Historically false: The claim that the Anglican and Catholic Churches conspired to kill Canada's natives.

           A historic place where French Catholics fought British Anglicans.
       Catholics and Anglicans did NO conspiring with each other.
     They were too busy killing each other for that to have happened
There was the damning accusation that the Anglican Church and Roman Catholic
Church conspired to commit mass murder upon the aboriginals of Canada, as far back
as the 1700's.  The proofs which show this timeline to be defamation is stated below.
The following can actually be filed in the "Defending the Faith Department."

             In Response to the Damning Accusation which Alleges that the
             Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church  Conspired
               to Kill the Aboriginals of Canada, as far back as the 1700's

- Until the Duke of Wellington became prime minister of England, Catholicism was
   entirely illegal in the UK (until 1834).  In addition, Catholicism was equated with 
   Great Britain's contentious adversary, France.  Thus, there were no joint exercises
   of mass genocide between British Anglicans and French Catholics against any in-
   digenous tribe in Canada or present-day America.  The fact is that, throughout the
   time span in focus, the British and the French were too busy killing each other.
  They needed to create alliances with the natives in the New World, so that each one
  could survive the attacks of the other European power.

- As time would pass, England's ultimate conquest would be the subcontinent of
  INDIA, due to its riches.  Australia would be a holding company of sorts of, as
  would New Zealand.  In fact, Australia would be a penal colony.  In as much,
  how many aboriginal Western Canadians were shipped to Australia? 

   Ironically, the contentions between England and France in America ended in a treaty.
   The problem was that George Washington and others were interested in expanding
   beyond the land mass which King George III limited to British Colonists.  If anyone
   is to be blamed for the decimation of the indigenous tribes of America, it is the slave
   owners, Free Masons, Deists, and Protestant founders of the United States Republic.
   Definitely not King George's Anglicans and definitely not the French Catholics.

   The British small pox genocide which was committed through infected blankets was
   only done by the Protestant British, after they had captured France's Fort Duquesne
   (Pittsburgh), and after they had won the French and Indian War ... and not until they
   were under siege during Pontiac's Rebellion.  Now, Pontiac's Rebellion was the vio-
   lation of law, being that a treaty becomes binding law to the signers of said treaty.
   This means that Pontiac was breaking the law in surrounding the British and in
   targeting every one of them for all-encompassing death.  Thus, the British were
   acting out of desperation.

   Now, using those blankets was no different than performing saturation bombing,
   in that they indiscriminately killed.  But, the use of those blankets was seen by the
   British as an act of self-defense during a siege.  Pontiac violated one of the most
   major rules of the time-tested classic, the Art of War, as was written by General
   Sun Tzu.  The rule is that a surrounded army must be given a way out of its pre-
   dicament, or else the surrounder will suffer tremendously at the hands of those
   whom he has surrounded ... solely out of the surrounded army's sense of desper-
   ation.  Never back a tiger into the corner of a cage.  When that tiger happens to
   be an imperial colony, expect a counterattack upon your jugular vein.

   So that there is no misunderstanding

  In review, the British killed whomever attacked them, including the French, while
  simultaneously being open to resolving conflict by treaty.  Thus, they were not in
  collusion with French Catholics.  After all, you don't kill your accomplices.  This
  means that the French weren't the Anglican Church's accomplices.  Rather, they
  were sometimes war casualties at the hands of the British.

  Further proof that the French weren't mass murderers of native tribes is that they
  formed alliances with the native tribes in Pennsylvania.  The alliances lasted un-
  til the signing of the Treaty of Easton which included England as a signatory.  In
  fact, some of the French married Native Americans, bringing forth children who
  were partly Native American and half French.  This doesn't constitute killing.  It
  constitutes giving life.

-The decisive piece of British Imperial Law was the Royal Proclamation of 1763.
  It declared off-limits to British explorers Ohio Country and the Ohio River Valley.
  It also recognized the dignity of the Canadian aboriginals.  In fact, it stated:

       that the several Nations or Tribes of Indians, with whom We are connected, 
      and who live under Our Protection, should not be molested or disturbed in 
      the Possession of such Parts of Our Dominions and Territories as not hav-
      ing been ceded to or purchased by Us, are reserved to them or any of them 
      as their Hunting Grounds.        ...
     And we do further strictly enjoin and require all persons whatsoever, who 
     have either wilfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any lands with-
     in the countries above described, or upon any other lands, which not having 
     been ceded to or purchased by us, are still reserved to the said Indians as 
     aforesaid, forthwith to remove themselves from such settlements.   

