May 25, 2022

Sweatshop Labor Profiteering: One of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

The pertinence as to why this article is here at the Marian site is because Defraud-
ment of Laborers of their Wages is one of the four sins which cry to Heaven for
Vengeance.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the pipeline and promises to be
NAFTA on steroid.

As a quick reminder, Marian devotion does NOT consist in kissy-poo ribbons
& bows w/ flowers on altars.  It's a matter of killing the pain of other while keep-
ing yourself from killing others in the many ways in which you can destroy a per-
son's life.  Such pain-killing is known as works of charity/mercy.  After all, faith
without good works is dead faith, and he who sees that a certain good act is need-
ed to be done and neglects to do it sins.

The point ot Marian devotion is to keep out of mortal sin.  This includes not
being an accessory to such sin ... including defraudment of laborers of their
justly due wages.  If you are against the livable wage, then go to Hell, being
that you're going there anyway, if you die with that sweatshop, slave-wage

It's point is: 1} to soar with the angels, 2} to prevent oneself from being ornery,
hardened, & callous, 3} to be in control of one's senses, while conquering one's
cravings, 4} to be sensitive enough to feel the pain of others, 5} to stay out of

Observing economic justice is a part of Marian devotion.  In fact, the quest to
live according to a valid conscience is a requirement in Marian devotion.

Preliminary Notes: As of January 2015, the
Chinese yuan (the renminbi yuan) was worth
approximately 16 American cents.  Russia's
ruble and India's rupee were worth 1.6 cents,
American. A Polish zloty was worth 27 cents,
American.  The Euro was worth $1.19 US.
In 1986, when the Reagan administration and Congress opened trade with China,
the average Chinese wage was 24 cents an hour.   By 2010, it was 75 cents an hour,
for a Cantonese worker.  Today, the wage continues to depend on the region, and
ranges from $1.23 in Guangxi to $2.58 in Beijing, according to the 2013 law that
mandated the Chinese minimum wage to equal to 40% of the average urban wage.
Yet, there are reports, such as one from Business Insider, which mark the average
Chinese salary at 80 cents an hour.  Thus, we again have inconsistent reporting.

What is known is that there have been worker suicides, threats of collective sui-
cides, rioting, protests, and physically demanding living conditions.  In addition,
Vietnam, with its low wage rate, has become the new China/Bangladesh.  This is
because the Chinese nation is beginning to be a "service economy," as opposed
to a "manufacturing economy."  None the less, it's important to note that the the
Russian minimum wage is approximately $1.04.  Thus, it is projected to become
lower than the Chinese wage, should the 2013 Chinese law be observed.

The minimum wages of other low-waged nations go as follows:

Sierra Leone: 3 cents an hour.   Mali where the French intervened: 27 cents.
Mexico: 61 cents.  Vietnam: $90 to $128 per month depending upon region.
The Philippines: 61 cents.   Pakistan: 51 cents.   Afghanistan: 57 cents.
Armenia: 65 cents.  Nepal: 45 cents.  Nicaragua:  52 cents.  Bangladesh:
Monthly wage went from $38 to $66 recently.  The Ukraine: 91 cents

Other minimum wages go as follows:

Australia: $16.88.  Luxembourg: $14.24  France: $12.22   Ireland: $11.09
The UK: $10.02.  New Zealand: $11.18  The Netherlands:  $10.99
Spain: $5.57   Portugal: $4.19  Taiwan:  $3.88.   Poland: $2.97 

End of preliminary notes.
Americans wear clothing made by overseas sweatshop employees.  Americans buy
appliances made in sweatshop nations.  In almost every American home, you will
found the phrase, Made in China, more often than Made in USA, no matter what
be the category of not-very-durable durable good.

Sweatshop people don't have lives.  Nor were they given any appreciable identity.  
As a result, sweatshop employees would be found with slit wrists, time and time
again.  Eventually came the implementation of the suicide net.  Americans hold 
sweatshop workers in a living death, be these the workers in Bangladesh, China,
Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.  Now, some Americans keep these workers
lodged in this state of slavery out of cowardice, while others do so out of selfish 
negligence.  Yet, others do so out of greed.

Why would anyone want to rule over a humanity that had its humanity stripped
away from itself?  Who wants to rule over a society of humans-made-robot or 
humans-made-animal ... or even humanity-turned-zombie?  The state of those
ruled is a reflection on  the rulers.  The makers of ghettos are ghettos within
themselves, no matter how plush be their domiciles and how high be their
bank accounts.  Concerning the greed part ...

The United States does NOT make money from importing merchandise made by low-
waged foreign sweatshop workers.  It has been constantly losing through this type of
importation.  While Communist Chinese merchandise ships come to America, Ameri-
can dollars goes to Maoist China.  So too is this the case with all other foreign nations 
whose workforce can't afford to buy American products and/or services, in any type of 
two-way, fair trade, economic traffic.  No foreign nation pays the United States to take 
its merchandise.  In fact, the Chinese Communist dictators do not even give Americans 
a commission for selling their merchandise.  

