The Hail Mary: The Cadence of Angels

She lived in a nation known for strife, grief, and warfare throughout a continuum of cen-
turies.  This included the film documentary centuries of modern times.  The irony is that
the capital of her nation was called, the City of  Peace.   Her locale was a valley hamlet
which saw its share of strife in 67 C.E., but which wasn't mentioned in historic texts dat-
ed before 200 C.E.   None the less, the artifacts of her general locale date back 2,000
and 9,000 years.  Her home showed signs of life throughout a succession of centuries.

She never married into a wealthy family.   Nor did she hold office.   Coffers of treasure
were not hers to possess.    In fact, this woman never possessed anything that would be
regarded today as empowering to women.   Yet, her power now exceeds that of every
women who ever came to be.

She was called blessed among all women by the wife of a high priest who was given
an unexpected revelation about her.   In response, the lady whose soul reflects starlight
said,  "... From henceforth, all generations will call me blessed, because he who is
mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name."  

For those unfamiliar, the Anglo Protestant Bible Belt World views Mary as a very
unwelcome presence so much so that it's adherents declare that having recourse to
her is evil.  Yet, the Bible expressly states that all generations will call Mary blessed.
This means that, if you don't call Mary blessed while claiming that the Bible is the
revelation of God, then you are hypocritically anti-Biblical.  Of course, those who
claim to be "Biblical" ignore pivotal passages of the Bible.

Her own words were proven to be prophetic.   Prayer books, theology books, art, In-
ternet sites, film, church structures, religious orders, and the supply of rosaries that
were made throughout the centuries prove that a representation of humanity in every
generation after Mary has called her blessed.

The phenomenon of Mary has not been duplicated.  Nor has the envious hatred of her.
Mary has been treated as an enemy of God and a nuisance of mankind in specific sub-
cultures.  Thus, there is the duty to defend her.  As a general rule, the more vulgar the
subculture the more the hatred toward the Virgin Mary.  After all, it is written,  "Lust
indulged afflicts the soul."   In light of this, it's no mystery as to why certain people
get almost convulsive at the name of Mary.   This is because darkness is incapable of
comprehending light, especially when it's gentle starlight.

Before the age of wall to wall profanity, it was commonplace to associate the name of
Mary with Catholics.  Today, however, the name of Mary conjures images of people
claiming miracles in streaked windows and on pieces of toast.  The modern mind has
become so Orwellian that people now claim profane things to be sacred.

Catholics in years past were accused of idolatry for wielding rosaries and keeping de-
pictions of Mary in their living quarters.  Yet, the accusers would think nothing of hav-
ing their favorite singing star poster posted on a wall or a billboard.  In addition, it has
been the most vulgar element of humanity who has obsessed itself with insisting that
Mary didn't remain a virgin, as if being the Ark of the New Covenant was a fleeting
and insignificant thing ... as if the Law of Moses (which was the reason why Mary
was to remain a virgin) had zero significance during the Jewish woman's life. 

In light of all the hatred which has been hurled at Catholics for their friendship with
Mary, the act of defending devotion to Mary is always the order of any day in our
tattoo-ridden and body-pierced society.   Defending the sanctity of Mary is equally
in order. 

Catholic Spiritual Radar, aka Catholic Instinct

The reason why Catholics have a reflex action to be respectful and affectionate to-
ward the Virgin Mary is because they see her as beautiful and intriguing as a starlit
night.  What decent person would shun the beauty of a starlit night?  ANS:  Those
immersed in animal instinct.

What real man would be too numb and too stone cold to be moved by the Virgin
Mary?   What person in need of counsel would not have his innermost recesses in-
fluenced by her philosophic touch?   After all, she saw her son die in a mob scene.
She had to take the same son to Egypt at the beginning of his life.  At this hour, she
continually sees multitudes of humanity speaking curses against her son, as well as a
line of mockeries against him, especially when the name of Mary Magdalene comes
to the fore.   A masterpiece of conversion has been turned into a gossip column article.
Such a thing is as profane as claiming that a streak in a window is a Marian apparition.

Go one step further.   Consider the three nations of continental Europe most known for
Catholicism in their histories.   Namely, they are Spain, Italy, and France.  Religion may
be laid waste in vast sectors of those nations today, but the Roman Catholic influence
molded the personalities of those nations  for centuries.   Now, what general observa-
tions are stereotypically associated with the rose garden Italian, the Frenchman, and the
Spanish gentleman?  ANS:  Romantic tendencies, suavity, charming gentlemanship, the
rose garden ambiance, the poet, and things similar.  In light of this, what influenced this
reflex action found in the stereotyped suave Latin gentleman?   ANS:  The Charisma of
the Virgin Mary and devotion to the saints.

The Words of God the Father

Angels are messengers of God.  At the Annunciation, Gabriel was speaking the words
of God the Father when he said, "Hail, full of grace.  The Lord is with You.  You are 
the most blessed among all women."   In light of this, it is clear to see that anyone who
hates the Hail Mary hates God the Father, being that he was the first person to spirate
those words, through Gabriel.    In a similar fashion, those who recite the Angelic Sal-
utation of Gabriel take on the power of the Eternal Father.

Heaven recognizes a sin against God known as blasphemy against the Immaculate Heart
of Mary.  Such blasphemy is a sin against the Will of God, as well as a simultaneous sin
against the mind of God and the power of God to do great things in a humble lady.  The
first person to commit this type of blasphemy was Lucifer, shortly before he departed
from Heaven like a bolt of lightning.

The correctness of Marian devotion finds itself in the biblical account of the crucifixion,
when a dying Christ said to the only apostle remaining near him, "Look, your mother."
In light of this, anyone who condemns devotion to the Virgin Mary condemns the Christ
who assigned her to be our mother.  Needless to say, the condemning person kills every
facet of infatuation with life.   The lesson is that a person who identifies himself as a
Christian, yet who hates the Virgin Mary, is often a danger to society ... proven through
historic events.


I am Legion. We are money

The original logo of the advertising agency co-founded by the founder
of the Legionaries of Christ religious order.  The word, integer, refers to the
concept of integrating the worldly with the spiritual, thereby rejecting the
notion of detaching oneself from the world, as was taught in Catholicism
for centuries.  Maciel died in disgrace, after having lived disgracefully.
                        "Maciel’s envoys would regularly deliver envelopes with thousands 
                          of dollars in cash to key Church hierarchs.  Private audiences with
                         the Pope commanded as much as $50,000 dollars per visit, money
                         that was channeled through Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Polish priest
                         who was the pope’s private secretary from 1966 until John Paul’s
                         death."    Pope John Paul "the Great" and his crime syndicate: 
                         Part I, Fr. Maciel

     The Way of Marcial Maciel Degollado:   Simony & "Polite Bribery"

For those of you who do not yet know, and I have encountered those who don't,
the founder of the 20th Century religious order, Legionaries of Christ, is known
as the modern church's version of Frankenstein's monster, only far more evil.

Marcial Maciel and his religious order contained an unnecessary troop of boys
on Legion property who were far too young for seminary courses.   They were
recruited by Legionarie priests under the claim that they had vocations to the
priesthood.  It turned out that the youth served the function of sex toys for the
religious order's founder.   By his habits, it's clear that he declared war on na-
ture and the vows of ordination, operating a cult under the guise of a religious

So cultic was the religious order founded by Maciel that its priests took a com-
pletely unique and repressive vow that consisted in promising to never speak ill
of Maciel or any other superior of the order.   It was called a vow of charity, but
it had nothing to do with charity per se.   After all, this religious order consisted
in Maciel hitting the rich up for as much money as was available and then giving
large sums of it to the Vatican, as if Maciel founded a lobbyist group.

The religious order founded by Maciel mostly consisted in taking from the rich
and giving to the rich.   After all, when an entity like the Vatican needs money,
all that it has to do is sell a fraction of its priceless art.  The Vatican is already
rich, no matter how often it is made to look like a house of orphans one step
away from bankruptcy.

Shortly after having ascended to the Chair of Peter, Benedict XVI abrogated the
cultic vow, meaning that he made it null and void.   After all, the vow guaranteed
that Legionary clergy members would never report any of the predatory antics of
Maciel that they would witness.   As was stated by another writer, it also ensured
the cult of personality around which Maciel was surrounded.  In fact, the one add-
ed vow suggests that Maciel might have already been preparing to live the life of
a serial molester and drug abuser, being that he founded the Legionary religious
order while he was still a seminarian.   The rule conveniently fit the lifestyle of a
criminal.   Thus, it seems that Maciel might have already been taking measures to
keep his future crimes concealed.  Such a vow would silence any witness to what-
ever ill actions Maciel would commit in the future.

