Today's Bishops and their Compliance with Corporate Sin

Corporate Sin is defined as a commonplace injustice commonly practiced by
an entire society.   It does not refer to sins only committed by corporations, ev-
en though corporations are often front-runners in getting a sin to be practiced
throughout a society as habit and law.

Corporate Sins include foreign labor exploitation and other forms of slave
labor profiteering, - Segregation, -Abortion-on-Demand, -the form of adul-
tery known as "divorce and remarriage," -legalized polygamy, -the disregard
for a Sabbath rest day in the society, environmental irresponsibility and other
forms of inundated a society with neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, liver cell
killers, respiratory irritants, etc.  So, don't think of corporate sin as something
committed by a board of directors.  Let's proceed:

Think:  Today's bishops, as if they have no consciences, continue to accept into
their tax-free collection baskets the profits of sin.  This includes weekly envelope
donations from parishioners whose job descriptions have them cooperating with
a mortal sin ... a social injustice ... even a crime against humanity.

For example, to work for any one of the many U.S. corporations that profit from
overseas slave labor is to make your income via the sucking of the blood of ex-
ploited workers and to simultaneously be an accomplice to one of the four sins
which cry to Heaven for vengeance, namely Defraudment of Laborers of their

When an entire nation of bishops keeps silence to such a crime against humanity,
all the while accepting the proceeds from this crime into their collection baskets,
their hypocrisy creates a stench throughout an entire nation that repels people away
from the church.  In as much, the bishops, in their silence, are consenting to the pre-
sent sweatshop profiteering practice which will inevitably find itself in a Nuremberg-
type setting.  After all, history repeats itself.  Of course, history repeats itself only
because the Eternal God is changeless and responds equally to each era of humanity.

As an example, the Nazi Germans smugly thought themselves to be untouchably
immune, as much as do the bishops of today.  So too did Cromwell's accomplices.
Then came the gallows and the hangings ... of Cromwell's accomplices and Hitlet's
servants.  Add to the list the French ruling class that let hunger rule over the French
citizenry, only to find themselves beneath the newly invented guillotine.  Etc go the

One more thing, when such stone-cold and heartless people (such as Cardinal Angelo
Sodano) have power over you, it is a punishment for the sins of entire collection of
people.  After all, people get the governments they deserve, by it a matter of church,
state, or corporation.  The present Vatican's true colors get repeatedly exposed ... far
beyond the disgrace of Vatileaks which came from the hands of a butler so outraged
by Vatican corruption that he, in conscience, could not remain a silent accomplice.

Let us continue, whether you are mature enough to do so or not:

Now remember, not everything is in the Bible, and the Gospel of John states this.
The following subject, however, happens to be mentioned in the Bible.  But, it's
expounded in the teachings of the doctors of the Church. and it's clarified in the
magisterium's official ChurchtTeaching.  It's reference source is Ezekiel 3:18.

The bishops have the moral obligation to speak out against social scandal, other-
wise regarded as corporate sin.  The prime purpose is to see to it that the faithful
will not be accomplices to those sins.  If Catholics go to work and are expected
to participate in a mortal sin, as a part of their job descriptions, the bishops must
intervene, instead of remaining silent.  This is especially the case with the cardi-
nals, being that they wear the color red as a symbol that they are willing to shed
their blood for the Faith of Peter and the faithful adherents to that faith.

You need to perceive the aggravation being endured by the Eternal God, at the
hands of cowardly bishops who will not speak-up and mobilize the forces.  This
is because the faithful are the only hands, feet, and voices God has on Earth, to
do God's will, and the bishops have the laity immobile and without direction.

The bishops have the moral obligation to mobilize a counter-effort and be actively
involved in ending those sins which are an institutional part of their society's life.
Once upon a time, one social scandal was racism of the South.  Today, it's foreign
slave labor exploitation throughout the United States by which American homes
are filled with product labeled as Made in China, Made in Vietnam, etc.

Then there is the legalized adultery known as "divorce & remarriage," by which 
no attorney and no wedding planner is morally permitted to participate in such
a sin,  For them, it is  a sin of cooperation.  Yet, there are those who are willing
to cooperate with mortal sin, to make an income.  Well, you cannot buy your way
out of Hell, and Hell is endlessly forever.  It doesn't end and their are no time-outs,
no relief, no reprieve, no hope.  All of the cooperating with sin did nothing more
than damage the cooperators forever,

In as much, silence, such as the criminal silence of bishops, is a sin of coopera-
tion.  Bishops are quite capable of going to Hell for all eternity, too, especial-
ly in light of the fact that the more which is given to you the more which is
required of you.  And of course, St. John Chrysostom wrote that the road to
Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. 

