The Anti-Trinity: A Ferocious Demon with Dissociative Personality Disorder and the Seething Compulsion to Annihilate All of Mankind

Behind Door #1, Door #2, & Door #3 are three distinct personality traits of evil.  Yet, they're dreadfully similar.
Their Raison d'Etre, aka their Reason for Being . . . evil

The sole goal of the entire demonic world, as it applies to humanity, is to trick humans into destroying themselves.  The sole motivation of this desire was & is envy.  Envy kills.  But, the demonic world cannot kill off humanity on its own power.  The demons need humans to do it for them.  The servants of demons, therefore, are the ultimate Useful Idiots.   It's that simplex.

Summary --- Three Alter Egos in one Spiritual Being who wanted to be God

Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub are different names for the same one person.  That person is known as the Evil One.  In fact, that person is more popularly known as the Devil.  Now, he/it was classically given the title, the Great Red Dragon.  However, as far as goes the classical  title, Ancient Serpent, it symbolizes the entire demonic world, where each demon is one vertebrae of the spiritual serpent.

The first three names mentioned above define a specific personality trait in this Evil One.  He was created angel and was endowed with exceptional gifts.  However, his giftedness became his downfall.  He thought so highly of himself that he wanted to be worshipped as the central focal point of everyone's existence.  He was made to be the Carrier of Light, but he wanted to be God instead.  He wanted to be as glorious as God, with him replacing God.  So, in punishment, the Trinity fragmented the Evil One's mind into three personality traits.  The three traits are the opposite of each major attribute of each person of the Holy Trinity.  

This fragmentation of mind constantly reminds the first amongst the rebellious angels that he is only a finite being, incapable of unifying within himself one divine being, in three distinct persons --- or even in three distinct personality traits.  This punishment would be close to Dissociative Personality Disorder.   This constantly shows the rebel angel that the Holy Trinity has no equal.

Each of the three personality traits of the Evil One is the antithesis of the one predominant attribute of each one of the three persons of the Trinity.  It goes as follows:

First  --- Being the Calculating Destroyer by first being a Pathological Liar

God the Father's attribute is Generosity guided on the rails of Harmony & Proportionality.  His motive has always been to honor an already existent Truth.  Predictably enough, the already-existent Truth is the second person of the Trinity.  God the Father simply wanted to share this living truth ... namely the Son of God ... with others.  After all, he did not want to selfishly keep the Son of God to himself.  So, he created "the others," endowing them with reason and free will.   This translates into God the Father being Creator.

Whereas God the Father is predominately the Creator, the Satan personality trait of the Evil One is the Destroyer; even the Executioner.  After all, Satan does mean accuser & prosecutor.  

All in all, Satan is the Inversion of God the Father.  This makes the Satan personality trait the first person of the Anti-Trinity.  Whenever God creates someone or something, the Evil One responds by wanting to destroy --- or at the very least --- to distort that which God created.  The desire to distort translates into Satan being a Pathological Liar.  After all, a lie is a distortion of the truth.  

Incidentally, the two classical synonyms of "Destroyer" are Abaddon (Hebrew) & Apollyon (Greek).

Second --- The constantly morphing ambusher, dressed in alternating camouflage

Whereas God the Son is the Way & the Truth, the Lucifer personality trait is the trait of a theatrical showman who manifests himself differently, during each exorcism where he does make an appearance.  He camouflages himself in different ways, for each performance.  He no longer radiates the light of Wisdom into anyone.  He only seeks to cast dark mindedness throughout  mankind, to the point of making mankind the most deadly enemy of mankind.  He sits in preparation, ready to ambush the minds & senses of humans, causing doubt or paranoia in them, as well as lust, arrogance, and even violent disregard for other humans. 

As the Second Personality of the Anti-Trinity, Lucifer seeks to sow alienation & animosity between the members of humanity.   And of course any history student can see that the history of mankind is the history of war after war after war after war, along with the traditional raping, pillaging, plundering, and enslaving.   Yet, this is always preceded by . . . DECEIVING OTHERS.  

More Specifically, the history of mankind is [1] Invade & Attack.  [2] Pillage, Rape, and Plunder.  [3] Enslave the Survivors.  [4] Take Inventory of the Property of the Dead.  [5]  Repeat Cycle, over & over again & again.   This means that Lucifer has been quite successful at his many endeavors upon the human mind.

In brevity, the history of mankind is Kill, Rape, Pillage, Plunder, and Enslave.  Accompanying these acts is always - - - The telling of lies, to rationalize & justify the wholescale crimes.  Today, this is known as Spreading Propaganda.  In as much, there is an obvious answer to the question, "Are there more people Heaven or in Hell?"  Simply study the history of mankind and do the math.

Third --- A bully with the urge to devour others until they reach total non-existence.

Finally, whereas God the Holy Spirit is predominantly Kindness itself, the Beelzebub personality trait is that of Cruelty.   Now, the Cruelty sprung forth from Envy.  This cruelty defines the Evil One as the Father of Bullies, when acting in the mindset of Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.  And of course, wherever there is death on Earth, there are flies.  If Beelzebub had his way, he would decompose your soul into full obliteration ... just like flies on the cadavers of wild animals in the woods. 

Being that he is the inversion of the Holy Spirit, Beelzebub is the third personality trait of the fractured Anti-Trinity.  Very simply, the Lord of the Flies is a marauder who seeks to Lord-it over everybody.  He is the ultimate Control Freak.

The Anti-Trinity is basically a highly gifted angel who became a fallen one.  He is now void of sanctifying grace and is weighted with the burden of dissociative personality disorder, as well as a vengeful hatred toward mankind simply for existing.  

The Evil One is the ultimate racist who hates the Human Race.  Yet, he is still a very successful danger to an easily deceived humanity.  He carries the power to twist, to distort, to deceive, and to manipulate violent outcomes.   Now, no demon has the power to make you no longer exist.  Your soul & spirit don't get annihilated into non-existence.  But, demons can get you to give them the power to have you exist in a mangled & disproportionate way.
                                                  End of the Introductory Summary.

If you ever read St. Augustine, you'll know why any ocean is symbolic of the Holy Trinity.
Now, in more detail.
We proceed to the Unmoved Mover ... the Boundless Catalyst ... the Undivided God

The Uncreated & Eternal Trinity is three distinct persons in one essence.  This essence has full cognizance ... aka awareness & intelligence.   It does not exist as a mindless cosmic force that doesn't even know that it exists.  

This living essence neither has a beginning nor an end.  Simultaneously, this divine essence is transcendent & imminent.  That is to say, this essence is untouched by any material substance and it's not confined by space.  It's simultaneously timeless, as well.  Yet, this same essence is in all things in that it is INVOLVED in all things.

The Distorter

The Anti-Trinity, on the other hand, is the Evil One in three personality traits.  This is a being who was created with a spirit & intelligence, as well as free will.  This is a finite being created for the purpose of participating in God's living fountain from which springs forth all life-giving things.    

However, this is a finite spirit who was and is crippled by envy.  He envied the idea of the same God creating a type of being which is simultaneously material and spiritual.  This is a being whose framework and faculties are one echelon lower than that of the angels.  

The Evil One became outraged over the idea that God would become a member of this inferior race, called mankind, and the Evil One refused to pay homage to even the idea of God-made-man.  

The Evil One, therefore, is the Envious One.  And of course, through the envy of the Devil, death came into the world (Book of Wisdom, Ch 2, v 24) ... into the world of mankind.   Envy translates into Brutality.  The intellectual form of Brutality is Cruelty.

God uniting with all of creation by becoming a member of that creation

God becoming Man is known as the Hypostatic Union.  This refers to the nature of mankind being united with the divinity of He Who Is . . . of he who has always been.  The person who was to become God and Man simultaneously is known as the Messiah ... the Anointed One.  This refers to the Divinity of the Eternal God anointing human nature in one person, by means of God the Son becoming a member of the human race.   