The added vow was not Christian, being virtue includes accepting the admonition
of others ... aka constructive criticism.   After all, accepting criticism is an element
of humility, and it helps you in your examination of conscience.   If the Mexican
molester couldn't take criticism, then he should never have been allowed to have
founded a religious order.  In fact, he should not have been allowed to have found-
ed an order while he was still a seminarian.   Such a thing is like making an under-
graduate student the president of a college.

Benedict XVI forbidden the order to ever refer to Maciel as Our Father, again.
Writings and photos of the serial molester were ordered discarded and never used.
Benedict deleted Maciel from church spirituality.   He now needs to do similar in
the case of Maciel's accomplice, promoter, and concealer Angelo Cardinal Sodano,
the former nuncio of Pinochet's Chile.

November 24th Update

To start, a religious order operates according to a set of by-laws known as a Rule.
The most famous one is the Rule of St. Benedict, employed by all Catholic monas-
tic orders.  Now, a papal envoy declared the 1,000+ by-laws of the Legionaries of
Christ Rule to have already been invalid, except for only 128 of them.  You see, the
Vatican only approved 128 rules for the Legion of Christ order.  Yet, members of
the Legion were told that all 1,000+ rules were approved.  The petty and picayune
ones which amount to splitting hairs, were not.   In as much,  we see another in-
stance where the leaders of the Legion of Christ order are accomplished liars who
busy themselves with things that don't matter, in the grand scheme of the universe. 

Maciel's Diabolical Con Game

Do not let yourself be deceived into thinking that Maciel's Legionaries of Christ
is an arch-conservative religious order holding a fanatical allegiance to the pap-
acy.  Rather, think of it as a con game designed to put the pope and the Vatican
on high finance puppet strings.   The habitually negligent John Paul II fell for
the con.

Here was Maciel' game:

If Marcial Maciel could trick humanity into believing that John Paul II was the
greatest pope ever, and if Maciel could simultaneously make himself look like
John Paul's right hand man, then Maciel would have succeeded in deceiving
mankind into regarding him as an equal to what the laity would have been
lead to believe was history's greatest pope.   Maciel would then have suc-
ceeded in getting mass delegations of humanity to cow-tow to his every

John Paul II publicly called Maciel "an efficacious guide of youth" in 1994.  Thus,
he fell for Maciel's ploy.  This resulted in testimony being sent to the Vatican in
1998, by one of Maciel's victims, solely out of a sense of conscience.   Other cor-
roborative testimonies from other Maciel victims were then sent.

Predictably enough, the original victims of the serial molester were made out to be
the villains, as soon as each one would come forth with his corroborative testimony.
None the less, according to Jason Berry, the journalist who diligently investigated the
Legionaries, allegations against the Mexican predator were sent to the Vatican as far
back as the 1970s and 1980s, only to be ignored by the Vatican.

Maciel Was Already Suspended as Far Back as the 1950s

Maciel was removed from ministry (for drug misuse) during the reign of Pius XII,
in 1956.   An investigation of Maciel and his newly established religious order was
then conducted by members of the time-tested Carmelite order.   The confounding
feature which sabotaged the investigation was that each of the molested youth who
were questioned lied  . . .  admittedly so, years after the fact, out of a sense of fear
and duress.

From the point in time when the young men lied to the Carmelites, everything to
be gained by Maciel and the Legionaries would now be gained principally through
the lies told in the 1950s.  The exposed truth would probably have resulted in the
Legionaries of Christ being disbanded, aka "suppressed," being that ithe reign of
Pius XII was still in tact.  Anything obtained through a lie constitutes an ill-gotten
gain.   Therefore, the financial assets of the entire Legionaries of Christ religious
order is an ill-gotten gain.

How the Snake Escaped from the Sack, According to Jason Berry

One calendar year after Pius XII's 1958 death, Maciel was readmitted to the min-
istry, compliments of Clemente Cardinal Micara, a cleric given the equivalent of
$10,000 by Maciel one calendar year after WWII ended, when $10,000 was a siz-
able sum of money.   Maciel ended up having his "faculties" reinstated in 1959,
meaning that he was once again allowed to hear confessions, conduct Masses,
preach, etc.

Then came 1960, when the Third Secret of Fatima was to be read, indicating that
something evil at the time would be on the loose in the Catholic Church, contri-
buting to the church's ruination.   Maciel was ever so coincidentally on the loose
in 1960, perverting the church, after having been canonically chained for a few
years.  Then came Vatican Council II, the ecumenical council from Hell.

Maciel was cited as having targeted the wives, widows, and daughters of wealthy
men, solely for money.   In fact, a seminary in Spain was built, in large part, due
to the daughter of a former Venezuelan dictator.  In fact, there was the donation
of a house from a member of the famous Garza family, and an donation equival-
ent of $50 million dollars was alleged to have been donated by an industrialist's
widow, Flora Barragán.   Carlos Slim, richest man on earth, also donated to the

Angelo Cardinal Sodano Committed Perjury before Humanity,
as if the Welfare of Humanity Were Insignificant to the Vatican

The dean of the college of cardinals, Angelo Sodano, defended and supported the
reputed molester, Marcial Maciel, even in lying to the world about an investiga-
tion that was transpiring.   This proved Angelo Sodano to have been a danger to
society, in promoting and covering a serial predator.    In 1998, detailed testimony
set forth by Jose Barba had been placed on the desk of Cardinal Ratzinger.  How-
ever, those allegations sat neglected for six years.   Sodano was the secretary of
state at the time.   He is attributed with having applied the pressure which result-
ed in Joseph Ratzinger committing negligence, if not cowardice.

Sodano and Maciel Go Back to Sodano's Days in Dictatorship Chile

Sodano's support of Maciel goes back to his days as Papal nuncio of a corrupt
Chile.  Much more about the corruption between Sodano and the Legionaries is
found at the site linked directly below.  It includes the account of an $800,000
payout for so-called engineering and architectural plans which amounted to en-
tirely insignificant writings, according to the investigating FBI agent.  In fact,
the quote of the agent was,

"Each one was about two to five pages long.   None of them contained any 
  schematics, technical drawings, diagrams, or anything that appeared to 
  relate to engineering.   The reports were almost worthless, did not reflect
any engineering work,  and were certainly not worth over $800,000."

Follow the Money ... to John Paul's Former Secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisz

According to Jason Berry,  "When Dziwisz became a bishop in 1998, the Legion 
covered the costs of his reception at its complex in Rome.  'Dziwisz helped the 
Legion in many ways,' said a priest who facilitated payments.   'He convinced 
the Pope to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Legion.'   

This is the same Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz reputed for forbidding a certain priest
to reveal the names of Polish priests who collaborated with Communist secret ser-
vice agents.   Records showed that the collaborators included three active Polish
bishops.  In fact, a press conference was scheduled by which twenty-one living
Polish priests were to be revealed for having been agents of the Security Service.

His name is Rev. Tadeusz Isakowics-Zaleski, and he entered the realm of the heroic
in 1985, when he was brutally beaten twice by the Security Service who had twenty-
eight Polish priests in its ranks.   So much of a hero was Father Tadeusz that he was
awarded Poland's highest honor, induction into the Order of Polish Rebirth.   There-
fore, it was Poles such as Father Tadeusz who caused the Berlin Wall to fall, as well
as Singapore, Polish union members, people adapting to the western culture, and Rus-
sians who wanted to benefit from the wealth in Russia, including its natural resources.

Polish national hero, Father Tadeusz, was given an order from Dziwisz, under severe
canonical penalties, to not reveal the names of the traitors of the church and liberty
who happened to also be clerics of the church.    Dziwisz is regarded as a long-term
friend of John Paul II.   Dziwisz is the caliber of company whom John Paul kept.

John Paul II was a hideously poor judge of character.  He lived in too much lux-
ury and was a non-stop coward during WWII.   Thus, the insight of a Jimmy
Stewart were not found to be in him.  In as much, God does not let saints get
deceived as hideously as did John Paul II.   As an individual stated, "Saints
can be deceived, but not throughout an entire pontificate that lasted dec-
ades."  The logic is that, if you are a pope who reigned for decades and were
deceived throughout that time, then the degree of sanctity required for beati-
fication is absent.

Jason Berry recently announced, on national radio, that John Paul II was very
much aware of the widespread clergy abuses transpiring throughout the church.
Therefore, it was beyond callous, as well as a sin against charity, for the Sodano-
Maciel world to have praised John Paul II as inordinately as they did.   In fact,
John Paul sinned against the virtue of humility in not shutting down the theatri-
cal praising of him.   Each time John Paul would be praised as an untold hero of
the ages, violence was being done to the scores of individuals who became the
cracked glass victims of his reign.