How many bishops of today have you seen doing their duty in mobilizing the
faithful in the effort to end those institutionalized sins known as social scandal
and corporate sin?  Yet, such a counter-measures occurred in the 1960s, in the
Grapes and Lettuce boycott.  It worked well, benefiting the workers at the time.
Today, however, the bishops show themselves to be selfish brats who couldn't
care any less than they do about the suffering of others.

The institutionalized desecration of the Christian Sabbath in heavily christened
populations is another social scandal.  Sins against the Ecology of the Earth and
the home is categorized under "Thy shall not kill."  Plus, medical price gouging
is another scandal that the modern Church must not empower.  It is categorized
under, "Thy shall not steal."  But, the church partakes in medical price gouging,
these days.  The great irony is that hospitals were originally for the poor, as op-
posed to being extremely expensive places.  Saint Louis of France founded a
hospitals that housed three-hundred patients.  It was called Quinze-Vingts, as
in 15 x 20 = 300.  Quinze means 15 and Vingts 20.  For the record, I was a
French major as well as an Economics & Accouting major.

Today's bishops seem to be insensitive to human suffering.  And of course, sin
harms others and causes them to suffer.  In as much, bishops who remain negli-
gent toward addressing and countering socialwide sins are vicious, ruthless, and
self-absorbed.  In as much,  if they don't form the needed apostolates, ..  if they
don't mobilize the laity ... if they let socialwide mortal sins go without objection,
then those sins end up embedded in their own dioceses.  It literally comes up to
their doorsteps and enters their homes.  In their sins of negligence, their eternal
salvation is non-existent.  Only everlasting Hell awaits them, because they were
more than willing to let people on earth go through Hell.

God is changeless.  If you remain obstinate in sin today, you get a full dose of
God's wrath as much as you would have gotten it two thousand years ago.  Now,
you might think that you are too glamorous and filled with "love feelings" so
much so that God grants you special favors and will not exact divine vengeance
upon you.  However, Go is neither impressed with nor intimidated at egomaniacs
who think that they are too glamorous for God's law.

The approved Marian apparition of Quito Ecuador mentioned that  a corrupt priest-
hood will have emerged in the 20th Century.  The approved Marian locutions of
Akita Japan mentioned that bishop will be against bishop and cardinal will be
against cardinal.  The approved apparition of La Salette had its apocalyptic 
ecret, and there were number of beatified and canonized people who pro-
phesied about this era, too.
Today's bishops, in their criminal silence,
continue to let the nails be driven into Christ anew.

Then comes the Third Secret of Fatima.  Being that the Quito, Akita, and La
Salette prophecies have yet to come to pass, the Fatima prophecies are not
yet a thing of the past.  

Concerning this, also keep in mind that, in June of 2000, Cardinal Sodano was
purposely orchestrating a diversionary tactic to take the attention off of inter-
national criminal, Marcial Maciel.  So, he feigned the Triumph of the Imma-
culate Heart of Mary.  That triumph has not yet happened, and when it does,
everyone in the Catholic world will recognize that Sodano, Bertone, and Rat-
zinger (the authors of the June 2000 Fatima press release farce) were lying to 
humanity, all along.  They will forever be recognized as the hideous beings
they have been for decades.

Concerning the fate of today's bishops, the prophecy is that they will under-
go the same destiny as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  However,
the other part of the prophecy was referred to as "the Restoration."   The
bottom line is that the end of the world will not be coming any time soon.
Rather, we will be seeing an end to a generation of bishops accomplished
in the vulgarity of cronyism, nepotism, negligence, retaliatory conduct, 
narcissism, and insensitivity to other people's pain.  They, in their mortal
sins of negligence, cause pain.  In as much, when you die, you get what
you gave in this life.  So, guess what they will get.  Amen.


Rome's Official Dean of Exorcists: Fatima Consecration was Never Done

Perhaps you have zero respect for what I had to state on the subject of Fatima, in that the needed Collegial Consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary never validly occurred ... that only invalid attempts were made.

This means that I submit ... I aver ... I claim that Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Betrone,
and the former Hitler Youth of Vatileaks fame lied to humanity when claiming that
the prophesied Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the accompanying
era of World Peace already began in 1991.  I have always stated that the Collegial
Consecrate of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (as was mentioned at Fati-
ma in 1917 and as was formerly requested in a supernatural vision in Tuy Spain
in 1929) has yet to be done.  However, don't take my word for it.  Refer to the
Archdiocese of Rome's official Dean of Exorcists.

Concerning the Archdiocese of Rome's official Dean of Exorcists, he concurred with
me and with like-minded individuals as far back as 2012, stating then what I stated
years prior. And why is his voice on the subject of Fatima something pertinent?

ANS:  Because your eternity is at stake and Hell never ends.  There are no half-
times in Hell.  There are no time-outs.  There are no rest times.  Plus, there is no
negotiation with God, to get a commuted sentence.

