfill the job of the State in going
     to the aid of hurricane victims, even to the point of receiving federal dollars in the
     process.  In fact, the Catholic Church, for years, received taxpayer dollars through
     social service government contracts.  In this capacity, churches have acted under
     the color of law.  Churches have become the surrogate of the government.

3] Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant medical facilities act under the color of law each
     time their facilities treat a patient sponsored by the medicaid program.

4] Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, Protestant, Hindu, etc, chaplains are hired by the U.S.
     government, to care for the spiritual well-being of U.S. military personnel.  They
     are not hired to establish any one religion.  Rather, they are paid to secure the re-
     ligious rights of the military personnel who need chaplains, in order for the religious
     rights to be something real.  During WWII, there were priests at the war fronts giv-
     ing last rites to mortally wounded American soldiers and to anyone else caught in
     the line fire.  The United State government funded the priests, the chaplains behind
     the front line, and the military chaplain in the States.
    Other observations involving the relationship between Church and State:

1] The television broadcast of Midnight Mass somewhere on Earth is governed by
     the FFC in America.  If there were the absolute separation of Church and State,
     the church would have to intrude on frequencies designated by the government,
     in order to broadcast to humanity.

2] The private jet which flew John Paul II and Benedict XVI throughout portions of
    America flew solely under the law of the FAA.  If there were the absolute separa-
    tion of Church and State, the jet carrying a pope would have crashed into another
    jet liner eventually, or else such a jet would have created aerial havoc.

3] The priests and nuns made homeless by a hurricane have the right to seek help
     from FEMA.  If there were the absolute separation of Church and State, then
     priests and nuns would freeze to death during blizzards, drown during floods,
     and remain without shelter after tornadoes. 

In addition:

It is a well known practice to begin a congressional session with a chaplain praying be-
fore the session.  If there were the absolute separation of Church and State, then no
prayer of any kind would be heard in a congressional chamber.  It's simply that the re-
ligions take turns in delivering the opening prayer in American congressional chambers,
because there is no established religion in America.

The Federal Judiciary Conclusion:  The phrase "Separation of Church and State"
is a misnomer.  Mention of it does NOT appear in the United States Constitution.  Rath-
er, the United States Bill of Rights has the Establishment Clause which forbids the fed-
eral government or any individual State to establish an official state religion.  The same
clause protects a citizen from having his religion outlawed, unless the religion involves
criminal activity.

The First Amendment Establishment Clause guarantees that NO person will have to
support or adhere to a religion to which he does NOT want to belong.  It also guar-
antees that a person willing to adhere to a specific religion will not be required by the
government to violate his conscience in matters of faith and morals, provided that the
matter of conscience is written into the religion's official doctrine. 

One more thing:

If the practice/activity of a religion involves the doing of something illegal, then the re-
ligion is not permitted to practice it.  The example classically used was bigamy.  If a
religion allows bigamy, members of that religion are not permitted to practice bigamy
in the United States.

In the inverse, if an activity mandated by the State is NOT permitted by a person's re-
ligion, then the individual has the right to not be a part of the activity declared sinful in
his religion.  The most obvious example is war and the Quakers. 

In conclusion:

The much controverted United States First Amendment clause is NOT referred to as
the Separation of Church and State Clause, being that there is no absolute separation
of Church and State.  The operative phrase is the Establishment ClauseThis means
that you do not have to join a religion that you don't want to join.  This also means that
you can't force someone to stop practicing his/hers.

April 23, 2022

The unknown light in the sky prophesied at Fatima and other timeline coincidences involving WWII

WWII was prophesied at Fatima as something which would occur if the bishops
declined to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Men such as
the ones seen here had to endure a lot of terror en route to the combat zones,
all because of bishops too arrogant ... too high & mighty ... for Our Lady.
After this introduction is a timeline list of WWII events that coincided with signifi-
cant dates on the Roman Catholic calendar.  The events, being attached to the fury
of military combat, could not have been planned by a conspiratorial secret society.
Nor could they have transpired via subliminal suggestion.

Keep in mind that WWII was a pivotal prophecy of the Fatima revelations.  After
all, war is a punishment from God for humanity's sins.  Concerning this, Our Lady
said at Fatima, " When you see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know 
that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the 
world for its crimes, by means of war,  famine, and persecution.

This illumination was seen on January 25, 1938.  Forty-six days later, after a time
span equal to a lenten season, and done after Hitler applied intimidation tactics up-
Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigy, Germany annexed Austria.  This act was re-
garded by Fatima's Sister Lucia to have been the start of WWII.  The light was seen 
throughout Europe, Bermuda, and part of Australia.  On that night, even radios in 
Maine USA were disrupted. See:

Peasants Kneel in Terror before Aurora over Europe
Some cry, "Is it war?"  Others Summon Fire Fighters as Northern Lights Flame

Europe Afraid of Northern Lights
Peasants Pray as Borealis Dances in Sky

The timeline of WWII coincidences has nothing to do with numerology, being that 
numbers are for record-keeping purposes and measurement  . . .  not fortune telling.
Nor does the following have anything to do with soothsaying or anything done in a 
fortune teller's den.  

However, there is an irony here, in that these coincidences transpired during an era 
when people were still into 19th Century occultism, seances, and astrology.  It were 
as if God's serpents of destiny were eating the 20th Century's serpents of superstition.
(For those raised in the American public school system, the imagery refers to Moses'
staff turning into a serpent which devoured the serpents of the pharaoh's magicians.)

Keep in mind that soothsaying is the way that the world of sin glances into the fu-
ture.  Prophecy is God's gift, in navigating mankind to its intended destiny.  Where-
as soothsaying is a sin, derived from the laziness of not wanting to pray, fast, and
observe a discipline which gains clear communication avenues to God, prophesy-
ing is not.  In as much, the only thing in focus here is the unintended coincidences 
of major WWII events that occurred on pivotal feast days of the Catholic Church:
The bombing results of a Nazi V1 rocket in Pas de Calais France, shortly
before the Liberation of Parish which transpired on the feast day of a
canonized king of France, ever so coincidentally.
- August 25, 1944 was the day when Paris was Liberated.  August 25th was ever so
  coincidentally the feast day of King Louis IX.  The logical conclusion is that Paris
  was liberated at the intercession of the canonized king of the House of Capet.  Or
  else it was God making a statement about Divine Providence.

- The United States' Pacific involvement in WWII began on the day commemorating
   the beginning of the Virgin Mary's life and it ended on the day commemorating the
   end of Mary's life on earth.  The U.S. was first attacked on eve of the Solemnity of
   the Immaculate Conception . . . December 7, 1941, a date that will live in infamy.

   The U.S. then formally declared war on Japan on the actual Feast of the Immaculate
   Conception.  The Immaculate Conception was and is the official patron saint of the
   United States.  Thus, America entered the Pacific war on the feast day of its patron,
   done through a largely Protestant congress whose members NEITHER believed in
   the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception NOR in the Catholic Church.  In as much,
   there was no subliminal suggestivity here.  Therefore, the anti-theist scientivists of
   this world need to come up with more a convincing reason as to how this could have
   been nothing more than a mere coincidence ... Concerning the most horrendous war
   ever, ever so coincidentally prophesied at Fatima.

   The same war which was conditionally prophesied at Fatima formally ended on the
   14th of August, 1945, in as far as concerned combat hostilities and the exchanging
   of fire between Pacific enemies.  The 14th of August was the eve of the Feast of the
   Assumption; the day commemorating Mary being taken into Heaven glorified body
   and soul.

    Ironically, August 14 was also the anniversary of the death of Maximillian Kolbe,
    the Polish Franciscan who was a missionary in Japan and who was later killed in a
    Nazi concentration camp, by means of lethal ejection (carbolic acid, aka phenol.)
    St. Maximillian's Japanese mission was located in Nagasaki ... the second Japanese
    city to be bombed by nuclear fire power.

-  As was previously mentioned, the great light in the night sky mentioned by Mary at
   Fatima occurred on the memorial of the Conversion of St Paulthe 25th of January.
  That day commemorates the time when a flash of light blinded Saul of Taurus, throw-
   ing him off his horse and preventing him from executing any more Christians.