The aforementioned is NOT "Church of England genocide."  It's the preventing of
genocide.  At this point, it's important to note that the Proclamation of 1763 was put
to an end by the American Revolutionary War.  Thus, if anyone conspired to kill off
the native people of the Western Hemisphere, it was the American Revolutionaries
whose company included Deists, anti-Anglican Protestants, anti-Catholic Protestants,
Free Masons, and slave owners.

- Let it be reminded that the royal person of 1763 was regarded as the Head of the
  Church of England.  Therefore, any conspiracy would have started with him.

- Keep in mind that the smallpox genocide was a desperate response to Pontiac's
  Rebellion.  In other instances, white children caught smallpox, too.  Let it be re-
  peated:  During many smallpox outbreaks, white children were dying too.  In the
  Americas, it was mostly the native colonists.  This completely ends the genocide
  conspiracy theory which claims that the white man used smallpox as an habitual
  murder weapon upon the native American.  The natives of America were not the
  only ones dying from smallpox.  White children died during small pox outbreaks.
  Such outbreaks occurred in Europe, also, during the 18th Century.

- It's equally important to keep in mind that the French were famous for marrying
   American natives.  In fact, the French were respectful of other races during the
   Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.  This ended with a Napoleon who be-
   gan a pillage and plunder campaign of Western Europe and Northern Africa.

- In fact, at the relative beginning of the French appearance in North American, in
   the mid-1600's, it was a Jesuit ambassador who was killed by Iroquois, and NOT
   visa versa.  The year was 1658, to be exact.  Thus, the first genocide was against
   the French.  French clergyman were killed by the Iroquois.  NOT visa-versa.

- Throughout its history, the French sector of the Catholic Church involved itself
   with converting the natives of the lands they encountered.  Even when it came
   to Spain's conquest of the Americas, a Spanish bishop wrote to the King of Spain,
   bitterly complaining about the oppression being committed upon natives of Cen-
   tral America, by the Conquistadors .  This meant that the church sector of the
   empire had a conscience in the New World.

-  In Spain, however, there was the paranoia that the Moors would once against re-
   take Spain.  Thus, religious tolerance was absent there, resulting in the .  Thus
   came the Spanish Inquisition.  It's important to note that the Spanish Inquisition
   was erroneously equated with Catholicism.  Proof consisted in the fact that it was
   called the SPANISH and not the ROMAN inquisition.  It's important for you to
   remember that it's the ROMAN Catholic Church ... not the SPANISH Catholic

- In as much, being that French Catholics became allies and even life-long spouses
   of members of native America, it was not in the cards for French Catholics to con-
   spire to kill other natives of the Western Hemisphere, in any conspiracy with their
   contentious adversaries, the British.  The conclusion is that the damning allegations
   involving the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church founded by Henry VIII,
   and the Canadian aboriginals carry zero credibility.

  When condemning the Catholic Church as the killer of non-whites, you are going to  
  have to explain the foreign missions throughout the world that comprise non-white
  Catholics who were not killed by white Catholic missionaries.  As was stated, some
  of these non-white people became priests, bishops, and mother superiors, as well as
  provincial heads.  These people were not killed by the Catholic Church.  They were
  given seats of power in the Catholic Church.

  There are approximately one billion people on earth who were baptized Catholic.
   For the record, not all of them are French, and very few of them are members of
   the Anglican Church.  Hardly any of them are enjoying the spoils of Western
   Canada and its bitterly cold winters, in terms of statistical ratios.  So, where is
   the murderous conspiracy?  A few religious order provinces violating Catholic
   Church Law and church teaching doesn't constitute a worldwide Catholic con-
   spiracy.  Even at that, a great number of youth abused by clergy were white, as
   in Irish White, detailed in the Cloyne Report.   

   Many nice ladies and middle class moms were Catholic. They raised children.
  They didn't go around molesting them.  You may not kill everyone for the sins
  of a few.  There is no church law requiring anyone to molest and kill aboriginal
  Canadian child.

   In the United States, there are many people in prison for violent crimes.  Does
   this mean that America has to be destroyed and every American has to be evicted?  

The Parts of Catholic Church History that its Enemies Want You to Forget

To start, hundreds upon hundreds of millions of Catholics never molested any child
at any time anywhere in any way.  Secondly, Catholic Church teaching has ALWAYS
taught that such an act is a mortal sin.  Repeat after me:   m-o-r-t-a-l   s-i-n.   In fact,
the vast majority of people are never tempted to molest children, including Catholics.
Got it so far?