America is not making out like a bandit in a business practice which constitutes a crime 
against humanity.  There is only a small percentage of Americans make out like bandits, 
often sending their spoils to overseas tax havens.  Meanwhile the rest of America finds 
itself on the losing end of the steadily diminishing currency flow, in increments.  This 
chronic loss has been in the trillions of dollars.  This is the trickle-away effect.

A flow of American dollars goes into Communist Dictatorial China, as well to each of 
the NAFTA nations, never to return to the States, without America finding itself in an
increasing state of treasury bond debt to foreign entities.  The money lost in Republican  
Party Economics is called the U.S. Trade Balance DEFICIT.   The total deficit for the  
past 10 years has been $5.929 trillion (2003 to 2012).  The accumulative deficit for the 
past 20 years (for goods & services) has been $7.988 trillion (1993 to 2012).  For goods 
only, the 20 yr U.S. International Trade Balance Deficit has been $9.236 trillion.

That's MINUS $9,839,000,000,000.
          MINUS $7,988,000,000,000.
          MINUS $5,929,000,000,000.

All gone.  Bye bye.  No more.  Au revoir.  Not even a post card.  In addition, sweatshop 
workers threatened suicide, on account of the harsh conditions in the compounds that 
manufacture the products which go to the United States.  This means that Americans  
have become unconscionable slave drivers by proxy, all the while destroying their own 
1 yi jiao
Now, foreign trade is fine, if and only if the foreign workers can afford American pro-
ducts.  That is to say, buying foreign is fine, if foreign occasionally buys American, in
return.  Thus, fair trade is a necessity, in order for foreign trade not to result in disast-
er for one of the two trading nations.  Fair trade requires a reasonably balanced two-
way street of import and export traffic.  

Concerning America, Chinese workers would not have been able to have afforded 
American products anyway, beyond wheat products, in Equitable Foreign Trade, ev-
en if America had not ceased being a manufacturer of household consumer products 
in significant quantities.

Imagine the trade balance deficit money as dollars flowing through a tube into a pro-
tectionist dictatorship or two ... or three.  This costs American jobs.  In fact, this en-
tirely prevents the creation of many American mid-size business start-ups. 

The Economic Downside Effect of
Foreign Slave Labor Profiteering

Foreign slave labor profiteering achieves the following results:

- Increases an offending nation's international trade deficit.
- Reduces the same nation's gross domestic product.
- Deceases the offending nation's per capita income.

At this point, view the United States trade balance deficit through
the years, in its trade of goods (not services) with China, alone:

                  U.S. IMPORTS                        U.S. EXPORTS
              from sweatshop China                to protectionist China
        (This is money paid to China)   (This is money paid to the U.S.A.)

2012            $425 billion                               $111 billion
2011            $399 billion                              $104 billion
2010            $365 billion                                $92 billion
2009            $296 billion                                $69 billion
2008            $337 billion                                $69 billion
2007            $321 billion                                $62 billion
2006            $287 billion                                $53 billion
2005            $243 billion                                $41 billion
2004            $196 billion                                $34 billion
2003            $152 billion                                $28 billion

10yr total: $3.12 Trillion                             $663 Billion       
 paid to Slave Labor China               paid to an acquiescent U.S.A.

The NET equals: MINUS $2,457,000,000,000 - That's only trade with China.
This is goods only.

The Total Deficit, as is charted below, is MINUS $5,929,000,000,000. 
This comprises trade with all nations.  This comprises goods and services.

The hypocrisy is that trillions of American dollars stayed in the permanent posses-
sion of the Chinese Communist Dictatorship, in the name of Democracy and
Capitalism, as well as Republican Party Values.


Now, view the total 10 yr U.S. trade balance acct, concerning trade with all nations,
in approximate numbers:

          Concerning GOODS only        GOODS and SERVICES

2012       minus $735 billion                     minus $540 billion
2011       minus $737 billion                     minus $588 billion
2010       minus $645 billion                     minus $500 billion
2009       minus $505 billion                     minus $381 billion           
2008       minus $830 billion                     minus $698 billion
2007       minus $818 billion                     minus $696 billion
2006       minus $835 billion                     minus $753 billion
2005       minus $780 billion                     minus $708 billion
2004       minus $663 billion                     minus $605 billion
2003       minus $540 billion                     minus $490 billion

Total:   minus $7.088 261 trillion         minus $5.929 trillion 
Refer to the following link: 

In addition, the total/aggregate U.S. Trade Balance Deficit for only the month
of November 2012 rose $6.6 billion, to $48.7 billion (for that one month only.)
This means that the Trade Gap Rate rose by 15.9%.  As I have previously stat-
ed, if this Trade Balance Deficit behavior continues, America will be a political
entity in the history books, compared to the Argentina which, at one time, was
regarded a world power.