In addition, the Loss of Heaven is just as Forever.

If you are an atheist, you are simply lying to yourself, in light of the Thomistic
observation of the Unmoved Mover.  One thing prompts and/or catalyzes an-
other thing, meaning that, in order for everything to have come into being and
to have gone into motion, there had to have been an Unmoved Mover kicking
it all off.  The Unmoved Mover is traditional known as God - Deus -  Le Dieux.

One more thing:  If you not an atheist and want a certainn atheist to start be-
lieving, then take him to an exorcism.  When one sees evidence of Satan, one
instantly believes in the existence of a God.  Of course, atheist claim that the
possessed are merely mentally ill.  Well, when the possessing demons start
blurting out loud the atheists most embarrassing sins, and when the atheist
sees something that doesn't occur naturally, the arrogance of the atheist will
be gone.

It's supremely asinine to think that all of the things in existence is merely a
collectively random accident.  How stupid do atheists think the reasonable
human to be?

Anyway, here is the link to the statement of the late Father Garbiele Amorth,
one-time Dean of Exorcists of the Archdiocese of Rome, on the topic of the
Fatima consecration which he states was never validly done and which needs
to be performed.  


A Lesson through Word Association

A tree is known by its fruits.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a rotten tree
cannot bring forth life-supporting fruit.  In fact, a person's fruits identify the per-
son.  In as much, below is a lesson that can be taught without speaking a single
sentence in the process of getting to the point of the lesson.

Below, in packets ... in pockets ... is a series of column games where you match
the person on the left hand side with the invention ... state of affairs ... or quote
on the right hand side.  The answers of each match game is directly below each
section.  The point to this exercise is evident at the end of it.
Difficulty factor: medium

Will Rogers                                     A - Steel

Thomas Edison                               B - Penicillin

Andrew Carnegie                           C - The Sherman Tank

Albert Einstein                               D - "I never met a man I didn't like."

George Patton                                 E - The incandescent light bulb.

Alexander Fleming                         F - The unified field theory
Will Rodgers (D), Thomas Edison (E), Andrew Carnegie (A),
Albert Einstein (F), George Patton (C), Alexander Fleming (B)
Difficulty factor also moderate:

Philo Farnsworth                          A -  The electrochemical cell battery

Vincent Van Gogh                         B - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

Alessandro Volta                           C -  The air conditioner

Willis Carrier                                D - "Starry Night"

Judy Garland                                E -  The television
Philo Farnsworth (E), Vincent Van Gogh (D), Alessandro Volta (A)
Willis Carrier (C), Judy Garland (B)

 Difficulty factor: minimal

Thomas More                                A - Freeing the slaves

Thomas Aquinas                           E - Liberating India without firing a shot 

Abraham Lincoln                         C - Summa Theologica

Edward Jenner                             D - Utopia 

Mahatma Gaundi                         E - Institutionalizing the use of the vaccine
Pope John Paul II                         F - The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal


         Get the message?


I am Legion. We are money

The original logo of the advertising agency co-founded by the founder
of the Legionaries of Christ religious order.  The word, integer, refers to the
concept of integrating the worldly with the spiritual, thereby rejecting the
notion of detaching oneself from the world, as was taught in Catholicism
for centuries.  Maciel died in disgrace, after having lived disgracefully.
                        "Maciel’s envoys would regularly deliver envelopes with thousands 
                          of dollars in cash to key Church hierarchs.  Private audiences with
                         the Pope commanded as much as $50,000 dollars per visit, money
                         that was channeled through Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Polish priest
                         who was the pope’s private secretary from 1966 until John Paul’s
                         death."    Pope John Paul "the Great" and his crime syndicate: 
                         Part I, Fr. Maciel

     The Way of Marcial Maciel Degollado:   Simony & "Polite Bribery"

For those of you who do not yet know, and I have encountered those who don't,
the founder of the 20th Century religious order, Legionaries of Christ, is known
as the modern church's version of Frankenstein's monster, only far more evil.

Marcial Maciel and his religious order contained an unnecessary troop of boys
on Legion property who were far too young for seminary courses.   They were
recruited by Legionarie priests under the claim that they had vocations to the
priesthood.  It turned out that the youth served the function of sex toys for the
religious order's founder.   By his habits, it's clear that he declared war on na-
ture and the vows of ordination, operating a cult under the guise of a religious

So cultic was the religious order founded by Maciel that its priests took a com-
pletely unique and repressive vow that consisted in promising to never speak ill
of Maciel or any other superior of the order.   It was called a vow of charity, but
it had nothing to do with charity per se.   After all, this religious order consisted
in Maciel hitting the rich up for as much money as was available and then giving
large sums of it to the Vatican, as if Maciel founded a lobbyist group.