Violence was also being done to those who were true WWII heroesof those who
suffered greatly and risked their lives in the effort to rid the world of Nazi domina-
tion.   You must admit to yourself that the reign of John Paul II was a continuous
marketing campaign that focused more on him, the disappointing servant, than on
Jesus Christ, the master.

Death Without the Sacraments, while Priests Were Placed on Standby

It's important to note that, at his Jacksonville Florida death, Maciel forcefully re-
fused to let the last rites (viaticum) be administered to him, stating that he didn't
believe in the forgiveness of God.   This was arrogance in his thinking that his
sinfulness was greater than Divine Mercy.   This furthermore shows that Maciel
had zero faith in Catholicism.  He was using the Catholic Church to his advan-
tage, for his twisted agenda, all the while posing as a man of faith, hope, and
charity.  Maciel amassed wealth, but in the end, he couldn't take it with him,
dying in the company of one of his mistresses and his only known daughter.

Maciel Today

It must be remembered that a damned soul still has the power to tempt you and
cause havoc in your mind, your senses, and your life, if you remain unprotected.
In fact, a damned soul can possess you as much as can a demon.  Therefore, do
not think that the damned are inactive.  The records of exorcisms show this to be
the case.

You may not have seen the last of Marcial Maciel Degollado, in light of the fact
that the rate of exorcisms is known to have increased.  However, Benedict XVI,
in ordering the photos, writings, and memorabilia of Maciel to be discarded, made
it more difficult for the arch-molester to infiltrate humanity, in a diabolical fashion.

In case you haven't caught on, this is referring to diabolical possession.   Maciel
diabolically molested youth in this realm.  Will the serial molester diabolically
possess youth from his newly acquired realm?   His newly acquired realm is the
one where those who refuse the final sacraments go.  That realm is a paradox of
total darkness mixed with the spiritual blazing fires of Hell, along with complete
disequilibrium mixed with the pinpointed curses upon anyone not in Hell.

At his death, Maciel was cited as having been so uncooperative and belligerent
that an exorcist was allegedly called in, for standby purposes.   When you are
generously offered the final sacraments of the church and refuse to receive them,
your eternal destiny is generally evident. 

The Bitterness of a Member of the Legionaries of Christ

There was an observation made by a member of the Legionaries of Christ.   He
stated that he would scrupulously keep track of the small entertainment allow-
ance given to him, upon returning from a fair or picnic, giving the spare change
to the novice master or quarter master of the province where he was.

Then came the revelations about Maciel.   There was the faithful member of the
Legion being diligent in morality, while Maciel was leading his infernal lifestyle.
The contrast hit the gentleman like a fast ball.  In fact, it hit him like a ceramic
lawn ornament during a hurricane. 

The World of the Dark Arts

If the mean-spirited sector of humanity versed in the Satanic arts attempt to make
use of Maciel, it might backfire on those people.  This is because the church offer-
ed him the sacraments before his death, and because of the church's gesture of mer-
cy, God will protect the church from the harmfulness of a Maciel who died outside
of the sacraments, disbelieving in the Mercy of God.   None the less, it would be
wise if someone somewhere would pray for us to be protected from the damned
humans and fallen angels who have been seeking the everlasting ruination of
any human they can entice into sin.

A Rehearsed Campaign Slogan

It was admitted by a member of the Legionaries that the youth attached to the or-
der, via Regnum Christi, were coached into spilling out the slogan, "John Paul II,
we love you."   Ladies and gentleman, it was all fake - the public praising of John
Paul, that is.  The logic was that, if John Paul II were made to look great, then it
would make Maciel look great, because John Paul II called the long-term molest-
er of youth an  "efficacious guide of youth."   That was the con game.

John Paul the Great Tribulation of the Devout

The phrase, John Paul the Great, was also artificially contrived.  It was alleged
that the title "was originally coined by Cardinal Angelo Sodano himself, on the
event of Pope John Paul's death."  Yet, the players at the Vatican and elsewhere
made it look as if the common citizenry in Rome coined the phrase.

It's apparent that Sodano and company were trying to make the pope who pre-
sided during the Altar Boy Molestation Years look like a great saint.  This was
apparently done, so that the Legionaries would end up looking as good as the
pope who praised their founder.

Now, the difference is that the aforementioned saints spontaneously moved the
citizens of their locales, upon their deaths.   No cardinal was there, contriving
the people's words on puppet strings.  

Margaret of Costello was a homeless hunch back dwarf who became a Domini-
can and then who quickly performed miracles after her death.   She was also an
extremely heart touching person.  Such are the real saints  ...  not the plasticized
presentations of a thoroughly corrupted Vatican in an era prophesied by the Vir-
gin Mary as one which would be marked by a horrendously immoral clergy.   In
the 17th Century, the Virgin Mary appeared to a South American prioress, pro-
phesying in her mystical beauty.  She stated that the 20th Century clergy would
be corrupt.   The prophesy turned out to be 100% true.

The thing about saints such as Margaret of Costello and John of God, as well as
Bernadette Soubirous and Theresa of the Child Jesus, is that they suffered and
sacrificed in life.   John Paul caused the untold suffering of others, in his stub-
bornness and negligence.   Meanwhile, he lived in luxury for decades.   If you
don't care about others, then you are not a saint.

There once was a papal election that was later declared invalid.   The same type
of mechanism can be applied to fraudulent beatifications and canonizations.   In
fact, a couple names of saints were removed from the canon of the Mass, mean-
ing that they were removed  from the martyrology.   This era is the era of untold
outrage, operated by those who acted as if nothing were wrong, until the press re-
vealed what they were concealing.   In their stone hearted arrogance and insis-
tence on maintaining the Bella Figura of the church, they disfigured the church,
losing the trust of multitudes.  These clerics did more to destroy the church than
did all the priests of the Church of Satan combined.

The Selling of John Paul II was Much Like the Selling of Indulgences

I personally know that people were stricken with intense grief that John Paul II
was beatified.   In the beatification, they saw the hypocrisy and corruption of the
Vatican squared and cubed.   In fact, protest demonstrations transpired on the day
of the beatification.

Do they at the Vatican have no sense of decency?   Beatifying this pope poured
the sulfur of Sodom into the wounds of those victims whom  John Paul failed to
prevent from being tattooed by a legion of predatory priests.  If the pope who en-
abled a battalion of molesters is an actual saint today, then he will be a saint dec-
ades from now.   So, what is the hurry?

Couldn't the Vatican have used discretion and waited?   ANS:  Not if the beatifi-
cation had been a political ploy to divert  attention and to deceive.   In addition,
when they do canonize John Paul II, will they make him the patron saint of mo-
lested altar boys or the priests who molested them? 

Ratzinger beatifying John Paul was an instance of conflict-of-interest.   Being that
he personally knew John Paul, he needed to recuse himself from the case.   This ap-
plies to practically everyone else at the Vatican.   The saints who were rapidly can-
onized or who were widely popular were not Vatican residents.   Church reformers
Francis of Assisi, Dominic Guzma, and Anthony of Padua were in the presence of
the people, at point blank range.  They weren't on stage at a distance.   None the
less, never in the 2,000 year history of the church did a pope beatify his immedi-
ate successor.

John of God went throughout Granada, literally picking up the poor and carry-
ing them back to his house of true non-molestation charity.   Saint Margaret of
Costello did live like Christ, without a mailing address, for a while.   The Saint
Patrick who is mocked once a year in the displays of leprechauns and beer ads
shared in the physical chores of his Celtic converts, being that he was once a
long-term slave, used to manual labor.   John Vianney stayed in the confession-
al for hours, dedicating himself to rendering common citizens back into the state
of sanctifying grace.  Saint Louis of Montfort walked miles to Paris, to confront
the King of France, for the sake of traditional public Catholic devotion.

It took 170 years to canonize Louis of Montfort, an incorruptible.  It took 362
years to canonize Thomas Garnet, one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.
In fact, it took exactly 400 years to canonize British marytyrs Thomas More and
John Fisher.  Following in suit, it took concisely 500 years to canonize Clare of
Assisi's younger sister, Agnes.  In like fashion, it took 589 years for Joan of Arc
to be canonized.  In as much, what justifies the rush to canonize a pope who ruled
over one of the most perverted, sacrilegious, dishonest, slovenly, avaricious, and
criminally negligent generations in the history of the Catholic Church? 