God becoming Man occurred in the New Ark of the Covenant, namely in Miriam of Nazareth.  This occurred during the reign of Caesar Augustus.  Concerning her role as the designated & consecrated Ark of the New Covenant, concerning her bodily integrity, the following was God's will for her:

"This gate must remain closed.  It must not be opened, and no one may come through it.  Now, being that the Lord, the God of Israel, came through it, it must remain closed." (Ezek 44:2)  In as much, Jesus had cousins and "fellow countrymen" who were referred to as "brethren," aka "kinsfolk."  The New Testament, which was handed down to the successive generation of Christianity in the Greek language, makes mention of ADELPHOI.  This is a Greek term which meant more than merely a DNA sibling.  And it meant more than cousin.  

After all, a "City of Brotherly Love" wasn't a city where everyone was a sibling or cousin.  "Brother" was and still is a state of being, as in "Band of Brothers," "Soul Brothers,"  "Brother from a different Mother," "Fraternity Brothers," "Lodge Brothers," and "Brothers in Christ."  In Italian America, such persons are called "peisani'  which means villagers.  In American, such persons were called "fellow countrymen" and even "compatriots."

Now, Jesus had no children, and his mother only had one child.  Yet, there have been hundreds of millions throughout history who recognized the phrase, "Brothers & Sisters in Jesus Christ."  Anyone who believes in the true Christ today is a brother or sister of Christ, despite that person's DNA haplogroup . . . despite that person's ancestry.

Jesus did NOT have biological brothers and sisters.  Proof #1 consists in Jesus on the Cross telling non-relative John (son of Zebedee) that he was to now regard Mary as his mother.  During the same moment, Christ told Mary that John was now her son.  Well, in Jewish law, caring for a widowed mother was the responsibility of the eldest surviving son.  Thus, if the eldest son died, then the second eldest became the designated caretaker of his mom.  Yet, Jesus did NOT tell Simon or Jude to take care of Mary.  Thus, neither Simon nor Jude were DNA brothers of Jesus.  They were cousins.  All in all, Jesus bestowed the assignment of caretaker to non-relative John the Apostle; to John the Evangelist. 

In addition, some people throughout history conjectured that Saint Joseph had children to another woman, before he met Mary.  However, this is not Catholic Tradition.  And remember, Catholic Tradition includes the handing-down of historical fact and family archives.  After all, to be Catholic is to be heavily engulfed in history . . . in the midst of mankind.  

Moreover, during the flight from Herod's wrath, Joseph and Mary took flight into Egypt without the help of any "child of Joseph."  None the less, once a Jewish woman took a vow of virginity, if she were to make this vow known to her betrothed, then her betrothed man was bound to honor that vow.   This IS a directive expressly mentioned in the LAW OF MOSES.

In as much, St. Luke's mention of Mary being a virgin was the mention of a Jewish woman in an autonomous Jewish religious order, where each vowed virgin lived her own life, and not in any monastic community.  The third orders of the Catholic Church were and still are that way.  

Example: St Catherine of Siena was a "Third Order Dominican," and she lived at home as a vowed virgin . . . and she became very famous.  She became so famous that a pope assigned her to be one of his advisers.   

Early Church Fathers saw Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant

Mary was reserved for the most sacred of destinies.  She was God's ciborium; the Temple of the Son of God; the Ark of the New & Everlasting Covenant.  Plus, she made a vow of virginity, pursuant to the Law of Moses.  

People who refuse to believe this are very weak-willed, lust-burning, and vile-minded individuals stuck on themselves.  Being that they are void of virtue and/or discipline and/or a sense of decency, they cannot believe that anyone would be any different than them.  In fact, certain women refuse to acknowledge the unprecedented gifts & sanctity of the Virgin Mary out of seething envy --- just like the very unclean Lord of the Flies.

That which these people despise the most is when Catholic Church Teaching admits that Mary is the one who crushed the head of the serpent . . . by the grace of God the Father.  They go into a spiritual outrage over that concept.  They simply despise Mary and want her out of the way.

These people deny Mary's virginity.  Yet, there were numerous saints in the 2,000 year history of the Catholic Church who vowed celibacy.  There are canonized saints who spent a lifetime as a virgin, resulting in apparent miraculous intervention from them, after they entered into the Great Beyond.  There literally is a list.  Example:  St Clair of Assisi, St Teresa d'Avila, St Therese of Lisieux, St Gertrude the Great, St Mathilde, St Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Catherine Laboure, St Frances Cabrini, . . . etc, etc, etc, etc.   Thus, virginity has repeatedly been people despising the idea that Mary was a perpetual virgin is an element of White Trash Religion.  

It's simply that the "Born-Again," "TV Evangelist," "I'm Saved," "Praise the Lord" mindset is that it's impossible to be chaste.  So, the Lord "lets you slide," they claim, despite St Paul empathically stating that people who habitually engage in sin will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  In fact, the prime teaching of the religion which used to call itself "the Born-Again Christian" religion . . . and which changes its name as often as does Lucifer . . . is this:  

They basically teach that Jesus came and suffered tremendously so that they can keep on living a life of sin.  They have used the phrase, "The sins of your future are forgiven."  They do not believe that Jesus saves anyone from his sins.  Rather, they believe that Christ allows you to keep on sinning, as if belief in him is a "Get out of Hell Free" card.  They partly carry the concept of the Ranters (which see.)  Rasputin was a Ranter.  

The True Heaven, as opposed to the Fairy Tale thereof

It is written about Heaven, "Nothing unclean will ever enter it." (Rev. 21:27)  Likewise, the King of Heaven will not enter into anything unclean, upon his own volition and of his own doing.  The Virgin Mary had to be immaculate, in order for the Son of God to become man in her.  If she had the taint of sin in her, God the Son would have been too repelled to enter into her and he would have refused to be developed in her.  

Without a woman created immaculate by God the Father, there would have been no Messiah.  And remember, the Precious Blood of Jesus came from the blood of Mary.  Thus, Jesus needed to have ... and he did receive from his Father's power ... a completely pure mother.  

She was never divine.  No Catholic ever believed that she created the Heavens & the Earth.  Only an illiterate Protestant would accuse Catholics of such idolatry.  Only a pervert would think of worshipping Mary, in the first place.   She was simply the way that the creation of mankind should have been, all along . . . namely, sinless ... more specifically, humbly sinless.

The Double Hypocrisy of it all

Hypocrisy Numero Uno:  Martin Luther .... the 16th Century German ... believed that Mary was a perpetual virgin.  So, why do the followers of Protestantism ignore a teaching of the Founder of Protestantism? 

Hypocrisy Numero Due:  Protestants are willing to believe that Christ walked on water.  They are willing to believe that he brought the dead back to life, instantly cured lepers, turned water into wine, and eventually turned himself into crystalline light during his transfiguration.  But, they refuse to believe that his mother was a consecrated Jewish woman, reserved for God only.  

In fact, Protestants are willing to believe that the miraculous Jesus Christ came into existence without a human father.  They are equally willing to believe that John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother's womb, upon the greeting of Mary, thereby being rendered in the state of grace.  But they refuse to believe something as simple as Mary being created in the state of grace, so that she could be reserved for the coming of the Messiah --- so that she could be the Ark of the New & Everlasting Covenant.

Once again, in order to have been reserved FOR the coming of the Messiah, the Virgin Mary had to first be preserved FROM sin.  It was God's grace to her.  No Catholic believes that she is God.  No Catholic worships her.  

Protestants say that Catholics worship Mary, as a ploy to get people to refrain from adhering to the worldwide Catholic Church ... and to instead join their Television Network Protestant Sect.  This endless defamation is done, so that money from Catholic people's pockets will eventually go into the Televangelist bank accounts, instead of going into the Catholic Church collection baskets.  It's an advertising campaign.  Demonize the competition and make money in the process.

Welcome to Lying for Dollars,                                                                                                          hosted by Reverend Jim Bob Confederate Boy of the Church of the Extremely Saved

Protestant preachers see the heavily populated & historic Catholic Church as their business competition . . . in competition for tax-free collection basket money and the such.  So, they lie about their competition.  It's business.  Strictly business.  It's Lying for Dollars.  