The religious order founded by Maciel mostly consisted in taking from the rich
and giving to the rich.   After all, when an entity like the Vatican needs money,
all that it has to do is sell a fraction of its priceless art.  The Vatican is already
rich, no matter how often it is made to look like a house of orphans one step
away from bankruptcy.

Shortly after having ascended to the Chair of Peter, Benedict XVI abrogated the
cultic vow, meaning that he made it null and void.   After all, the vow guaranteed
that Legionary clergy members would never report any of the predatory antics of
Maciel that they would witness.   As was stated by another writer, it also ensured
the cult of personality around which Maciel was surrounded.  In fact, the one add-
ed vow suggests that Maciel might have already been preparing to live the life of
a serial molester and drug abuser, being that he founded the Legionary religious
order while he was still a seminarian.   The rule conveniently fit the lifestyle of a
criminal.   Thus, it seems that Maciel might have already been taking measures to
keep his future crimes concealed.  Such a vow would silence any witness to what-
ever ill actions Maciel would commit in the future.

The added vow was not Christian, being virtue includes accepting the admonition
of others ... aka constructive criticism.   After all, accepting criticism is an element
of humility, and it helps you in your examination of conscience.   If the Mexican
molester couldn't take criticism, then he should never have been allowed to have
founded a religious order.  In fact, he should not have been allowed to have found-
ed an order while he was still a seminarian.   Such a thing is like making an under-
graduate student the president of a college.

Benedict XVI forbidden the order to ever refer to Maciel as Our Father, again.
Writings and photos of the serial molester were ordered discarded and never used.
Benedict deleted Maciel from church spirituality.   He now needs to do similar in
the case of Maciel's accomplice, promoter, and concealer Angelo Cardinal Sodano,
the former nuncio of Pinochet's Chile.

November 24th Update

To start, a religious order operates according to a set of by-laws known as a Rule.
The most famous one is the Rule of St. Benedict, employed by all Catholic monas-
tic orders.  Now, a papal envoy declared the 1,000+ by-laws of the Legionaries of
Christ Rule to have already been invalid, except for only 128 of them.  You see, the
Vatican only approved 128 rules for the Legion of Christ order.  Yet, members of
the Legion were told that all 1,000+ rules were approved.  The petty and picayune
ones which amount to splitting hairs, were not.   In as much,  we see another in-
stance where the leaders of the Legion of Christ order are accomplished liars who
busy themselves with things that don't matter, in the grand scheme of the universe. 

Maciel's Diabolical Con Game

Do not let yourself be deceived into thinking that Maciel's Legionaries of Christ
is an arch-conservative religious order holding a fanatical allegiance to the pap-
acy.  Rather, think of it as a con game designed to put the pope and the Vatican
on high finance puppet strings.   The habitually negligent John Paul II fell for
the con.

Here was Maciel' game:

If Marcial Maciel could trick humanity into believing that John Paul II was the
greatest pope ever, and if Maciel could simultaneously make himself look like
John Paul's right hand man, then Maciel would have succeeded in deceiving
mankind into regarding him as an equal to what the laity would have been
lead to believe was history's greatest pope.   Maciel would then have suc-
ceeded in getting mass delegations of humanity to cow-tow to his every

John Paul II publicly called Maciel "an efficacious guide of youth" in 1994.  Thus,
he fell for Maciel's ploy.  This resulted in testimony being sent to the Vatican in
1998, by one of Maciel's victims, solely out of a sense of conscience.   Other cor-
roborative testimonies from other Maciel victims were then sent.

Predictably enough, the original victims of the serial molester were made out to be
the villains, as soon as each one would come forth with his corroborative testimony.
None the less, according to Jason Berry, the journalist who diligently investigated the
Legionaries, allegations against the Mexican predator were sent to the Vatican as far
back as the 1970s and 1980s, only to be ignored by the Vatican.

Maciel Was Already Suspended as Far Back as the 1950s

Maciel was removed from ministry (for drug misuse) during the reign of Pius XII,
in 1956.   An investigation of Maciel and his newly established religious order was
then conducted by members of the time-tested Carmelite order.   The confounding
feature which sabotaged the investigation was that each of the molested youth who
were questioned lied  . . .  admittedly so, years after the fact, out of a sense of fear
and duress.

From the point in time when the young men lied to the Carmelites, everything to
be gained by Maciel and the Legionaries would now be gained principally through
the lies told in the 1950s.  The exposed truth would probably have resulted in the
Legionaries of Christ being disbanded, aka "suppressed," being that ithe reign of
Pius XII was still in tact.  Anything obtained through a lie constitutes an ill-gotten
gain.   Therefore, the financial assets of the entire Legionaries of Christ religious
order is an ill-gotten gain.