The Sins You Provoke Are the Sins that Are Yours

It's a sin of provoke a sin.   John Paul II was not the inspiration that the Sodano
and Maciel people claimed him to be, when it came to people embittered by his
negligence.   In his negligence, he provoked Catholics to leave the church.   He
provoked despair, animosity, sarcasm, rage, insecurity, and in a few cases, the
physical suicides of clergy abuse victims.  He provoked drug abuse and alcohol
consumption in those wronged by church clerics.

John Paul caused pain.  Some people looked for pain killers, some gave up on the
church, and some endured the pain patiently.   There are a number of people who
need to be hailed for heroic temperance, in keeping calm and collected amidst the
feeling of being totally raped by the John Paul regime.

There actually are people who no longer attend mass, yet they pray the Rosary
and adhere to church teaching on the Virgin Mary, the Divinity of Christ, the
existence of God as a Trinity, and the moral precepts of the church that John-
Paul-era priests repeatedly violated.   There are also those who simply walked
away from the faith as if to be Lot walking away from Sodom.  These people
see that the church had already been taken over by enemies of God the same
way in which France, Holland, Belgium, and Norway were overrun by Hitler's
Nazis.  In fact, the past two popes were servants of the Nazi regime, and NOT
underground members that provided assistance to the allies.

As was previously stated, Jason Berry stated on live radio that John Paul II was
very much current on the sex abuse scandal.   But, that issue wasn't the Polish
pope's only sin of negligence.   Sacrileges at the altar, as well as doctrinal lies
spread by the modern priesthood, were reported to the Vatican, in the hopes
that John Paul would stop them.

The John Paul who allowed the desecration of the altar boy also acquiesced to
the desecration of the altar, thereby becoming an accessory to each of those sins.
Throughout his reign, we repeatedly saw the fulfillment of the first segment of
the 1884 vision of  Pope Leo XIII.   Unfortunately, we have yet to experience the
second part of the vision, where Saint Michael the Archangel suddenly goes into
action, for the sake of the desolate Catholic Church.

John Paul's three tiers of negligence was enough to result in the modern church's
desolation of abomination.  He seemed to have been on a perpetual ego trip, as if
to be

a movie star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  His proper place, however, is deep-
ly in infamy.   How could someone responsible for so much pain, loss, and outrage
simultaneously be a saint?   In fact, if you want to make sure that he is a saint, then
why not ask a few hundred sex abuse casualties if he is?   If they say, yes, then let
them be front and center at the Polish pope's canonization, as opposed to them be-
ing far away, demonstrating with protest signs in front of a number of cathedrals. 

Reality Check for American John Paul Groupies

Shortly before becoming pope, John Paul stated why Poland was a far greater na-
tion than was the United States.   He said that it was because the United States was
hundreds of years younger than Poland.   For the record, the United States did more
for humanity in the past one century than Poland did in its entire existence.

In addition, shortly before his death, John Paul II was quoted as having expressly
said, "America has no soul."   Well, go tell that to someone after another tsunami,
hurricane, earthquake, flood, or invasion performed by Nazi Germany.   Ameri-
cans have been known to come to the aid of earthquake victims, even before the
earth stops trembling.

That was arrogant speech for someone who came from the country who lost the
same one war twice --- first to the Nazi Germans and next to the Soviet Russians.
Incidentally, the United States won the same one war three times, first in Northern
Africa, then in Europe, and finally throughout the Pacific.  The Catholic Church
would do well to not elect actors as popes, or to even appoint them as cardinals.
Actors deal with the pretend world.   The church is in need of reality in its high-
est ranks. 

The Worldliness of the Legionaries of Christ, aka its anti-Franciscan, 
anti-Carmelite, anti-Dominican, and anti-Christian Tone

L'espresso assessed the Legionaries wealth at $25 billion (euro.).  Meanwhile the
Wall Street Journal assessed the Legionaries' operating budget at approximately
$650 million, annually.  The original apostles slept on fishing boats and even on
the ground.  The true Saint Nikolaus gave up a comfortable inheritance, as did
St. Francis of Assisi.   It looks like Maciel was only looking for a comfortable
existence on earth, inconsiderate to his eternal destiny.   Whatever be the reason
for the founding of the Legion of Christ, it had nothing to do with Catholicism;
neither did Maciel's life.

Concerning the Integer Group, it's prime business is that of advertising.  Now,
advertising often seeks to have a potential buyer get locked in a craving. Catho-
licism seeks to have people live free of the prison of cravings.   There are forms
of advertising which constitute seduction.   Whatever be the reason for Maciel
founding the Integer Group, it had nothing to do with Catholicism.  Neither did

For more on the outrage concerning:  1] the accusations leveled against Marcial
Maciel Degollado,  2] the pressure to not prosecute him in a canon court of law,
3] John Paul's disgrace in publicly praising him, 4] Sodano's culpability, see:  

The Timeless Observation of Saint John Chrysostom

It is written that he who receives a prophet receives a prophet's wages.   Well, he
who promotes a false prophet receives a false prophet's damnation.   Maciel was
the falsest of prophets.   Sodano promoted him.   In Angelo Sodano, we see the
personification of the truth in St John Chrysostom having stated that "the road 
to Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops."  Do not let yourself be deceived.
Hell never ends ... ever.

Added noted:  For those unfamiliar with the Gospels, the title posted above is
a play on the scriptural passage, I am Legion.  We are many.  One day, Jesus
came ashore, to a town called Gerasenes, where he was met by a possessed
man who spent a long time dwelling in nearby tombs and deserted places.

The possessing demon pleaded with Jesus, asking not to be sent to the Abyss of
Hell.  That was when Jesus asked the demon to reveal his name, where upon the
possessing demon answered,   I am Legion.   We are many.


Rome's Official Dean of Exorcists: Fatima Consecration was Never Done

Perhaps you have zero respect for what I had to state on the subject of Fatima,
in that the needed Collegial Consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary never validly occurred ... that only invalid attempts were made.

This means that I submit ... I aver ... I claim that Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Betrone,
and the former Hitler Youth of Vatileaks fame lied to humanity when claiming that
the prophesied Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the accompanying
era of World Peace already began in 1991.  I have always stated that the Collegial
Consecrate of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (as was mentioned at Fati-
ma in 1917 and as was formerly requested in a supernatural vision in Tuy Spain
in 1929) has yet to be done.  However, don't take my word for it.  Refer to the
Archdiocese of Rome's official Dean of Exorcists.

Concerning the Archdiocese of Rome's official Dean of Exorcists, he concurred with
me and with like-minded individuals as far back as 2012, stating then what I stated
years prior. And why is his voice on the subject of Fatima something pertinent?

ANS:  Because your eternity is at stake and Hell never ends.  There are no half-
times in Hell.  There are no time-outs.  There are no rest times.  Plus, there is no
negotiation with God, to get a commuted sentence.

In addition, the Loss of Heaven is just as Forever.

If you are an atheist, you are simply lying to yourself, in light of the Thomistic
observation of the Unmoved Mover.  One thing prompts and/or catalyzes an-
other thing, meaning that, in order for everything to have come into being and
to have gone into motion, there had to have been an Unmoved Mover kicking
it all off.  The Unmoved Mover is traditional known as God - Deus -  Le Dieux.

One more thing:  If you not an atheist and want a certainn atheist to start be-
lieving, then take him to an exorcism.  When one sees evidence of Satan, one
instantly believes in the existence of a God.  Of course, atheist claim that the
possessed are merely mentally ill.  Well, when the possessing demons start
blurting out loud the atheists most embarrassing sins, and when the atheist
sees something that doesn't occur naturally, the arrogance of the atheist will
be gone.

It's supremely asinine to think that all of the things in existence is merely a
collectively random accident.  How stupid do atheists think the reasonable
human to be?

Anyway, here is the link to the statement of the late Father Garbiele Amorth,
one-time Dean of Exorcists of the Archdiocese of Rome, on the topic of the
Fatima consecration which he states was never validly done and which needs
to be performed.


An employer's right of conscience is his/her duty of conscience. Morality isn't optional. That's why the precepts thereof are called Commandments.

Business managers' conscientious objection to the HHS mandate is the most important
thing transpiring in America's branch of the Catholic Church.  Think:  A person will be
granted conscientious objection status from the U.S. military, if he can't bring himself
to pointing a loaded gun at another human being.  Yet, a person objecting to pointing
the infamous "pill" in the direction of a newly conceived child is being forced, under
a costly penalty to violate his/her conscience.  This is a serious issue.  For those mana-
gers caught in the middle of this mandate, time has stopped for them . . . proverbially
speaking, of course.  They have been put on the spot, to say the least.