Thus ends the mystery as to why millions of Americans had the hardest time
finding employment; especially those of a livable wage.

At this point, repeat after me:  "That's a lot of sweatshops."

A Crime Committed upon the Parent
is a Crime Committed upon the Child
and Visa Versa

An injustice thrust upon adults is one that is equally forced upon the children of those 

adults.  Poverty in the home of the parent is poverty in the home of the child.  Sweat-
shop labor imposed upon adults is an evil that also assails children.


'Forced to stand for 24 hours, suicide nets, toxin exposure and 
 explosions':  Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple

And it came to pass, as the first decade of the 21st Century progressed, that right
wing conservative business entities saw to it that religious objects and Christmas 
ornaments would be made in sweatshops.  The people tagged as the hard work-
ing moral majority negated the purpose for the coming of Christ, doing so in the 
name of sacred rites.  All the while,  they made money on interest-bearing instru-
ments and extremely cheap labor, doing absolutely nothing in the process.

And it also came to pass that no Christmas gift was being made at the North Pole 
by elves.  Rather, they were being made in Chinese and Bangladesh sweatshops by 
severely underpaid workers, some of whom applied razor blades to their wrists, in 
order to kill the pain that the Reaganite Moral Majority were collectively inflicting 
upon them.  

And it furthermore came to pass, as the 21st Century progressed, that millions held 
Christianity in contempt, being that millions were deceived into thinking that Ameri-
can Corporate Predatory Greed was the religion of the Nazarene rabbi who was put 
to a Roman death shortly after he drove Money Changers from the Jerusalem Temple.
When the Nazarene entered Jerusalem, the Jews placed palm branches before him.
Within a week, the Romans ended up driving nails into him.  Today, the right wing
masters of hypocrisy and greed crucify the Nazarene anew.

Humanity then became enlightened as to what the Protestant Work Ethic really is.  
It's the incessant practice of using African slaves, Irish Catholic immigrants, East-
ern European immigrants, Chinese sweatshop workers, and similar victims to do 
the Protestants' work for them.  

In the words of an adviser, "Now, that labor's cheap, human life has become cheap.
(in the eyes of right wing moral majority conservatives.)  In the Nineteenth Century, 
the States that comprised the Confederate South used local chattel slavery to achieve 
their hallowed Protestant work ethic.  In the 21st Century, the same States and other 
ones used Slavery by Proxy, as in foreign sweatshop labor profiteering.  It's the same 
Jefferson Davis hypocrisy, done in the name of "States' Rights" and a "Moral Majority" 
which is neither moral nor a majority.

Update:  In the month of August 2011, the Trade Balance Deficit with China, alone,
increased  by 7.42%, to $29 billion.  This is the statistic for one month of trading, in
terms of goods and services.  This was a new record at the time.   In as much, China
came out on top for the 304th consecutive month, in its trading with the United States.
Furthermore, the United States has not had a trade balance surplus in trading with the
Chinese Communist Dictatorship since April of 1986.  This amounts to 24 years and
16 consecutive months of money leaking into a dictatorship, by the billions per month.
America is a leaking ship soon to capsize.  It is now the of 2013.  The United States
has gone 327 consecutive months accumulating a deficit, in commerce with China.

Here is the irony:  In August 2011, corporate greed breaks a new record, to the detri-
ment of the 90% of the rest of America.  The following month began the showdown
with corporate greed, in the form of the worldwide OWS movement.  FoxNews, in a
predictable fashion, defamed the surprisingly peaceful people who elected to assert
their First Amendment Rights.  All the while,  official statistics prove that the First
Amendment people of Zuccotti Park were generally correct.  Greed has been destroy-
ing America all along, and sweatshop importation has been the vehicle doing so.

Now, the most current news (at the time of this writing) is that the monthly Trade
Balance Deficit,, in trading with China, has decreased (narrowed) in February and
March 2013.  In fact, the total U.S. Trade Balance Deficit  decreased.  Yet, it was
still woefully significant ... detrimental to the U.S. money supply.   In January, the
trade deficit in trade with China was $27.8 billion.  In February, it was $23.4 billion
lost to the quintessential sweatshop profiteer nation.    In March, the amount lost to
a China notorious for its civil rights abuses was $17.8 billion.  Money lost to China,
in unfair trade practices, for the first the months of the Year 2013, was $69 billion.

The Laws Against this Type of Profiteering Were
Already on the Books, in United States Federal Law.

It wouldn't have required any courage for any public figure to have stepped forth

and initiate movements designed to end America's complicity with slave labor pro-
fiteering.  This is because laws against it are already on United States law books.  
There's Section 307 of the 1930 Tariff Act, along with the May 2000 amendment 
to that act.   Both are found in 19 USC 1307.   How much does NAFTA conflict 
with this? 