How the Snake Escaped from the Sack, According to Jason Berry

One calendar year after Pius XII's 1958 death, Maciel was readmitted to the min-
istry, compliments of Clemente Cardinal Micara, a cleric given the equivalent of
$10,000 by Maciel one calendar year after WWII ended, when $10,000 was a siz-
able sum of money.   Maciel ended up having his "faculties" reinstated in 1959,
meaning that he was once again allowed to hear confessions, conduct Masses,
preach, etc.

Then came 1960, when the Third Secret of Fatima was to be read, indicating that
something evil at the time would be on the loose in the Catholic Church, contri-
buting to the church's ruination.   Maciel was ever so coincidentally on the loose
in 1960, perverting the church, after having been canonically chained for a few
years.  Then came Vatican Council II, the ecumenical council from Hell.

Maciel was cited as having targeted the wives, widows, and daughters of wealthy
men, solely for money.   In fact, a seminary in Spain was built, in large part, due
to the daughter of a former Venezuelan dictator.  In fact, there was the donation
of a house from a member of the famous Garza family, and an donation equival-
ent of $50 million dollars was alleged to have been donated by an industrialist's
widow, Flora Barragán.   Carlos Slim, richest man on earth, also donated to the

Angelo Cardinal Sodano Committed Perjury before Humanity,
as if the Welfare of Humanity Were Insignificant to the Vatican

The dean of the college of cardinals, Angelo Sodano, defended and supported the
reputed molester, Marcial Maciel, even in lying to the world about an investiga-
tion that was transpiring.   This proved Angelo Sodano to have been a danger to
society, in promoting and covering a serial predator.    In 1998, detailed testimony
set forth by Jose Barba had been placed on the desk of Cardinal Ratzinger.  How-
ever, those allegations sat neglected for six years.   Sodano was the secretary of
state at the time.   He is attributed with having applied the pressure which result-
ed in Joseph Ratzinger committing negligence, if not cowardice.

Sodano and Maciel Go Back to Sodano's Days in Dictatorship Chile

Sodano's support of Maciel goes back to his days as Papal nuncio of a corrupt
Chile.  Much more about the corruption between Sodano and the Legionaries is
found at the site linked directly below.  It includes the account of an $800,000
payout for so-called engineering and architectural plans which amounted to en-
tirely insignificant writings, according to the investigating FBI agent.  In fact,
the quote of the agent was,

"Each one was about two to five pages long.   None of them contained any 
  schematics, technical drawings, diagrams, or anything that appeared to 
  relate to engineering.   The reports were almost worthless, did not reflect
any engineering work,  and were certainly not worth over $800,000."  

Follow the Money ... to John Paul's Former Secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisz

According to Jason Berry,  "When Dziwisz became a bishop in 1998, the Legion 
covered the costs of his reception at its complex in Rome.  'Dziwisz helped the 
Legion in many ways,' said a priest who facilitated payments.   'He convinced 
the Pope to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Legion.'   

This is the same Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz reputed for forbidding a certain priest
to reveal the names of Polish priests who collaborated with Communist secret ser-
vice agents.   Records showed that the collaborators included three active Polish
bishops.  In fact, a press conference was scheduled by which twenty-one living
Polish priests were to be revealed for having been agents of the Security Service.

His name is Rev. Tadeusz Isakowics-Zaleski, and he entered the realm of the heroic
in 1985, when he was brutally beaten twice by the Security Service who had twenty-
eight Polish priests in its ranks.   So much of a hero was Father Tadeusz that he was
awarded Poland's highest honor, induction into the Order of Polish Rebirth.   There-
fore, it was Poles such as Father Tadeusz who caused the Berlin Wall to fall, as well
as Singapore, Polish union members, people adapting to the western culture, and Rus-
sians who wanted to benefit from the wealth in Russia, including its natural resources.

Polish national hero, Father Tadeusz, was given an order from Dziwisz, under severe
canonical penalties, to not reveal the names of the traitors of the church and liberty
who happened to also be clerics of the church.    Dziwisz is regarded as a long-term
friend of John Paul II.   Dziwisz is the caliber of company whom John Paul kept.

John Paul II was a hideously poor judge of character.  He lived in too much lux-
ury and was a non-stop coward during WWII.   Thus, the insight of a Jimmy
Stewart were not found to be in him.  In as much, God does not let saints get
deceived as hideously as did John Paul II.   As an individual stated, "Saints
can be deceived, but not throughout an entire pontificate that lasted dec-
ades."  The logic is that, if you are a pope who reigned for decades and were
deceived throughout that time, then the degree of sanctity required for beati-
fication is absent.

Jason Berry recently announced, on national radio, that John Paul II was very
much aware of the widespread clergy abuses transpiring throughout the church.
Therefore, it was beyond callous, as well as a sin against charity, for the Sodano-
Maciel world to have praised John Paul II as inordinately as they did.   In fact,
John Paul sinned against the virtue of humility in not shutting down the theatri-
cal praising of him.   Each time John Paul would be praised as an untold hero of
the ages, violence was being done to the scores of individuals who became the
cracked glass victims of his reign.