Concerning the mandate, know thisThe conscience is inviolable.  To use coercive
measures, in order to get someone to violate his conscience, is the act of violence.
Ironically, the measures to do so usually involve violence.  This is why the church
has had no lack of martyrs in its ranks.

For those unfamiliar with the United States, HHS stands for Health and Human Ser-
vices.  It's a part of the US President's power structure.  It's a department in the exec-
utive branch of the U.S. government.  At present, an HHS mandate requires business
owners and corporate managers throughout the territories and states of America to
fund for their employees artificial contraceptive devices.  This includes the infamous
pill which can work as an abortifacient up to a week after conception ... in preventing
the actualized egg from being implanted in the nutrition-supplying womb.

Keep in mind that, as soon as an egg is fertilized, it's no longer an egg, as far as concerns
its essence.  After all, in order for anything to develop and grow, it has to be alive in the
first placeThus, once activated, a human egg instantly becomes a human. 

                                          The February 2013 Update.

Being that there were 48 federal lawsuits contesting the constitutionality of the HHS
mandate, a compromise has been reached where religious institutions do NOT have to
be accessories in their employees obtaining artificial birth control devises and the pill
which simply prevents a newly conceived human from being implanted into his/her
mother's womb.  Business managers with consciences are not included.  Thus, there
are religious institutions which need to support back the private industry plaintiffs.
One way is known as the Amicus Brief.  You simply file you concerns on the matter,
in something that resembles a letter or a term paper.  In fact, such a brief slightly re-
sembles the typical judge's opinion ... somewhat.

Now, Hobby Lobby Inc is a bit of a contradiction in that it only objects to providing
the infamous pill to its employees.  All other things condemned in papal encyclical,
Humanae Vitae, will willingly be provided by that corporation's management.  Of
course, Hobby Lobby is known as the House that China Built, in that its manage-
ment has no conscience when it came to importing the merchandise made by ex-
ploited foreign workers.

Incidentally, it is true that nets where placed adjacent to the roofs of at least one labor
compound, in order to prevent further worker suicides.  None the less, there are other
corporations suing the federal government who are more concurrent with church teach-
ing on artificial/synthetic birth control.

The Catholic religion has always taught that it's a sin to accommodate a sin.  Thus, it's
a requirement, in the precepts of Catholicism, to decline to being an accessory to any
mortal sin.  Funding things condemned in the papal encyclical, Humanae Vitae, is for-
bidden in the Catholic religion.  Thus, it's a very serious matter to mandate a Catholic
business manager to violate his/her conscience, in matters of the Sin of Cooperation.
This is why there presently are federal lawsuits, seeking to have the HHS mandate
declared unconstitutional.  It entirely suppresses and negates the Catholic religion in
America.  It still IS a war cry against the Catholic Church, when Catholic managers
are required, under penalty, to provide that which is against the manager's conscience.

Religion does NOT merely exist inside a church, temple, mosque, meeting place, shrine,
or pagoda.  Religion is lived in a person's daily life.  For example, handing over Jews to
Nazi German soldiers was against a lot of religions' moral precepts.  It wasn't merely a
sin, if you did such a thing in a church, temple, meeting place, shrine, or pagoda.  The
same premise applies toward the HHS mandate.


My reflections of a Trappist monastery

I have written in condemnation of certain cardinals.  I publicly stated
in early 2012, both in writing and during a recorded interview, that Pope
Benedict XVI needed to resign.  I also called for the canonical disband-
ing of the Legionaries of Christ religious order.  I then condemned the
vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who identified himself as an ad-
herent to the Catholic Faith and a pro-life champion.  He was no such

In light of the aforesaid, a presumptive person would immediately brand
me as an anti-Catholic at the outset.  The same type of person would guess
that I'm vehemently antagonistic to the idea of Catholic monasticism and
anything Catholic.  Well, guess again. 

Firstly, those cardinals whom I condemned were/are wolves in shepherds'
clothing, and St Francis de Sales stated long ago that it's an act of charity
to warn the sheep of the wolves in their midst, wherever the wolves may
be.  Thus, I was performing an act of charity.

Secondly, Benedict XVI did resign almost one year to the day after I pub-
licly stated that he should do so.   I was on queue and on target, yet I got
shunned for stating what I did. 

Thirdly, a religious order founded by a morphine addict and molester who
regularly had legionaries hand deliver envelopes of 'polite bribery' to Vati-
can officials was not founded in good will.  Being that the founder's writ-
ings and plagiarisms were banned, the entire religious order needs to be
dissolved.  Any religious order founded by a devil needs to be liquidated.

Fourthly, as far as goes Paul Ryan, he repeatedly lied, he publicly praised
atheist Ayn Rand, and his budget was declared immoral by the American
bishops.  There was nothing identifiably Catholic about Ryan.  He was an-
other Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, pretending to believe in Catholicism as
a ploy to get the Catholic vote. 

The Subject at Hand:  Trappist Monasticism

I was a long-term guest at a Trappist monastery, for the intention of writing
about Corporate Sin and the Sin of Cooperation.  That subject is at this site,
incidentally.  None the less, I vividly saw that Trappist monasteries are the
pillars that keep humanity from crashing down into annihilation.

The strength of any Trappist Monastery comes from prayer and sacrifice.
In addition, the unique aspect of the Trappists (Cistecians of the Strict Ob-
servance) is that it was the only Catholic monastic order (at least up to the
time of its founding) dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  At the Trappist Mona-
stery where I stayed (in Massachusetts), her presence was everywhere.

At the monastery, I learned with neither tutor nor book that Christ in the
tabernacle is a lighthouse asking you to watch with him.  I learned that
the Great Silence which starts after Compline (prayer service) is an ex-
pansive time of peace where you start to notice things not yet realized
about life and existence.

I learned a number of other things at the Trappist monastery, the most
significant one being how to tell a holy person from a fraud.  A fraud
attempts to make himself look superior in insight and countenance, all
the while acting as if he is distant from the rest of humanity, on some
type of Mount Olympus,  looking down upon mankind.  The fraud
makes himself seem glamorous and unapproachable.   This is no-
thing more than conceit.

The saint, in contrast, acts like the boy next door.  When you are
around a saint, you feel at home.  You feel so at ease in the pre-
sence of the person that you feel as if you knew him/her all your

In the presence of a fraud, people guard what they reveal, lest they be
written-off as unacceptable.  In the presence of a saint, a person feels
that he/she can confide anything to the saint and not be betrayed in
terms of confidentiality.

The fraud acts all so flag-wavingly, hand-on-the-heart, inspirational.
The sense of familiarity is the first sign that you are in the presence
of a saint.  Knowing this can keep people from being deceived when
the next Robespierre, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Ronald Reagan,
George WMD Bush, or cult leader surfaces.

Conversing with a saint can be a very heart-moving experience.  The
fraud provokes a fake form of piety ... such as flag waving, putting
your hand on your heart, and saying the pledge of allegiance to his
national flag.  Saints are NOT into nationalism.  Saints are universal-
ly minded people.
At the monastery, I stayed in the attic of the guest cottage.  In the
evening, at the completion of sunset, I would hear the sheep in the
back yard for a short while.  Then deep into the night, I would hear
something gnawing at the floor board, somewhat on a regular basis.
The atmosphere was so peaceful that it gnawing sound didn't disturb


Who rolled out the red carpet to homosexuals at the seminaries? Donald 'Priestly Formation' Wuerl knows.

Catholic Church doctrine has always held that homosexual activity is one of the four
sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.   Therefore, any attempt to incorporate homo-
sexuality into mainstream Catholicism constitutes the attempted theft of a 2,000 yea
old international organization that still possesses estates of considerable wealth.

The attempt at an ecclesiastic overthrow will always include the manipulative takeov-
er of church property and government.   In fact, such a takeover attempt will always
be orchestrated by a cabal dedicated to replacing centuries of unbroken church teach-
ing with self-seeking doctrines that delight only a skewed and selfish few.   Thus, any
attempt to overthrow a 2,000 year old worldwide church doesn't limit itself to control-
ling the average Catholic's mind with puppet slogans.

This type of usurpation always constitutes the Breach of Duty of Loyalty, as in using
church wealth for the purpose of consummating lusts once held by Sodom, shortly be-
fore it became a sulfuric blast furnace.   Such a hostile takeover includes occupying
clerical positions involved in seminary training.   In recent decades, it has included the
policy of denying seminary entrance to anyone unwilling to abet in the sin of Sodom.
When the seats of church authority become occupied by those who have no intention
to honor the vows taken at ordination, the power occupied becomes a matter of ac-
cession by fraudulent misrepresentation. 