Despite the Law, Sweatshop Labor
Importation Has Been Rampant

There is a loophole in the 1930 Tariff Act.  The law doesn't prohibit the importation 

of indentured/slave/convict/forced labor products "which are not mined, produced, 
or manufactured in such quantities in the United States as to meet the consumptive 
demands of the United States."  In addition, there are recent trade agreements that 
don't require the enforcement of morally needed international labor laws.  This means 
that foreign workers stand in direct jeopardy of being brutally abused, due to no pres-
ent legal recourse, short of the Nuremberg case law authority.  Plus, there is the alle-
gation that the 1930 Tariff Act is not being enforced.  

The evidence is publicly evident.  Sweatshop labor, forced labor, and plantation la-
bor is rampant throughout the modern world in general.  So, is the used of minors
as combat soldiers.  Many products made by laborers defrauded of their wages
have been entering American docks and airports for years.  It's equivalent to re-
ceiving stolen property on a grand scale.  It has robbed America of its money 

The names of the corporations who have capitalized on sweatshop labor have long 

since been posted throughout the Internet.  Some have faced federal lawsuits.  In 
fact, the offending corporations were often household names.  The amount of avail-
able information on this topic is so vast that it would require at least an entire web
page, in order to post the links to it. 

A 2007 National Labor Committee Report on Sweatshop Crucifixes

A 2007 New York Sun Report on Sweatshop Christmas Ornaments

A 2007 News Report Issued by Reuters India on the Christmas Ornaments

Additional Reading Material of Related Topics Includes:

A 2010 MWC News Article Reporting on the
Findings of the National Labor Committee

A 2011 News Article Reporting Disney Factory Sweatshop Suicides 

A 2011 News Article Reporting 8 Cent Per Unit Pay for NFL Shirts
Sold at $25 per Shirt:  This Translates into 72 to 92 Cents an Hour

A 2012 News Article Reporting on Apple Iphones Being Made by
the Under-aged, in 16 Hour Daily Shifts, at 70 Cents an Hour 

A Sweatshop Table of Contents of multiple reports

When You Liberate Others, You Liberate Yourself

A properly paid foreign worker has a way of increasing product demand for Amer-

can products, even from a third party nation.  For example, properly paid Chinese 
workers might only buy from Europe.  However, the increased European revenue 
might result in Europe importing more from America, thereby bringing income to
America.  Such a thing puts American workers back to work, assuming that the
level of manufacturing will increase in the United States, so that workers will be in
demand.  Such a thing can also enable mid-sized entrepreneurs to either compete 
in smaller scaled markets or more easily enter the ranks of subcontractor, simply by
virtue of increased demand.

Slave Labor Profiteering is Even an Injustice
to the Citizenry of the Nation that Engages in it

Foreign slave labor profiteering results in unfair advantages over the citizens of the 
nation that practices it.   This is because those who profit from foreign slave labor 
steal economic power from the multitudes, and in the process, they steal multiple 
advantages from their fellow countrymen.   That is to say, they cheat in order to 
get their standing in life, and that is unfair to everyone else.   After all, the average
entrepreneur cannot compete with the low wage advantage that these corporations
use for their selfish gain, at the expense of the US Trade Balance Account and the 
Gross Domestic Product, as well as the per capita income.  Foreign slave labor 
profiteering, therefore, is even an act of violence committed against an offending 
nation's own citizenry. 

A Coast to Coast Crime 

If you deny that you are part of this practice, simply go into your closet and read 
the labels on your clothing.  Then go into your kitchen and read the labels on your 
appliances.  Go next throughout your house, your place of work, and elsewhere, 
reading the labels on the newer merchandise.  If you have any merchandise from 
a sweatshop, then the practice of slave labor profiteering has reached your life.

In addition, if you work for a sweatshop profiteering corporation, you're involved.
You are an accessory to the fact.  This includes what you find under your Christ-
mas tree.

May 23, 2022

The Reason Why Hell Exists and Never Ends

In Saint Ignatius of Loyola's 30 day retreat, the first meditation/consideration is
the existence of Hell.  In the writings of doctor of the Church, Saint Francis de
Sales, at the point of introducing the reader to the devout Catholic life, the first
consideration is Hell.  The only reason for the coming of the Messiah was to
save "many" from the unending Fires of Hell.  In fact, the only new prayer
that the Virgin Mary taught to two of the three present children/seers of the
Fatima apparitions was, "Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us 
from the Fires of Hell . . ."
An Introduction to Something that Never Ends . . . ever.