Violence was also being done to those who were true WWII heroesof those who
suffered greatly and risked their lives in the effort to rid the world of Nazi domina-
tion.   You must admit to yourself that the reign of John Paul II was a continuous
marketing campaign that focused more on him, the disappointing servant, than on
Jesus Christ, the master.

Death Without the Sacraments, while Priests Were Placed on Standby

It's important to note that, at his Jacksonville Florida death, Maciel forcefully re-
fused to let the last rites (viaticum) be administered to him, stating that he didn't
believe in the forgiveness of God.   This was arrogance in his thinking that his
sinfulness was greater than Divine Mercy.   This furthermore shows that Maciel
had zero faith in Catholicism.  He was using the Catholic Church to his advan-
tage, for his twisted agenda, all the while posing as a man of faith, hope, and
charity.  Maciel amassed wealth, but in the end, he couldn't take it with him,
dying in the company of one of his mistresses and his only known daughter.

Maciel Today

It must be remembered that a damned soul still has the power to tempt you and
cause havoc in your mind, your senses, and your life, if you remain unprotected.
In fact, a damned soul can possess you as much as can a demon.  Therefore, do
not think that the damned are inactive.  The records of exorcisms show this to be
the case.

You may not have seen the last of Marcial Maciel Degollado, in light of the fact
that the rate of exorcisms is known to have increased.  However, Benedict XVI,
in ordering the photos, writings, and memorabilia of Maciel to be discarded, made
it more difficult for the arch-molester to infiltrate humanity, in a diabolical fashion.

In case you haven't caught on, this is referring to diabolical possession.   Maciel
diabolically molested youth in this realm.  Will the serial molester diabolically
possess youth from his newly acquired realm?   His newly acquired realm is the
one where those who refuse the final sacraments go.  That realm is a paradox of
total darkness mixed with the spiritual blazing fires of Hell, along with complete
disequilibrium mixed with the pinpointed curses upon anyone not in Hell.

At his death, Maciel was cited as having been so uncooperative and belligerent
that an exorcist was allegedly called in, for standby purposes.   When you are
generously offered the final sacraments of the church and refuse to receive them,
your eternal destiny is generally evident. 

The Bitterness of a Member of the Legionaries of Christ

There was an observation made by a member of the Legionaries of Christ.   He
stated that he would scrupulously keep track of the small entertainment allow-
ance given to him, upon returning from a fair or picnic, giving the spare change
to the novice master or quarter master of the province where he was.

Then came the revelations about Maciel.   There was the faithful member of the
Legion being diligent in morality, while Maciel was leading his infernal lifestyle.
The contrast hit the gentleman like a fast ball.  In fact, it hit him like a ceramic
lawn ornament during a hurricane. 

The World of the Dark Arts

If the mean-spirited sector of humanity versed in the Satanic arts attempt to make
use of Maciel, it might backfire on those people.  This is because the church offer-
ed him the sacraments before his death, and because of the church's gesture of mer-
cy, God will protect the church from the harmfulness of a Maciel who died outside
of the sacraments, disbelieving in the Mercy of God.   None the less, it would be
wise if someone somewhere would pray for us to be protected from the damned
humans and fallen angels who have been seeking the everlasting ruination of
any human they can entice into sin.

A Rehearsed Campaign Slogan

It was admitted by a member of the Legionaries that the youth attached to the or-
der, via Regnum Christi, were coached into spilling out the slogan, "John Paul II,
we love you."   Ladies and gentleman, it was all fake - the public praising of John
Paul, that is.  The logic was that, if John Paul II were made to look great, then it
would make Maciel look great, because John Paul II called the long-term molest-
er of youth an  "efficacious guide of youth."   That was the con game.

John Paul the Great Tribulation of the Devout

The phrase, John Paul the Great, was also artificially contrived.  It was alleged
that the title "was originally coined by Cardinal Angelo Sodano himself, on the
event of Pope John Paul's death."  Yet, the players at the Vatican and elsewhere
made it look as if the common citizenry in Rome coined the phrase.

It's apparent that Sodano and company were trying to make the pope who pre-
sided during the Altar Boy Molestation Years look like a great saint.  This was
apparently done, so that the Legionaries would end up looking as good as the
pope who praised their founder.

Now, the difference is that the aforementioned saints spontaneously moved the
citizens of their locales, upon their deaths.   No cardinal was there, contriving
the people's words on puppet strings.  