               The Pertinence of the Wuerlgate Series of Revelations:
                       A Gun Smoking More Now Than Ever Before

If the Torquato case isn't a smoking gun that proves the deliberate incorporation of
the sodomite world into the modern church, then no case is.   Firstly, Torquato was
a seminarian who ended up being personally ordained by Donald Wuerl.   In fact, he
was a Wuerlite protégé who began his physically intrusive antics only one calendar
year after his ordination.   He didn't wait long to get into action.   This indicated that
Torquoto had no resolve to honor at least one of his vows.

Do you think that Donald Wuerl was clueless to the fact that Torquato was a homo-
sexual?   Well, if he were clueless, then Wuerl showed himself to be a terrible judge
of character and should have never been ordained a bishop.   If, on the other hand,
the present archbishop of  D.C. knew of  Torquato's homosexuality, then he should
have been removed from office while he was the bishop of Pittsburgh.

In allowing homosexuals to be ordained, and in not stopping the influx of sodomites
into American seminarians, Donald Wuerl showed that he neglected to employ the
due diligence needed to prevent the church from being victimized by the noted an-
tics of homosexual clergy who should never have been ordained in the first place.
In ordaining Torquato, and in covering up his wrongful actions, Wuerl showed him-
self willing to let damage be inflicted upon the laity entrusted to him.   This is ruth-
lessness.  If you are unfamiliar with the Torquato case, see:

Jpeg Evidence, stats, and witness accounts at the site posted below illustrate that, in
Pittsburgh, Cardinal Wuerl conducted a Reign of Terror, and in DC, he has been a

The Jpegs include newspaper articles reporting on the Wuerl's failed Triple Cover-up
which resulted in the indictments and arraignments of three priests.  The news went
from coast to coast and north to south.  Then came the addition of Ann Rodgers to
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  Thus came propaganda that would have made Nazi
Germans jealous, except for the observation that Rodger's articles about Wuerl
were compared to Harlequin Romance writing..  Incidentally, Wuerl is NOT 5'11,"
as Rodgers claimed in print. He's 5'4."

Donald Wuerl was involved in the seminary visitation (inspection) program.  He pub-
licly reported that the state of American seminaries were healthy.  He lied.  The book,
Goodbye, Good Men, proved Wuerl to be a liar, as did the 9th Circuit Jesuit sexual
harassment case.  Wuerl is a proven liar in this aspect, as much as his propaganda ma-
chine lied about his dirty sex abuse handling record.   He should be required to pay
damages to all who were harmed by the homosexuals in the seminaries during the
years when Wuerl was in the visitation program and in any ad hoc committee in the
embarrassingly gay sounding, Office of Priestly Formation.


                   The welcoming committee for the Sodomite world 
                    and its harm upon the Church of thenNear future 
                  which now constitutes the Church of the recent past     

Donald Cardinal Wuerl was known for holding influential posts in the ecclesiastical
office originally known as the Training for the Priesthood.   During his years of
influence, the title was replaced by the embarrassingly gay sounding title, Office of 
Priestly Formation.   In looking back, we see that it would have been much more
accurate to have named it the Office of Prissy Formation, in light of the caliber of
seminary reformers found in the modern church.   In fact, a suffix should have been
added to the new title, in order to reflect the stranglehold that the Power Predators
and completely heartless Power Abusers had around the Catholic Church's broken

Donald Cardinal Wuerl's guarding of the seminary chicken coup occurred during the
years when American seminaries were being turned into homosexual havens.   One
such seminary earned the sarcastic nickname, Notre Flame, while  another one got
tagged with the name Pink Palace.   The re-identification of seminaries by those in
the know included the one at the nation's capital, where it came to be known as the 
Theological Closet, as in the coming out thereof.

Donald Wuerl was influential in seminary life during the time he occupied 5078 War-
wick Terrace, in Pittsburgh, PA.   Even before being ordained a bishop, he was the
rector of Saint Paul's Seminary, in the Pittsburgh suburb of Crafton.   Now, it was
shortly after the time when the Vatican II reforms became a multiple-ringed circus,
when an unconscionable fox with access to a control panel opened the seminary
doors to the sodomite world.   Donald Wuerl was there, in close proximity to the
scenes of the crimes.   He was there ...

1] while at the side of the John Cardinal Wright who was alleged to have been an ac-
tive homosexual,  2]  at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary, from the calender year after
Wright's death, until the calender year before becoming an auxiliary bishop, 3] as an
influential figure on the national level, in the overtly gay sounding Office of Priestly
Formation, 4] even in two tours of the euphemistically sounding seminary visitation

Thus, it cannot be regarded as an unrelated coincidence that the one bishop given
the nickname, Donna Wuerl, was a gatekeeper of American seminaries during the
homosexual influx of them.   Plus, you call tell that the Vatican II church has been a
deceiver church and a sodomite church, simply by the deceptive and gay names it
used.  Why not call it "Seminary Inspections," like a normal person would?

Concerning the practice of deception-by-renaming, while in Pittsburgh tiny Donald
Wuerl used to call the church tax, the Parish Share Program.  Yes, Wuerl made the
coercive church tax sound like an altruistic charity drive that was reaching out to the
poorest of the poor.   The reality is that the title, Parish Share Program, meant that
each parish had to pay its share, so that Donald Wuerl could live in the luxury of the
Warwick Terrace manor located next door to the diocesan mansion rented by Opus
Dei.   In Pittsburgh, neither Donald Wuerl nor Opus Dei lived the poverty & humility
of the Carmelites and Franciscans. 

Protégé of Alleged Über Sodomite, John Cardinal Wright

Donald William Wuerl was the personal secretary of alleged über sodomite John Car-
dinal Wright.  Without his nexus to John Wright, Donald Wuerl would probably have
been a relative nobody, unless he would have become one of the priests accused of
sexual abuse of a minor.   This means that Wuerl's rise to power consisted in him rid-
ing the coat tails of a cardinal whose private life was alleged to have been a war cry
against Catholic morality, the laws of nature, and the vows of ordination.

Concerning the specific accusations leveled against John Wright, they allegedly came
in graphic illustrations.   In fact, do not read Randy Engel's narration of them shortly
before you are about to eat.  They constitute a play by play broadcast, and they will
succeed in keeping you on a diet if you read them. The allegations were so graphic
that Wright's accuser, Bill Burnett, was either in the same room with Wright or else
he was in a grotesque fantasy world.  If you are curious enough to read the narrative,
be prepared to get completely grossed-out by the alleged actions of the one cleric
principally responsible for Donald Wuerl becoming a premier figure in the sodom-
ized Catholic Church.   I'm not going to link to it, though.

If the accusations against Wright were true, then it was a domino sequence of events
which lead Donald Wuerl to provide a series of welcome mats to the unnatural sub-
culture emerging throughout pockets of the Catholic Church  ---  doing so almost as
soon as he became a ruling bishop, aka a local ordinary.   If the habitual conduct of
effeminate Donald Wuerl's early years was not the dominoes effect of John Cardinal
Wright's alleged sodomy, then Wuerl's accommodating of the homosexual world was
an uncanny coincidence.   After all, you cannot spend years being the personal se-
cretary of a reputed homosexual cleric without being one yourself ... or without be-
ing complicit, via silence and concealment.

An example of this welcome mat service occurred when founders of New Ways Min-
istry presented Homophobia in Religion and Society at St. Mary's Convent, in
Carlow College.   Another example of Donald Wuerl's red carpet favoritism toward
homosexuality existed in the nexus that his diocese had with St. Elmo's Books and
Music.   The store which carried Sodomite erotic literature also carried Wuerl's reci-
tation tapes.   The same St. Elmo's Books was permitted to operate tables at dioce-
san conferences, such as at the Tri-diocesan Teachers' Conference and a two day
conference held at Duquesne University.

The Duquense conference, incidentally, was co-sponsored by Catholic Charities and
the embarrassingly gay sounding Diocesan Secretariat for Social Concerns which fi-
nally admitted that it only concerned itself with obtaining income-bearing government
social service contracts.

It's no secret that Wuerl gave long-term shelter to the so-called Dignity Masses for
those dedicated to living thoroughly undignified lives.   Coincidentally, the owner of
St Elmo's Books and Music was president of Dignity, at one time in his life.   In fact,
Dignity USA was an exhibitor at the Fourteenth Annual Pastoral Musicians' Conven-
tion which followed the theme, Singing A New Church.