The Immaculate Virgin appeared in Paris (1830), La Salette (1846), Fatima (1917),
Beauraing (1933), and Akita (1973) because numerous souls were falling into Hell
and she wanted to stop the pattern.    In fact, Teresa of Avila, Carmelite doctor of
the church, said that she saw souls falling into Hell like snowflakes, during the vi-
sion given to her.   The same sight was witnessed by Sr. Lucia, one of the Fatima

The difference between Sr. Lucia and the saint of Avila is that Teresa regarded her
vision as one of the greatest gifts ever given to her, being that seeing Hell gave her
the incentive to intentionally avoid going there.   As far as goes Lucia, she said that
Our Lady's presence, in her being with the children during the vision, was a necessity.
Lucia said that, if Our Lady didn;t tell them previously that they would be going to
Heaven eventually, they would have died of terror.  The most startling point to this
is that the vision lasted one to four seconds.  Yet, the vision made a clear and lasting

From the Fatima children came the reminder that, when you go to Hell, you are there
forever.  Fittingly enough, it was also at Fatima where Mary instructed humanity,
through the three children, to say the following prayer after each decade of the
                                      Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins and save us from the
                                      Fires  of  Hell.     Lead all souls to Heaven, especially 
                                              those who are most in need of your mercy.

Today, the existence of Hell has been doubted and even expressly denied by those who
believe in the existence of God, under the belief that a God of love would never cast any-
one into Hell.   The fact is that God doesn't cast anyone into Hell.   The evil spirits con-
verge upon those who die in the state of spiritual death, taking the lifeless souls back to
the abode of the forever-damned with them.   The fact is that demons come and take to
Hell those souls whom God the Father does not recognize, and God the Father only re-
cognizes in a soul what he recognizes in his own son.   Therefore, if you are not another
Christ, in one degree of intensity or another, you go to Hell.

Those who refuse to acknowledge that a God of Love would ever let anyone go to Hell
are those who overlook the fact that the same God allows individuals on earth to endure
untold living hells of various types, at the hands of the ruthless and vicious.  In fact, this
is the same God who allowed three shepherd children to see Hell.  Now, there was the
complaint over the idea that God would dare have three Portuguese children see Hell in
the 20th Century.  Well, the fact is that children saw Hell throughout the entirety of the
20th Century.

Altar boys saw Hell in the eyes of those predatory priests who should have never been
ordained.   Jewish children saw Hell in the eyes of the Nazis, as did gypsy children and
disabled children.  Children saw Hell through Ida Amin and other dictators, such as a
Joseph Stalin who sought to deceive humanity into thinking that he was a holy man who
cared for others.  Children saw Hell throughout WWII,  the Mao Dictatorship,  the Viet-
nam War, and the Pinochet regime.  In fact, children saw that the Planet Earth became a
branch campus of Hell.

Concerning a God of love, the sufferings of Christ manifest and testify to the existence
of a love that endures until, into, through death.  In fact, those sufferings define Divine
Love.   It's about a God of love who created an off-ramp from the easily accessible road
to Hell.  It's the road that St John Chrysostom said was paved with the skulls of bishops.
Therefore, the Fatima apparitions included showing to mankind, through three shepherd
children, the unending torment from which Jesus has the power to spare you. 

Hell, and Not any type of Diamond, Is Forever

Concerning people who believe in the existence of Hell, it was discussed on national
television if it's possible to pray someone out of the state of eternal damnation.   The
truth is that Hell is the state-of-being for those who are locked in the state of spiritual
death when they go outside of time and space.  Another phrase for Spiritual Death is
the state of mortal sin.  Being that Hell is outside of time and space, it continues for-
ever.  Hell never ends.   It consists in you having zero control over your faculties and
zero control over your being.  It consists in have zero equilibrium.  In as much, there's
nothing proportionate about a soul in Hell.  Those in Hell is in a perpetually mangled

The Reason Why It Exists, Is Because Hell Becomes Wherever They Are

Hell exists because, if you were to let a damned soul loose, that soul would immediate-
ly start cause trouble, turning everything within his/her reach into a Hell.  In Hell, the
damned vividly realize that they were deceived by the Devil, all the while realizing at
point blank range how much they have become the direct object pronoun of the demons'
resentment of mankind.   None the less, the moment that you would let a damned soul
loose, that soul wouldn't change.   It would keep tormenting others.

Satan and the other demons spiritually stick to the damned like a melting tire glazed
with an endless supply of burning gasoline.   In this state, the soul screams,  "Get him 
off of meGet him off of me!"    However, the wailing results in nothing more than
seeing the Devil gleam in an incendiary oppression.  

Hell is where those who have suffocated the lives of others on earth now suffocate for
eternity.   This suffocation is equivalent to being constricted by a large, coiling serpent.
Those who make the lives of others on earth living Hells are the ones who go to Hell.
In fact, those who abuse power on earth end up becoming the powerless and distorted
ones forever, be their abuse something that transpired in civil government, church gov-
ernment, corporate management, the military realm, neighborhood life, home life, rural
life, or life on the streets.   Bullies go to Hell because bullies are hell.  After all, your
destiny is what you are.  If you are compassionate, you spend eternity with the com-
passionate.  If not, then your eternity is away from the compassionate.