   In 1938, a great light was seen throughout the European night sky so much so that
   people were calling fire departments, in order to report a huge fire.  It would tech-
   nically be regarded as a low altitude red aurora, and it would be described in the
   presses as Europe first aurora since 1709, the year when the Great Northern War
   began its twenty-one year tour of combat, ironically enough. 

   Then, on September 20, 1941, yet another aurora visited the skyline of Bermuda.
   September 1941 ever so coincidentally began America's involvement in the Euro-
   pean war, via the Lend/Lease Agreement which was signed into law by FDR in
   March of 1941.  It consisted in sending tons of materiel and logistical equipment
   to England.  This resulted several US merchant and cargo ships being sunk off the
   Carolina coastline by Nazi U-Boats.  In September of 1941, the war came to Amer-
   ica, as much as did the second Fatima aurora come to Bermuda, an American island
   ruled by the British whom the Americans were supplying.  The U-boat combat was
   known as the Battle of the Atlantic.

   In as much, for Hitler to have won the war, he needed to have attacked America in
   far greater numbers than he did, in September of 1941.  After Dunkirk, Hitler could
   have let England alone, and saved its conquest for last.  He made a fatal strategic
   error in bombing London as obsessively as he did.  He made an even more fatal
   error in attacking Russia before securing England

   Hitler, if he were a competent world-conquest dictator, should have occupied the
   Azores and then taken over Bermuda, with the rest of the Caribbean to follow suit.
   Europe could have rested.  Well, Hitler was going to attack Gibraltar.  But, Franco
   made it known that he was going to keep Spain neutral throughout the war.  Hitler
   had to cancel the attack on Gibraltar which might have been followed by the occu-
   pation of the Azores and then the Caribbean.  The lesson is that you must first at-
   tack the supplier nations in a war.  This neglect of Hitler lost for him the war he
   personally started.  Of course, in the presence of sin, there is no wisdom, such as
   the wisdom to quickly win and end a war, as well as avoiding war.

- October 4, 1940 was the feast day of Italian saint, Francis of Assisi.  October 4 was
   also the day when Mussolini and Hitler met as the Brenner pass, to make an alliance
   for further warfare.  The irony is that St. Francis is one of the church's patron saints
   of peace.  In fact, the day prior was when the Jews were ordered to move into the
   Warsaw ghetto.

- The Nazis succeeded in occupying Rome on September 15, 1943.  It was the Mem-
   orial of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It was a sorrowful day.

-  Italy surrendered to the allies on the eve of the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.
   The same Italy later declared war on Nazi Germany on the anniversary of the Fatima
   Miracle of the Sun.  The idea of Italy declaring war on Germany, at the beginning of
   the war, was as unexpected as the sun's conduct on October 13, 1917.

-  The U.S. 8th Army Air Force was designed with the philosophy that destroying the
    Nazi German military infrastructure behind enemy lines would quickly end the war.
    It was activated on the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the official philosopher
    of the Catholic Church who wrote on the Just War Theory and measured the moral
    implications of collateral damage in warfare.  It were as if he were the patron saint
    of the American air wings who quickly made use of the more reliable Norden Bomb
    Site, when targeting the Nazi military infrastructure from the sky.

    The collateral damage resulting from American daylight bombing raids, which some-
    times was massive and at other times was not, was due to technological limitations,
    except for the bombing of Hamm, shortly after Operation Market Garden failed.
    Even the bombing of Berlin concentrated on the administrative offices there.

   The three day attack on Hamm ended in one air raid that no longer targeted Hamm's
    marshaling yards.  Hamm, itself, became the target, being that it was largely a mili-
    tary staging town.  The whole town was almost a military base, in itself.

    None the less, the British air force was the one who bombed civilian targets, doing
    so at night.  It was an air force without a conscience, much like the Nazi's Luftwaffe.

   The following short segment is a timeline and mapline of connected coincidences:

-  D-Day occurred on the feast day of St Norbert of Xanten; the bishop of Magdeburg;
   a Rhineland bishop.  The coincidence is that the Nazi's last stance west of the Rhine
   was in Xanthan.  Then, the allies finally crossed the Rhine, doing so on the feast of
   Saint Gabriel the Archangel.  Remember that the pre-Vatican II church calendar was
   in effect during the war.  Saint Gabriel's feast day was March 24 at the time.

   In review,  the allies invaded continental Europe on the feast day of St. Norbert of
   Xanten, and then secured the Rhine by going through St. Norbert home town, and
   then succeeded in crossing the Rhine on the feast day of St. Gabriel the Archangel.
   None the less, I don't know what the connection between St. Norbert and St. Gabriel
   would be.

- The first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, thereby instantaneously transfiguring
   the terrain of Hiroshima, was dropped on the Feast of the Transfiguration, the 6th
   of August.

  The first time in history when an atomic bomb was detonated, in New Mexico, was
  on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16, 1944.

- 48,498 Polish allied troops of the 2nd Polish Corps defeated the Nazi Germans in
   the Battle of Monte Cassino on the 24th birthday of former Solvay Chemical Com-
   pany employee, Karol Wojtyla.  At the time of the battle, he was a clandestine sem-
   inarian living at the residence of Kraków archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha.  He
   would become the Successor of Saint Peter in 1978.  The day of victory was the
   18th of May, 1944.

- May 8, 1945 was Victory in Europe Day.  Well, May 8 is the anniversary of Saint
  Michael the Archangel's apparition at Monte Gargano.  It's also the anniversary of
  the victory ofthe  Christian Lombards over the still-pagan Neapolitans, in 663.

  Keep in mind that the Roman Empire fell two centuries prior.  Yet, Naples remained
  an adherent to a belief in gods thought to have been seated at Mount Vesuvius.  If not
  for that volcano, my Neapolitan ancestry would have become Christian much sooner
  than it did.   In as much, it should be somewhat striking that the same May 8th date
  marks the victory over the most horrendous terror that Western Europe has ever seen.

Concerning the January 25, 1938 Phenomenon

There are other coinciding events in history related to this, whatever it might mean.
For example, December 14, 1862, an Aurora Borealis was seen at Fredericksburg's
blood-soaked battlefield, exactly one night before a five day battle there ceased.
In reality, the battle ended the day prior.  The final two days were withdrawal days,
being that casualties mounted to 18,000 of the 184,000 troops who fought there.

Before 1938, Continental Europe hadn't seen an aurora since 1709, the year when
the 21 year-long Great Northern War started.  That war's cast of characters includ-
ed the Ottoman Empire, for a temporary duration.  America saw one much more
recently, in the most coincidental setting of warfare (1862).

For the record, solar storms were seen on Continental Europe between 1709 and 
1938, but not throughout the entire western sector thereof.  An example is the solar 
storm viewed in France and Switzerland, in 1903, on All Saints Day, of all things.

Concerning 1903, that was the year when Benito Mussolini ever so coincidentally
was expelled from Switzerland for suggesting a general labor strike there.  He was 
only 20 years at the time.  If Mussolini weren't expelled from Switzerland, he would 
never have become Italian head of state, bringing tragedy to the Italian people.  

As far as concerned France, 1903 was the preliminary year of the Morocco Crisis.
This high octane crisis would continue into the start of World War I.  In fact, it was
recognized as one of the 'long-term' causes of the Great War.

Again, we have at least another coincidence, concerning the light in the sky phe-
nomenon, as if it were God's Braille for a blind humanity.  At the same time, there 
were several other incidents of auroras which were not followed by any history-
changing event.  

In a similar fashion, not every aurora that appeared where is normally was followed
by any unique event..  So, what is to made of this?  What is to be said of the fact that 
the Virgin Mary spoke of a sign to humanity, appearing throughout one night sky?  
The general answer is that the God of Creation is still in control of creation. Some-
one needs to take it from there.  Of course, the ultimate concern of life is to fulfill
one's duty to conscience in daily life, in matter concerning natural law, etc.

There are no such things as coincidences when they come in multiplicity.  Divine Pro-
vidence can speak in the course of human events, proving that no man has the power
that he might think he possesses, no matter how strong be his political base, no matter
how broad be his crony network, and no matter how well-armed be his military.  Man's
true power is in prayer and sacrifice.  Everything is a result of prayer and sacrifice or
the absence thereof.