The title of the fourteenth convention suggested the concerted effort to incorporate
anti-Catholic things into the Catholic Church, including the institutionalization of ho-
mosexuality.   The heresy in the title is blatant of course, being that the New Church
began approximately 2,000 years ago in a Jerusalem cenacle, and not in a Pittsburgh
convention hall frequented by homosexuals.

Then there was the AA type of homosexual support group, Courage, given top pri-
ority by the Donald Wuerl who should have instead given first concern to the most
pressing moral issue of the day, namely sweatshops and field labor abuse.   Now,
Wuerl is the cleric who allegedly acted girly in the presence of a certain parish coun-
cil woman, and who was cited as having had the second softest handshake ever en-
countered by a certain diocesan lecteur.   Wuerl was also listed on the website of
premier expert witness Richard Sipe as a bishop carrying a blatant homosexual
psychosexual orientation.

It's alarming that Donald Wuerl remained indifferent to the pain of sweatshop labor-
ers, all the while acting as if the members of Courage were the most important thing
on earth.    This included Wuerl's indifference toward the 30-cent-an-hour youth suf-
fering in China.   The added hypocrisy of Wuerl's propaganda machine is that he is
heralded as the quintessential protector of youth, but he is criminally and perverted-
ly indifferent to a crime against humanity which victimizes the youth far more often
than the molestation of priests who should never have been ordained in the first place.
Only a pervert would have a dead conscience in matters of  sweatshop labor prof-
iteering, remaining as silent to that sin as bishops remained toward molestation.

It's a moral obligation for bishops to speak out against the sin of cheating workers
of their wages when the products made by the workers end up in the bishops' own
nation.   Donald Wuerl's silence is a war cry against God, if not an act of cowardice
toward the corporate America who makes a killing off of oppressed lives.

Wuerl spent a notable portion of his Pittsburgh days casting an illusion of sanctity up-
on an unnaturally inclined cabal whose predecessors ended up being incinerated in
a city state called Sodom that reached the sulfuric critical mass stage.   Now, a fatal
error of flaming homosexuals is that they apparently fail to realize how intensely they
broadcast their homosexual tendencies.   They fail to conceal their unnatural tenden-
cies from anyone except a few distorted church ladies.

The fatal error of such church ladies is that they equate femininity with good and mas-
culinity with evil.   This is like the adherents of the Manichean apostasy who equated
the spiritual world with good and the physical one with evil.   Therefore, a person as
void of masculinity as has been Donald Wuerl is one who would be mistaken to be a
holy man by out-of-touch church ladies.

Ironically, in-touch church women abhor homosexuals, while being fully aware that
the present church is in utter ruins.   Thus, it's only air headed glamor mongers who
treat homosexuals as Christmas tree tinsel.   Meanwhile, women of true faith are so
repulsed by homosexuals that encountering the worst plague in world history would
not disturb them nearly as much. 

The Former Archbishop of Omaha's Assessment

During his Pittsburgh days, Donald Wuerl did nothing more than toss tinsel on a sulfur
pit, and close parish after parish.   In fact, he closed parish after parish as if he had in-
sider information on the priesthood's population being made to dwindle.   Only those
bearing homosexual psychosexual orientations received the seminary red carpet treat-
ment during that time, according to several sources.   It was alleged by former Omaha
bishop, Elden Curtiss, that the priest shortage was deliberately contrived.

It was the Fourth Century doctor of the church, John Chrysostom, who stated that
the road to everlasting damnation is paved with the skulls (mindsets) of bishops.  In
Donald Wuerl and his contemporaries, we see why this is so.   If Wuerl doesn't inti-
mately know how the homosexuals flooded the seminaries during his watch, then he
is so pathetically incompetent that he should be removed from office.   If Wuerl did
know, then he should be removed from office and called to face accountability in a
court of some type of law.  He was involved with the seminary visitation program,
which was an inspection program.   He should be held accountable for the state of
the seminaries.


Historically false: The claim that the Anglican and Catholic Churches conspired to kill Canada's natives.

           A historic place where French Catholics fought British Anglicans.
       Catholics and Anglicans did NO conspiring with each other.
     They were too busy killing each other for that to have happened
There was the damning accusation that the Anglican Church and Roman Catholic
Church conspired to commit mass murder upon the aboriginals of Canada, as far back
as the 1700's.  The proofs which show this timeline to be defamation is stated below.
The following can actually be filed in the "Defending the Faith Department."

             In Response to the Damning Accusation which Alleges that the
             Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church  Conspired
               to Kill the Aboriginals of Canada, as far back as the 1700's

- Until the Duke of Wellington became prime minister of England, Catholicism was
   entirely illegal in the UK (until 1834).  In addition, Catholicism was equated with 
   Great Britain's contentious adversary, France.  Thus, there were no joint exercises
   of mass genocide between British Anglicans and French Catholics against any in-
   digenous tribe in Canada or present-day America.  The fact is that, throughout the
   time span in focus, the British and the French were too busy killing each other.
  They needed to create alliances with the natives in the New World, so that each one
  could survive the attacks of the other European power.

- As time would pass, England's ultimate conquest would be the subcontinent of
  INDIA, due to its riches.  Australia would be a holding company of sorts of, as
  would New Zealand.  In fact, Australia would be a penal colony.  In as much,
  how many aboriginal Western Canadians were shipped to Australia? 

   Ironically, the contentions between England and France in America ended in a treaty.
   The problem was that George Washington and others were interested in expanding
   beyond the land mass which King George III limited to British Colonists.  If anyone
   is to be blamed for the decimation of the indigenous tribes of America, it is the slave
   owners, Free Masons, Deists, and Protestant founders of the United States Republic.
   Definitely not King George's Anglicans and definitely not the French Catholics.

   The British small pox genocide which was committed through infected blankets was
   only done by the Protestant British, after they had captured France's Fort Duquesne
   (Pittsburgh), and after they had won the French and Indian War ... and not until they
   were under siege during Pontiac's Rebellion.  Now, Pontiac's Rebellion was the vio-
   lation of law, being that a treaty becomes binding law to the signers of said treaty.
   This means that Pontiac was breaking the law in surrounding the British and in
   targeting every one of them for all-encompassing death.  Thus, the British were
   acting out of desperation.

   Now, using those blankets was no different than performing saturation bombing,
   in that they indiscriminately killed.  But, the use of those blankets was seen by the
   British as an act of self-defense during a siege.  Pontiac violated one of the most
   major rules of the time-tested classic, the Art of War, as was written by General
   Sun Tzu.  The rule is that a surrounded army must be given a way out of its pre-
   dicament, or else the surrounder will suffer tremendously at the hands of those
   whom he has surrounded ... solely out of the surrounded army's sense of desper-
   ation.  Never back a tiger into the corner of a cage.  When that tiger happens to
   be an imperial colony, expect a counterattack upon your jugular vein.

   So that there is no misunderstanding

  In review, the British killed whomever attacked them, including the French, while
  simultaneously being open to resolving conflict by treaty.  Thus, they were not in
  collusion with French Catholics.  After all, you don't kill your accomplices.  This
  means that the French weren't the Anglican Church's accomplices.  Rather, they
  were sometimes war casualties at the hands of the British.

  Further proof that the French weren't mass murderers of native tribes is that they
  formed alliances with the native tribes in Pennsylvania.  The alliances lasted un-
  til the signing of the Treaty of Easton which included England as a signatory.  In
  fact, some of the French married Native Americans, bringing forth children who
  were partly Native American and half French.  This doesn't constitute killing.  It
  constitutes giving life.

-The decisive piece of British Imperial Law was the Royal Proclamation of 1763.
  It declared off-limits to British explorers Ohio Country and the Ohio River Valley.
  It also recognized the dignity of the Canadian aboriginals.  In fact, it stated:

       that the several Nations or Tribes of Indians, with whom We are connected, 
      and who live under Our Protection, should not be molested or disturbed in 
      the Possession of such Parts of Our Dominions and Territories as not hav-
      ing been ceded to or purchased by Us, are reserved to them or any of them 
      as their Hunting Grounds.        ...
     And we do further strictly enjoin and require all persons whatsoever, who 
     have either wilfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any lands with-
     in the countries above described, or upon any other lands, which not having 
     been ceded to or purchased by us, are still reserved to the said Indians as 
     aforesaid, forthwith to remove themselves from such settlements.   

