138 Reagan Officials investigated: Some indicted: Some convicted: Some were pardoned. Plus, contrary to the claims, Reagan was NOT devoted to Our Lady.

There were 138 members of the scandal-ridden Reagan administration who were placed
under official investigation.  Some were indicted and others convicted.  Some were even
granted pardons.  In fact, before Caspar Weinberger was pardoned by George HW Bush,
before trial. The existence of the 138 Reagan administration officials is blatant evidence
that Ronald Reagan had a lawless, corrupt, and unconscionable presidency.  To say the
least, Reagan did NOT play fair.  He repeatedly told falsehoods, as in the Detroit Wel-
fare Queen and his surgeon's means of obtaining his education.

News Reel Evidence and Front Page News Articles, Under the Dust of Time

The information about the 138 officials could no longer be kept hidden under the dust
of time.  So, it has been made known.  Firstly, the major scandals involves information
that was well known throughout the Reagan Presidency.  Some were headline news, day
after day after day after day.  However, it will be news to many now, and it will only be
startling news, because today's Republican was lying to you about Reagan from A to Z.

The scandals, which happened to have been known at the time were:

-The Iran-Contra Affair, consisting Reagan admitting two after his second election,
 that the U.S. sold weapons to its avowed enemy, Iran, in the failed attempt to get six
 American hostages in Lebanon released.  Some of the funds ended up being funneled
 into Nicaragua, to assist the right-ring Contras who were infamous for having death

 -The Dept of Housing and Urban Development grant rigging scheme, consisting
  in rigging HUD contracts bids to benefit those who donated to Reagan's campaign.

-Sewergate, consisting in Superfund money being allocated to those areas where they
 was the need to raise the odds of the local Republican candidate there being elected.

-The Savings & Loan Crisis which was initiated by Reagan eliminating a pivotal tax
 loophole on which many real estate developers depended, thereby bankrupting them.
 The eventual result was that 747 financial institutions to failed, thereby necessitating
 a bailout of $162 billion taxpayer dollars, in terms of 1980s value of the dollar.  This
 means that it was a surprisingly large amount of money at the time.  Thus, the domi-
 noes effect of the 1986 tax reform bill rolled into the S&L Crisis.  Included was the
 damage that was done to "passive investors," in as far as how much of a loss could
 be deducted from yearly income, when filling out taxes.  Reagan sabotaged their
 calculations, by sending one from the left side of the balance sheet to the right
 hand side.

 There was the addition issue of brokered deposits, which was instigated not by the
 White House, but by financial institutions.  This was a delay tactic which was slight-
 lylike a Ponzi Scheme.  A large bulk of customer funds, amounting billions of dol-
 lars, would be divided into $100,000 increments, for investment to the banks paying
 the highest interest.  This kept already-insolvent Savings & Loans Bank liquid, for
 a temporary amount of time.

 This received as much press as the Iran/Contra Affair, and the media kept mentioning
 junk bond investments as a major cause.  Well, only 5% of S&L's had junk bonds.  In
 fact, junk bonds only amounted to 1.2% of all Savings & Loan assets.  Congressional
 and White House delay did more to cause the problem.  After all, in 1987, all that was
 provided to clean up the mess was a little over $10 billion.  The overhaul didn't begin
 until George HW Bush became president.  John Kennth Galbraith, famous Canadian
 economist who prevented inflation from emerging ruining the war effort against Tojo
 Mussolini, and Hitler, called the S&L Crisis "the largest and costliest venture in pub-
 lic misfeasance, malfeasance and larceny of all time."  It was done under Reagan.

-The Inslaw Affair:  This one is involved, and that which transpired after legal pro-
 ceedings had gone underway is an insult to anyone's sense of justice.  Inslaw Inc,
 an information technology developed the Prosecutor's Management Information
 System (Promis).  Its attorneys alleged that the federal government breached its
 contractual agreement and then pirated Inslaw software.

 The irony is that the evidence was confirmed to exist in two Bankruptcy Court pro-
 cedings, in the Findings of Fact

With regard to the first question, there appears to be strong evidence, as
indicated by the findings in two Federal court proceedings as well as by the
committee investigation, that the Department of Justice "acted willfully and
fraudulently" and "took, converted and stole" INSLAW's Enhanced PROMIS
by "trickery, fraud and deceit."