Human history has shown that political entities fall from power with the frequency of
autumn leaves.  This truth was witnessed very recently, beginning with present-day
Carthage, aka modern Tunisia.  It illustrates that everyone will eventually see the
light of God in one of two forms.  One form is that of an infatuating illumination,
and the other form is that of incendiary wrath.  After all, it's written, "I the Lord 
your God am a jealous God."

How does a naysayer, an atheist, and an anti-theist explain the multiple timeline of
coincidences attached to specific Catholic feast days and specific historic events
attached to WWII?  As was previously mentioned, it were as if they were messages
handwritten upon a Babylonian wall.  The coincidences can catch one's curiosity.

A V-1 Rocket site bombed by the 8th Army Air Force.

April 19, 2022

The Angel of Peace's Involvement in the Fatima Apparitions

In the Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace
appeared to Portuguese shepherd children
a few times.  He began in the usual way, by
saying, "Fear not."  The same angel then
said, "Pray with me."  Catholic Church tra-
dition had long since identified St Michael
the Archangel as the Angel of  Peace.

The Fatima children were most affected by
the angel's crystalline beauty and majestic
countenance.   In fact,  he looked no older
than a teenager,  even though he was time-
less.  The following year, the three children
would be visited  by a lady made of light.
     Of cours, Angelo Sodano, Joseph Ratzinger (the Cronyism pope), and Tar-
     cisio Bertone lied to humanity in June of 2000, with their Third Secret press
     release.  Firstly, it was publicly announced in 1960 that the Third Secret also
     comprised words from Our Lady, spoken to the children of Fatima, and no
     verbal message from Mary was ever released by the present-era Vatican.

     In addition, the visual part of the Third Secret comprised multiple soldiers
     killing a man in white who appeared to be the pope, and doing so in a city
     half in ruins, while others were simultaneously being killed.  Yet, Sodano
     claimed that the Third Secret was of the failed assassination attempt of a
     pope would live 25 additions years, even to the point of revisiting ski slopes.

     Well, an 1884 vision of Pope Leo XIII included the rescue of humanity be-
     ginning with the intervention of Saint Michael the Archangel.  Fatima be-
     gan a year before May 13, 1917, with a visit from the Angel of Peace.  In
     Catholic devotion, Saint Michael was given the title, Angel of Peace.

     The most notable message from the Angel of Peace was,  "What are you
     doing?  You must pray.  Pray a great deal, for the Hearts of Jesus and
     Mary have designs of great mercy for you."

     While prostrate, he prayed the following, and then instructed the children of
      Fatima children to pray that way, stating that Jesus and Mary were ready to 
      listen to them:

      My God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I hope in Thee and I love Thee. 
      I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in Thee, do not adore Thee, 
     do not hope in Thee and do not love Thee.

3} The same angel, in one apparition identified himself as the guardian angel of
     Portugal.  In fact, in one apparition, a chalice and a consecrated host stood
     suspended in midair, upon which the angel gave the children their first holy
     communion, after having prayed the following: 

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I adore you profoundly.  I offer you the most
     precious body, blood, soul, and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present
    in all the tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, 
    sacrileges, and indifference by which he himself is offended.  I offer to you 
    the infinite merits of his most sacred Heart, and those of the Immaculate 
    Heart of Mary, for the conversion of poor sinners.

    Years later, a theologian objected to Sister Lucia, the only surviving Fatima
     seer, being that two of them died during the Great Influenza outbreak of 1918.
     He said that an angel can't give someone holy communion.  Lucia's response
     was, "Maybe the angel didn't know his theology."  For those not well versed
     in English or who are using a translation machine, this was a sarcastic state-
     ment, meant to be a joke.
4} Our Lady finally appeared on May 13, 1917, the Feast of Our Lady of the
     Blessed Sacrament.  It was a friendly and introductory apparition with a
     number of things spoken.  She did mention that each of the children would
     one day be in Heaven, the two youngest very soon.  The ages of the Fatima
     children were 10, 7, and 6.

     Lucia was ten at the time and Our Lady told her that Our Lord wanted Lucia
     to stay on earth longer than the other two children, to be a vehicle for making
     the forgotten Virgin Mary and ignored Holy Trinity once again known and
     loved.  Our Lady expressly said that she wanted Lucia to learn to read and

     The logical surmise is that Our Lady wanted Lucia to be able to write books
     or articles, as well to go on a lecture circuit of some sort.  Yet, in the decades
     to follow, Lucia was hidden away.  Of course, this was during the years of in-
     tense Vatican corruption, as was evidenced by the mere fact that a butler saw
     it to be a matter of conscience to make Vatileaks an open reality.  This was
     also evidenced by the Maciel Scandal, the bank scandals, and  the molester
     priest cover-ups, Lucia was a light illuminated by the Virgin Mary.  Corrupt
     clergy members, such a Bertone, put Lucia in a leaden box, for no one to
     hear, read, or see.

     Now, Lucia saw, heard, and talked to Mary.  Jacinta saw and heard Mary.
     Francesco only saw Our Lady.  Lucia and Jacinta had to tell him what she
     said, after each apparition.

    Our Lady's arrival would be briefly preceded by what looked to be sheet
    lightning flashing through the clouds and/or sky.  It was Mary's brilliance,
    after entering the realm of time & space, from the realm of timelessness.

    The difference between the angel and the Virgin Mary was that the children
     felt a sense of annihilation in the presence of the angel, despite his majestic
     countenance.  In the presence of Mary, the children felt agile and fully alive.

     An interesting thing was revealed during the first apparition of Fatima.  Lucia
     asked about the spiritual whereabouts of a young lady who died at 18 years of
     age.  Mary said that she will be in Purgatory until the end of the world.  Well,
     a few persons born in the 1930s and 1940s expressed how shocked they were
     that a young "innocent" girl could be immersed in Purgatory.  That erroneous
     conclusion was that God is an overly demanding God, for him to sentence
     someone so young to such an intense spiritual cleansing.  Time out here.


     Do you know what teenagers have been doing in the back of automobiles?  Do
     you know what they have been doing at rave's, proms, frat parties, and similar
     venues?  Do you know what drugs circulated through their systems? Add to the
     venue the hay lofts of rural towns in the early 1900s.  Next, add to the repertoire
     lying and stealing, as well as the drugs which were far more prevalent at the time
     than assumed.  Plus, there was the matter of occult practices and divination.  Ev-
     en in Lincoln's White House, there were seances.  So, think.  If people were vir-
     tuous in 1917, Our Lady wouldn't needed to have visited Fatima.  So too was this
     the case with Paris in 1830, La Salette in 1847, Pontmain in 1871, Pellevoisin in
     1876, Knock Ireland in 1879, Beauraing in 1932, and Banneux in 1933.

     Why was there shock over Our Lady stating that a deceased teenager was to be
     in Purgatory for an intense duration?  Those persons should have felt a sense of
     relief that the young lady wasn't burning in Hell for all eternity.

     Heaven had two purposes for Fatima:

     1} To prevent people from falling into Hell.

     2} So that the power of angels can bridge into the lives of men.

         Achieving goal #2 will result in goal #1.

April 17, 2022

Comparing the Holy Trinity to a Song, a Chant, or a Hymn as well as Comparing Him to Waterfall with a Radiating Mist

The following comes from:  1} St. Bonaventure's Spiration (his teaching on the
eternal interaction between the persons of the Trinity,)  2} St. Thomas Aquinas'
writings on the essence &amtp; attributes of God, and 3} St. Catherine of Siena's themerp
of transformative love.  If this article fails to achieve understanding, then it's the
fault of the writer (yours truly,) and not the aforesaid doctors of the church.

It's important to first know that the mystery of love is that of in transforming in-
to the object of your love.   In the Holy Trinity, the Father eternally transforms
into the Son and the Son eternally transforms into the Father.   This transforma-
tion is the Holy Spirit, itself.  Now, if one were to describe a basic outline of the
Trinity, by means of comparing him to a song, then one would start by stating:

The first infinite person of the Trinity begins
by generating the lyric: 
                Let there be light.