Let's go a step further.  Mother Theresa was a Roman Catholic.  Was she an evil mo-
lester and murderer of aboriginal Canadians?  The answer is no.  She rescued children.
Furthermore, Mother Angelica of EWTN fame is a Roman Catholic at the time of this
writing, and it's very doubtful that she is going to subscribe to another religion.  In as
much, did she molest and murder aboriginal Canadians?  Of course not.   The Canton
Ohio native taught the young, as well as those older.  In fact, she taught that molesting
children is a mortal sin.  Thus, Catholicism is NOT the child-rape religion as certain
people recently called it.  A few hundred or thousand molesters does NOT constitute
several hundred million Catholics who never molested anyone.

What about the Saint Bernadette Soubirous who died from asthma?  Did she molest
children while enduring asthma?  Well, quite frankly, there were no children around
her.  Now, if the Catholic Church is the child rapist church, then don't you think that
there would have been a lot children thrown at Bernadette for her to molest, while she
was a nun in Nevers France?  Incidentally, Nevers is pronounced Neh Vay.

What about, Saint Margaret of Costello?   She was a hunchback who was abandoned
by her parents.  Was she a child rapist while enduring homelessness and hunger pangs?
In fact, what about the St. Dominic Savio who died at the age of 14.  Did he die from
being molested or did he die from tuberculosis, after peaceably returning to his parents?

What about the Saint Maximilian Kolbe who died in a Nazi concentration camp after
having been ejected with carbolic acid?  Did he rape Jewish children while he was in
the concentration camp?

What you do to others eventually will be done to you.  If you incite animosity and vio-
lence, violence will be visited upon you.  This is because people have the innate right
to self-defense and certain cultic types are provoking riots against the harmless. 

In addition, those who have a pre-existing and seething hatred for Catholicism use the
sex abuse scandal as an excuse to provoke and consummate their pre-existing hatred
for the church.  They are the ones raping Catholicism.  It's not visa versa.

Hundreds upon hundreds of millions of Catholics never raped any child anywhere.  In
fact, did any pope send a troop of Catholics to Canada, directly ordering them to mo-
lest and murder all the aboriginals there?  If so, then church officials would have also
ordered  people to go throughout the world, to molest and murder all native races.  If
that's the case, then how do you explain the non-murdered Vietnamese Catholic pop-
ulation and other Catholic communities who are of a race different than Europeans?
This includes very non-white Africa who is overseen by its non-white African bish-
ops, so installed by order of European popes.

I knew a Vietnamese family who was very much devoted to the Virgin Mary.   In fact,
one member of the family was wounded at Dien Bien Phu, at the hands of Vietnamese
Communists.  Their crucifixion was the Communist Party ... not the Catholic Church.

St Charles Lwanga and his companions were martyred by an African dictator, instead
of white men.  Saint Paul Mike and companions were martyred by Japanese entities
who didn't want Catholicism in Japan.  No white man killed Saint Paul Miki.

In fact, why is it that Saint Andrew Bobola was gruesomely murdered at the hands of
anti-Catholic Cossacks?  Was he molesting Polish children at the altar, during the Mass
he prayed shortly before being murdered?  Or was he murdered for being Polish, like
many other Poles, during the Cossack Reign of Terror?

Interestingly enough, the original Catholics were not Western Europeans.  They were
Eastern Mediterraneans and Northern Africans, as in Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Saint
Anthony of Egypt, Saint Catherine of Alexandria,  Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, the
real Saint Nicholas ... of Myrna, Saint Augustine of Hippo, a Jewish fisherman named
Peter, his brother Andrew, and a cousin of Jesus of Nazareth named Jude Thaddeus.
The Virgin Mary was NOT European, and Europeans have, at  times, honored her

Catholicism is NOT a Western European invention.  In fact, it was Western Europeans
who originally went about killing Catholics on a mass scale and in very graphic ways.
Such victims were known as the First Martyrs of the Church of  Rome.   This included
the previously mentioned Ignatius of Antioch who died at center stage in one of Rome's

We live in the day and age of the fact checker.  So, if you intend on starting a cult, while
inciting hatred and animosity toward someone or an entire community, you better have
your facts straight or, in the end, you will severely learn the meaning of accountability.
People are getting tired of con artists attempting to reign like king of the Kool-Aid hill,
by means of a network of lies.  People are getting tired of burgeoning cult leaders.