Now think:  Southerners seceded from the Union (of the United States.)  That mindset came from their ancestors seceding from the Union of the Catholic Church.  However, the Protestant Reformation was actually the Protestant Confiscation, where a handful of northern kings literally stole all of the Catholic Churches, convents, and monasteries in their nations, ordering the Catholic churches to now be called Lutheran Churches (in Scandinavia's case) and "the Church of England," in Henry VIII's case.  

Catholic priests were arrested left & right.  Even the Catholic laity suffered martyrdom.  Protestantism was forced upon the northern countries west of Russia.  There was no popular Protestant movement of the people, concerning Martin Luther and similar other "reformers."   The popularity aspect didn't occur until ... until the rise of the Huguenots in small sectors of France ... which were an offshoot of John Calvin.  

Even at that, Cardinal Richelieu protected the Huguenots . . . for political & military purposes.  If not for Richelieu, the Huguenots would not have had a chapter in French history, in the first place.  However, it certainly was a popular movement, unlike Luther's movement which was founded upon the mass theft of Catholic Church property in Saxony, Brandenburg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland . . . and Henry VIII's mass theft of Catholic Church property in a land once called Our Lady's Dowry, also known as England.  

BTW, it took Henry VIII four years to complete his "dissolution of monasteries."  He did NOT have a popular movement.  His "Church of England" was forced upon the English.  

The Purpose for the Immaculate Conception

Mary was conceived without sin, for the salvation of mankind.  She is the one who crushed the head of the demonic world ... done by the grace of God only.  Thus, Mary has been and always will be integral in the plan of salvation, as well as always will be the Intercession of the Saints in Heaven.  This includes Elijah and the miraculous Elias.  It can also include you, if you remain faithful.  Also integral in the plan of salvation has been & will be:

[1] the writings of the Apostle Paul & the other New Testament Epistles,  [2] the Four Gospels,  [3] the Seven Sacraments which includes the Priesthood of Christ & the ordination of deacons,  [4] the Seat of Saint Peter, along with the Teaching Authority of the Church which exists in its faithful bishops ... which resulted in the Catechism ... which actually originated from the 1st Century's Didache (which see.)   

Note: Faithful bishop is defined as one who acknowledges that, as soon as a Successor of Peter ratifies as infallible a doctrinal teaching, it cannot be reversed, discarded, or contradicted.  No pope can undo the infallible ratification of any previous pope.  This is important to note, because there have been many infallible doctrines that came out of Church Ecumenical Councils.  The attending bishops at those councils defined such infallible doctrines, and then the pope-at-the-time ratified each doctrine as infallible.  

The Church is only infallible in matters of Faith & Morals.  NOT physics ... or military science ... or in history ... or in astronomy ... or in engineering ... or in agricultural science ... or molecular chemistry, etc, etc, etc.  

As far as goes an individual pope making an infallible statement on his own, without the presence of an ecumenical council, it happened only twice in history: Once in 1854, concerning the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception which declared Mary sinless from the start ... and once in 1950, concerning the Bodily Assumption of Mary into Heaven.  

There were times in church history where up to 22 infallible statements were promulgated in one day ... always through & only through the Church's Ecumenical Councils.  And of course, a number of councils had no infallible statements at all.  This includes Vatican II ... the SECOND Vatican Council.  

Also, in order for a teaching to be infallible, it cannot contradict the Bible.  The teaching doesn't need to be stated anywhere in the Bible.  But, it cannot contradict anything that is stated in the Bible.  The apostles came before the officially defined Bible came into existence.  Thus, tradition preceded the Bible.  Tradition came first.  In fact, the Bible is merely a part of Tradition, and the New Testament was written by a few of the original apostles and a few of their closest followers, namely Mark, Luke, and St. Paul. 

The Catholic Church is the sole composer, compiler, & rightful owner of the NEW Testament.  Without the Catholic Church, there would have been no New Testament.  This resulted in the greatest hypocrisy of the Anti-Catholic, Bible-Only People in the Protestant world.  If the Catholic Church is as evil as you Extremist Protestants claim it is, then you must toss all of your Bibles into the trash ... and burn-away that remnant of the Catholic Church.   However, without the Catholic Church's property, there would have been no Protestantism, in the first place.

Protestantism is the Religion Founded Upon Grand Larceny.  In as much, there was NO Protestant Reformation.  It was the PROTESTANT CONFISCATION of Catholic Church property, upon the command of a very small number of Northern European kings of the 16th Century.  It was literally likened to a bird going into another bird's nest and knocking that bird out of his own nest.

The Other Salvation Checkpoints

Also integral for the salvation of every human who consents into entering the aisleway of salvation is:

[6] voluntary penitential supplications, as well as penitential cleansing, as is done through fasting & other "mortifications,"  [7] the Catholic Church's long history of charity organizations, [8] sacramentals which includes the Rite of Exorcism, [9] the Book of Psalms, the Book of Proverbs, & the Book of Sirach used in the Liturgy of the Hours, [10] retreats, meditation, and contemplation, [11] religious orders such as the Carmelites, Benedicts, Augustinians, Franciscans, and Dominicans, [12] the Examination of Conscience.  In as much, in the Economy of Salvation, miracles are a bonus which actually provide extracurricular teaching lessons.

In review, the Virgin Mary was conceived by God in the immaculate state, due to the foreseen merits of Christ.  She is a perpetual virgin who vowed her virginity pursuant to the Code of Moses.  Her son, Jesus, is the Infinite & Divine Son of the Living God.  Thus, Mary is the mother of God.  

If you have trouble with this thought, then regard Mary as [1] the Mother of God-made-man, and/or [2] the Mother of God Incarnate, aka "Word Incarnate," and/or [3] the Mother of God-Among-Us, aka the Mother of Emanuel.   

You can even call her [4] Mother of the Hypostatic Union.  In fact, it was through the Archangel Gabriel that God the Father regarded her as "the highly favored daughter of the Most High."  So, you can call her that title.  Plus, as a result of the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel, Mary became "the Mystic Spouse of the Holy Spirit."  That's another title of Mary.  

Incidentally, the concept of Jesus being the Word of God was to convey the idea of Jesus being the WISDOM of God ... "the Logos" describes "the Utterance of God," aka "the Declaration made by God," or even the "Testimony of God."   Something similar thereof.

Moreover, the Early Church Fathers regarded Mary as the Ark of the Covenant ... and the New Eve.  Now, the name, Eve, is from the Jewish language's, Haya, meaning to live.  Thus, Eve was called the Mother of all the Living.  For the past 2,000 years, there has been a new Mother of all the Living.  The problem is that numerous members of humanity have not yet gotten the message --- due to the oppression of certain governments.

Honor your mother.  Christ does.
Also concerning those in the Protestant world who abhor the phrase, "Mother of God," as if Mary created God, know this:  No human mother ever created her child.  Yet, each woman who brought forth the life that was actually created by God in her is still the mother of each of her children.  Therefore, Mary is the mother of Jesus who happens to be God, even though Mary did not create Jesus.  Thus, no Catholic believes that Mary created God.  God created Mary.  In fact, God creates each child's soul inside each mother, individually ... every single time ... throughout the history mankind.  Thus, God is still the Active Creator.   

It was God who made that which ended up existing inside the Virgin Mary's body, attached the Virgin Mary's bloodstream.  In fact, it was God ... through Gabriel ... who told Mary to name him Jesus.  Mary didn't even create her own son's name.  God did it for her.  

All in all, there is a huge difference between being "a mother of someone" and being the "creator of someone."  Keep in mind that the Blood of Christ came from the blood of Mary.  Such a thing makes him very human and therefore very approachable.  In the Virgin Mary, the Infinite integrated itself with Time.  This makes Mary a very epic & cosmic crossroad ... intersection ... venue.  This makes her far more cosmic than any hippie and any rock star of the 1960s & 1970s.

Honor Your Mother

Also keep in mind the law to "Honor your mother and father."  Christ honored his mother in the way in which a divine king can do so.  He did NOT cast her aside and ignored her in disrespect.  She is definitely his queen and this is illustrated all throughout Heaven.  She is definitely God the Father's most highly favored of all of the creations of God, and this too is illustrated throughout all of Heaven.  