The second infinite person of the Holy Trinity
simultaneously requites the generated light, by
radiating a tone of understanding and consent
which says: 
                             So be it

     The light is the Holy Spirit himself.
Within the Holy Spirit is the living fulfillment of every ideal embraced by the first
infinite person of the Trinity.   The ideals of God are not inanimate.  They're living
realities, living in the Holy Spirit.   They're not air headed "happy thoughts."  They
are a designed set of aspirations and preferences willed to be in existence.  In order
for such aspirations and ideals to be perfect, they must be actualized.  They must be
living.  They are the Holy Spirit, himself.  They're God's personality traits and God's
essence simultaneously.

The attributes of God include the virtues of fidelity and generosity, as well as kind-
ness and honesty.  They are humility and gratitude, as well as fortitude and fidelity.
They are equally justice and temperance, as well as mercy and generosity, existing
in equal fraternity.  It's not that God is full of virtue.  Rather, God IS virtue; the to-
tality of virtue acts in essence, infinitely existing and all at once.  Plus, within God
there is no conflict.

Divine Love is also known as Agape, (pronounced awe-gah-pay.)   Being that the
ideals of God the Father are living realities existing in one spirit, this means that
God is the infinite perfection of every virtue in existence simultaneously transpir-
ing in one being.   The aspect of God being living virtue, acting out all virtue, in-
finitely so, was explained by Thomas of Aquinas. 

Each infinitely radiating ideal is given the full consent of the second person of the
Trinity.  The second person was the inspiration for these ideals to exist.  That is to
say that the second person was the motivation for the Eternal Father's thoughts of
virtue.  In fact, the second person of the Holy Trinity is the First person's reason
for being.  If the second person of the Trinity didn't exist, the first person of the
Trinity wouldn't have been motivated to exist.

Each ideal, such as kindness, is the essence of the Holy Spirit himself.  Now, for
the finite human mind in the fallen state of original sin to comprehend the myst-
ery of the Holy Trinity is no different than attempting to place an ocean in a sand
bucket.  The most that we can do on Earth is make sand castles on the shoreline.

The general lyrics in the song of the Holy Trinity are a chorus:

First Person ------- Let there be light.    
Second Person --- I witness it to be good and I consent in it being.
First Person ------ Let there be the infinite perfection of every virtue.  
Second Person --- So be it in an unbroken collection.
First Person ------ Let it be alive in one Spirit.   
Second Person --- Let it radiate through me.

That's the paraphrased version of the Song of the Holy Trinity.  Now, the accom-
panying music to that song is of an untold quality, where the Father empties him-
self into his Eternal Son, somewhat like a waterfall.   The Holy Spirit happens to
be the water.

When comparing the Holy Trinity to a waterfall, the first person of the Trinity
becomes the light refracting throughout the water, while the second person of
the Trinity is the spray of that waterfall, making the droplets look like deeply
colored gems of a majestic quality.   It's music with infinite sustain, and there
is a gentleness to it, amidst majesty and deep tones.   If you ever come hear it,
your life will never be the same again.

A replacement word for "So Be It" is Amen.  This is why Jesus is referred to as  
the Amen  in the Book of Revelations, at the third chapter ... Verse 14, if you're
curious.  In fact, he is referred to as the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, and
the Source of God's Creation.   He consents in the Father's Will and then makes it
happen.   He requites the same person's spirations ... aspirations and inspirations.
The Holy Trinity is the one able to be in the state of being without outside help.

April 08, 2022

The Orwellian Vatican II Church Calling an Era of Prolonged War the Promised Era of World Peace

It is now the second half of the Year 2018.  Glacier-sized snow and record cold is
proclaimed by multimillion dollar Team Gore to be the result of global warming.
Destroying human life is called a human right.  The religion of peace continues
to attack and terrorize.  The Standard American Diet which induces insulin re-
sistance and the accompanying Type II diabetes, as well as morbid obesity, is
now the "balanced diet."  The bearer of the XY chromosome in every gene is
now called "she" and "her," upon surgical mutilation and artificial hormonal
supplementation.  Sweatshop economies which amount of slave states are now
deemed as civil right strongholds taking people out of poverty.  So, war is peace,
slavery is freedom, fFraudulent misrepresentation is now "settled debates," and the
Reign of Satan is now called the a thing of the dark past.  Let us proceed:

On June 26, 2000, Cardinals Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Bertone, and Joseph Ratzinger
issued a press release which stated that the promised era of world peace, as was pro-
phesied by the Virgin Mary at Fatima, had been underway as far back as 1989.  This
was the year when the gates of the Berlin Wall were opened for two-way traffic. 

Needless to say, the promised era of world peace would only transpire upon the Con-
version of Russia, and the Conversion of Russia would only become a reality when
all of the available bishops of the earth would make the valid Collegial Consecration
of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The conversion of Russia would be that of converting from mortal sin, as opposed
to converting from a political party affiliation.  This is mentioned, because a major
Catholic newspaper in the United States erroneously stated that the Virgin Mary did
not mean that Russia would be converted from habitual mortal sin.  Now , proof that
the Virgin Mary meant conversion from sin in the July 1917 apparitions comes from
the fact that the Vision of Hell was first shown to the Fatima Children, followed by
the prophecy of WWII starting under the prophesied tenure of Pius XI.  Next was
the Third Secret of Fatima which, according to a handful of those who read the
message, was that of the Great Apostasy prophesied by Saint Paul would start
at the highest ranks of the Catholic Church.  In fact, the true Third Secret was
said to contain the words, "pope . . . controlled by Satan."

Without the valid Consecration of Russia, there would be no actual conversion of
Russia.  In turn, no world peace would ensue.  This is a case where the lack of one
thing is evidence of the lack of the other.  Such a circumstance is known as a con-
verse relationship.  This means that, if strife, contention, power-plays, resentments,
rioting, terrorism, revolution, slave-waged economies, chemical inundcation of hu-
manity's water supplies, abortion-on-demand, the violent act against nature known
as Sodomy, and war are present throughout the earth, then Russia has yet to convert.

This would equally mean that the valid consecration of Russia has not yet been done.
Of course, the visionary part of the Third Secret of Fatima was erroneously interpret-
ed by an Angelo Sodano who was actively engaged in covering-up the ultimate mo-
lester priest of the ages, Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of
Christ religious order which made its money hitting on the widows and heirs of
Latn American industrialist tycoons.  Incidentally, Sodano was in Chile, during
the infamous Pinochet regime.  In fact, the present pope was there, in Argentina,
during the Argentine Dirty War.  It appears that the corrupt elect the corrupt.

Now, the vision of the Third Secret, as was relayed to humanity in June of 2000, a
man clad in papal white was killed at the hands of multiple soldiers, in a city which
was half in ruins..  Angelo Sodano said that it was referring to the failed assassina-
tion attempt of John Paul II, at the hands of one man.  Firstly, the vision specifically
showed an executed pope, not one who lived an additional 25 years after the failed
assassination attempt.  Plus, the city where John Paul II was shot by a lone gunman
was NOT half in ruins.  All in all, Sodano is a liar.  This was proven in his cover-up
of the infernal Marcial Maciel, founder of a modern religious order who refused to
be administered Last Rites at his hour of death, adding to the infernal character of

Of course, the June 2000 press release would be blown out of the water by Fatima
experts.  Then, as pope, Ratzinger said that no one is obligated to believe in the
June 2000 interpretation of Angelo Sodano.

In the dictionary of the Virgin Mary, conversion means to convert from sin ... not to
merely change one's outward political ideology.   In as much, the rearranging of gov-
ernmental systems, such as that which occurred in Moscow, does not constitute con-
version in itself.

One of the many infallible statements to come out of the various ecumenical councils
of the church stated that God gives graces to individual persons for the benefit of
the entire church, and not merely for that one person.  In a private apparition of the
Christ who said that he will be with us always, even unto the end of the world, this
was reaffirmed.  To the canonized prioress of Helfta, Saint Gertrude the Great,

Christ said that he only does for a soul that which contributes to the soul's salvation.
This means that God and his celestial court doesn't use nations as chess pieces, to
achieve a political end.  At Fatima, the Conversion of Russia meant conversion from
sin.  Period.