The aforementioned is NOT "Church of England genocide."  It's the preventing of
genocide.  At this point, it's important to note that the Proclamation of 1763 was put
to an end by the American Revolutionary War.  Thus, if anyone conspired to kill off
the native people of the Western Hemisphere, it was the American Revolutionaries
whose company included Deists, anti-Anglican Protestants, anti-Catholic Protestants,
Free Masons, and slave owners.

- Let it be reminded that the royal person of 1763 was regarded as the Head of the
  Church of England.  Therefore, any conspiracy would have started with him.

- Keep in mind that the smallpox genocide was a desperate response to Pontiac's
  Rebellion.  In other instances, white children caught smallpox, too.  Let it be re-
  peated:  During many smallpox outbreaks, white children were dying too.  In the
  Americas, it was mostly the native colonists.  This completely ends the genocide
  conspiracy theory which claims that the white man used smallpox as an habitual
  murder weapon upon the native American.  The natives of America were not the
  only ones dying from smallpox.  White children died during small pox outbreaks.
  Such outbreaks occurred in Europe, also, during the 18th Century.

- It's equally important to keep in mind that the French were famous for marrying
   American natives.  In fact, the French were respectful of other races during the
   Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.  This ended with a Napoleon who be-
   gan a pillage and plunder campaign of Western Europe and Northern Africa.

- In fact, at the relative beginning of the French appearance in North American, in
   the mid-1600's, it was a Jesuit ambassador who was killed by Iroquois, and NOT
   visa versa.  The year was 1658, to be exact.  Thus, the first genocide was against
   the French.  French clergyman were killed by the Iroquois.  NOT visa-versa.

- Throughout its history, the French sector of the Catholic Church involved itself
   with converting the natives of the lands they encountered.  Even when it came
   to Spain's conquest of the Americas, a Spanish bishop wrote to the King of Spain,
   bitterly complaining about the oppression being committed upon natives of Cen-
   tral America, by the Conquistadors .  This meant that the church sector of the
   empire had a conscience in the New World.

-  In Spain, however, there was the paranoia that the Moors would once against re-
   take Spain.  Thus, religious tolerance was absent there, resulting in the .  Thus
   came the Spanish Inquisition.  It's important to note that the Spanish Inquisition
   was erroneously equated with Catholicism.  Proof consisted in the fact that it was
   called the SPANISH and not the ROMAN inquisition.  It's important for you to
   remember that it's the ROMAN Catholic Church ... not the SPANISH Catholic

- In as much, being that French Catholics became allies and even life-long spouses
   of members of native America, it was not in the cards for French Catholics to con-
   spire to kill other natives of the Western Hemisphere, in any conspiracy with their
   contentious adversaries, the British.  The conclusion is that the damning allegations
   involving the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church founded by Henry VIII,
   and the Canadian aboriginals carry zero credibility.

  When condemning the Catholic Church as the killer of non-whites, you are going to  
  have to explain the foreign missions throughout the world that comprise non-white
  Catholics who were not killed by white Catholic missionaries.  As was stated, some
  of these non-white people became priests, bishops, and mother superiors, as well as
  provincial heads.  These people were not killed by the Catholic Church.  They were
  given seats of power in the Catholic Church.

  There are approximately one billion people on earth who were baptized Catholic.
   For the record, not all of them are French, and very few of them are members of
   the Anglican Church.  Hardly any of them are enjoying the spoils of Western
   Canada and its bitterly cold winters, in terms of statistical ratios.  So, where is
   the murderous conspiracy?  A few religious order provinces violating Catholic
   Church Law and church teaching doesn't constitute a worldwide Catholic con-
   spiracy.  Even at that, a great number of youth abused by clergy were white, as
   in Irish White, detailed in the Cloyne Report.   

   Many nice ladies and middle class moms were Catholic. They raised children.
  They didn't go around molesting them.  You may not kill everyone for the sins
  of a few.  There is no church law requiring anyone to molest and kill aboriginal
  Canadian child.

   In the United States, there are many people in prison for violent crimes.  Does
   this mean that America has to be destroyed and every American has to be evicted?  

The Parts of Catholic Church History that its Enemies Want You to Forget

To start, hundreds upon hundreds of millions of Catholics never molested any child
at any time anywhere in any way.  Secondly, Catholic Church teaching has ALWAYS
taught that such an act is a mortal sin.  Repeat after me:   m-o-r-t-a-l   s-i-n.   In fact,
the vast majority of people are never tempted to molest children, including Catholics.
Got it so far?

Let's go a step further.  Mother Theresa was a Roman Catholic.  Was she an evil mo-
lester and murderer of aboriginal Canadians?  The answer is no.  She rescued children.
Furthermore, Mother Angelica of EWTN fame is a Roman Catholic at the time of this
writing, and it's very doubtful that she is going to subscribe to another religion.  In as
much, did she molest and murder aboriginal Canadians?  Of course not.   The Canton
Ohio native taught the young, as well as those older.  In fact, she taught that molesting
children is a mortal sin.  Thus, Catholicism is NOT the child-rape religion as certain
people recently called it.  A few hundred or thousand molesters does NOT constitute
several hundred million Catholics who never molested anyone.

What about the Saint Bernadette Soubirous who died from asthma?  Did she molest
children while enduring asthma?  Well, quite frankly, there were no children around
her.  Now, if the Catholic Church is the child rapist church, then don't you think that
there would have been a lot children thrown at Bernadette for her to molest, while she
was a nun in Nevers France?  Incidentally, Nevers is pronounced Neh Vay.

What about, Saint Margaret of Costello?   She was a hunchback who was abandoned
by her parents.  Was she a child rapist while enduring homelessness and hunger pangs?
In fact, what about the St. Dominic Savio who died at the age of 14.  Did he die from
being molested or did he die from tuberculosis, after peaceably returning to his parents?

What about the Saint Maximilian Kolbe who died in a Nazi concentration camp after
having been ejected with carbolic acid?  Did he rape Jewish children while he was in
the concentration camp?

What you do to others eventually will be done to you.  If you incite animosity and vio-
lence, violence will be visited upon you.  This is because people have the innate right
to self-defense and certain cultic types are provoking riots against the harmless. 

In addition, those who have a pre-existing and seething hatred for Catholicism use the
sex abuse scandal as an excuse to provoke and consummate their pre-existing hatred
for the church.  They are the ones raping Catholicism.  It's not visa versa.

Hundreds upon hundreds of millions of Catholics never raped any child anywhere.  In
fact, did any pope send a troop of Catholics to Canada, directly ordering them to mo-
lest and murder all the aboriginals there?  If so, then church officials would have also
ordered  people to go throughout the world, to molest and murder all native races.  If
that's the case, then how do you explain the non-murdered Vietnamese Catholic pop-
ulation and other Catholic communities who are of a race different than Europeans?
This includes very non-white Africa who is overseen by its non-white African bish-
ops, so installed by order of European popes.

I knew a Vietnamese family who was very much devoted to the Virgin Mary.   In fact,
one member of the family was wounded at Dien Bien Phu, at the hands of Vietnamese
Communists.  Their crucifixion was the Communist Party ... not the Catholic Church.

St Charles Lwanga and his companions were martyred by an African dictator, instead
of white men.  Saint Paul Mike and companions were martyred by Japanese entities
who didn't want Catholicism in Japan.  No white man killed Saint Paul Miki.

In fact, why is it that Saint Andrew Bobola was gruesomely murdered at the hands of
anti-Catholic Cossacks?  Was he molesting Polish children at the altar, during the Mass
he prayed shortly before being murdered?  Or was he murdered for being Polish, like
many other Poles, during the Cossack Reign of Terror?

Interestingly enough, the original Catholics were not Western Europeans.  They were
Eastern Mediterraneans and Northern Africans, as in Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Saint
Anthony of Egypt, Saint Catherine of Alexandria,  Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, the
real Saint Nicholas ... of Myrna, Saint Augustine of Hippo, a Jewish fisherman named
Peter, his brother Andrew, and a cousin of Jesus of Nazareth named Jude Thaddeus.
The Virgin Mary was NOT European, and Europeans have, at  times, honored her

Catholicism is NOT a Western European invention.  In fact, it was Western Europeans
who originally went about killing Catholics on a mass scale and in very graphic ways.
Such victims were known as the First Martyrs of the Church of  Rome.   This included
the previously mentioned Ignatius of Antioch who died at center stage in one of Rome's

We live in the day and age of the fact checker.  So, if you intend on starting a cult, while
inciting hatred and animosity toward someone or an entire community, you better have
your facts straight or, in the end, you will severely learn the meaning of accountability.
People are getting tired of con artists attempting to reign like king of the Kool-Aid hill,
by means of a network of lies.  People are getting tired of burgeoning cult leaders.