She is also the Spouse of the Timeless & Infinite Holy Spirit who intervened for the sake of mankind in the fullness of time.  He he did so, by making Mary the center of his work.  After all, making God man, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, was the Holy Spirit's central work.  Without Mary being immaculate, the Holy Spirit could not have done it.  Without God the Father, Mary could not have been conceived in the immaculate state.  Salvation was a team effort, on the part of the Holy Trinity.

Once again, it was God the Father who made Mary immaculate, in the first place.  So, there is NO idolatry going on amongst people devoted to Mary.  Rather, there is the fulfillment of Christ's Last Supper Command to "love one another as I have loved you."  Thus, Catholics do not worship Mary in any capacity at all, whatsoever, in the least.  Catholics love her.  Catholics ask her to "pray for us sinners."  Nowhere in the Hail Mary is there any mention of worshipping Mary as the Lord.  In fact, it states that the Lord is with Mary.  This proves that Catholics believe that someone other than Mary is Lord.  

For those unaware in this era when religion was laid waster, the prayer starts as follows:  Hail Mary, full of grace, the LORD is with you.  Thus, Catholics NEVER claim that Mary is Lord.  Rather, they claim that the LORD is with Mary ... and is therefore the cause of Mary's greatness ... meaning that Mary is the mirror who reflects God.

Moreover, it was God the Father who composed the first part of the Hail Mary, and it was the Holy Spirit who inspired St. Elizabeth to call out the second part of the same Hail Mary.  See the opening chapters of the Gospel of Luke. 

The words of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary, during the Annunciation, were the words of God the Father.  After all, angels are the messengers of God.  If you hate the Hail Mary, then you hate God the Father who composed its opening lines.  And if you claim to be a saved Christian who hates the Hail Mary, then you are a soon-to-be-damned liar.    God the Father does not bring into his kingdom those who hate him.

Mary is the ultimate Glory of God's grace-giving action.  No grace ever given to Mary was ever wasted.  Thus, Protestants blaspheme God by holding Mary in disrespectful disdain, in their thinking very little of her.  Such persons think very little of grace.  

Christ does NOT think very little of his own mom, and he does not appreciate it when Protestants do.  But, of course, Christ never founded any Protestant church.  He only founded one Church 2,000 years ago, and it was perpetuated through the centuries via Apostolic Succession.  Any church established after that time is an imposter church ... a fraud ... a Synagogue of Satan.

The Three Personality Traits of the Evil One

Each of the three personalities of the Evil One is contrary to the predominate attribute of each person of the Holy Trinity.  The three personalities existing in the first rebellious angel are named [1] Satan, [2] Lucifer,  and [3] Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.  Three names.  Three personality traits.    One person.  Thus, this involves the three major definitions that describe the same one evil person who set himself in direct defiance against the THREE infinite persons of the Holy Trinity.

And remember, this evil person was created angel, comprising all spirit and no body.  Spirits and angels are the same thing.  It's only a matter of differentiating fallen angels from holy angels.  Such a thing is known as Discernment.  Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  A college degree will not get for you discernment.  However, being validly baptized will do so.  In fact, baptism results in you receiving Infused Knowledge.  Such a thing is an understanding of God and how beings in the universe go about their ways.

[1] The first person of the Holy Trinity is God the Father, predominately endowed with the power to CREATE, resulting from his compulsion toward generosity.  Thus, he is the Creator.  

The first personality trait of the Evil One is Satan, aka the prosecutor ... the condemner ... the accuser.   The predominate personality trait of this personage is the power to destroy ... or to perform the role of Executioner.  Thus, whereas God the Father is the Creator, Satan is the Destroyer.  Satan is the Inversion of God the Father.

[2] The second person of the Holy Trinity is God the Son,  He is the Great Amen who consents in all that the Eternal Father wills.  His predominate attribute is WISDOM.  He is the teller of truth and the bringer of inspiration.  He is literally ... and NOT figuratively ... mankind's lifeline.  

The second personality trait of the Evil One is named LUCIFER, the one created to be the carrier of light.  Such light helps others to see truth clearly.  Yet, due to Lucifer's rebellion, his predominate personality trait is that of a LIAR, via theatrics.  He is the bringer of discord, and he casts shadows of dark mindedness throughout humanity.  Instead of giving people impulses to do good, he gives temptations for people to sin.    He is the inversion of God the Son.  In as much, Satan is the Father of all Lies, and Lucifer is the Son of all Lies, thereby fulfilling Satan's will, all the while masquerading as an angel of light.  

Just because you do NOT believe that Jesus is mankind's lifeline, it doesn't make it suddenly happen that he's not divine.  After all, if a guy on the other side of Planet Earth doesn't believe that you exist, it doesn't make you stop existing.  Your mind does NOT make reality.  Reality came into existence without you.  It's a matter of you magnetizing yourself to reality.  This is actually known as the Gift of Infused Knowledge.

[3] The third person of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Spirit, and his predominant attribute is KINDNESS.

The third personality trait of the Evil One is called BEELZEBUB, the Lord of the Flies.  And of course, flies are the ones who pay visits to beings, after death has been achieved in them.  BEELZEBUB's predominant personality trait is CRUELTY, and he is the inversion of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, the Evil One is predominantly the Cruel & Deceptive Destroyer.  In his cruelty, he distorts people.  In his deceptiveness, he gets people to distort and destroy themselves.  He is the destroying angel who sits on a throne of lies and whose motivation comes from seething cruelty.  In sequence, his cruelty came from his sense of envy towards God-made-man.  The temptations he casts upon you are designed to get you to destroy yourself and everyone else around you.  He can't do it himself.  He needs your help to do it ... to destroy you.  The Evil One simply tricks people into destroying themselves.


Comparing the Holy Trinity to a Song, a Chant, or a Hymn as well as Comparing Him to a Waterfall with a Radiating Mist

The following comes from:  1} St. Bonaventure's Spiration (his teaching on the
eternal interaction between the persons of the Trinity,)  2} St. Thomas Aquinas'
writings on the essence &  attributes of God, and 3} St. Catherine of Siena's men-
tion of transformative love.  If this article fails to achieve understanding, then it's
the fault of the writer (yours truly,) and not the aforesaid doctors of the church.

It's important to first know that the mystery of love is that of in transforming in-
to the object of your love.   In the Holy Trinity, the Father eternally transforms
into the Son and the Son eternally transforms into the Father.   This transforma-
tion is the Holy Spirit, itself.  Now, if one were to describe a basic outline of the
Trinity, by means of comparing him to a song, then one would start by stating:

The first infinite person of the Trinity begins
by generating the lyric: 
                Let there be light.

The second infinite person of the Holy Trinity
simultaneously requites the generated light, by
radiating a tone of understanding and consent
which says: 
                             So be it

     The light is the Holy Spirit himself.
Within the Holy Spirit is the living fulfillment of every ideal embraced by the first
infinite person of the Trinity.   The ideals of God are not inanimate.  They're living
realities, living in the Holy Spirit.   They're not air headed "happy thoughts."  They
are a designed set of aspirations and preferences willed to be in existence.  In order
for such aspirations and ideals to be perfect, they must be actualized.  They must be
living.  They are the Holy Spirit, himself.  They're God's personality traits and God's
essence simultaneously.

The attributes of God include the virtues of fidelity and generosity, as well as kind-
ness and honesty.  They are humility and gratitude, as well as fortitude and fidelity.
They are equally justice and temperance, as well as mercy and generosity, existing
in equal fraternity.  It's not that God is full of virtue.  Rather, God IS virtue; the to-
tality of virtue acts in essence, infinitely existing and all at once.  Plus, within God
there is no conflict.

Divine Love is also known as Agape, (pronounced awe-gah-pay.)   Being that the
ideals of God the Father are living realities existing in one spirit, this means that
God is the infinite perfection of every virtue in existence simultaneously transpir-
ing in one being.   The aspect of God being living virtue, acting out all virtue, in-
finitely so, was explained by Thomas of Aquinas. 

Each infinitely radiating ideal is given the full consent of the second person of the
Trinity.  The second person was the inspiration for these ideals to exist.  That is to
say that the second person was the motivation for the Eternal Father's thoughts of
virtue.  In fact, the second person of the Holy Trinity is the First person's reason
for being.  If the second person of the Trinity didn't exist, the first person of the
Trinity wouldn't have been motivated to exist.