The Vatican's Gang of Three also proclaimed that the Third Secret of Fatima was no-
thing more than a prophecy involving the attempted assassination of John Paul II
occurred on the anniversary of the Virgin Mary's first visit to Fatima.  However, the
Scholarly Trio entirely ignored the fact that an assassination attempt was made on
Pope Paul VI, via dagger, on the anniversary of the Virgin Mary's final appearance
at Rue de Bac, Paris, in the Miraculous Medal Apparitions which involved Saint
Catherine Labouré.  (Nov. 27,1830 was the year of the apparitions and Nov. 27,
1970 was the of the attempted assassination of Paul VI.)  Therefore, the attempt
to kill popes on Marian anniversaries isn't something new.

In as much, why didn't the authors of the June 2000 news release interpret the Third
Secret of Fatima as a prophecy of the attempt on the life of Paul VI, being that it
preceded the one made on John Paul II?

The Sodano, Bertone, and Ratzinger trio asserted that the Consecration of Russia was
validly done in 1984.   However, the one performed in 1984 was a general consecra-
tion of the World which never mentioned Russia by name.  In addition, there was not
to be found the testimony of two witnesses per prelature, diocese, and eparchy which
would suffice as proof that each available bishop joined in the consecration.  None the
less, the Three Amigos proclaimed that the 1984 consecration was one awaited by the
Celestial Court of Heaven, and because of it, Russia had been converted in 1989.  Yet,
the Russian abortion rate would be obscenely high in the years to follow.  Furthermore,
the present Russian preoccupations involve activities that won't get anyone canonized
any time soon.  Therefore, in the personal lives of Russians, Russia hasn't converted.

The ultimate assertion made by the three prelates was that the dark days were gone,
that we entered the era of peace, and that the Fatima prophecies now belong in an
attic trunk.  With this having been said, gloss through the time line below, in order
to see if the assertion of June 2000 concurred with the events which would unfold
in the eleven years to follow the press release.  By the nature of the Fatima appari-
tions, and pursuant to Church Teaching on the Doctrine of Efficacious Grace, the
three cardinals inferred that the world was going to have a period of uninterrupted
world peace, from June 2000 onward.  Opus Dei and EWTN would also claim that
the consecration of Russia and its conversion had already transpired, meaning that
the church was in the New Springtime of Hope.  Concerning this claim, observe the
number of violent events that occurred on the year of the Vatican's Fatima-related
press release:

                               The Following  Suffices as an Epitaph

                                                   The Year 2000

The New Year's Day Kosheh Massacre, in Egypt, resulting in the death of 21 Coptic
Christians and the wounding of 40.  ~ the January Srinagar Market Bombing, result-
ing in the death of 20.  ~ the Sri Lankan Female Suicide Bombing outside the prime
minister's home, killing seven and wounding thirty.  ~ the Ratmalana Suicide Bomb-
ing in Sri Lanka, killing one senior cabinet member and 20 others, while wounding
sixty.  ~  the Sambha India Railway Bombing.  ~ the Kasmir GGM Science College
Bombing.  ~ the Hadera Israel Pipe Bomb that wounded twenty.  ~ the Bomb Blast
at the Erez Crossing, in Israel.  ~ the Lady Mediatrix Ferry Bombing (Phillippines),
killing 41 and wounding over 100.  ~ the March 10th Ayurveda Roundabout Attack,
in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Jolo Grenade Attack, also in the Phillippines.  ~ the Pushkin
Square Bombing in Central Moscow, killing 12 and injuring 97.  ~ the Riga Latvia
Explosions.  ~  the Mallow Wali Mosque Attack, in Pakistan.  ~ the Kashmir land-
mine explosions of August 12, detonated under a few buses.  ~ the Gulu Uganda
Grenade Attacks, killing nine and wounding sixty at two different discotheques. 
~ the Attacks on a Cali Rehabilitation Clinic and a nearby Church, in Columbia,
killing four and injuring forty-five.  ~the Bangi India Train Bombing, while it was
en route to Rampur.  ~ the Madrid Car Bombing which took the life of Judge Jose
Francisco Querol Lombardero and two other people, while injuring a total of 66.
~ the U.S.S. Cole Bombing.  ~ the Taxi Van Bombing, in Tiaret Algeria.  ~ the
Double Car Bombing, in Pyatigorsk Russia which damaged 48 of the buildings,
while killing three and wounding 15.   ~ the Batticola District Bombing, in Sri
Lanka.  ~ the November attack on Phnom Penh government offices, by dozens
of gunmen who killed eight and wounded twelve.   ~ the Christmas Eve Church
Bombings, in Jakarta Indonesia, killing 15 and wounding 96.  ~ the Rizal Day
Blasts in Manila (December 30), killing 22 and wounding 100+. 

         In conclusion, mankind was nowhere near peace during the year when the
         Vatican Trio proclaimed that the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace
         had already triumphed on earth.       

         After seeing the Year 2000 sample, do you think that the Vatican was being
         honest in claiming that the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphed and that we
         were in the prophesied Era of World Peace?  Or would you say that the trio
         was deliberately lying?  In order to arrive at an honest conclusion, observe
         the world events of 1999, the year prior to the June 2000 news release.  Is
         there anything about that year which would make the three prelates not have
         reason to see that the world was still in strife and conflict?  In as much, if it
         were blatant that there was the opposite of World Peace throughout 1999
         and even into June of 2000, then it's reasonable to assume that the Vatican
         Players knowingly and willingly disseminated a lie.

      More of Opus Dei's and EWTN's Idea of the New Springtime of Hope,
                         insulting the intelligence of people worldwide
                                                        The Year 1999
The Islamabad Mosque Gunman kills 16 and injures 25.  ~ the Batman Turkey Bomb
Blast of March 13 kills 13.  ~  the Vladikavkaz Market Bomb Blast, in North Ossetia-
Alaniae (Russia), kills 62.  ~ the Soho Nail Bomb Attack kills two and wounds thirty.
~ the Second Liberian War begins when the Organization of Displaced Liberians in-
vade from Guinea.  ~ a Sri Lankan Suicide Boat Bombing kills ten.  ~ the Kargil War
between nuclear powers India and Pakistan begins in May.   ~ the Second Chechen
War is launched by the Russian Federation in August.  ~ September's Russian Apart-
ment Bombings kill 293 and injure 651.  ~ the Bogotá Columbia Bombing kills seven
and injures dozens.  ~ the Medellin Columbia Military Base Car Bomb Attack injures
thirty-eight and kills nine.   ~ In September, the UN passes Resolution A-4/1, calling
for an investigation into reports of atrocities in East Timor, Indonesia.  ~ the Ambon
Riots in Indonesia left 100 dead the previous January.  ~ the WTO Ministerial Con-
ference's Protest Activity gets so heated that it receives the title, the Battle of Seattle.
~ Twenty-eight Jordanians are arrested for planning to bomb American and Israeli
tourists.  Operation Allied Force (the bombing of Yugoslavia) results in over 38,000
NATO combat missions and was preceded by Yugoslavian forces driving 700,000
Kosovo Albanians from their homes.  ~ Serbian Atrocities in Kosovo include gang
rape as a weapon of terror.   ~ the July Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement is shattered in
early August, when the Uganda People’s Defense Force and the Rwandan Patriotic
Army battle each other in Kisangani.  By December, the Congo War which includ-
ed the involvement of the Congo Republic, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda,
and Uganda would continue into the New Year and be joined by UN troops. ~  In
December, a force of 6,000 UN troops land in a Sierra Leone whose civil war be-
gan in 1991 and would not end for another three years.  ~ There is more, such as
drug-related violence in the Years 1999 and 2000, continuing into today.

            According to the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, (Conrad Grebel
            College, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), there were 40 armed conflicts
            occurring in 36 different nations in 1999.   The same institute reported the

            ~ 36 armed conflicts in 31 nations, in 1998. ~ 37 armed conflicts in 32 na-
            tions, in 1997.   ~ 40 armed conflicts in 34 nations, in 1996.  ~ 44 armed
            conflicts in 39 nations, in 1995.  Where do you see the Fatima-promised
            period of world peace?  ANSYou see it nowhere.  History has proven
            that the requests made by the Virgin Mary at Fatima where never fulfilled,
            being that no era of world peace has come to pass.