It appears that these actions against INSLAW were implemented through the
project manager from the beginning of the contract and under the direction 
of high level Justice Department officials.   Just 1 month after the contract 
was signed, Mr. C. Madison "Brick" Brewer, the PROMIS project manager, 
raised the possibility of canceling the INSLAW contract.   

During an April 14, 1982, meeting of the PROMIS Project Team, Mr Brewer, 
and others discussed terminating the contract with INSLAW for convenience
of the Government. Mr. Brewer did not recall the details of the meeting but 
said that if this recommendation was made, it was made "in jest."

Based on notes taken at this meeting by Justice officials, Bankruptcy Court
Judge George Bason found that Mr. Brewer's recommendation to terminate
the INSLAW con- tract, "constituted a smoking gun that clearly evidences
Brewer's intense bias against INSLAW, his single-minded intent to drive
INSLAW out of business.

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An outline of the Reagan Administration Scandals

The Republicans:  Dumbing-down America to the Status of Village Idiocy

Needless to say, the people who believed the idol-worship falsehoods about Reagan are
the same people who believed that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in an Iraq
populated by only 14 million people and which was also under the scrutiny of various
U.N. weapon inspectors.  These were also the same people who, in having attended no
economics courses, were gullible enough to believe that you have to have ridiculously
rich people, for the sake of job creation.  This falsehood was believed by these people,
despite the fact that we live in the era of stock ownership, business loans, and the Small
Business Administration, where any middle class member can buy treasury stock, pre-
ferred stock, and penny stocks, thereby keeping businesses in operation.  The Republi-
can Party has done little more than turn America into the Global Village Idiot.

Ronald Reagan:  Brain Dead Long Before Death

Do not be deceived.   In the 1980s, we saw Ronald Reagan as a senile, uninspiring,
dimwitted, pampered, and plasticized coot, as well as a chickenhawk with zero mili-
tary science prowess, despite his 1930s mail order courses that became outdated in
the 1940s.  In addition, his many asinine quotes are pieces of undeniable historical
fact which are enough to indict him in the Court of Public Opinion and the Annals
of History.

Speaking of lying propaganda, the so-called Reagan Recovery was actually the Bi-
partisan Recovery of Tip O'Neil and Howard Baker.  The O'Neil/Baker Recovery
was a Recovery from Reagan's 1981 Tax Cut.  It was a recovery from Reaganom-
ics.  For the record, I was taking Econ course after Accounting course after foreign
language course during the Reagan Years, along with business law, business math,
and statistics.  I was there, watching Reaganomics destroy the American Dream.

Reaganomics, even during the George WMD Bush years, was very destructive to
the American nation.  After all, did the food and gasoline price hike recede, after
the 2008 catastrophe?  Of course not.

As a quick review, the unemployment rate skyrocketed to 10.8% during Reagan's
first term.  Reagan increased the size of the federal government, though he claimed
that he was going to reduce it.  He signed into law eleven tax hikes, and under him,
the size of the National Debt tripled.  Even as the governor of California, he signed
into law the highest tax increase in California history.

Making marines sitting ducks in Lebanon 
and shuttle crew members sitting ducks in the sky

President Reagan contradicted the Vietnam-related promise he made and sent troops
to Lebanon, making those troops sitting ducks and even fatalities.  Then, contrary to
the Reagan-the-Macho-Warrior propaganda, Chicken Hawk Reagan withdrew the 
surviving troops from Lebanon.  His promise was that he wasn't going to let any
American troop be a sitting duck not allowed to fire a weapon in self-defense.
Reagan did little more than assign those marines to serve the function of scare-

Reagan repeatedly did the opposite of what he promised he would do.   Plus, he
has zero military experience.  Reagan was not anywhere near the tragic perimet-
ers of battle.  He was 4,000 miles away from the Pacific Theater of Operation,
and much further away from the Mediterranean and European Theaters of Oper-
ation.  He was never a warrior god, to say the least.  He had no wisdom to offer
on the subject.