Each ideal, such as kindness, is the essence of the Holy Spirit himself.  Now, for
the finite human mind in the fallen state of original sin to comprehend the myst-
ery of the Holy Trinity is no different than attempting to place an ocean in a sand
bucket.  The most that we can do on Earth is make sand castles on the shoreline.

The general lyrics in the song of the Holy Trinity are a chorus:

First Person ------- Let there be light.    
Second Person --- I witness it to be good and I consent in it being.
First Person ------ Let there be the infinite perfection of every virtue.  
Second Person --- So be it in an unbroken collection.
First Person ------ Let it be alive in one Spirit.   
Second Person --- Let it radiate through me.

That's the paraphrased version of the Song of the Holy Trinity.  Now, the accom-
panying music to that song is of an untold quality, where the Father empties him-
self into his Eternal Son, somewhat like a waterfall.   The Holy Spirit happens to
be the water.

When comparing the Holy Trinity to a waterfall, the first person of the Trinity
becomes the light refracting throughout the water, while the second person of
the Trinity is the spray of that waterfall, making the droplets look like deeply
colored gems of a majestic quality.   It's music with infinite sustain, and there
is a gentleness to it, amidst majesty and deep tones.   If you ever come hear it,
your life will never be the same again.

A replacement word for "So Be It" is Amen.  This is why Jesus is referred to as  
the Amen  in the Book of Revelations, at the third chapter ... Verse 14, if you're
curious.  In fact, he is referred to as the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, and
the Source of God's Creation.   He consents in the Father's Will and then makes it
happen.   He requites the same person's spirations ... aspirations and inspirations.
The Holy Trinity is the one able to be in the state of being without outside help.


The reason why God can only exist as a Trinity

Understanding the mystery of the Trinity with our finite
 minds is like trying to put an ocean into a beach pail.

How do you begin to write about someone who has no beginning?

Very simply, you enter into the midst of the person's being and describe the
activity occurring in the present tense.  That which is currently transpiring in
the Eternal God is that which has been occurring forever.

In eternity, there has always been one person with neither a beginning nor an
end who has been generating forth from his own essence an action which in-
cludes, but is not limited to, Charity.  (Note:  I don't use the word, love, when
speaking of spirituality, being that, in today's society, love is equated with Eros;
the erotic.)

This one person is the first infinite person of existence;  the first person of the
Holy Trinity.  Translated into human language, that which is spiritually being
spoken from this person is, "Let there be light."  So, what is this light?  This
light is every virtue in existence occurring simultaneously.

This endless action includes, but is not limited to, Charity, is:

1] an act of will ------ as opposed to uncontrolled motions, imposed by an
                                   inanimate force.

2] an act of desire --- where the desire was first inspired by the one desired.

3] an act of consent - liberating the desire to the point of transforming it into
                                   a living reality.

4] an act of power --- enabling the desire to be fulfilled in reality and actuality.

5] a command -------- testifying to the necessity of having the power liberated.

6] a way of being ---- living out that which is commissioned in the command.

7]  transformative --- in being a Charity (an Agape) so impactful that it makes
                                   you never the same again.

What is power?   ANS: Power is the ability to make things happen and to get
                            things accomplished.  Those governed must have the power
                            to abide by the command of the one in power, or the one
                            making the command will be powerless.  Thus, the second
                            infinite person of all existence already needed the power to
                            respond to that which the first infinite person generated to
                            him.  That power had within itself the power to inspire the
                            first infinite person of existence to generate his spiration of
                            Divine Charity and all other virtue, in the first.

 In light of this reality, as the way of God's being reflectively translates into
human life, power per se is NOT a trickle-down Reaganomics affect.  Rather,
power is something reciprocal.  Proof that even human power is reciprocal ex-
ists in the revolutions that plagued humanity throughout history, most of which
were triggered by the injustices of those in power.

                            In like fashion, the second infinite person of existence needed
                            the power to respond to that which the first person generated
                            to him.

In as much, a virtue is the power to let Being perpetuate forever.  The possession
of a virtue is the possession of a power that prevents the occurrence of nothing-
ness; that prevents the negation of being.  All in all virtue is a power that pre-
vents privation.   It prevents one from committing acts which lead to spiritual
death.  Thus, if God ever sinned, God would stop existing.

The first endless person of all existence has always had the power to keep his
own essence in perpetual existence.  This is known as being self-efficient.
This means that God is non-causative.  Nothing outside of God caused God
to be.

Concerning God's power, it's the power of existence which is equal to the
power to be forever free from the danger of entering into nothingness.  In
as much, God is properly described as He Who Is and  I AM - the one in
whom there is 1] the absence of nothingness, 2] the complete absence of
inaminateness,  3] the absence of frivolous vanity and pointlessness.

In God, there are neither any lapses of consciousness nor blind-spottedness.
Being that there is no pointlessness in God, there has to have always been
a reason for the first infinite person of all existence to have been radiating
forth his spiration of all virtue, in the first.  There had to have originally
been a reason for God to exist, being that God's existence was no accident.

God's existence is not happenstance.  He was motivated to exist and spirate
every virtue in existence.  Without the first infinite person's Reason for Be-
ing, the first infinite person of existence wouldn't have had any reason to
exist, and therefore, he would not exist.  Neither would we.

God's Reason for Being

The reason d'etre of the first person of all existence is none other than another
infinite person of all existence who has existed eternally, also.  In the infinite
spacelessness of eternity, this second infinite person is the one who consents
in the virtues that exude from the first infinite person.

The decisive truth in the second infinite person of existence is that he was the
one who inspired the first person to spirate virtue in the first place.  He inspired
the first infinite person to be.  Thus, the second infinite person of existence had
power; the power to inspire the first infinite person to be.  This teaches us that
power is reciprocal.  The power of the first infinite person is therefore equal to
the power of the second infinite person of existence.

Without the second infinite person of existence to inspire the first infinite person,
there would be no infinite person spirating forth any virtue, especially in light of
the fact that there must be a second person in existence to receive the simultane-
ous spirations.  This means that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity is not sub-
servient to the first person.  Father and Son are equal in power, as well as essence.

The Divine Chorus

The most proper human name for the first person of all existence would be none
other than God the Father, aka the Eternal Father; the one who initiated the spira-
tion of Charity and all other virtues..  In as much, the most proper human title to
give the second infinite person of existence is God the Son.  This is because all
that is the Father has been generated to the second infinite person of existence.

The second person inherited the Eternal Father's divinity and infinite virtue.
The second person is the sole heir to all which is the Eternal Father.  They
have the exact same spiritual DNA.  The second person then can generate
that which his father sent to him, making him a spiritual father, as opposed
to spiritual mother.  He is a son who can perform the generating acts of a
spiritual father, as opposed to being a daughter who radiates virtue but does
not generate it.

From all eternity, in his consolidated infinite action, the Eternal Father has been
saying, "Let there be light."  God the Son simultaneously responds by saying,
"So be it."  God the Son requites every current of charity and virtue generated
by the Eternal Father back to the same Eternal Father.

Now, the synonym for So-be-it is Amen.  In the Book of Revelations, John the
Apostle records a vision that he had of the Second Person of the Trinity.  In that
vision the second person describes himself as the Great Amen.  After all, he is
the one who, in eternity, said so-be-it to the command, "let there be light."  He
simultaneously let the Will of the first infinite person of existence be fulfilled
in him.

More specifically, the second person of existence requites the charity that the
first person sends him.  In the process, both persons infinitely go through a
transformation which is complete, but eternal.  That is to say,  they are not
presently being transformed.  Rather, they have already been transformed
and are radiating the currents of accomplished transformation.

One God, One Reason for Being

Moreover, being that God is one, there is only one reason for God to have
been inspired enough to exist in the first place.  This reason for God's being
is the second infinite person of all existence.

The Third Infinite Person of all Existence

Even the virtues that are being generate from God comprise a living being.
Firstly, in God their is no lifelessness.  Even God's thoughts are alive in one
being.  The virtues which generate from God the Father and God the Son
are alive.  This is the Holy Spirit.  Properly speaking, the Holy Spirit is the
sum total of every virtue in existence being exchanged being the Father and
the Son.