            Do you have the audacity to claim that Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertone made
            an honest mistake in June of 2000?  If so, then how do you explain their pro-
            longed Orwellian assertion on the matter, as was propagated by Opus Dei,
            EWTN, Fr. Robert Fox, and others who will not be mentioned here, out of
            politeness.  These entities did nothing more than assert that War is Peace.

   Here's the 13 Year Roll Call of Opus Dei's & EWTN's Idea of the Triumph 
    of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

2001 - The September 11th Terrorist Attacks and the start of the War in Afghanistan.
            ~ the Nepalese Royal Massacre.  ~ the Shijiazhuang Bombings (China) which
            killed 108 and wounded 48.    ~ the four-day long Cincinnati Riots which hap-
            penned to be the worst in the U.S.since the 1992 LA Riots and which started
            six months before September 11.  ~ the Triple Bomb Attack on towns near
            Chechnya.  ~ the Osaka School Massacre.  ~ the Chhoto Angaria Massacre
            in West Bengal.  ~ the July 24 Attack on Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike Interna-
            tional Airport by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.   ~ the September 9
            Suicide Bombing at the train station in Nahariy, Israel.  ~ the anthrax attacks. 
            ~ the Srinagar Car Bombing near the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly bldg.
            ~ the December 13 Indian Parliament Attack.  ~ There's more that transpired
            in the Year 2001.

            Pius XII's 1942 Consecration of the World was much more involved than the
            1984 consecration of the same world made by John Paul II.  In 1942, Russia
            was expressly mentioned by name and a number of bishops were visual.  Yet,
            that consecration wasn't accepted by Heaven as the one which would result
            in the conversion of Russia, according to Sr. Lucia.  Furthermore, John Paul
            performed a consecration in 1982.  So, why would the 1984 consecration be
            the accepted one, while the 1942 and 1982 ones not be?

2002 - The Chinese Textile Worker Riots in Guangdong. ~ the start of the First Ivory
            Coast Civil War.  ~ the 2002 Venezuelan Coup d'etat Attempt.  ~ the epidem-
            ic of Neuro-invasive West Nile Illness.  ~ the Second Congo War remains in
            progress.  ~ the Second Liberian War is in its ongoing status.  ~ the Second
            Chechen War continues.   ~ the Afghanistan War would continue for the rest
            of the decade.  ~ the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis results in 39 terrorists
            being killed, as well as the deaths of 129 of the 850 hostages, mostly due to
            the noxious gas which was pumped into the theater by the Russians, so as to
            subdue the terrorists.   ~ the Kiryat Menachem Bus Bombing, in Jerusalem,
            kills eleven and wounds over fifty.  ~ the Church sex abuse scandal gets head-
            line status throughout the Free World, to the disgrace of  John Paul II and his
            prelates.  ~ the February bombing outside a Kuta night club, in Indonesia,
            killing 202 people.

            To consecrate is to set something or someone aside, for a special and even
            unique purpose.  In consecrating the entire world in 1982 and 1984,  no na-
            tion was set aside for any special purpose.  It's equivalent to stating that the
            person dying in the ER waiting room is to receive no more attention than the
            healthy people sitting in the same room.  Plus, the 1984 consecration was se-
            cretive and snakelike, much in the image and likeness of Opus Dei.  Russia
            was referred to as that nation whose consecration was awaited by the Virgin
            Mary.  It was a coward's consecration that didn't fearlessly mention Russia.

2003 - The start of the Second Iraqi War which went on for years, which resulted in
            many deaths, and which contributed to the drastic rise of the U.S. National
            Debt.  ~ the successful assassination of Serbian Prime Minster Zoran Djindjc.
             ~ the Hafta Bus Massacre, in Israel.  ~ the Suicide Bombing of Mike's Place,
             in Tel Aviv.  ~ the Casablanca Attacks consisting of twelve suicide bombers.
             ~ the Riyadh Compound Bombings.  ~ the Mozdok Truck Suicide Bombing
             of a Russian hospital.  ~ the Cúcuta Car Bombing in Colombia. ~ the August
             24th Riverboat Bombing in Colombia.  ~ the September 11th Suicide Bomb-
             ing in Chita Colombia.   ~ the September 29th Motorcyclist Suicide Bomb-
             ing in Florencia Colombia.  ~ the November 15th and 20th Istanbul  Bomb-
             ings.  ~ the Maxim Restaurant Massacre in Haifa Israel.  ~ the War in Dar-
             fur begins in February.   That's only the revving of the engines.

            If Russia were mentioned by name in a consecration to the Immaculate Heart
            of Mary, what was Soviet Moscow going to do about it?  Fire nukes at the
            Vatican?  How about convert?  Moscow would have been disturbed only if
            the Eastern European satellite nations were named and Russia were left out
            of the consecration.  Even at that, the atheists at the Politburo wouldn't have
            thought much about any religious service.  No preaching on the topic need-
            ed to be done.  No political action, either.  Only a consecration prayer.       

2004 - The Haitian Rebellion and the multiplication of terrorist attacks which includ-
            ed:  ~ the Madrid Bombings.  ~ the Jakatra Bombing.   ~ the Fateh Jang, Paki-
            stan, Suicide Bombing.  ~ the Semender, Dagestan Russia Gas Pipeline Bomb-
            ing.   ~ 239 die in the Feb 21 Barlonya Refugee Camp Massacre, in Uganda.
            ~ the February Moscow Metro Bombing, killing 41 and wounding 120 people.
            ~ the Restaurant Bombing of Karachi.   ~ the Clash of Rival Shia Factions, in
            Kufa.  ~ the SuperFerry 14 Bombing, Burning, and Sinking in the Phillipines
            that resulted in 116 deaths.  ~ the Arabia Militia Raids on Sudanese civilians.
            ~ the Dhak Grenade Attack, Bangladesh, killing 23 and wounding over 200,
            after thirteen grenades were thrown.  ~ the Bombing of the Shia Mosque in
            Karbala.  ~ the Massacre of the Innocents, in Beslan Russia, killing 366 and
            injuring 747.  ~ the August 31 Moscow Metro Bombing, killing ten and injur-
            ing fifty  ~ the September 30 series of car bombings, in Baghdad. ~ the Tikrit
            Bombing of December 28th,  ~ the December 28th bombing of the Arauca
            Government Offices.  ~ the December 29 Baghdad Bombing.  ~ the Riyadh
            Bombing of December 29.  ~ the successful poisoning and attempted assas-
            sination of Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko.  ~ The list goes on.

            What else does a consecration achieve?  ANS:  The undoing of any sacrilege
            which occurred in the nation being consecrated.  A lot of hostility against
            Faith in God transpired in Russia.  That nation was a staging area.
2005 - The worst hurricane season ever, with only 1950 and 1893 coming anywhere
            close to it, in numerical statistics.  ~ the Jimabaran Beach and Kuta Bomb-
            ings of Indonesia,  ~ the January Bombings in Afghanistan.  ~ a total of 478
            suicide bombings in Iraq.  ~ the July London Bombings.   ~ the Dougzhou
            Protests in China and the killing of villagers by the People's Armed Police. 
            ~ the bomb explosions in the former Myanmar captiol, Yangon, killing 19
            and injuring 160 others.  ~ the July 23 Sharm el-Sheikh Bombings, in Egypt.
            ~ the Amman Jordan Bombing, which left 60 dead and 120 injured.  ~ the
            August 17 bombings in Bangladesh, comprising 493 bombs planted in 288
            different locations.  ~ the Toledo Riots of October, triggered by Neo-Nazis
            marching and demonstrating.  ~ the October multiple bomb blasts in a Delhi
            India market area, killing 61 and wounding over 200.  ~ the Jaunpur Train
            Bombing, in India.   The list goes on.  So too did Vatican indifference, even
            though it had the remedy to stop the trend of violence.

             Paul VI once stated, "If you want peace, work for justice."  The injustices
             of those in power trigger revolts.  The manipulation of those striving for pow-
             er gather a following of people who will even kill for them.  Life is cause and
             effect.  It's based on being influenced or on reacting to how you were treated.
             The influence of greed and arrogance, as well as bitterness and revenge, has
              been the predominate determinants of the actions of humanity in recent years.