Even when it came to the invasion of Grenada, Reagan did nothing more than ar-
range for an 8 to 1 numerical superiority over the Cuban troops already stationed
there.  Anyone could have done that.

Then there was the incineration of the Space Shuttle Challenger, solely caused by
Reagan, because he insisted that it be launched in deadly cold weather, so that he
could have something to brag about in his 1986 State of the Union Address.

Do not be deceived.  Reagan was one of the worst presidents in American history.
He's only praised by the money-grabbing Republicans who want to deceive you in-
to letting them:

1} pay extremely low taxes in proportion to their disparately high incomes, 2} pay
slave wages to hardworking sweatshop workers and reduced benefits to American
employees,  3} pollute the water supply with freakshow-inducing endocrine disrupt-
ors and other harmful chemicals, without any accountability in their destroying the
Eternal God's creation, while claiming themselves to be the God-fearing moral ma-
jority, 4} charge customers ridiculously high prices, 5}  possess the same regulation-
free financial system that resulted in the Bush-era economic crisis.

At this point, we need to take a timeout and review two very deceptive allegations
that were used as excuses as to why Ronald Reagan stayed in the States throughout
WWII, never coming closer than 4,000 miles from combat.  One excuse was that he
was nearsighted and therefore couldn't go overseas.  Stop there.  Kirk Douglas was
admitted into the Navy with "less than perfect eyesight."  Plus, a number of military
men serving in logistical and administrative units allegedly wore glasses ... 1 out of 7,
to be concise.  Reagan could have been in a motor pool or at a typewriter overseas.

Next comes mention of Reagan being too close to a studio pistol, during the filming
of a movie, causing hear loss.  Well, if it caused that much hearing damage, Reagan
would not have even been accepted into the pampered-sounding First Motion Picture
Unit and the Provisional Task Force Show Unit, as well as his original Army post at
Fort Mason.  He was assigned at the San Francisco Port of Embarkation.  Now, if he
could serve there, he could do similar things overseas.

I know what it is to be on a firing range with a woman and buddy, where the woman
would wear my protective gear, while I stood in the midst of the gun fire which was
always loud.  To this day, I can hear a pin drop on linoleum.  Are you sure that merely
one pistol epi sode can cause pronounced harm?  It didn't happen in my case.  Reagan
was under the age of 34 at the allegedly time of the Hollywood pistol episode.  If he
were over fifty when the event happened, then that would be credible.

In addition, Reagan NEVER made a single training film, as was claimed by his prop-
agandists.  They were morale films, entirely based on fictional characters.  Reagan
played make-believe in Hollywood during the war.  The airmen stationed in Europe
called Reagan the Hollywood Commando.  Jimmy Stewart made a film or two also,
for the 8th Army Air Force.  They were instructions on the legal system, in explain-
ing how to request a transfer, etc.  Incidentally, Jimmy was a B-24 bomber pilots who
earned the Distinguished flying Cross.

Now, Reagan did take 1930s mail order military courses, but the subject matter was
by the time WWII technology and tactics emerged.  This included the tank warfare
advocated by Charles DeGaulle and George Patton.  None the less, keep in mind that
men in the United States military assigned to supporting roles did wear glasses, during
WWII.  Plus, bomber crewmen would end up having hearing loss.  Yet, the kept going
back into the German skies.

One more falsehood told about Reagan needs to be exposed.  A certain Republican op-
erative claimed that Reagan wrote a scholarly tome on his so-called pro-life stance.  It
was titled, Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation.   Reagan only wrote a minority of
the 95 page text.  His contribution was a 26 page essay which compared Roe v. Wade to
the Dred Scott case, meaning that it was destined to be overturned.  The essay then was
supplemented by Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and Malcolm Muggeridge.

Reagan was NOT articulate, in the least.   Furthermore, he signed into California Law
an abortion bill which had the effect of Pandora's Box.  All the praising of Reagan is a
falsehood, even by the 'pro-life' lobby.  Reagan only said that he was pro-life, in order
to win the vast Catholic vote, along with that of the sects of Protestantism which called
themselves Southern Baptists and Born-again Christians.  It's a sin to tell a lie, such as
those told about Ronald Reagan.  No moral person lies so much  about any one person.

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