In light of this, it is not as proper to state that God loves you as much as God
is Charity itself.  In sequence,  God is not merely faithful, as much as God is
fidelity itself.  Therefore, God is Truth & Kindness, endless innocence &
eternal heroism, along with infinite prudence and uncreated wisdom.  God
is also humility, fortitude, temperance, generosity, meekness, and mercy.

All in all, God did not create angels and mankind out of loneliness.  Rather,
God created angels and mankind out of generosity.


The Crossfire of Love

When you pray the Rosary for someone,
Mary places that person between you
and her.

As soon as you start, you radiate currents
of love to Mary.  She instantaneously re-
sponds, by sending currents of her love
to you.

Currents of love simultaneously radiate
from the both of you, and the person for
whom you are praying gets caught in the
crossfire of your love.  If that person's a
wilted plant, currents will prop him/her up.

The Rosary can bring life out of  persons drained, chagrined, and disheveled.

Yet, it will not result in a manic state, or anything that resembles a temporary
coffee high.  It will certainly not result in a Kool-Aid drinker's religious fanatic
state which is nothing more than the sin of spiritual and emotional gluttony.  In
as much, all extremists are gluttons.  Moreover, extremists dehumanize others,
resulting in the fanatic finally dehumanizing himself in the abusive process.

For those unfamiliar, Kool-Aid refers to cult members, being that some commit-
ted mass suicide via poisoned Kool-Aid in decades past.  Suicide is idiotic.  You
are gonna to eventually die anyway.  The trick is to be ready to take into the state                         of forever the most meaningful and life-flourishing things you possibly can.

So, cool it with the death thing as much as you can, for as long as you can, while                    always being ready to take the one-way voyage into eternity.

The Rosary, due to its meditative feature, will show you that, even when you're
standing in front of an ocean, there is more expansive room on the inside of you
than on the outside.  Despite the size of an ocean outside, the interior life is far
more expansive.  You can soar through the interior life without the need of brakes.

The Virgin Mary was known to have relayed promises to Saint Dominic Guzma
and Blessed Alan of La Roche, concerning those who pray the Rosary.  They are
actually line items of a pact that Mary makes with the devotee, due to her protec-
tive personality.  The promises are insurance benefits ... an heir's inheritance.
They are the effect in the Cause & Effect of praying the Rosary.   Plus,
the Rosary is for all seasons of human emotion and all circumstances in
which one may find him/herself.

Keep in mind the wilted vs generated bandwidth of human existence.


The following is what you get for radiating currents of love to Mary:

1. Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary,  shall 
    receive powerful graces.   2. I promise my special protection and the great-
    est graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.

3. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell, it will destroy vice, de-
    stroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.      4. It will cause virtue and 
    good works to flourish, and obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God.  
    It will withdraw the hearts of people from the love of the world and its 
    vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things.  Oh, that souls 
    would sanctify themselves by this means. 

5. The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, 
    shall not perish.    6. Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying 
    himself to the consideration of its sacred mysteries shall never be con-
    quered by misfortune.  God will not chastise him in his justice, and he 
    will not perish by an unprovided death.  If he be just, he shall remain in 
    the grace of God and become worthy of eternal life.

7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without 
     the Sacraments of the Church.     8. Those who are faithful to recite the 
     Rosary shall have during their life and at their death the light of God 
     and the plenitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall par-
     ticipate in the merits of the Saints in Paradise.    9. I shall deliver from 
     purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.  10. The faithful 
     children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in Heaven.

  11. You shall obtain all you ask of me through the recitation of the Holy 
        Rosary.  12. All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided
        by me in their necessities. 

  13. I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary 
        shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and 
        at the hour of death.   14. All who recite the Rosary are my children, and 
        brothers and sisters of my only Son, Jesus Christ.      15. Devotion to my 
        Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

        For more on this devotion advocated by saints, Successors of Peter, and very
        nice people, as well as brazen sinners who didn't deny the beauty of  Mary,
        despite the delay in their eventual conversions, take a look at:

Symbolic of the Fountain of Grace, where the Holy Spirit is the actual water.



The Christmas Message for all Generations

Whereas Jesus was born in the poverty of Bethlehem, he is born into the poverty of your heart.  And he doesn't mind.  

Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heav-en.  Okay.  But, what does it mean to be poor?  ANS: To be poor means to be constantly dependent upon God.

Mary is not a clueless airhead who stands there, saying, 'Duuuuh, do whatever he tells you.'  An inanimate road sign can perform the same mindless task.   Rather, Mary spiritually takes Jesus out of the manger and places him into your arms.  And remember, your spirit is more real than is the material realm which rusts and corrodes.

The Eternally Begotten Son of God infinitely honors his own mom.  After all, honoring your mother is a pivotal part of a commandment that Moses chiseled on to stone.  So, if you do not honor what Jesus does, then you are a complete stranger to him,  and he knows you not.   He who avoids devotion to Mary avoids Christ, himself.
As a quick lesson, Christ is defined a the "only begotten" Son of God, even though his divinity, his consciousness, and his ability to act upon his consciousness never had a beginning.  So, what does it mean to be the "eternally begotten of the Father" ???

ANS:  It means that the second person of the Trinity was always INTERACTING with the first person of the same Trinity, while the first person simultaneously accepted the second person as his own.  That is to say, the First Person of the Trinity recognized the Second Person as being in accordance with the first person's own will, own mindset, and own view about existence.  They were always on the same page, and they could always finish each other's sentences.  Therefore ...

   "having always INTERACTED with God the Father"  =  "Eternally Begotten Son of God."

So, what about the Holy Spirit?   ANS:  The Holy Spirit is the Interaction, itself.  More specifically, the Holy Spirit is the love being eternally exchanged between the Father and Son.  Within this love is the love of all virtue.  Thus, the Holy Spirit is the composite of All Virtue.  

          Now comes the definition of God the Holy Trinity 

   {1}  the infinite perfection of every virtue in existence simultaneously occurring all at once,

       {2}  and equally interacting between three distinct & identifiable persons 

           {3}  who equally share in the exact same essence of being with each other.


Sweatshop Labor Profiteering: One of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

The pertinence as to why this article is here at the Marian site is because Defraud-
ment of Laborers of their Wages is one of the four sins which cry to Heaven for

As a quick reminder, Marian devotion does NOT consist in kissy-poo ribbons
& bows w/ flowers on altars.  It's a matter of killing the pain of other while keep-
ing yourself from killing others in the many ways in which you can destroy a per-
son's life.  Such pain-killing is known as works of charity/mercy.  After all, faith
without good works is dead faith, and he who sees that a certain good act is need-
ed to be done and neglects to do it sins.

The point ot Marian devotion is to keep out of mortal sin.  This includes not
being an accessory to such sin ... including defraudment of laborers of their
justly due wages.  If you are against the livable wage, then go to Hell, being
that you're going there anyway, if you die with that sweatshop, slave-wage

It's point is: 1} to soar with the angels, 2} to prevent oneself from being ornery,
hardened, & callous, 3} to be in control of one's senses, while conquering one's
cravings, 4} to be sensitive enough to feel the pain of others, 5} to stay out of

Observing economic justice is a part of Marian devotion.  In fact, the quest to
live according to a valid conscience is a requirement in Marian devotion.

Preliminary Notes: As of January 2015, the
Chinese yuan (the renminbi yuan) was worth
approximately 16 American cents.  Russia's
ruble and India's rupee were worth 1.6 cents,
American. A Polish zloty was worth 27 cents,
American.  The Euro was worth $1.19 US.
In 1986, when the Reagan administration and Congress opened trade with China,
the average Chinese wage was 24 cents an hour.   By 2010, it was 75 cents an hour,
for a Cantonese worker.  Today, the wage continues to depend on the region, and
ranges from $1.23 in Guangxi to $2.58 in Beijing, according to the 2013 law that
mandated the Chinese minimum wage to equal to 40% of the average urban wage.
Yet, there are reports, such as one from Business Insider, which mark the average
Chinese salary at 80 cents an hour.  Thus, we again have inconsistent reporting.