2006 - The Israel-Hezbollah War in Lebanon.  ~ the discovery that the Vatican spent
            years concealing the crimes of Marcial Maciel Degollado, its golden egg lay-
            ing goose.   ~ the Portland Oregon lawsuit against the Vatican gets the green
            light.  ~ the U.S. Supreme Court allows the lawsuit against the Vatican Bank
            to continue.  ~ the Assassination Attempt of Somalia's President, resulting in
            deaths.  ~ a total of 297 suicide bombings occur in Iraq.  ~ the Varanasi Bomb-
            ings, in India, kill 28 on March 7.  ~ the June 15 Claymore Mine Attack of Sri
            Lanka kills 68 and wounds 60.  ~ the July 15 Suicide Bombing of one Tripoli
            church, resulting in the deaths of fifteen Christians.  ~ the Hat Yat Bombing, in
            Thailand, kills four and injures 82.   ~ the Mumbai Commuter Train Explosions
             kill 209 and wound 714, in India.  ~ the U.S. Embassy in Syria is attacked, on
             the 12th of September.  ~ On the last day of the year, eight bomb explosions in
             Bangkok kill three and injure 40.  ~ The list goes on.  ~ The Vatican fiddles
             while the earth in burning.

            If the 1984 Consecration of the World were the one accepted by Heaven, then
            why is there still a great amount of evil in the world?   If  Russia were convert-
            ed on account of the 1984 Consecration of the World, then why didn't Iraq, Af-
            ghanistan, China, the United States, and Mexico convert?  Those nations were 
            a part of the consecration too.   Does God discriminate and only play favorites? 
            Does the Eternal God engage in cronyism? 

2007 - The successful assassination of Benazair Bhutto.  ~ the beginning of the worst
            worldwide economic disaster since the Great Depression, accompanied by a
            pattern of gasoline and grocery price hikes.   ~the Samjhauta Express bomb-
            ings, in India, results in 68 deaths and dozens of injuries.  ~ the Buenaventura
            Bombing, in Colombia, kills 16 and injures 16 on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.
            ~ the April 10 Casablanca Bombing ends up injuring 23, while killing a police
            officer.  ~ the April 11th Algiers Bombing.  ~ the April 12th Iraqi Parliament
            Bombing in the Green Zone.  ~ a total of 442 suicide bombings occur in Iraq.
            ~ the Karachi Riots get underway.  ~ the Baabda Lebanon Car Bombing kills
            Brigadier General Francois al-Hajj and injures dozens of others.  ~ Somalia's
            prime minister survives the third assassination attempt of him, via suicide car
            bomber, yet six guards die and 20 are wounded.  ~ the Algeria Bombings of
            December 11 leave 37 dead and 177 injured.   ~ the December 21 Sherpao
            Mosque Suicide Bombing kills over 50.  ~ the Salt Lake City Trolley Square
            Shooting results in six by-standers killed and four wounded, before the shoot-
            er is killed by a police officer.  ~ the latest innovation in Iraqi suicide bomb-
            ing weaponry for 2007 is the chlorine tank.  ~ This is only a sample.

            EWTN, Opus Dei, Sodano, Bertone, Father Robert Fox, and other entities
            claimed that the consecration of Russia already occurred, along with the
            Conversion of Russia.  This means that we are in the promised period of
            world peace.  This also means that all that transpired in the past ten years
            is to be attributed to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the
            Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The reality is that this propaganda is
            the act of using the Lord's name in vain, in having the audacity to claim that
            the cauldron of evil into where Planet Earth was plunged is anything that
            even slightly resembles the work of God and the Queen of Heaven.

2008 - The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, including the home
            mortgage disaster, and $787 billion being leached from the common Ameri-
            can taxpayer for the sake of irresponsible big businesses.  ~ a total of 257
            suicide bombings in Iraq.  ~ The rioting throughout Greece.  ~ the Februrary
            Kandahar Bombings.  ~ the eight simultaneous bomb blasts in Jaipur, India. 
            ~ the Welveriya Bombing, in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Commuter Bus Bombing of
            Piliyandala, in Sri Lanka.  ~ the Ben Salman Mosque Bombing, in Yemen. 
            ~ the August 13th Tripoli Crowded Bus Bombing.  ~  the August 19th Issers
            Suicide Vehicle Bombing, in Boumerdès Province, Algeria.  ~ the Aug 20th 
            Double Car Bombing, in Bouira, Algeria.  ~ the Addis Ababa Pub/Saloon
            Bombing, in Ethiopia.  ~ the September 15th Multiple Grenade Attack, on
            the eve of Mexican Independence Day, in Morelia, Michoacán.  ~ The list
            goes on.

            A person angled toward tunnel-vision would logically conclude that, if you
            want world peace, then consecrate the entire world.  Men on earth don't have
            the view that Heaven has.   Fatima taught us that life is based on the domino
            effect.  The conversion of Russia would be the beginning of the conversion
            of humanity.

2009 - The worst economy since the Great Depression.  ~ the Ryan Report is pub-
            lished, shortly followed by the Murphy Report, showing that the Church in
            Ireland and Hell were not very much different from each other.  ~ France
            ignites in rioting.  ~ the Iranian Election Protests go beyond mere protest-
            ing.  ~ Piracy, as an industry, remains in progress.  ~ A Series of January
            1st Blasts in Guwahati India.  ~ the Bank Bombing in Melitopol Ukraine.
            ~ The Corsica Rocket Attack against a police station.  ~  the June 18th Sui-
            cide Car Bombing, in Beledweyen Somalia.  ~ a Cylinder Bomb Attack of
            Janakpur, Nepal.  ~ the Mogadishu Car Bombing.  ~ the Double Bombing
            of Assam India, the day before the prime minister was scheduled to visit
            there.   ~ the Mindanao Bombings in the Phillipines.  ~ the Burgos Auto-
            mobile Bombing and the Majorca Automoblie Bombing, in Spain.  ~ the
            Ürümqi Riots in Northwest China.  ~ Violence in Mexico spills over into
            the United States.  ~ the Bagram Air Base is attacked by rockets.  ~This is
            only a fraction of the list.

            If all of the Fatima secrets and prophecies have come to pass and are a thing
            of the past, then why isn't this the case with Akita, Quito, La Salette, the John
            Bosco prophecies, as well as St. Pius X's vision of cardinal laying dead and
            strewn throughout the Vatican?  In fact, the prophecy of German stigmatist,
            Theresa Neumann, has been on track, especially in the 2011 State of Texas,
            the 2012 drought, and Hurricane Sandy.  Therefore, if the Theresa Neumann
            prophecy isn't a thing of the past, then neither are the secrets of Fatima and
            non-secret prophecies thereof.  Keep in mind that

2010 - The Smolensk Russia Plane Crash that Killed Poland's President.  ~ the Nag
            Hammadi (Egypt) Ambush of Coptic Christians, kill eleven. ~ the Texas fires
            begin and will result in the burning of 3.6 million acres of land by Aug 2011.
            ~ Holocaust Survivors and families petition the European Central Bank to in-
            vestigate the Vatican Bank, for money laundering, four calendar years after the
            former Hitler Youth refuses to let Ustaše Gold go back to its rightful owners,
            even though the Franciscan order remains summoned to civil court on the mat-
            ter.  ~ U.S. military spending exceeds $729 billion, for the Year 2010, alone.
            ~ the Dallas News reports that drug violence in Mexico reaches an all-time
            high, comprising an alleged 13,000 killings.  ~ High Seas Piracy continues.
            ~ a series of revolutions begins on December 17, starting in Tunisia, after a
            street vendor humiliated by government officials sets himself on fire.  ~ On
            Christmas Day, a female suicide bomber kills 46 people and injures 100 at
            a United Natons food center in Bajaur Pakistan.  ~  the Vladikavkaz Market
            Bomb of 2010 kills 16.  ~ the Ten-Year U.S. Trade Balance Deficit reaches
            $5.5 trillion.  Trade with sweatshop tyrannies was mostly responsible for the
            financial loss.  ~ This was the year when the dominoes started to fall.           