Through the apparitions of Lourdes, we learn that a sinner is a person who loves evil.
In the mystery of love, we see that a sinner is a person who loves evil and transforms
into the evil loved.

Hell is also where pointless people go.   Those who are too cowardly to stand up for
someone else always end up in Hell.   This consists in those who remain silent in the
face of widespread legalized sin.   Such a thing is known as the Sin of Accessory, as
well as the Sin of Cooperation.   In as much, accomplices go to Hell, because they've
have proven themselves to be nothings who only look out for their selfish little selves.
In fact, Hell is where a person realizes how much of a nothing he was while on earth.
Each damned soul took his nothingness with him into eternity, and upon entering time-
less eternity, he/she immediately becomes an unprotected target of the demons. 

Fires of Hell, Dark Smoke, and a Suffocating Serpent Darkening Your View

Hell is sometimes described as total darkness, while at other times it is described as
incendiary flames.   So, how can the two metaphysical experiences co-exist simultan-
eously?  ANSThe fire is symbolic of the Wrath of God flaring out from the damned
soul.  In that sea of rage is the coiling serpent of darkness wrapping itself around the
damned, creating the darkness and simultaneously squeezing the life out of the soul
which was already dead.  This places the soul in an eternal state of suffocation.  Plus,
within the sea of fire is rage so infinite that it eternally knocks a soul off of it's equili-
brium.  There is no control of one's faculties in Hell.  It's like being a ship knocked
about, during a storm.

In another allegorical explanation of the spiritual reality of Hell, the fires of it emit a
densely dark and suffocating smoke which is symbolic for unburnt fuel ... of the fuel
provided by God for good works, but was never used by the damned soul for the good
works it could have done.  This darkness translates into a complete lack of understand-
ing.  The result is an inflammatory darkness, where a person is engulfed in a howling
grief.  Where a person is in the midst of zero comprehension of truth of God.

Hell is where the soul's action strives for the negation of its existence, all the while re-
maining locked in the unbreakable reality that God created that soul to exist forever.
Each of the damned is in a changeless state of gracelessness.   There is no sense of
mercy in such a soul, no sense of kindness within it, and no charity to be found in
it.  In fact, only the merciless go to Hell.

The great truth about Hell is that only the mercy of God prevents anyone from falling
into Hell.  Yet, unless a person performs acts of mercy on earth, he will never receive
mercy from God.   Souls in Hell only have the reflex to claw at others, all the while
realizing that they are vice-gripped in the anaconda-like melting tire experience for-
ever.  They were miserly, abusive, conniving, and manipulative.  This translates into
being merciless.

As was previously stated, the smoke of the Fires of Hell is symbolic of the wasted
energy of a person who failed to use that energy to do some type of good, from time
to time.  Where love should be emanating from the soul, a smoldering hole exists, in-
stead.  This was the result of the damned soul's life of indifference on Earth.

The indifference of the person results in the emission of the burning wrath of God's
everlasting rejection, coming out of that soul.  This is what Jesus meant when he re-
peatedly stated,  "There will be wailing and the gnashing of teeth."   As St Louis
of Montfort wrote, God is in  Hell, in God's Justice.   After all, God is everywhere
and involved in all things.   The omnipresence of God is addressed in Psalm 139. 

The Intensity of Hell Equals the Intensity of God's Love Betrayed

Hell is so greatly tormenting, because God's love is so incomparably great.   Those who
betray and sacrilege a love so great can only find the betrayal thereof result in an eternal
privation equally as intense.   This is why the degree of Hell's torment is unfathomable
to the finite human mind while that mind exists in time and space.  Being that the Di-
vine Love is unfathomable, the damnation of those who betrayed that love is equally
as unfathomable.

Oh Happy Fault.  Oh Necessary Sin of Adam
that Merited for Us Such a Wonderful Savior

The intensity of Hell's torment is the reason why Jesus is correctly regarded as a won-
derful savior.   He is titled, savior, because of his ability to save humans from falling
into the fires of Hell.  Very simply, Christ saves people from Hell by saving them from
their sins.  Therefore, to deny the existence of  Hell is to belittle Jesus Christ.  Saving
you from Hell was the mission assigned to him.   This is the reason why he was sent.

Concerning the percentage of humanity to be ultimately saved from falling into Hell,
all that is known in this life is that it's "many."  This means that it's not everyone.

The key feature in the Fall of Adam is that, if God let mankind be abandoned to its
sins, then God would have been committing negligence.  Now, if God would have
committed negligence, in letting mankind be abandoned to its sinfulness, then God
would have negated the purpose for having been a creator.  In sequence, God would
have negated his purpose for being God.

Creating man, without simultaneously preparing to provide for its savior, in light of
humanity's foreseen fall from grace, would have made God a pointless and entirely
worthless creator.   If God were a pointless and worthless creator, then God would
not have had the power to create angels or men in the first place.   This means that
the saving nature of God is what empowered God to create those angels who would
never sin and therefore never need a savior.   It was God's Divine Mercy that empow-
ered God to create a host of angels who would never sin.  This means that even the
sinless received God's mercy.  They simply received it before the fact.