What is known is that there have been worker suicides, threats of collective sui-
cides, rioting, protests, and physically demanding living conditions.  In addition,
Vietnam, with its low wage rate, has become the new China/Bangladesh.  This is
because the Chinese nation is beginning to be a "service economy," as opposed
to a "manufacturing economy."  None the less, it's important to note that the the
Russian minimum wage is approximately $1.04.  Thus, it is projected to become
lower than the Chinese wage, should the 2013 Chinese law be observed.

The minimum wages of other low-waged nations go as follows:

Sierra Leone: 3 cents an hour.   Mali where the French intervened: 27 cents.
Mexico: 61 cents.  Vietnam: $90 to $128 per month depending upon region.
The Philippines: 61 cents.   Pakistan: 51 cents.   Afghanistan: 57 cents.
Armenia: 65 cents.  Nepal: 45 cents.  Nicaragua:  52 cents.  Bangladesh:
Monthly wage went from $38 to $66 recently.  The Ukraine: 91 cents

Other minimum wages go as follows:

Australia: $16.88.  Luxembourg: $14.24  France: $12.22   Ireland: $11.09
The UK: $10.02.  New Zealand: $11.18  The Netherlands:  $10.99
Spain: $5.57   Portugal: $4.19  Taiwan:  $3.88.   Poland: $2.97 

End of preliminary notes.
Americans wear clothing made by overseas sweatshop employees.  Americans buy
appliances made in sweatshop nations.  In almost every American home, you will
found the phrase, Made in China, more often than Made in USA, no matter what
be the category of not-very-durable durable good.

Sweatshop people don't have lives.  Nor were they given any appreciable identity.  
As a result, sweatshop employees would be found with slit wrists, time and time
again.  Eventually came the implementation of the suicide net.  Americans hold 
sweatshop workers in a living death, be these the workers in Bangladesh, China,
Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.  Now, some Americans keep these workers
lodged in this state of slavery out of cowardice, while others do so out of selfish 
negligence.  Yet, others do so out of greed.

Why would anyone want to rule over a humanity that had its humanity stripped
away from itself?  Who wants to rule over a society of humans-made-robot or 
humans-made-animal ... or even humanity-turned-zombie?  The state of those
ruled is a reflection on  the rulers.  The makers of ghettos are ghettos within
themselves, no matter how plush be their domiciles and how high be their
bank accounts.  Concerning the greed part ...

The United States does NOT make money from importing merchandise made by low-
waged foreign sweatshop workers.  It has been constantly losing through this type of
importation.  While Communist Chinese merchandise ships come to America, Ameri-
can dollars goes to Maoist China.  So too is this the case with all other foreign nations 
whose workforce can't afford to buy American products and/or services, in any type of 
two-way, fair trade, economic traffic.  No foreign nation pays the United States to take 
its merchandise.  In fact, the Chinese Communist dictators do not even give Americans 
a commission for selling their merchandise.  

America is not making out like a bandit in a business practice which constitutes a crime 
against humanity.  There is only a small percentage of Americans make out like bandits, 
often sending their spoils to overseas tax havens.  Meanwhile the rest of America finds 
itself on the losing end of the steadily diminishing currency flow, in increments.  This 
chronic loss has been in the trillions of dollars.  This is the trickle-away effect.

A flow of American dollars goes into Communist Dictatorial China, as well to each of 
the NAFTA nations, never to return to the States, without America finding itself in an
increasing state of treasury bond debt to foreign entities.  The money lost in Republican  
Party Economics is called the U.S. Trade Balance DEFICIT.   The total deficit for the  
past 10 years has been $5.929 trillion (2003 to 2012).  The accumulative deficit for the 
past 20 years (for goods & services) has been $7.988 trillion (1993 to 2012).  For goods 
only, the 20 yr U.S. International Trade Balance Deficit has been $9.236 trillion.

That's MINUS $9,839,000,000,000.
          MINUS $7,988,000,000,000.
          MINUS $5,929,000,000,000.

All gone.  Bye bye.  No more.  Au revoir.  Not even a post card.  In addition, sweatshop 
workers threatened suicide, on account of the harsh conditions in the compounds that 
manufacture the products which go to the United States.  This means that Americans  
have become unconscionable slave drivers by proxy, all the while destroying their own 
1 yi jiao
Now, foreign trade is fine, if and only if the foreign workers can afford American pro-
ducts.  That is to say, buying foreign is fine, if foreign occasionally buys American, in
return.  Thus, fair trade is a necessity, in order for foreign trade not to result in disast-
er for one of the two trading nations.  Fair trade requires a reasonably balanced two-
way street of import and export traffic.  

Concerning America, Chinese workers would not have been able to have afforded 
American products anyway, beyond wheat products, in Equitable Foreign Trade, ev-
en if America had not ceased being a manufacturer of household consumer products 
in significant quantities.

Imagine the trade balance deficit money as dollars flowing through a tube into a pro-
tectionist dictatorship or two ... or three.  This costs American jobs.  In fact, this en-
tirely prevents the creation of many American mid-size business start-ups.

The Economic Downside Effect of
Foreign Slave Labor Profiteering

Foreign slave labor profiteering achieves the following results:

- Increases an offending nation's international trade deficit.
- Reduces the same nation's gross domestic product.
- Deceases the offending nation's per capita income.

At this point, view the United States trade balance deficit through
the years, in its trade of goods (not services) with China, alone:

                  U.S. IMPORTS                        U.S. EXPORTS
              from sweatshop China                to protectionist China
        (This is money paid to China)   (This is money paid to the U.S.A.)

2012            $425 billion                               $111 billion
2011            $399 billion                              $104 billion
2010            $365 billion                                $92 billion
2009            $296 billion                                $69 billion
2008            $337 billion                                $69 billion
2007            $321 billion                                $62 billion
2006            $287 billion                                $53 billion
2005            $243 billion                                $41 billion
2004            $196 billion                                $34 billion
2003            $152 billion                                $28 billion

10yr total: $3.12 Trillion                             $663 Billion       
 paid to Slave Labor China               paid to an acquiescent U.S.A.

The NET equals: MINUS $2,457,000,000,000 - That's only trade with China.
This is goods only.

The Total Deficit, as is charted below, is MINUS $5,929,000,000,000. 
This comprises trade with all nations.  This comprises goods and services.

The hypocrisy is that trillions of American dollars stayed in the permanent posses-
sion of the Chinese Communist Dictatorship, in the name of Democracy and
Capitalism, as well as Republican Party Values.

Now, view the total 10 yr U.S. trade balance acct, concerning trade with all nations,
in approximate numbers:

          Concerning GOODS only        GOODS and SERVICES

2012       minus $735 billion                     minus $540 billion
2011       minus $737 billion                     minus $588 billion
2010       minus $645 billion                     minus $500 billion
2009       minus $505 billion                     minus $381 billion           
2008       minus $830 billion                     minus $698 billion
2007       minus $818 billion                     minus $696 billion
2006       minus $835 billion                     minus $753 billion
2005       minus $780 billion                     minus $708 billion
2004       minus $663 billion                     minus $605 billion
2003       minus $540 billion                     minus $490 billion

Total:   minus $7.088 261 trillion         minus $5.929 trillion 
Refer to the following link: 

In addition, the total/aggregate U.S. Trade Balance Deficit for only the month
of November 2012 rose $6.6 billion, to $48.7 billion (for that one month only.)
This means that the Trade Gap Rate rose by 15.9%.  As I have previously stat-
ed, if this Trade Balance Deficit behavior continues, America will be a political
entity in the history books, compared to the Argentina which, at one time, was
regarded a world power.

Thus ends the mystery as to why millions of Americans had the hardest time
finding employment; especially those of a livable wage.

At this point, repeat after me:  "That's a lot of sweatshops."

A Crime Committed upon the Parent
is a Crime Committed upon the Child
and Visa Versa

An injustice thrust upon adults is one that is equally forced upon the children of those 
adults.  Poverty in the home of the parent is poverty in the home of the child.  Sweat-
shop labor imposed upon adults is an evil that also assails children.