            If the Fatima prophecies have all been fulfilled, then why hasn't the prophetic
            vision of Leo XIII about Saint Michael come to pass?  Fatima began with his
            appearance, in 1916, under the title, the Angel of Peace.  In addition, it was 
            at Fatima where the Virgin Mary said that war is a punishment for man's sins.
            Well, Russia has been at war (Chechnya, Ossetia) throughout the years it was
            supposed to have been converted.   Thus, Russia was being punished for its
            sins.  This means that there has not yet been the conversion of Russia.  Further-
            more, being the Sodano was caught lying about Maciel and the entire church
            sex abuse crisis, it is reasonable to assume that he lied about Fatima in 2000.

2011 - The New Year's Day Car Bombing of an Egyptian Coptic Church in Alexan-
            dria kills 21 and injures 97.  ~ the continuation of revolution and rioting that
            even results in England being torched and Tripoli being bombed.  ~ Nature
            continues to rebel against Texas, burning a landmass larger than the State of
            Connecticut.  ~  the Japanese Nuclear Disasters come unexpectedly.  ~ the
            ongoing killing of Christians in Iraq and Pakistan becomes a part of life in
            those two regions.  ~ Kandahar Police Headquarters is attacked on Feb 12. 
            ~ the Suicide Car Bombing of Mogadishu kills eight and injures thirty-five,
            on February 21.  ~ the March 4th bombing of the Naushera Mosque, North-
            western Pakistan, results in nine deaths and 28 injuries.  ~ the March 23rd
            Jerusalem Bus Stop Bombing, killing a Scottish Bible translator and injur-
            ing 39 others.  ~ the Arizona Shootings occur after a former Vice Presiden-
            tial candidate tells her readers to not retreat, but to reload.  ~ The Somalian
            Piracy industry continues.   ~ the U.S. treasury bond debt to Maoist China
            finally exceeds $1 trillion.  ~ the price tag for U.S. involvement in the Iraqi
            and Afghanistan Wars finally reaches the $1.2 trillion mark.  ~ the Booby
            Trap Bomb that exploded between Puerto Rondon and Tame, Columbia,
            wounds 30 soldiers who were en route to defuse a car bomb.  ~  the Sui-
            cide Bombing of Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport results in
            35 dead and 130 wounded. ~ the Karbala Double Car Bombing kills 45
            and injures 135 attendants of the Arbaeen Shia Festival.  ~ the Baquba
            Iraq Suicide Bombing, which involved deception by ambulance, kills 14,
            while injuring 60.  ~ the bombing of the Faisalabad Gasoline Station kills
            twenty and injures 120, causing damage to cars and buildings in the pro-
            cess.  ~ the Suicide Bombing of the Mardan Army Compound, in Pakistan,
            is done by a 12 year old child and results in 31 deaths.  ~ Suicide Bomb-
            ings at the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine, in Punjab Pakistan, kills 41 and injures
            twenty.  ~ the Minsk Metro Station's bombing, in Belarus, kills 15 people
            and wounds 204.  ~ the Peshawar Suicide Bombing, in Pakistan, kills 34
            and injures an additional 100.

            ~ the July 26 Mumbai Bombing, in India kills 26 and injures an additional
            130. ~ the September 7 Bombing outside Delhi's High Court Building kills
            14 and injures 76.  ~ the September 11 Taliban Attack on the U.S. Military
            Base, in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, wounds seventy soldiers.  ~ Abuja
            Nigeria's car bombing incident results in at least 18 deaths.  ~ the bombings
            of September 16th, in Yala Thailand, kill four and injure fifty.  ~ the Sept 20
            Ankara Car Bombing kills three and injures thirty others, five of whom are in
            critical condition at the time of this writing.  ~ the Mastung Ambush in Paki-
            stan kills 25 Shiite pilgrims and wounds six others.  ~ The Makhachkala Car
            Bombing, in Dagestan Russia, kills a police officer and injures sixty.  ~ the
            ongoing famine in Ethiopian continues into Autumn.  ~ the ongoing violence
            which has been transpiring south of the United States border included killings
            at the Port of Acapulco.   This is only a fraction of what happened even before
            the start of Autumn.  

2012   ~ Syria's armed revolution, ~ the Libyan Civil War, ~ continued warfare in
            Somalia,  ~ ongoing warfare in Columbia, ~ the Mali military coup d'etat,
            ~ the Boko Haram of Nigeria restart their attacks, ~ renewed fighting in
            Yemen, ~ M23 rebels send 600 government troops fleeing the Congo,
            ~ continued fighting in Burma/Myanmar, ~ renewed fighting against the
            Taliban, in Afghanistan, ~ The (Maoist) Naxalites of India continue their
            fight, ~ deadly clashed between Turkish soldiers and the Kurdish Workers'

2013    ~ Air strikes on the Kachin Independence Army of Burma/Myanmar, ~ fight-
            ing in Kashmir between Pakistani and Indian troops, ~ French air strikes in
            Mali, ~ fighting between Russian and Chechnya forces, ~ the Boston Mara-
            thon Bombing, ~ fighting in Columbia continues, ~ war in Syria continues,
            ~war in the Sudan continues, ~ continued fighting between the Taliban and
            Afghan forces, ~ continued warfare in the Congo, ~ The Iraqi Army shells
            the Syrian Free Army, ~ The Boko Haram continues its attacks in Nigeria.

2014   ~ The Syrian genocides and ISIS. the Kawari Village massacre in Nigeria,
            The Izghe Village Attack in Nigeria, the twin bombings in Jos Nigeria,
             the Urumqi China Shoppers' Market Terrorist attack, The Grenade At-
             tack in Damboa Nigeria, etc etc etc etc

2015  ~ The Syrian War & ISIL, The War in Afghanistan, the Civil War in
              Iraq, the Boko Haram Insurgency, the Somali Civil War, the Yemen
              Civil War, the War if Donbass (Ukraine), the Mexican Drug War,
              the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict, the South Kordofan Conflict, etc

2016 ~   The Syrian War, ISIL, the Iraqi Civil War,  the Mass Migration into
               Europe, the Lybian Crisis, The War in Afghanistan, the Mexican
               Drug War, the South Sudanese Civil War, the Nigerian Attacks by
               Fulani Herdsmen, the Promenade des Anglais Attack in Nice, France,
               The Taiz Rocket Attack in Yemen, the Lake Chad mass execution, in
               Cameroon, and much much more, not to mention the untold corruption
               of the murderous, abortion-obsessed Hillary Clinton, followed by the
               Anti-Trump violence which emerged shortly after Clinton lost the pop-
               ular vote in 30 of the 50 American states, and therefore lost her lunge
               for the presidency of the heavily indebted United States.

            Get the message?  If the Reality Check has finally set-in, proceed to the
            following article: 

  If the Fatima consecration has been made, where's the era of world peace?

             Or refer to any of the sources posted below, so that you can perceive how
              far away from peace humanity was in the past eleven years, and how the
             Vatican was completely out of line in issuing its June 2000 press release.









Above is a small representation of reports on the widespread killing of humanity and
the destruction of whatever was in the paths of the committed killers.  The reference
sources of all the terrorist events and wars cited in this article are too many to post in
an article that is already lengthy.  The bottom line is that the modern Vatican showed
itself to be stone hearted to sex abuse victims.  The same Vatican Players show them-
selves to be stone hearted to the victims of wars, revolutions, killings, slave labor en-
terprises, price gouging businesses, and other injustices which eventually trigger war,
revolution, and further killing.

At Fatima, the Virgin Mary said that God entrusted the Peace of mankind to her.  She
set forth the two necessary conditions for her two act.  For the Vatican to comply with
her requests would be very easy to do.  The Ruling Class of the Catholic Church still
refuses to comply.  Rather, they elected to lie, by claiming that they already complied.
If you claim that they didn't lie, but did comply 27 years ago, then where's the world

Of course, when the princes of the church have their domiciles, bank accounts, and
persons simultaneously threatened, then they will be more than willing to try the long
awaited Consecration of Russia the right way.  By that time, it will be too late for the
majority of them   ...   just like the King of France who wasn't willing to perform the
Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart, as was requested by Christ through
Saint Margaret Mary, until he was in prison and it was too late.  The present mem-
bers of the Vatican are more stone than the statues that surround them.