Margaret of Costello was a homeless hunch back dwarf who became a Domini-
can and then who quickly performed miracles after her death.   She was also an
extremely heart touching person.  Such are the real saints  ...  not the plasticized
presentations of a thoroughly corrupted Vatican in an era prophesied by the Vir-
gin Mary as one which would be marked by a horrendously immoral clergy.   In
the 17th Century, the Virgin Mary appeared to a South American prioress, pro-
phesying in her mystical beauty.  She stated that the 20th Century clergy would
be corrupt.   The prophesy turned out to be 100% true.

The thing about saints such as Margaret of Costello and John of God, as well as
Bernadette Soubirous and Theresa of the Child Jesus, is that they suffered and
sacrificed in life.   John Paul caused the untold suffering of others, in his stub-
bornness and negligence.   Meanwhile, he lived in luxury for decades.   If you
don't care about others, then you are not a saint.

There once was a papal election that was later declared invalid.   The same type
of mechanism can be applied to fraudulent beatifications and canonizations.   In
fact, a couple names of saints were removed from the canon of the Mass, mean-
ing that they were removed  from the martyrology.   This era is the era of untold
outrage, operated by those who acted as if nothing were wrong, until the press re-
vealed what they were concealing.   In their stone hearted arrogance and insis-
tence on maintaining the Bella Figura of the church, they disfigured the church,
losing the trust of multitudes.  These clerics did more to destroy the church than
did all the priests of the Church of Satan combined.

The Selling of John Paul II was Much Like the Selling of Indulgences

I personally know that people were stricken with intense grief that John Paul II
was beatified.   In the beatification, they saw the hypocrisy and corruption of the
Vatican squared and cubed.   In fact, protest demonstrations transpired on the day
of the beatification.

Do they at the Vatican have no sense of decency?   Beatifying this pope poured
the sulfur of Sodom into the wounds of those victims whom  John Paul failed to
prevent from being tattooed by a legion of predatory priests.  If the pope who en-
abled a battalion of molesters is an actual saint today, then he will be a saint dec-
ades from now.   So, what is the hurry?

Couldn't the Vatican have used discretion and waited?   ANS:  Not if the beatifi-
cation had been a political ploy to divert  attention and to deceive.   In addition,
when they do canonize John Paul II, will they make him the patron saint of mo-
lested altar boys or the priests who molested them? 

Ratzinger beatifying John Paul was an instance of conflict-of-interest.   Being that
he personally knew John Paul, he needed to recuse himself from the case.   This ap-
plies to practically everyone else at the Vatican.   The saints who were rapidly can-
onized or who were widely popular were not Vatican residents.   Church reformers
Francis of Assisi, Dominic Guzma, and Anthony of Padua were in the presence of
the people, at point blank range.  They weren't on stage at a distance.   None the
less, never in the 2,000 year history of the church did a pope beatify his immedi-
ate successor.

John of God went throughout Granada, literally picking up the poor and carry-
ing them back to his house of true non-molestation charity.   Saint Margaret of
Costello did live like Christ, without a mailing address, for a while.   The Saint
Patrick who is mocked once a year in the displays of leprechauns and beer ads
shared in the physical chores of his Celtic converts, being that he was once a
long-term slave, used to manual labor.   John Vianney stayed in the confession-
al for hours, dedicating himself to rendering common citizens back into the state
of sanctifying grace.  Saint Louis of Montfort walked miles to Paris, to confront
the King of France, for the sake of traditional public Catholic devotion.

It took 170 years to canonize Louis of Montfort, an incorruptible.  It took 362
years to canonize Thomas Garnet, one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.
In fact, it took exactly 400 years to canonize British marytyrs Thomas More and
John Fisher.  Following in suit, it took concisely 500 years to canonize Clare of
Assisi's younger sister, Agnes.  In like fashion, it took 589 years for Joan of Arc
to be canonized.  In as much, what justifies the rush to canonize a pope who ruled
over one of the most perverted, sacrilegious, dishonest, slovenly, avaricious, and
criminally negligent generations in the history of the Catholic Church? 

The Sins You Provoke Are the Sins that Are Yours

It's a sin of provoke a sin.   John Paul II was not the inspiration that the Sodano
and Maciel people claimed him to be, when it came to people embittered by his
negligence.   In his negligence, he provoked Catholics to leave the church.   He
provoked despair, animosity, sarcasm, rage, insecurity, and in a few cases, the
physical suicides of clergy abuse victims.  He provoked drug abuse and alcohol
consumption in those wronged by church clerics.

John Paul caused pain.  Some people looked for pain killers, some gave up on the
church, and some endured the pain patiently.   There are a number of people who
need to be hailed for heroic temperance, in keeping calm and collected amidst the
feeling of being totally raped by the John Paul regime.