'Forced to stand for 24 hours, suicide nets, toxin exposure and 
 explosions':  Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple

And it came to pass, as the first decade of the 21st Century progressed, that right
wing conservative business entities saw to it that religious objects and Christmas 
ornaments would be made in sweatshops.  The people tagged as the hard work-
ing moral majority negated the purpose for the coming of Christ, doing so in the 
name of sacred rites.  All the while,  they made money on interest-bearing instru-
ments and extremely cheap labor, doing absolutely nothing in the process.

And it also came to pass that no Christmas gift was being made at the North Pole 
by elves.  Rather, they were being made in Chinese and Bangladesh sweatshops by 
severely underpaid workers, some of whom applied razor blades to their wrists, in 
order to kill the pain that the Reaganite Moral Majority were collectively inflicting 
upon them.  

And it furthermore came to pass, as the 21st Century progressed, that millions held 
Christianity in contempt, being that millions were deceived into thinking that Ameri-
can Corporate Predatory Greed was the religion of the Nazarene rabbi who was put 
to a Roman death shortly after he drove Money Changers from the Jerusalem Temple.
When the Nazarene entered Jerusalem, the Jews placed palm branches before him.
Within a week, the Romans ended up driving nails into him.  Today, the right wing
masters of hypocrisy and greed crucify the Nazarene anew.

Humanity then became enlightened as to what the Protestant Work Ethic really is.  
It's the incessant practice of using African slaves, Irish Catholic immigrants, East-
ern European immigrants, Chinese sweatshop workers, and similar victims to do 
the Protestants' work for them.  

In the words of an adviser, "Now, that labor's cheap, human life has become cheap.
(in the eyes of right wing moral majority conservatives.)  In the Nineteenth Century, 
the States that comprised the Confederate South used local chattel slavery to achieve 
their hallowed Protestant work ethic.  In the 21st Century, the same States and other 
ones used Slavery by Proxy, as in foreign sweatshop labor profiteering.  It's the same 
Jefferson Davis hypocrisy, done in the name of "States' Rights" and a "Moral Majority" 
which is neither moral nor a majority.


Update:  In the month of August 2011, the Trade Balance Deficit with China, alone,
increased  by 7.42%, to $29 billion.  This is the statistic for one month of trading, in
terms of goods and services.  This was a new record at the time.   In as much, China
came out on top for the 304th consecutive month, in its trading with the United States.
Furthermore, the United States has not had a trade balance surplus in trading with the
Chinese Communist Dictatorship since April of 1986.  This amounts to 24 years and
16 consecutive months of money leaking into a dictatorship, by the billions per month.
America is a leaking ship soon to capsize.  It is now the of 2013.  The United States
has gone 327 consecutive months accumulating a deficit, in commerce with China.

Here is the irony:  In August 2011, corporate greed breaks a new record, to the detri-
ment of the 90% of the rest of America.  The following month began the showdown
with corporate greed, in the form of the worldwide OWS movement.  FoxNews, in a
predictable fashion, defamed the surprisingly peaceful people who elected to assert
their First Amendment Rights.  All the while,  official statistics prove that the First
Amendment people of Zuccotti Park were generally correct.  Greed has been destroy-
ing America all along, and sweatshop importation has been the vehicle doing so.

Now, the most current news (at the time of this writing) is that the monthly Trade
Balance Deficit,, in trading with China, has decreased (narrowed) in February and
March 2013.  In fact, the total U.S. Trade Balance Deficit  decreased.  Yet, it was
still woefully significant ... detrimental to the U.S. money supply.   In January, the
trade deficit in trade with China was $27.8 billion.  In February, it was $23.4 billion
lost to the quintessential sweatshop profiteer nation.    In March, the amount lost to
a China notorious for its civil rights abuses was $17.8 billion.  Money lost to China,
in unfair trade practices, for the first the months of the Year 2013, was $69 billion.


The Laws Against this Type of Profiteering Were
Already on the Books, in United States Federal Law.

It wouldn't have required any courage for any public figure to have stepped forth
and initiate movements designed to end America's complicity with slave labor pro-
fiteering.  This is because laws against it are already on United States law books.  
There's Section 307 of the 1930 Tariff Act, along with the May 2000 amendment 
to that act.   Both are found in 19 USC 1307.   How much does NAFTA conflict 
with this? 

Despite the Law, Sweatshop Labor
Importation Has Been Rampant

There is a loophole in the 1930 Tariff Act.  The law doesn't prohibit the importation 
of indentured/slave/convict/forced labor products "which are not mined, produced, 
or manufactured in such quantities in the United States as to meet the consumptive 
demands of the United States."  In addition, there are recent trade agreements that 
don't require the enforcement of morally needed international labor laws.  This means 
that foreign workers stand in direct jeopardy of being brutally abused, due to no pres-
ent legal recourse, short of the Nuremberg case law authority.  Plus, there is the alle-
gation that the 1930 Tariff Act is not being enforced.  

The evidence is publicly evident.  Sweatshop labor, forced labor, and plantation la-
bor is rampant throughout the modern world in general.  So, is the used of minors
as combat soldiers.  Many products made by laborers defrauded of their wages
have been entering American docks and airports for years.  It's equivalent to re-
ceiving stolen property on a grand scale.  It has robbed America of its money 

The names of the corporations who have capitalized on sweatshop labor have long 
since been posted throughout the Internet.  Some have faced federal lawsuits.  In 
fact, the offending corporations were often household names.  The amount of avail-
able information on this topic is so vast that it would require at least an entire web
page, in order to post the links to it. 

A 2007 National Labor Committee Report on Sweatshop Crucifixes 

A 2007 New York Sun Report on Sweatshop Christmas Ornaments 

A 2007 News Report Issued by Reuters India on the Christmas Ornaments

Additional Reading Material of Related Topics Includes:

A 2010 MWC News Article Reporting on the
Findings of the National Labor Committee

A 2011 News Article Reporting Disney Factory Sweatshop Suicides 

A 2011 News Article Reporting 8 Cent Per Unit Pay for NFL Shirts
Sold at $25 per Shirt:  This Translates into 72 to 92 Cents an Hour

A 2012 News Article Reporting on Apple Iphones Being Made by
the Under-aged, in 16 Hour Daily Shifts, at 70 Cents an Hour 

A Sweatshop Table of Contents of multiple reports

When You Liberate Others, You Liberate Yourself

A properly paid foreign worker has a way of increasing product demand for Amer-
can products, even from a third party nation.  For example, properly paid Chinese 
workers might only buy from Europe.  However, the increased European revenue 
might result in Europe importing more from America, thereby bringing income to
America.  Such a thing puts American workers back to work, assuming that the
level of manufacturing will increase in the United States, so that workers will be in
demand.  Such a thing can also enable mid-sized entrepreneurs to either compete 
in smaller scaled markets or more easily enter the ranks of subcontractor, simply by
virtue of increased demand.

Slave Labor Profiteering is Even an Injustice
to the Citizenry of the Nation that Engages in it 

Foreign slave labor profiteering results in unfair advantages over the citizens of the 
nation that practices it.   This is because those who profit from foreign slave labor 
steal economic power from the multitudes, and in the process, they steal multiple 
advantages from their fellow countrymen.   That is to say, they cheat in order to 
get their standing in life, and that is unfair to everyone else.   After all, the average
entrepreneur cannot compete with the low wage advantage that these corporations
use for their selfish gain, at the expense of the US Trade Balance Account and the 
Gross Domestic Product, as well as the per capita income.  Foreign slave labor 
profiteering, therefore, is even an act of violence committed against an offending 
nation's own citizenry. 

A Coast to Coast Crime 

If you deny that you are part of this practice, simply go into your closet and read 
the labels on your clothing.  Then go into your kitchen and read the labels on your 
appliances.  Go next throughout your house, your place of work, and elsewhere, 
reading the labels on the newer merchandise.  If you have any merchandise from 
a sweatshop, then the practice of slave labor profiteering has reached your life.

In addition, if you work for a sweatshop profiteering corporation, you're involved.
You are an accessory to the fact.  This includes what you find under your Christ-
mas tree.