An element of mercy is that of protecting creatures from sinning in the first place.
This is the essence of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, where the Virgin
Mary was preserved from sin from the first moment of her creation.  It was the fore-
seen merits of the Christ to come which empowered God the Father to create Mary
in a sinless state.   God is Mary's savior in that God saved Mary from sinning in the
first place.     That ultimate power of God as savior occurred in the sinless Virgin
Mary --- not in the greatest sinners of existence.

The Eternal God has created the human soul in such a way that it's nature is to emit a
collection of spiritual attributes which result in the soul emitting one collective ardor;
one collective glow.  This means that, in the end, everyone will burn in one fashion or
another.   It's simple.  You will either burn with the Fires of Hell or you will burn with
the Fire of Divine Love.  It's unavoidable.  Take your pick.  Your choice will be with
you forever.

May 22, 2022

Today's Bishops and their Compliance with Corporate Sin

Corporate Sin is defined as a commonplace injustice commonly practiced by
an entire society.   It does not refer to sins only committed by corporations, ev-
en though corporations are often front-runners in getting a sin to be practiced
throughout a society as habit and law.

Corporate Sins include foreign labor exploitation and other forms of slave
labor profiteering, - Segregation, -Abortion-on-Demand, -the form of adul-
tery known as "divorce and remarriage," -legalized polygamy, -the disregard
for a Sabbath rest day in the society, environmental irresponsibility and other
forms of inundated a society with neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, liver cell
killers, respiratory irritants, etc.  So, don't think of corporate sin as something
committed by a board of directors.  Let's proceed:

Think:  Today's bishops, as if they have no consciences, continue to accept into
their tax-free collection baskets the profits of sin.  This includes weekly envelope
donations from parishioners whose job descriptions have them cooperating with
a mortal sin ... a social injustice ... even a crime against humanity.

For example, to work for any one of the many U.S. corporations that profit from
overseas slave labor is to make your income via the sucking of the blood of ex-
ploited workers and to simultaneously be an accomplice to one of the four sins
which cry to Heaven for vengeance, namely Defraudment of Laborers of their

When an entire nation of bishops keeps silence to such a crime against humanity,
all the while accepting the proceeds from this crime into their collection baskets,
their hypocrisy creates a stench throughout an entire nation that repels people away
from the church.  In as much, the bishops, in their silence, are consenting to the pre-
sent sweatshop profiteering practice which will inevitably find itself in a Nuremberg-
type setting.  After all, history repeats itself.  Of course, history repeats itself only
because the Eternal God is changeless and responds equally to each era of humanity.

As an example, the Nazi Germans smugly thought themselves to be untouchably
immune, as much as do the bishops of today.  So too did Cromwell's accomplices.
Then came the gallows and the hangings ... of Cromwell's accomplices and Hitlet's
servants.  Add to the list the French ruling class that let hunger rule over the French
citizenry, only to find themselves beneath the newly invented guillotine.  Etc go the

One more thing, when such stone-cold and heartless people (such as Cardinal Angelo
Sodano) have power over you, it is a punishment for the sins of entire collection of
people.  After all, people get the governments they deserve, by it a matter of church,
state, or corporation.  The present Vatican's true colors get repeatedly exposed ... far
beyond the disgrace of Vatileaks which came from the hands of a butler so outraged
by Vatican corruption that he, in conscience, could not remain a silent accomplice.

Let us continue, whether you are mature enough to do so or not:

Now remember, not everything is in the Bible, and the Gospel of John states this.
The following subject, however, happens to be mentioned in the Bible.  But, it's
expounded in the teachings of the doctors of the Church. and it's clarified in the
magisterium's official ChurchtTeaching.  It's reference source is Ezekiel 3:18.

18If I say to the wicked, You shall surely die—and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade the wicked from their evil conduct in order to save their lives—then they shall die for their sin, but I will hold you responsible for their blood.19If, however, you warn the wicked and they still do not turn from their wickedness and evil conduct, they shall die for their sin, but you shall save your life.
The bishops have the moral obligation to speak out against social scandal, other-
wise regarded as corporate sin.  The prime purpose is to see to it that the faithful
will not be accomplices to those sins.  If Catholics go to work and are expected
to participate in a mortal sin, as a part of their job descriptions, the bishops must
intervene, instead of remaining silent.  This is especially the case with the cardi-
nals, being that they wear the color red as a symbol that they are willing to shed
their blood for the Faith of Peter and the faithful adherents to that faith.

You need to perceive the aggravation being endured by the Eternal God, at the
hands of cowardly bishops who will not speak-up and mobilize the forces.  This
is because the faithful are the only hands, feet, and voices God has on Earth, to
do God's will, and the bishops have the laity immobile and without direction.