There actually are people who no longer attend mass, yet they pray the Rosary
and adhere to church teaching on the Virgin Mary, the Divinity of Christ, the
existence of God as a Trinity, and the moral precepts of the church that John-
Paul-era priests repeatedly violated.   There are also those who simply walked
away from the faith as if to be Lot walking away from Sodom.  These people
see that the church had already been taken over by enemies of God the same
way in which France, Holland, Belgium, and Norway were overrun by Hitler's
Nazis.  In fact, the past two popes were servants of the Nazi regime, and NOT
underground members that provided assistance to the allies.

As was previously stated, Jason Berry stated on live radio that John Paul II was
very much current on the sex abuse scandal.   But, that issue wasn't the Polish
pope's only sin of negligence.   Sacrileges at the altar, as well as doctrinal lies
spread by the modern priesthood, were reported to the Vatican, in the hopes
that John Paul would stop them.

The John Paul who allowed the desecration of the altar boy also acquiesced to
the desecration of the altar, thereby becoming an accessory to each of those sins.
Throughout his reign, we repeatedly saw the fulfillment of the first segment of
the 1884 vision of  Pope Leo XIII.   Unfortunately, we have yet to experience the
second part of the vision, where Saint Michael the Archangel suddenly goes into
action, for the sake of the desolate Catholic Church.

John Paul's three tiers of negligence was enough to result in the modern church's
desolation of abomination.  He seemed to have been on a perpetual ego trip, as if
to be

a movie star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  His proper place, however, is deep-
ly in infamy.   How could someone responsible for so much pain, loss, and outrage
simultaneously be a saint?   In fact, if you want to make sure that he is a saint, then
why not ask a few hundred sex abuse casualties if he is?   If they say, yes, then let
them be front and center at the Polish pope's canonization, as opposed to them be-
ing far away, demonstrating with protest signs in front of a number of cathedrals. 

Reality Check for American John Paul Groupies

Shortly before becoming pope, John Paul stated why Poland was a far greater na-
tion than was the United States.   He said that it was because the United States was
hundreds of years younger than Poland.   For the record, the United States did more
for humanity in the past one century than Poland did in its entire existence.

In addition, shortly before his death, John Paul II was quoted as having expressly
said, "America has no soul."   Well, go tell that to someone after another tsunami,
hurricane, earthquake, flood, or invasion performed by Nazi Germany.   Ameri-
cans have been known to come to the aid of earthquake victims, even before the
earth stops trembling.

That was arrogant speech for someone who came from the country who lost the
same one war twice --- first to the Nazi Germans and next to the Soviet Russians.
Incidentally, the United States won the same one war three times, first in Northern
Africa, then in Europe, and finally throughout the Pacific.  The Catholic Church
would do well to not elect actors as popes, or to even appoint them as cardinals.
Actors deal with the pretend world.   The church is in need of reality in its high-
est ranks. 

The Worldliness of the Legionaries of Christ, aka its anti-Franciscan, 
anti-Carmelite, anti-Dominican, and anti-Christian Tone

L'espresso assessed the Legionaries wealth at $25 billion (euro.).  Meanwhile the
Wall Street Journal assessed the Legionaries' operating budget at approximately
$650 million, annually.  The original apostles slept on fishing boats and even on
the ground.  The true Saint Nikolaus gave up a comfortable inheritance, as did
St. Francis of Assisi.   It looks like Maciel was only looking for a comfortable
existence on earth, inconsiderate to his eternal destiny.   Whatever be the reason
for the founding of the Legion of Christ, it had nothing to do with Catholicism;
neither did Maciel's life.

Concerning the Integer Group, it's prime business is that of advertising.  Now,
advertising often seeks to have a potential buyer get locked in a craving. Catho-
licism seeks to have people live free of the prison of cravings.   There are forms
of advertising which constitute seduction.   Whatever be the reason for Maciel
founding the Integer Group, it had nothing to do with Catholicism.  Neither did

For more on the outrage concerning:  1] the accusations leveled against Marcial
Maciel Degollado,  2] the pressure to not prosecute him in a canon court of law,
3] John Paul's disgrace in publicly praising him, 4] Sodano's culpability, see:

The Timeless Observation of Saint John Chrysostom

It is written that he who receives a prophet receives a prophet's wages.   Well, he
who promotes a false prophet receives a false prophet's damnation.   Maciel was
the falsest of prophets.   Sodano promoted him.   In Angelo Sodano, we see the
personification of the truth in St John Chrysostom having stated that "the road 
to Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops."  Do not let yourself be deceived.
Hell never ends ... ever.

Added noted:  For those unfamiliar with the Gospels, the title posted above is
a play on the scriptural passage, I am Legion.  We are many.  One day, Jesus
came ashore, to a town called Gerasenes, where he was met by a possessed
man who spent a long time dwelling in nearby tombs and deserted places.

The possessing demon pleaded with Jesus, asking not to be sent to the Abyss of
Hell.  That was when Jesus asked the demon to reveal his name, where upon the
possessing demon answered,   I am Legion.   We are many.