The bishops have the moral obligation to mobilize a counter-effort and be actively
involved in ending those sins which are an institutional part of their society's life.
Once upon a time, one social scandal was racism of the South.  Today, it's foreign
slave labor exploitation throughout the United States by which American homes
are filled with product labeled as Made in China, Made in Vietnam, etc.

Then there is the legalized adultery known as "divorce & remarriage," by which 
no attorney and no wedding planner is morally permitted to participate in such
a sin,  For them, it is  a sin of cooperation.  Yet, there are those who are willing
to cooperate with mortal sin, to make an income.  Well, you cannot buy your way
out of Hell, and Hell is endlessly forever.  It doesn't end and their are no time-outs,
no relief, no reprieve, no hope.  All of the cooperating with sin did nothing more
than damage the cooperators forever,

In as much, silence, such as the criminal silence of bishops, is a sin of coopera-
tion.  Bishops are quite capable of going to Hell for all eternity, too, especial-
ly in light of the fact that the more which is given to you the more which is
required of you.  And of course, St. John Chrysostom wrote that the road to
Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. 

How many bishops of today have you seen doing their duty in mobilizing the
faithful in the effort to end those institutionalized sins known as social scandal
and corporate sin?  Yet, such a counter-measures occurred in the 1960s, in the
Grapes and Lettuce boycott.  It worked well, benefiting the workers at the time.
Today, however, the bishops show themselves to be selfish brats who couldn't
care any less than they do about the suffering of others.

The institutionalized desecration of the Christian Sabbath in heavily christened
populations is another social scandal.  Sins against the Ecology of the Earth and
the home is categorized under "Thy shall not kill."  Plus, medical price gouging
is another scandal that the modern Church must not empower.  It is categorized
under, "Thy shall not steal."  But, the church partakes in medical price gouging,
these days.  The great irony is that hospitals were originally for the poor, as op-
posed to being extremely expensive places.  Saint Louis of France founded a
hospitals that housed three-hundred patients.  It was called Quinze-Vingts, as
in 15 x 20 = 300.  Quinze means 15 and Vingts 20.  For the record, I was a
French major as well as an Economics & Accouting major.

Today's bishops seem to be insensitive to human suffering.  And of course, sin
harms others and causes them to suffer.  In as much, bishops who remain negli-
gent toward addressing and countering socialwide sins are vicious, ruthless, and
self-absorbed.  In as much,  if they don't form the needed apostolates, ..  if they
don't mobilize the laity ... if they let socialwide mortal sins go without objection,
then those sins end up embedded in their own dioceses.  It literally comes up to
their doorsteps and enters their homes.  In their sins of negligence, their eternal
salvation is non-existent.  Only everlasting Hell awaits them, because they were
more than willing to let people on earth go through Hell.

God is changeless.  If you remain obstinate in sin today, you get a full dose of
God's wrath as much as you would have gotten it two thousand years ago.  Now,
you might think that you are too glamorous and filled with "love feelings" so
much so that God grants you special favors and will not exact divine vengeance
upon you.  However, Go is neither impressed with nor intimidated at egomaniacs
who think that they are too glamorous for God's law.

The approved Marian apparition of Quito Ecuador mentioned that  a corrupt priest-
hood will have emerged in the 20th Century.  The approved Marian locutions of
Akita Japan mentioned that bishop will be against bishop and cardinal will be
against cardinal.  The approved apparition of La Salette had its apocalyptic 
ecret, and there were number of beatified and canonized people who pro-
phesied about this era, too.
Today's bishops, in their criminal silence,
continue to let the nails be driven into Christ anew.

Then comes the Third Secret of Fatima.  Being that the Quito, Akita, and La
Salette prophecies have yet to come to pass, the Fatima prophecies are not
yet a thing of the past.  

Concerning this, also keep in mind that, in June of 2000, Cardinal Sodano was
purposely orchestrating a diversionary tactic to take the attention off of inter-
national criminal, Marcial Maciel.  So, he feigned the Triumph of the Imma-
culate Heart of Mary.  That triumph has not yet happened, and when it does,
everyone in the Catholic world will recognize that Sodano, Bertone, and Rat-
zinger (the authors of the June 2000 Fatima press release farce) were lying to 
humanity, all along.  They will forever be recognized as the hideous beings
they have been for decades.

Concerning the fate of today's bishops, the prophecy is that they will under-
go the same destiny as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  However,
the other part of the prophecy was referred to as "the Restoration."   The
bottom line is that the end of the world will not be coming any time soon.
Rather, we will be seeing an end to a generation of bishops accomplished
in the vulgarity of cronyism, nepotism, negligence, retaliatory conduct, 
narcissism, and insensitivity to other people's pain.  They, in their mortal
sins of negligence, cause pain.  In as much, when you die, you get what
you gave in this life.  So, guess what they will get.  Amen.